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21 Aug 2018 01:35:18
Best thing about 2nite was at 1-0,never felt panic stations! Always felt comfortable, that's huge progress.

{Ed0333's Note - the best aspects about the game for me was the emergence of VVD. At last he displayed the reasons we made him the worlds most expensive defender, it was an imperious display. Gomez was pretty nifty also, lovren has a job on his hands to get back in the side now. More pertinently I have to say I was flabbergasted at Allison’s performance, It was a distribution masterclass. I have to admit I hadn’t watched much of Allison prior to him signing so was judging him on the two games against us in the champions league and his World Cup performances. I thought we overpayed but after watching him against the Eagles I think we’ve robbed Roma again. €100 million for Salah and Allison that’s incredible value. He was so cool when receiving backpasses under pressure, he was pinging balls upfield like he was Franz Beckenbaueur and made some above average saves, for me it was a complete performance (he had no chance with the shot that hit the bar). Although I didn’t rate the team performance these three players stood out for me. Oh and an honorable mention for Mr Keita, what piece of skill the turn was and the lobbed pass to Salah, mesmerizing.

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20 Aug 2018 23:09:13
I'm impressed with that win. That was the sort of game that we would have dropped points in last season. Alisson is definitely a calm presence in the box and looks so assured on the ball. All in all a good result.
I keep reading about Fabinho having difficulties settling, is that with the position we're asking him to play or settling in to the city, the club etc?

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20 Aug 2018 23:16:58
I was wondering that, hope he comes round, as think he will be a good player for us. Be a shame if he doesn’t settle.

20 Aug 2018 22:55:55
Thought it was gona be tough but wasn't too bad. How good was vvd? Outstanding. How good was alssion? Outstanding. We r the real deal, c'mon Liverpool #getbettersalah.

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20 Aug 2018 23:17:40
A boring win. Have to do them sometimes, quiet on the attacking front, but mane really is the main man for me up top.

21 Aug 2018 00:31:19
Thought it was a great performance, would be nice to win 5 or 6 every match, but I love these types of wins. We showed tonite we r more than just the front 3.

{Ed0333's Note - im not sure it was great performance fella. I though we were mediocre at best.

20 Aug 2018 22:27:24
Absolutely brilliant game - I thought it might be a barometer for how far we came and it certainly was. Palace played a great game and were a constant threat throughout, yet we still managed to control things, give away limited chances, and we scored at critical times. I also liked that Klopp didn't rotate unnecessarily, and it turned out Milner was the grit and heart we needed in a match of this nature. what a game he had and a cool head in a cauldron for the penalty. VVD and Alisson were immense at the back under a severe cross examination of pace and strength, Gomez did well in a very tough match (Lovren may struggle to get back in at this rate? ), and no-one diving in in a panic and threatening to give a silly penalty at the death like we used to do all too often. Upfront Mane was fantastic yet again, I think this could really be his year, and Salah could still have scored 2 or 3.

This game was just what we needed to prove how much this side has evolved. We showed we have the players now to control the game against very good sides away from home, keep the defence solid, and grind out a result in a tough fixture. Well pumped after that!

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20 Aug 2018 22:13:35
Crystal Palace vs Liverpool Review

An ugly win for Liverpool but overall, on the balance of play, a deserved win. This is how I saw it.

Alisson - Excellent. His distribution was very good, constantly found the right pass either short or long and rarely, if ever, squandered possession. As a shot stopper he made a number of decent saves, with the minimum of fuss, and he looks very solid. A good sign of things to come.

Robertson - Engine. Never stopped for the entire game. Supported the attack well though his crossing was wayward at times. Had one decent chance in the first half which he fluffed. Defensively he was dependable though was out of position a couple of times which he needs to be aware of.

TAA - Felt like we were just comstantly playing the ball to him first half. Defended better than he attacked but was good overall, good in possession and had a reasonable game. Thought he was harshly booked (for the second game in a row) after some Zaha theatrics.

Van Dijk - Aerially he was crucial for us. Palace played it long often and we needed his physical presence to counter that. He did, multiple times, and played very well overall.

Gomez - Also acquitted himself well. Seemed more switched on and concentrated for the most part though his distribution is some way behind his partners. Never the less he and Van Dijk have looked good together - Lovren may have his work cut out to get back into the team if he continues to perform decently.

Wijinaldum - I thought he covered and defended well for the entire game. Provided much needed support to the defence when we were under pressure and kept it simple, but effective, in possession. Really lacked any spark in attack though and, given his skill set, hard to shake the feeling that we are not seeing his full potential realised in the deep midfield role. Never the less decent.

Milner - Hard working, fairly prominent first half and a trademark penalty to add to his name. Faded a lot second half and was in danger of being over run, a good decision to replace him with Henderson.

Keita - Excellent first half, lots of great touches, silky runs and good energy, He offers something different to the midfield and I think we should've tried to get him on the ball more as he looked dangerous. More subdued second half but still decent, looks a good addition.

Mane - Very lively first half where he looked to make things happen and caused Palace difficulties with his pace and energy. Very quiet second half until his injury time goal.

Salah - A decent, if unspectacular first half that culminated in him winning a penalty. It was hotly debated though I thought, at first glance, that it was stonewall. On second viewing it was less clear, and he certainly went down easily, but there was still contact - 50/ 50, you get some, you don't get others. Helped balance out the very skewed officiating in favour of Palace for most of the game. Was also brought down earning a red card for a palace player second half and was much more central to our play both creating and having chances. Not his greatest performance yet still a vital part of us winning.

Firmino - Engine. Ran himself into the ground. Was starved of service for much of the game and had to drop really deep to see some of the ball. Looked tired near the end and, despite his endeavours, will have better games as the season progresses.


Henderson - A very good showing from the captain. kept possession well, passed well, made tackles when he had to and kept our play ticking over. Thought we looked more solid once he came onto the pitch.

Lallana - Bit of a weird one in the circumstances. Thought he did little in the little time he had on the pitch. Did gave away a sloppy, soft free-kick in a very dangerous position to them - needs to learn to tackle properly.

Sturridge - A completely pointless substitution made with like 30 seconds of the game remaining. Could've been brought on for the final 20 as Firmino was clearly tired.

Klopp - We won, and that's all he will be concerned about. My concern is his abysmal use of subs. Whilst Henderson was the right call Lallana was not. He never seems to make his substitutions early enough and this in a game when there were a number of players who could of easily been replaced. Still 3 points on the board, good times.

Conclusion: Not many in fairness. We know we have quality, we showed little of it today given Palace's staunch defence and our stuttering attack. Never the less, grinding out a win at one of the harder away grounds to go to, on a monday night, bodes well for the season ahead. These gritty games are the sought you need to win, and we did that. We can play much, much better and its satisfying to say that after winning in a relatively comfortable way. I do think the only thing our side is lacking is a pass master to thread that killer ball - we have players with the passing ability, but we don't really have a player with that exceptional vision able to do that. It is probably the only thing our team lacks in comparison to Cities. Onwards and upwards reds, next game.

p. s. Wishing a speedy recovery to regular poster Salah - lights up these pages with his positivity and general good nature, always enjoy reading his posts - hope you're well soon.

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20 Aug 2018 22:40:50
Cheers Seano. Enjoyed reading, mate, and I endorse what you've said about Salah. We don't always agree but he's a top, top man and we all want him back on here asap.

21 Aug 2018 11:04:42
Good summary thought VVD was exceptional and gave Benteke nothing, he seems like a real leader at the back and something Liverpool have missed for a long time, future captain perhaps.

20 Aug 2018 22:11:38
Maybe we could dedicate tonight's victory to our esteemed poster Salah. I really hope he is ok and hopefully we get some positive news in the coming days.

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21 Aug 2018 10:57:24
Hear! Hear! 👍.

20 Aug 2018 22:07:25
They said we got to learn to win ugly, think we just did that, hard game but 3 points in the bag.

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20 Aug 2018 22:05:57
Will happily take a 2-0 win when we weren't at our best, the sort of results that really make a difference at the end of the season. Thought Van Dijk, Robertson and Alisson looked very assured. Salah and Mane dangerous. Firmino didn't have his best game, but that happens. Either way, hope those three points reach Salah in hospital and that he's recovering from whatever his ailment might be. YNWA.

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20 Aug 2018 22:32:56
Great win tonight lads.
Hard earned but very professional performance against a good team.

20 Aug 2018 21:54:48
Great result tonight - one of those games we may have slipped up in previously. Gomez, Van D and Allison didn’t put a foot wrong and yet another clean sheet - only concern is not being clinical enough and Kieta slowing down in second half. Very happy start to the season though.

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20 Aug 2018 21:53:11
Not the best performance, but the 3 points defientely more important than a silky performance especially at this stage of the season when a good start points wise is very important. Onto Brighton.


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