21 Jan 2016 14:54:02
Star have came out and said that our bid has been rejected apparently some one close to the club texirere plqys has said bid rejected he told star sport I think there is two weeks mleft of window ynwa.

1.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 15:59:32
Teixeira will be paid more at Chelsea and Chelsea are in panic mode. Rumours that half Chelsea's squad want out. Shaktar aren't going to be taking us seriously if our first offer is 15M less than their valuation if they've got Abramovich's attention as well. Until we get back into CL we won't win these races. Sign Shane Long and dump Sturrige and Benteke. we've got Caulker.

2.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 16:04:53
Who are you talking about?

3.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 16:51:06
I doubt any decent player will take the risk of going to Chelsea, now or in the Summer.

Almost certainly no Champions League Football, and a squad rotten to the core.

4.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 18:47:53
And is he going to get a game at Chelsea or sit on bench. Can't see him replacing Costa up front or Willian on the right of attack.
So if he does go there, it's for the cash alone. Not for the game.

5.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 19:05:18
We said the same of Willian when he went there, now he's a regular. Hazards not exactly setting the prem alight, and even if he is behind Costa Willian and hazard he will still get game time, you're allowed to rotate. Maybe neither of us or Chelsea will get CL this year, but they're not exactly a worse proposition than us after a bad half a season.

6.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 19:06:17
Lets face it if you go to play in the Ukraine its pretty likely that money is your motivating factor. Probably end up in China.

7.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 19:35:28
Wouldn't be anything to do with English policy on work permits! No just money. And u wonder why ends get p'd off.

8.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 20:15:41
Gutted we missed out on Willian.

He's the only Chelsea player to keep his head high and perform consistently.

Captain quality that.

9.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 20:15:41
Gutted we missed out on Willian.

He's the only Chelsea player to keep his head high and perform consistently.

Captain quality that.

10.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 21:07:52
Ian Ayre will ensure another willian II or pay over the odds.

11.) 21 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 22:59:46
Or another Torres or Suarez or Coutinho?

12.) 22 Jan 2016
21 Jan 2016 23:19:54
Word of advice: The Star is a load of made up nonsense.

13.) 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 03:52:16
Ron, isn't it the same here? unless bbc or espn confirm.

14.) 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 11:14:00
This website?

It's much more reliable than BBC or ESPN rumours IMO.

15.) 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 12:06:04
Come on boys, half a bad season doesn't make Chelsea a toxic team that no player will sign for- granted we may not be as interesting as an option however. I am a bit sick of Liverpool fans suggesting players only join Chelsea for money. It may have been the case back in 04 but it certainly isn't now. We win plenty of trophies, have had regular CL football (won't next season but probably will year after) and we're a London club (which seems to be a big deal for footballers) . Teixera has said for a while now that he's very interested in a move to Chelsea. Also, regarding your comment on the Ukranian league, Brazilians often move there as they struggle for work permits at a young age, When you look at some of the South Americans who have played for Shakhtar you can hardly blame them for moving to Ukraine- Fernandinho, Willian, Douglas Costa, Teixera plus many more have developed superbly and got their dream moves to some of the biggest clubs in the world because of their time in Ukraine. Just wanted to get my point across, not start an argument or anything (in case you interpret my post wrong)

16.) 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 12:16:34
Also, when it comes to reliability, I've found that this website (not just Liverpool but all clubs) is by far the most reliable. I'm not sure who Ed002 is or how they know what they do, but their knowledge is absolutely superb. I remember years ago when Van Der Weil was linked with Chelsea and every news outlet in the world was reporting it was a done deal, but Ed002 told us on the Chelsea rumours site that we were actually trying to sign Azpilicueta instead and he/ she was bang on! BBC actual website is reliable but the gossip column is just from newspapers so you better believe its BS haha!

17.) 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 12:30:05
All good points, Saim. Its nice to get a reasoned Chelsea supporter on here, we've had plenty of good Gooner banter and a couple of OK mancs, so Chelsea are certainly welcome!

London seems to be a key stumbling block, especially if we're not regularly in the CL. However, I'm hoping that Klopp will help offset that for future transfers and we may start beating you, Arsenal and Spurs (as well as the obligatory mancs, both red and blue) to the odd signing in years to come.

18.) 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 12:52:00
Yeah I can't help but think Klopp will be a game changer when it comes to you signing big names, particularly German based players. In fairness I'm not actually the biggest fan of London (I'm from London studying in Liverpool, the irony! ) and I actually much prefer Liverpool, although I'm not made of money like these footballers so can't experience the full London lifestyle the way they can. Cheers for your kind words Zeddicus, the Gooners seem to be everywhere haha!

19.) 22 Jan 2016
22 Jan 2016 23:02:10
Why would anyone go to Chelsea? For the same reason they all do: a massive wage and a great city. I think the CL thing is way over valued (by us, not by the players) .