08 Jul 2018 09:19:30
Morning all

Surly these Jack Grealish rumours are tripe no doubting the kid has talent but he has a stinking attitude and a very short fuse to go with it, wouldn't want him anywhere near our club just a disruptive wanna be.

{Ed025's Note - im with you mate..

1.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 09:34:57
Cheers ed25
I know this is the Liverpool site but how do you see the coming season developing for all you blue noses. What's your take on your new manager and potential ins and outs.

{Ed025's Note - im happy with silva and brands at the helm zippy, it will take time but i think we may be on the right track now and i dont expect there there will be many players coming in mate..

2.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 12:06:20
Cheers mate looking forward to a few good auld derby battles this season best of luck to u and all the blue noses enjoy what's left of the weekend bud ๐Ÿ˜.

3.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 10:00:13
At least you got shot of Fat Scam Ed.

{Ed025's Note - yeah mate that was a good decision..

4.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 10:03:41
Ed25 didn't you all say that last season? And the season before. and the one before. Only playin mate๐Ÿ˜.

{Ed025's Note - i have to ben, if you dont have hope mate you have nothing, then again mostly its been nothing..

5.) 08 Jul 2018
08 Jul 2018 21:39:10
Imagine if fat Sam was still the England manager. God we all dodged a bullet there.

6.) 09 Jul 2018
09 Jul 2018 07:18:08
Sorry for the late reply Kloppboss. The study was of top athletes in football, rugby and aussie rules rugby, so no golfers Involved. Ox reruptured his ligament in one of three classical situation where he tried to regain possesion of the ball, the other two are after heading (the landing situation), and the last one is cut and turn moves. Those three situations are almost the only situations where fotballens at a top level gets an ACL injury. The risk of rerupture is significantly higher the first match after the first injury, there is also a higher risk of reinjury if you come back to playing matches before 9 months after the first injury, and the risk gets less and less until 12 months after the first injury, after that there is now significant difference if you wait even longer.
If you look at all athletes in all levels of sport the return to sport at the same level they were before the injury, the number is s low as 54 % (recent review from Clare Ardern and her study Group) .

Redallover: the study you are referring to is from Jan Ekstrands group (he runs the UEFA medical study group where all the participant club in Champions league are invited to join, a study that are ongoing and has been so for the last 16 years), and much has happened since 2001. There were a lot higher reinjury rate at that time, and most injuries has a lot lower injury rate. There are still high Numbers of injury rate when it comes to muscle injuries, especially hamstring injuries, but the last data seems to finally to show improvement there as well (not published yet, but presented at the isokinetic medical conference at camp nou, juni 2.-4, 2018).

Make no mistake, an ACL injury is a serious injury, and will probably lead to early OA (oestoarthritis) in early are, and many that are not at a top level will never come back to sports. But there have been major advances in preventing, and handling ACL injuries at all levels. The 11+ programme has shows to be preventing at youth level and lower levels, at high levels it is a little bit more advanced. And as said earlier on ACL injuries usually comes with various secondary injuries that could cause some problems.

The biggest risk of any injury is previous injuries (so a player that has been injured, has a greater risk of a new injury of any sort), and exposure (time spent in training and match, where playing a match is more than double risk than training in acute injuries and muscle inuries that are more of an overloadinjury, other overloadinjuries seems to occur more in training) .