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17 Mar 2019 20:36:38
It think Babel would have missed if he could, respect.

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17 Mar 2019 22:07:08
I felt that way too. It seemed like he didn't want to score it. Plus he told that LFC is a weakness of his and would love to see us lift the EPL. Then imagine if he was the one who stop us. He felt guilty you could see it.

18 Mar 2019 02:48:57
If he really wants us to win the PL, well, he has a city game coming up.

17 Mar 2019 20:20:06
Last time we almost won league we had the famous slip. I thought the blunder that led to their equaliser today was going to be this years version.

As we put it to bed by winning this time I feel more confident we can see this through.


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17 Mar 2019 16:26:12
Well, grateful for the win. Not a good day weather wise, and some may have something to say about mid week hangover. However unless we are more clinical and raise our game, we are going to let this title slip away from us.
Salah needs a goal. He is snatching at chances and the frustration is evident in his play.
We got away with this today. 3 points, but need to be better.

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17 Mar 2019 17:17:54
Winning games when you’re having a rough game like that are exactly how titles are won mate.

17 Mar 2019 17:18:15
You can't do any better than gain 3 Wins in a Week? and remember two were away games.

17 Mar 2019 18:28:35
We did get lucky, but so did they for their equaliser. Would anyone ever expect the combination of Van Dijk and Alisson to have a blooper like that?

It was a definite penalty, but we were lucky that their keeper committed that foul as we weren't going to score in that attack otherwise.

17 Mar 2019 19:06:13
Another big three points today. A win is all that matters. Let's do the double lads. Klopps red army continue to march on.

18 Mar 2019 05:06:26
Why do we need to do better? We won.

17 Mar 2019 16:35:31
After watching Fulham game, does anyone else get the feeling that when Mo gets one, he is going to bang em in for fun the rest of the year. I think he is close, and needs one goal to get confidence back.

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17 Mar 2019 17:29:53
I am not sure I have that feeling. Mo at present is not firing, he is desperate to get going again but in practically every situation he is hanging onto the ball far too long and having the ball taken off him by shear numbers. Please don’t take this as a winge, he is a great player but he needs to pick his head up and look for people in better situations instead of being hellbent on scoring himself.

17 Mar 2019 18:30:22
I actually think that this record that can be broken when he scores 50 goals faster than any other player is hanging over him and he's overthinking it too much. Either when he scores or can no longer be that record holder, he can stop thinking about it.

17 Mar 2019 16:11:09
What's wrong with Salah? He's so predictable in his play. But I love Mane, always trying different things and popping up everywhere.

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17 Mar 2019 16:43:24
I just think Mo is trying too hard to score. He seems to have lost all his composure on the ball. I'm sure it's nothing a few goals won't sort out.
Mane is in the zone at the moment and great to watch.
Game today looked too easy in the first half, but Fulham rallied in the second half and we looked a bit leggy at times.
Great 3 pts though and that's all that matters.

17 Mar 2019 16:05:09
Not a pretty game, not a pretty win but three points is three points And Mo, what is to be done. That lad needs a goal and he will be off and running again, but at the moment he almost goes and thinks this is it now I'm going to score, when a pass to another player would be better. He will get those goals again but I think he needs that bit of luck to sneak one in off his shin first.

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17 Mar 2019 16:31:12
Thank God Milner (although his miss kick was the start of Fulham goal) was on the field for Penalty, would MO have scored it we will never know!

17 Mar 2019 16:53:16
I'm saving my top form for the Spurs game ;) .

Lol but I agree, I think once he has a good game and scores a couple, his confidence will be back up and we'll see him at his best once again, he's still playing well for me but we've being spoilt and we've seen him miles better than current form. Let's be honest, every player goes through rough patches, I still expect him to be up there with the top goalscorers, he might not be THE top goalscorer but he'll be up there.

One of them games for me, not the most exciting but we got the three points so I'm chuffed at that. It was one of them games a few years ago we'd of drawn so overall I'm delighted with the win.

17 Mar 2019 16:04:06
Very lackluster performance. But at least we got all 3 points.

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16 Mar 2019 06:20:58
I posted a reply to 'Mattie 4' last night but it didn't seem to go through, maybe I didn't click send.

'Salah, you really are a plonker. On numerous occasions you have stated your delight at Neymar opposition players being injured! '

It's funny that mate because I have never ONCE said such a thing! please quote me even one time I've said it? you say numerous occasions I've said it so it shouldn't be too difficult? There's one thing for sure, I can't stand Neymar but I've never once wished an injury on him or any player unlike you who was happy to see Hendo injured. There's only one plonker here mate, get your facts right then come back.

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16 Mar 2019 10:16:16
Ive never seen you say that salah,

16 Mar 2019 10:36:26
Thank you Tim, because I never have done mate. Its a pet hate of mine for somebody to wish injuries on any player. So to be accused of it is equally annoying when I know for a fact I've never said such a thing.

This lad clearly either has me mixed up with somebody else or is just making up utter nonsense and going on his previous posts I'd go with the latter.

16 Mar 2019 14:20:28
Lol you make it sound like I woke up Wednesday morning praying for Henderson to be injured 🙈Give your head a wobble mate. If fit and healthy the best players should start the big games. Fabinho is Liverpool’s best midfielder and should never be on the bench. Sport is a funny game in that someone’s misfortune might be someone else’s oppurtunity.
You stated your delight at Neymar’s recent injury, you called Coutinho a little turd for being injured in his last few games for Liverpool. Maybe you should read back on what you said before you accuse me of lying!
Your posts over the last few months have been laughable and non stop spouting rubbish. Maybe you should stick to ‘hope you have a good day mate’ posts.
But your right when you say ‘there is only one plonker here’, it’s still you😂.

16 Mar 2019 14:54:56
Quote me please, you're ignoring it. When did I state my delight of his injury? You're making yourself look bloody stupid mate, I'm asking you to show me what I said and you're unable to do so. Give up mate because your accusations are false, you will continue to lose with me mate the way you're going, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about and everybody reading these posts apart from you know it. You try and act intelligent and you're making a fool of yourself and I'm the plonker? Wow kid just wow.11.

16 Mar 2019 16:07:38
Have a read back on your reply to VakPa on the Rumours page where you clearly call Coutinho ‘a little turd’.
I bet you feel pretty stupid now 😂
Anyway have a good day mate lol.

16 Mar 2019 18:27:08
Yes and? he is, I'm not saying anything about that, I'm talking about you saying I wished injuries on other players, where have I ever said that? dear god mate, you can't back yourself up so I'll leave it there, you don't want to humiliate yourself even further bloody hell!

17 Mar 2019 13:34:12
Put your handbags down, lads. there's a game starting and we’re all on the same side.

17 Mar 2019 16:14:47
This is a better watch than the game.

17 Mar 2019 17:00:10
Salah, I second and third what has been said not once have I read you wish injury on anyone. Is Couthinho a little turd, that's a matter of opinion, that is stating a dislike based on his actions regarding an apparent injury that never was, not wishing him harm. Is Neymar better at diving than Tom Daley, again a matter of opinion but he does eat more grass than your average cow. So disapproving at that is again not wishing harm. I think me and you are from the same City so know what folks here are about and wishing people. harm for the sake of ot isn't anything we do here. You know what you have said and so do the rest of us so don't let a minority wind you up.

17 Mar 2019 18:40:34
I spend waaaaay too much time on this this site reading the posts, and I've never read Salah wishing injuries on anyone. Calling Coutinho a "turd" and wishing that he gets injured are two entirely different things.

Coutinho feigned injury to get his move. Call him what you like. As much as I dislike the likes of Sergio Ramos and Neymar, I'd never wish an injury to them. Unlike the likes of El-Hadji Diouf, who I hope steps on a piece of Lego every day for the rest of his life.

17 Mar 2019 18:52:23
"Is Neymar better at diving than Tom Daley, again a matter of opinion but he does eat more grass than your average cow. "

Brilliant Kimuraking, loved it. I'm still laughing. Also, I support Salah. After what he went through last year, for anyone to think he wishes harm on anyone is laughable.

17 Mar 2019 20:17:54
One other thing, I see nothing wrong with wishing everyone a great day. I wish more people would post something like that. I see this as more of a community than anything and I feel like most of you would be friends of mine if we knew each other. I like to read that every day. And I do also wish eveyone a great day.

17 Mar 2019 20:56:09
Thanks all.

I agree stone, I don't see why it's a problem wishing people a good day? I guess some people find it difficult being nice mate, some don't know the meaning of the word. Luckily the majority on here are sound as a pound but as they say, there's always one lol.

17 Mar 2019 20:57:38
I think basic politeness is lost these days Stone. I took my lad out this morning early doors and a gent was walking his dog and as we passed we both said good morning as we made eye contact, my son was astonished that you would say good morning to someone you do not know. So why shouldn't people say good morning and have a great day.

17 Mar 2019 21:23:20
Exactly, kiruma!

15 Mar 2019 09:27:40
Really annoying that there are quite a few pundits refusing to give us credit for our win against Bayern. I’m sick of hearing we only won because Bayern were terrible and we were slightly better. We have gone to their backyard, at a time when they are flying, they had scored 11 goals in their previous 2 games and we completely nullified them bar one mistake from Robbo which resulted in an own goal! We made them look bad, we didn’t give them the opportunity to play and how don’t these so called experts see that? You can see how much it hurts some of them to see us back at the top!

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15 Mar 2019 18:06:00
Let the pundits play. They'll all be singing our praises when we win - "always knew they'd do it, called it from day 1" etc.

14 Mar 2019 17:44:58
Losing Henderson to injury early in the game last night was a blessing in disguise. It allowed Klopp to bring on Fabinho who should have started. It was similar to United last week when they had to bring on Dalot instead of Baily. Hopefully Klopp will have learnt his lesson. It’s in the last few weeks that the team has missed someone like Emre Can’s ability to carry the ball and provide energy from midfield.

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14 Mar 2019 19:01:53
Glad we're happy to see our captain injured. How do you know he wouldn't have played as well as Fabinho? He certainly played well against them at Anfield.

And Emre Can? Really? That guy was dreadfully inconsistent for us and we aren't missing him. If you wanted to name drop someone to carry the ball from midfield, you could've gone for Oxlade-Chamberlain. We have missed him this season.

14 Mar 2019 22:51:43
Because he does not possess the skill Fabinho has. Henderson is just not a game winner where every other player on the team can potentially produce a moment of a magic. If Liverpool are going to be consistently successful they need to stop carrying players that are not good enough.
Even Emre on a bad day had the potential to win a game that’s why I mentioned him. Chamberlain is similar and carries the ball with great energy from midfield. It’s a pity to have lost both of them in the same season.

15 Mar 2019 04:29:34
seems like you know better than Klopp Mattie. Klopp picked henderson for a reason, it wasn't a blessing in disguise. if he want fab to play he would have started him!

15 Mar 2019 07:25:45
Exactly swish.

'Losing Henderson to injury early in the game last night was a blessing in disguise'

What a stupid thing to say, you was happy to see Hendo get injured so you could see your preferred player come on? nice, real nice. It's never a blessing to see ANY player injured never mind a Liverpool player. Wow.

15 Mar 2019 08:57:12
Salah, you really are a plonker. On numerous occasions you have stated your delight at Neymar opposition players being injured!
Fabinho should be one of the first players on the team sheet as his all round game offers more to the team.
Henderson and Milner should be rotated as only one of them is needed.
But I expect you to reply with Henderson suits Liverpool better than Fernandinho and Veratti🤦🏻‍♂️.

17 Mar 2019 12:14:38
I am inclined to agree with Mattie. When Henderson was on the pitch Bayern were all over us. I am not saying that if Hendo hadn't been injured then the result might have been different but I do know that the impetus changed aftet Fab came on. Sometimes things happenhappen that forces a change that the manager wasn't going to make and it works out. Which is what I think Mat tie meant. I seem to recall Rafa had to sub Kewell in Istanbul and that change worked pretty well.


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