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16 Oct 2019 01:16:46
We have decided to change the Teams page to be the Liverpool Match Posts page, so look for posts talking about the latest Liverpool match there.

But most of the posts still go to the Liverpool Banter page.

16 Oct 2019 01:16:46
Also more posts are being added to the Liverpool Discussion Posts and the More Liverpool Posts pages.

12 Oct 2019 18:00:33
Hi Reds.

I don't know how much to read into this but Kevin Hatchard (Apprently a Bundesliga expert) has been talking to the Liverpool Echo about Thomas Muller moving to Liverpool in January.

Muller has been finding it hard to get game time since Coutinho has been there is is looking for a move in January.

I know he's a the latter end of his playing career but he's still a very good player.

Have you heard anything Eds?

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{Ed002's Note - Thomas Muller (F) is miffed because he has been on the bench but Bayern Munich will not sell him without a replacement and there is nothing to indicate that he will be available in January. Additionally, he would I assume be a Firmino replacement if he were to join.}

12 Oct 2019 21:12:27
Leave Bayern’s bench to sit on ours?

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12 Oct 2019 18:52:34
Thanks for the reply Ed002.

My feeling about it when I was reading it was that he'd still be a rotation player at Liverpool, due to Firmino being so vital to the team, and therefore why move?

If Bayern wouldn't let him go without getting a replacement, then he won't likely leave in January.

Thanks again.

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{Ed002's Note - It seems like nonsense to me. If he moves to Liverpool it would need game time. It makes zero sense.}

13 Oct 2019 13:19:52
His form has been very poor for a long time now don’t see him getting anywhere near are first team. And if he did where would that leave Brewster.

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13 Oct 2019 14:57:48
He’s been playing in midfield for Bayern too mind.

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09 Oct 2019 16:58:29
Hearing the club will not submit new plans for the Anfield Road end expansion until 2020, with a capacity of only 60,000 ( an additional 6,000 seats )

Yes there are restrictions with infrastructure and the housing around the ground, I still feel this is really disappointing.

We have a season ticket waiting list of over 25,000 and each Match day I always see dozens of fans waiting at the ticket office ( behind the kop ) only to be told games are a sell out.

We are one of the biggest clubs in the world but can't facilitate demand.

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09 Oct 2019 18:22:48
Well it sounds like the 60,000 capacity is there for a reason and you are just looking for something to complain about. Unless you think the club should build a bigger ground somewhere else?

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{Ed002's Note - This is old news and all options are being considered.}

09 Oct 2019 19:14:27
Complain? Are you for real?

I have a season ticket pal, I just feel sorry for all of you on here that can’t get tickets.

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09 Oct 2019 19:25:04
Stadium size is not the only way to show you're a world class team. Don't forget that there's a human and environmental cost to these expansions as have been previously explained. So, unless you're looking for a brand new, shiny Maracana-sized stadium to underline our status, you should just wait to see what happens.

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{Ed047's Note - believe it or not Arsenal have over 60,000 on the waiting list for a season ticket.

09 Oct 2019 19:44:03
I didn’t say it was, it was about being able to eat into the season ticket waiting list.

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09 Oct 2019 20:06:31
ed002 the club has not said anything new have they after they said they was letting the old planning permission to run out. What was for over 4000 can't see them spending the extra money in new plans to add under 2000 seats. As for the infrastructure is there not talks ongoing about some old rail stations being reopened nearer the ground.

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{Ed002's Note - There was an interview with The AP where it was explained that all options are open.}

10 Oct 2019 00:15:59
Ed 02
Sorry. I am in the states. Can you explain what those options are please?
Matt in FL.

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10 Oct 2019 00:15:59
Ed 02
Sorry. I am in the states. Can you explain what those options are please?
Matt in FL.

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{Ed002's Note - The owners have made it clear that any and all options are available for consideration. They have not renewed the planning permission because it made no financial sense - it took them a long tie to figure that out.}

10 Oct 2019 17:14:36
Would that include a new stadium ed02?

Thanks in advance.

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{Ed002's Note - Yes, all options.}

10 Oct 2019 19:31:15
My understanding is it doesn't include a new stadium. The main issue being considered is redeveloping the Anfield Road end and the Kenny Daglish stand. This will take the capacity to 70,000. The Dalish stand would be very much like the main stand in size.

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10 Oct 2019 20:14:35
Would it be fair to say the redevelopment of the main stand, was a mistake and going ahead with plans to build a new stadium away from Anfield, would have made better financial sense, in the long term?

Thanks for the reply.

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{Ed002's Note - No. The cost of building a new stadium would be very significant - Spurs have spent something close to £1B and have been plunged in to debt. The income from an extra 6,000 to 10,000 season tickets is zip in the big scheme of things.}

11 Oct 2019 12:55:48
don't think most fans would want a new stadium but the redevelopment of Anfield road end and Sir Kenny Dalglish stand would be great. The big issue there would be the houses behind the SKD stand, the club would need to probably buy 3 full streets. That will come with a lot of trouble with people not wanting to sell up and then it will come to compulsory purchase order what all ways leaves a bitter taste. I would expect the club to win that fight though.

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{Ed002's Note - The club cannot have a compulsory purchase order and already know what the limitations are at Anfield. The club are already less than popular with the locals and are not doing what was planned as it makes zero sense financially - as has been explained year in year out.}

11 Oct 2019 14:18:35
ED002 did they not get one for the main stand . And if they was to do the skd stand there is no way that could not be done without at least 3 streets being knocked down. I don’t know why they could not to get compulsory purchase order.

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{Ed002's Note - That is not what the existing planning permission states. Liverpool cannot get a CPO - that would need to be the local authorities.}

11 Oct 2019 19:48:52
The redevelopment of the ground has been completed so far as very much part of a wider community regeneration plan, with the City Council as a key enabler and partner. I’d expect the Anfield Road End to get rebuilt, with additional corporate facilities probably, taking the capacity to somewhere between 60 - 65,000.
After that, any further development becomes difficult and, ironically, a regenerated community may be the very thing that prevents any further ground expansion.

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11 Oct 2019 16:54:50
yes I know the local authorities have to get it ed but if they put in planning for the SKD stand and it got granted, that is the only way they would get all the houses, And then I do believe it would go that way not that I like CPO. have seen people near me have there house taken from them with CPO'S I think if they are used the owners should get more than the value of the house rather than less. And with the money in clubs now with what they pay players for one weeks wages over paying for the house near by would be go good way to go about it. I would guess the house at the back of the ground would be about the £100k mark giving an extra 25% would not be a great deal to the clubs but I would mean a lot to the home owners ed. I think in the 4 streets there is about 80 houses so about £8m for all the house an extra £2m on top with what they are paying to get the ground up to 70k with what an 70k stadium would cost to build.

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{Ed002's Note - Sorry I am losing track - you say you know it would be the authorities but previously said it would be the club. Nobody has suggested three roads will go. The club has already pissed off and lied about their involvement with the local residents. The club suffers from being arrogant, uncaring and showing no respect to other clubs or individuals - perhaps they will look to force more people from their homes.}

11 Oct 2019 22:33:51
sorry ed about the 3 roads I meant 4 rows of house for it to have the same height as the main stand would need that for light not to be an issue. And as for the CPO the club would need the planning from local authorities and wants they have that if they get it then it will end up going the CPO route what the club will know will probably have to go that way to get all the houses need for the build. But as most of the time nowadays ed its the money that talks. Like I said before ed if the club wants that stand doing I do think paying over the odds for the houses would be the best way for the club to deal with the issue not that I have heard of any talk of the Sir Kenny Dalglish stand being done I was just pointing out that I see the being a bit off if it ever happens.

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{Ed002's Note - You seem to have little or no understanding of the plans that exist nor how the locals are already miffed with the club. You think Liverpool could bribe the council to get CPOs to make more locals homeless then you should be sharing those with the Echo and local community. Don’t worry, they are inner city folks who have little money and could probably be forced out by the club.}

11 Oct 2019 22:50:42
am not saying anything about the club Bribing the council am just saying that the normal folk normally get the S*** end off the stick. And as I understand it now there is no plans as they ran out. and it was the local authorities that said they was going to use CPO to get the last of the houses for the main stand.

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14 Oct 2019 12:02:10
Am I right in thinking that any stadium with a capacity over 60,000 needs the correct infrastructure, i.e. a train line which is situated close to the ground. Getting to Anfield is not the easiest as its right in the middle of terraced streets. Even with the clearing of houses by the main stand, its still a nightmare to get in and out of. They have buses from the city centre taking fans. An extra 6,000 seats would add some income, but compared with the cost its not worth it? When the main stand was re developed, they change the entire corporate structure, which brings in far more money, as well as redevelopment of the area around the ground.

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14 Oct 2019 12:22:02
Kirkdale station is pretty close.

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09 Oct 2019 11:56:03
Hi Eds, my Lyon FC buddy tells me that LFC are back again but this time it is Amine Gouiri who they coould move for, apparently he is only 19, only played a handful of B team games but had a stella time with France at the under 17's a few years back? Gouiri, Elliot and Brewster the next generation Has any of this news passed through your desk?

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any approach to Lyon by Liverpool in respect of Armine Gouiri but as a 15 and 16 year old he had the attention of a number of leading sides including Manchester City and Chelsea. A couple of years ago an Arsenal scout (who they stupidly sacked) persuaded Arsene Wenger to look at the kid - and Arsenal tried very hard to strike a deal with Lyon but he eventually signed a professional contract and stayed where he was. Whilst Liverpool continue to have scouts looking at youngsters, Gouiri is of an age now where moving to England would not allow him to be HG and unless he would be first team material then he would be taking up a non-HG place within a year - and that has to be a consideration as well nowadays. Sorry I can’t help.}

09 Oct 2019 23:23:54
Can't help? that was a tremendous answer.

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{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}

10 Oct 2019 06:11:23
Thanks Ed002 - Interesting to see Chelsea as always interested, would have been nice to pick up yet another ex Chelsea player.

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08 Oct 2019 17:29:14
Now then Ed001

Not been in here much mate, had a good read through it's good to see positivity is flowing through most posters to the site, apart from the odd or whining we are not winning every game 5zip!

Do you see us doing much in January window mate, also do you think we need to strengthen any areas in Jan? Anyone new you are aware of we are showing interest in please?

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{Ed001's Note - clubs try and avoid doing business in January, we are not looking to do any, unless anyone leaves unexpectedly.}

08 Oct 2019 17:53:35
Fair enough mate thank you.

How do you think we are shaping up this season mate, obviously we are top but I mean I’m performance and tactics. We seem to be playing a little higher up the field, also we seem to be more hungry in turning draws into wins?

Long may it continue mate, a long long way to go though so my feet firmly grounded.

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{Ed001's Note - we look a much better side this season than last season. Not as open, attractive and exciting, but better and more likely to get a win now.}

08 Oct 2019 20:02:57
Agree mate mostly although we have looked quite open to me at times, especially when Trent and Robbo are in the opposing half leaving a breakaway against our 2 centre halves. I get what your saying though and we are still scoring plenty of goals.

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08 Oct 2019 22:45:48
Anyone care to guess how many times virgil will ask about january transfers in the next 3 months?

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08 Oct 2019 23:36:35
Double figures.

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09 Oct 2019 09:07:22
He is a good lad. I bet I post more negative comments than he asks about transfers.

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09 Oct 2019 13:08:00
What about now Ed001 any update? Joke😂.

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09 Oct 2019 13:53:04
We are far more open than last season imo. Our full backs seem to be leaving us more exposed.

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09 Oct 2019 14:10:49
Ryan Fraser is in the last year of his contract. I'd take him on the cheap in January as a backup wide-forward option. Would you agree fellow Reds?

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09 Oct 2019 15:00:19
We are more open Cobra, full backs pushed on and our centre halves seem to have pushed up on the half way line when we are in possession. It’s working so far, although we have pushed our luck and conceded quite a few chances. So I guess question has to be asked if it is working? Results would say yes.

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09 Oct 2019 18:01:42
Jurgen Meister. He'd possibly be available pretty cheap due to his contract situation and also the fact that he's not been in the best of form this season.

Nevertheless, he's still a player I'd like at Liverpool. I think Klopp would be able to make a really good player out of him.

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10 Oct 2019 09:35:09
Whatever the number is it will be matched by the disclaimer "havent been here for a while. "

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06 Oct 2019 17:03:14
well done to the U23's who got a 3-2 win today.

Joe Gelhardt got a brace against us, i remember hearing we were looking at signing him? is there any truth? 17 decent prospect.

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29 Sep 2019 12:05:05
morning all.

Quick question ed2. Any interest from us in David Neres.

If so, do you rate him at all?

ta very much.

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{Ed002's Note -
It has been suggested that Liverpool will look to David Neres (LW/RW) although I am not aware of any approach from Liverpool - if they were to declare interest it would likely be at the expense of Salah or Mane - and not in addition to. Other sides retain an interest but none have really bitten. A couple of the interested sides have coaches who may well move on and that might well see interest move on as well.}

29 Sep 2019 14:40:59
Thanks ed.

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30 Sep 2019 12:36:05
Ed can you explain why it would be in place of one of the front three and not as a rotation/ competition of them? Its a big highlight that is often referred to what if we lose one of our front three to long term injury. Im not suggeting we but a player simply for injury cover however there is plenty of football to be played every year to accomdate a fourth top player to rotate into those positions. Origi is a good impact sub but not a starter and Brewster is only a kid still and has a lot of learning to do before he challenges the front three to start weekly.

It doesn't stack up that we can't have this without having to lose one of these players. If you compare central midfield for instant we have more than three players there that are all first team worthy.


All these for three positions so why not more options for the front line in the shape of a proven top level player.

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{Ed002's Note - Why would any of those players move to sit on the bench to provide cover?}

30 Sep 2019 12:45:32
To rotate and play regular like the midfield 3 do? We must play 60plus games during a season.

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30 Sep 2019 13:11:38
i used to disagree with the eds on their stance that there isn't room for another great rotating player in the front 3, but it's (finally) becoming clear to me that klopp prefers a short bench and likes playing guys that he trusts. he has the firepower that he needs in mane, firmino, and salah, and has cover for them with origi and shaqiri, and extended cover for them with lallana, keita, brewster, and elliott.

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30 Sep 2019 19:09:56
If it was as a replacement, then it's an absolute no go, as Neres is not fit to replace either Salah nor Mane. If he was to move to be a rotation player (which I agree with Ed002 regarding why would he want to move to be a rotation player) then I can see some merit for it from a Liverpool standpoint. I just think that there are better players around for less money than Neres.

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30 Sep 2019 21:43:21
I just don’t agree that every time a front player is linked it’s automatically suggested it’s a replacement. There is plenty of football for a four option and plenty of clubs that play a front 3 that have 4 or more options.

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{Ed002's Note - Liverpool also have Origi, Brewster and others who are in exactly the same boat.}

02 Oct 2019 00:30:41
Time for Salah to move I think . Don’t really emirate mane either. As long as bobby doesn’t t go as he’s clearly out best player with vvd.

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02 Oct 2019 08:52:24
@SG8 please tell me I’m missing the sarcasm in the don’t rate mane and Salah needs to move comments!

Salah is currently off form and trying too hard to score which is affecting his (already questionable) decision making but that just needs Klopp to have a word and start subbing him.

Mane has been one of our most consistent players who even when he’s having a hard time works incredibly hard for our team!

The only team in the prem that wouldn’t want these players is city and that’s because the have players equal in ability already that better fit their style of play.

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02 Oct 2019 14:35:24
Man City have Mahrez, sane and Jesus who would get into any team below top four as bench players. Players like mahrez who is top quality do move to sit on bench becaus they love the money. So we would have to pay ridiculous wages for them to do that and that ain’t happening. Peope hype up that Foden and he never even gets any minuites, just an rubbish cameo.

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{Ed002's Note - Rubbish - where do you get this nonsense?}

04 Oct 2019 09:03:59
Not sure about David Neres. Seems a bit hit and miss just like his buddy Hakim Ziyech. Neres was pretty poor at the Copa America and got rightly benched after the first two games and never saw the field after that. Everton took his place and had a blinder. I think we can do netter than him BUT if Klopp and his team want him then, I'm all in cos Neres is very talented.

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04 Oct 2019 09:50:15
This isn't football manager where we can just pick and choose signings. We can't just say we need strong backups and expect that any top talent would want to join us currently when we've got such a clear first choice attack. Neres wouldn't want to spend most of his time on the bench when he can probably fancy himself to be a starter for nearly ever other club in Europe.

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05 Oct 2019 07:07:49
Hey SG8greatest, in regards to your comment

"As long as bobby doesn’t t go as he’s clearly out best player"

He left in early September:
Bobby Duncan to Fiorentina

I have only just recovered!

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05 Oct 2019 11:08:09
SG8greatest. ' you don't rate Mane and you think its time for Salah to go. Come on mate that's surley a wind up. or your clueless. Mane is a World Class player that any team in the world would love to have.

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29 Sep 2019 10:56:30
Hi Ed002
You know what type of players Liverpool want to sign in January or Summer?
Any names?

Believable1 0Unbelievable

{Ed002's Note - I would expect Liverpool to look at the midfield next summer and still look to a LM and again an AM - they are two positions where there could be improvement. I suspect that a CB may well need to be added but that will depend on youngsters developing and how Gomez does. As for Salah, I am aware that he and his agent are aware that they have put themselves in a difficult position with financial demands which saw them laughed out of Madrid and approaches to other sides came to nothing - regardless, Liverpool is probably the best place for Salah to be biding his time right now. The efforts to boost his profile will no doubt continue and he will doubtless be holidaying with a professional photographer again and be seen kissing babies and rescuing swooning girls with twisted ankles from being eaten by bears. But these efforts to sell him as the new Real Madrid poster boy may come to nothing as they have a first choice forward target for next summer. So right now it is hard to say where he could potentially move to unless things change - and they always do. In terms of a replacement, the player Klopp has made no secret of his desire to work with is Lorenzo Insigne but I suspect age is against that ever happening. So if someone were to push me in to saying who would be the best fit if Salah were to leave next summer, I would say Federico Chiesa. He would be a direct replacement, has similar attributes to Salah, is you, liked by Klopp and, although Liverpool have shown no interest, will be sold next summer - assuming Fiorentina can fight off Inter this summer.

It has been suggested that Liverpool will look to David Neres (LW/RW) although I am not aware of any approach from Liverpool - if they were to declare interest it would likely be at the expense of Salah or Mane - and not in addition to. Other sides retain an interest but none have really bitten. A couple of the interested sides have coaches who may well move on and that might well see interest move on as well.}

29 Sep 2019 19:57:32
Any ideas who we be a possibility Ed02 for the LM and AM slots, or is it to early to tell? Also I take it we are talking about the Summer when we no what’s happening with the likes of Milner, Lallana etc.

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{Ed002's Note - Clubs rarely plan to do business in January.}

30 Sep 2019 13:20:06
eds, what about piotr zielinski? i believe there was interest from LFC in the recent past, and from what i can tell, his contract expires summer of 2021. do you think there is still a fit there and would there be interest from LFC?

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{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of interest right now but certainly there was interest in 2016 - and they could well have signed him in place of GW had the club behaved professionally.}

03 Oct 2019 16:42:01
Sign that Minamino from the game last night. What a player!

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28 Sep 2019 09:11:02
It's Pedro Chirivela not Sepp sorry.

Believable4 0Unbelievable

28 Sep 2019 10:36:20
What on earth possessed us to field Chirivella without making sure his paperwork was in order?

Did we not know about it or did we just not bother? Is Rick Parry back running our club's admin department or something?

Agree1 0Disagree

28 Sep 2019 17:56:00
I also don’t know from a football perspective why we bought him on and not Kane, Chirivella should of left the club in the summer and not releasing him will block opportunities for others.

Lewis could of been given an opportunity in midfield base.

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28 Sep 2019 20:01:46
There were offers for Chirivella. He declined to leave.

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29 Sep 2019 01:08:04
I’ve heard it has been triggered.

Agree0 0Disagree

29 Sep 2019 13:22:11
"Should have" and "could have" Southern Red, just saying.

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