01 Feb 2018 07:39:07
Hi eds, any news on the player we was after last night?

{Ed001's Note - like what? You already know who it was so what else is there?}

1.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 08:19:51
He clearly didn’t sign so we move on. Bring on Sunday, huge game now.

2.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 08:36:14
With the signing of VVD, and loss of Coutinho and Sturridge from the First Team, how do others feel about us emerging from January - stronger, weaker, about the same?

A bit of a disappointment for me, to be honest, I think we've come out of this transfer window with our attacking options definitely blunted.
I like the defence, oddly enough, even though they're getting lots of criticism, but there's plenty of pace and potential to develop there.

3.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 08:42:48
It was Karem Demirbay. And he will probably go to BVB in the summer. Klopp seems more intent on keeping funds available for Lemar and Alisson.

4.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 10:34:49
I'd say we stayed about the same sturridge hardly played so no big loss. Vvd came and we are still leaking goals.

5.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 10:35:11
We've lost a brilliant player but it was in an area we are still very strong. we've still more than enough to beat any team. Vvd has come in to strengthen our weakest area. We'll never know who would be more important cause Phil is gone. Vvd will bed in and be arguably more important. Henderson is back and his importance and also qualities are so underrated. If ings stays fit he will already be a better option than Sturridge because he never is.
It's not all that bad.
We are well set up for a top 4 finish and should be aiming for 2nd now.

6.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 10:43:53
I think if the senior guys loaned out Sturridge, Flanagan, Origi, Markovic are sold in the summmer and the younger guys out on loan (Grujic, Wilson and Ejara) get decent game time then it has been a good window. If this works out then Migs, Bogdan and Ings may be the next bunch to leave and thne there is Can and Milner also to replace, I think the summer will be about only 4 new players, being a goalie, centre back, defensive centre mid and may be a left back . thoughts?

7.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 11:28:13
Kingcarlos I'd say you'll be surprised. We have targeted lemar, greissman an attacking mid there, and right back. Could be any number of signings and that's without us having to listen to the Salah to Madrid rumours all summer. thank god for the world cup might make it slightly shorter.

8.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 14:22:32
Kloppshop, huge irony that you criticise Sturridge's fitness record and then cite Ings as the alternative!
I do like Ings though, and hope he gets the good luck that his perseverance deserves.
Agree on Henderson too, he's got an important role to play to the season's end.

9.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 15:23:35
@The Juicer

Irony? We can count the number of injuries Ings has had on 1 hand, whereas I'll need everyone in the kop to count the amount Sturridge has had!

10.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 15:41:44
Didn't criticise. Just how it was. Love the man when fit. More saying we didn't really lose a player letting him go, never fit to play anyway. Hopefully ings will stay fit. He had long term injuries. Only time will tell if has ongoing injuries.

11.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 16:08:05
Happy with what we've got. If the players Klopp wanted were not available until the Summer then players like Woodburn, Ings and Salanke should be given a chance rather than waste the cash.

12.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 16:57:44
Personally think we did good business this window, better than previous seasons. We paid over the odds for VVD but we get 6 months extra time for him to gel with the team and improve the defence. For me that’s more important to lead us into 2018-2019 season. Agree despite a leaky defence this season ( and the serious need for a world class keeper) were looking on track for a top 4 finish.
I think it’s easy to eat drawn into what other clubs are doing in January. But we’ve shown we will only buy the players we want and not panic buy this window. Positive vibes lads! (And ladies)

13.) 01 Feb 2018
01 Feb 2018 18:30:59
We didn't need anyone. cause we've got salah. dododododooo oh mane mane dododododoo and bobby firmino, but we sold Coutinho.

14.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 00:45:22
Couts leaving is a big loss. We struggled to break down defensive teams with him and Swansea proved we are going to have more issues now, we miss goals from distance, I can got a deflected one but usually only couts got them. now defences can sit very deep against us.

15.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 00:50:32
The summer transfer window will be closing early too so hopefully we get whatever business done early.

16.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 01:37:01
The rights or wrongs of the way the player / agent handled it Pipco wanted to leave. Keeping him could quite easily have had a serious impact on team morale as a whole. Great player with unfulfilled potential still but that said I think I'm glad he has gone - we aren't short of midfield cover and the damage he may have caused by staying could have been significant (As an aside, I'd say Mane might very well be the next cab off the rank given his apparent 'attitude' over the last 4 - 6 weeks) .

Given the combination of Klopp's preferred set-up and Sturridge's injury record and the lack of playing time he is getting I don't think that the 2016 - 2017 Sturridge is a loss. Terrible shame as, when fully fit, he is an exceptional player.

Given the state of the defence and it's capacity to conjure up a couple of 'lapses' per game I think the signing may well help. That said, from what I've seen of VvD I'm not 100% convinced he makes it into the 'Messiah' category yet. Hopefully Klopp gets the best out of him - he does seem to have potential (as a natural leader if nothing else) although if it was me I'd play him with Klavan until such times as Gomez is deemed ready. Klavan might not be eye catching but and might not be the fastest thing in the world on two legs but he does seem to be able to defend.

So on balance, I'd say we probably went 2 steps forward - potential improvement to the weakest area (defence) and 1 step backwards -loss most creative midfielder (would have been 2 steps backwards if his attitude this past year or so had not been what it was) .

As has been said, the results of the window won't be known for a while yet and depends upon Ejaira and Wilson building up experience and oh yeah, Migs not playing for us again :-)

17.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 06:09:02
IMO we leave the window weaker, although couts was inconsistent at times he was still one of our best players who on many occasions got a goal out of nothing. I think the deal we got was brilliant but he still needed replacing.

VVD isn't going to solve many of our problems defensively yet, he's obviously struggling for fitness and whilst we still have no-one to partner him and a dodgy keep3r I don't think we will see a massive change.

@mindbender we may beable to count ings injuries on one h! nd but them injuries have kept him out for 2 years.

18.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 10:30:54
I think we leave the window weaker. Coutinho is right up there with the likes of KDB, Hazard, Eriksen, Silva, Pogba and Ozil as a creative midfielder (Look at how many goals and assists that he had up until he left, it is as good as KDB but in less games), we have no one in the squad with similar skills. So it will make it a lot tougher, VVD doesn't address the weak midfield or the goalkeeping situation. We have some very tough games against Spurs, Chelsea and United left, and we have struggled against teams that also park the bus, and there will certainly be teams that will do that to us (You have to assume that United, Everton, Newcastle, Palace etc will look to do that), so 4th place is nowhere certain.

19.) 02 Feb 2018
02 Feb 2018 15:03:13
I think the only problem we have without coutinho is our free kick threat. With coutinho I always thought a free kick as a goal threat. That was a big asset for our team.

20.) 03 Feb 2018
03 Feb 2018 12:59:03
You guys know that we were drawing and losing to 'park the bus' teams when Coutinho was playing right? He is a loss mind you but not the type of loss that will make us dramatically worse.