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07 Oct 2018 10:49:55
Just sat watching the charity game set up by Kanu (ex Arsenal player) between an African team and Ex premier players.

Phil Babb is playing.

Unfortunately for Phil, 2 local policeman lay in await ready to arrest him due to new evidence which has come to light for a previous incident of criminal damage.

Apparently recently, DNA has been taken of some mixed Nuts found embedded in a goal post.



1.) 07 Oct 2018 11:31:20
Are you a professional funny guy, or is this just a hobby? Your jokes belong in a box of Christmas crackers. I wonder if there’s a market for Liverpool-themed crackers.



04 Oct 2018 11:23:59
Amended post for banter please Ed

Madonna vs sizemick style


Andy Robertson and our Mo
Sadio Mane , Alberto

Henderson and Fabinho
On the bench at San Paolo

Fab Shaq and Naby
Jurgen klopp you just see

James Milner it's not fair
Wijnaldums got more chest hair

Bobby's got style, Sturridge had pace
Campania , what a nice place

Joe , Virgil , Dejan Who ?
Alisson Becker we love you

Jurgen with an attitude
Players that weren't in the mood

Trent, don't just stand there let's get to it
We need a goal, oh $hit we blew it

Vogue Vogue
Vogue Vogue



1.) 04 Oct 2018 13:36:04
Brilliant mate🤣.

2.) 04 Oct 2018 15:42:20
Lol what?

3.) 04 Oct 2018 17:26:17
Good effort!



03 Oct 2018 09:09:40
Unlike the noisy neighbours, Manchester United supporters showed serious respect last night for their under pressure manager and poorly performing team

90 minutes of silence.



1.) 03 Oct 2018 09:33:57
Then the way they shouted Moooooo at the end was pure class. Great support for their manager and players.

2.) 03 Oct 2018 13:16:52
A few months ago they were all telling us that the whole world was against Jose and that all the tell tale signs of his faultering reign were an illusion portrayed by the media, all the while ignoring the unbelievable amount of resources at his disposal. They’re an appallingly entitled and toxic fanbase, Ed002 has it spot on.

3.) 03 Oct 2018 13:38:39
Every club has toxic fan base bro. Even us. Hope the numbers reduces.

4.) 03 Oct 2018 13:55:34
His time is coming to an end unfortunately Jose!

5.) 03 Oct 2018 15:10:55
Personally feel his time has come! But I have to wonder if any top side will risk taking him after the boot though. He looks uninterested these days and will rather make throw the scape goat under the bus to preserve his ego and has even made Woodward the enemy though I have to question his decision to hire MOU in the first place. He thinks its "too expensive to sack him" but we aren't talking about Burnley (with respect) here. For the love of the game, you have to feel for those who pay their hard earned money to watch that dross esp yesterday. But what a time to be a LIV fan!

6.) 03 Oct 2018 15:44:27
He will walk into another job no problem, he has a fantastic record in the champs league that’s not easy to ignore, the fact his teams are built like a house of cards that inevitably fail will always be overlooked by an owner looking for quick success.

7.) 03 Oct 2018 16:10:08
I think he is doing a top job.

8.) 03 Oct 2018 17:01:56
I'd fight back against you so and so's (lol), but i can't. We're crap and unfortunately you're quite good nowadays, i'll give 'it' back to you when we're back up there, though i don't know when that will be🤦‍♂️. For the time being, we or i, will take your s*** lol. Fair Play🤝.

9.) 03 Oct 2018 18:01:13
Fair play to you Scholesy.

How much has the fear for your club grown now that Steve Bruce is available ;-)

10.) 03 Oct 2018 18:14:28
None whatsoever, Tika Taka Allardyce is available mate.

11.) 03 Oct 2018 19:47:54
Fair play mate, I watched your game last night and it was painful. I’m sure you’ll turn it around but it does appear that Jose has lost the changing room somewhat. Keep up the good banter!

12.) 03 Oct 2018 20:59:03
Wrong manager for utd. I said it when he signed, utd were never going to be happy, even when utd were winning trophies the fans weren't happy.

13.) 03 Oct 2018 22:22:41
For all the stick he's getting at the moment and the crap way they are playing, if he gets rid of pogba and gets the 3 players he wants in the summer, they will still be crap. 🤣🤣🤣 no I’m only joking, if he gets what he asked for in the summer, then we not having this laugh now me thinks.

14.) 03 Oct 2018 22:44:08
Mikey, I ain't buying that for a second, bro. if Mou walking into another job mean him walking into ANY coaching job on the planet then yes. Him walking into a top club or CL club again? I highly doubt that. You think other top clubs don't see the damage he is doing at Utd currently? Also, His record? What year (s) was that? Football has moved on from his bus-parking, stonage tactics.

In addition, Mou is a drama queen, a master-manipulator who likes to throw players he dislikes personally, under the bus to save his own skin. What top team and it's fan base wants to deal with that circus? Even before getting the job at Utd, Sir Bobby Charlton said he was not the right fit and other fans did as well. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost.



02 Oct 2018 15:12:14
Daniel sturridge vs more game time

He got 3 mins vs west ham scored
He got 4 mins vs Chelsea scored


My ex claimed statistics of 36-26-36

They were unreliable, as they actually represented her forhead line removal operations , nose jobs and evident chins

Be careful with interpretation.

Also click bait

Definitely scares the fish away.



1.) 02 Oct 2018 16:17:53
He’s doing well in his current role as an impact sub, no need to change that. He’s doing well coming on against tired legs, starting him in games would be a mistake for me unless one of our front 3 are injured.

2.) 02 Oct 2018 17:42:16
I expect Danny isn't happy with it that way and I think the love for Bobby firmino and our front three in general is clouding people's thoughts. Danny has scored as many as Bobby and mo together. In much less minutes played. He is, without doubt, the in-form Centre forward at the moment and I think we would be crazy to ignore that fact.

Something has changed, and that is Danny sturridge. He has played nearly 2 months and no injury. He is looking very very sharp. He is scoring one in 5 minutes, he could be getting hattricks if he played the full 90.

I think going to West brom made Danny realise he has to grab his chances. I'd like to see him play, and with firmino a bit deeper we can still play the front three of last season thus filling the "fekir role" with Bobby. We could have a new fab 4.

If people are worried about his work rate, and his chasing lost causes, watch the Chelsea game, he was all over that blue defence, causing problems. If his shot had been an inch lower we could have won that game.

I think he should be given more starts with Bobby playing a bit deeper but joining in in attack. Especially against the so called lesser teams.

Sturridge seems to fashion more chances on goal than firmino. Don't get me wrong, I love Bobby firmino, I actually think he is a one of a kind and at what he does he is, for me, the best in the world. But Bobby can play that way a bit deeper, giving room for our in form Danny sturridge. And let's be honest, the front three aren't clicking as much as last year. There's nothing wrong with changing things up and being progressive.

On his day he is one of the best in the world. I still believe that. I had forgotten, I admit. But Danny sturridge is back.

(he will go off with a broken nail on the left index finger next week and it'll be end of season)

{Ed025's Note - im not his biggest fan MM but thats a very good post mate..

3.) 02 Oct 2018 20:00:27
I see what you’re saying MM but I just don’t think Studge suits the way we play. The press starts from the front and although Studge does press he lacks aggression.
That then allows the centre half to get his head up and play a pass thus beating the press.
When Bobby is up top he forces the centre half to rush the pass which then gives the other players a better chance of winning the ball high which is what we’re all about.
Studge has done brilliant this season but he’s an impact sub and that’s how he should stay IMO.

4.) 02 Oct 2018 20:16:00
Brilliant post, Sizemick. Studger is doing well right now and he seems to have accepted his role in the team especially at this stage in his career. MM, I respect your opinion BUT I differ a little bit with your assessment. Let us start from the position of facts. Bobbie is NOT better than Studge when it comes to the natural ability of scoring goals. What Bobbie is tho, is a whole repertoire of just raw skill, ability, guile, intelligence, vision, graft and well, he is a complete dazzler. He can by the way, also score goals as he's scored about 50 goals along with 25 assists since he came here. Both players are different YET equal.

My judgement is not clouded in any way, my friend and IMO, neither is Studge. He understands his role now and tho he may not love it, he has accepted his role and realizes now that LFC has moved on from the idea that he was the main man. Studger knows his role now and he is just as important as Bobbie is so we should just keep it that way, IMO.

5.) 02 Oct 2018 20:39:11
My concern would be to many minutes could result in injury but think he should be brought on sooner than the 85th minute.

6.) 03 Oct 2018 08:28:06
Agreed berg, once you’ve had as many injuries as he’s had his game time has to be managed for him. The longer and more regular he plays the more chance of fatigue and thus injuries. I don’t think he’ll ever be a 90 min regular again but that doesn’t mean he can’t offer 65 min starting or 30 from the bench.

7.) 03 Oct 2018 18:57:58
Liverpool has moved on from the idea that any one player is the main man. Sure, it's difficult to be on the bench, but football is a team game and we have one hell of a team. Players like Henderson, Lovren, Danny and Lallana when he returns will have to prove they deserve the game time. Fabinho is a huge money signing and can't get on the pitch. But the main thing is Liverpool winning games and we are doing that in style. Who can complain when you are (tied for) top of the league?

8.) 03 Oct 2018 21:09:07
Thanks ed025, I'm a massive firmino fan but I'm also a sturridge fan. I just think his recent performances have earned him a real look in.



05 Sep 2018 00:10:25
Memory fades with age as us oldies can confirm, but listening to talk sport this morning I’m awoken by the dulcet tones of Mickey Quinn stating Liverpool lost the 2014 title due to the 3-3 result vs Crystal Palace, instead of shutting up shop at 3-0 apparently that’s how we blew it.

I beg to differ.

We had been on one hell of a barnstormin run of results trying to catch Manchester City (playing wonderful exciting football) which derailed somewhat in the 36th fixture
vs Chelsea at home meaning realistically with an inferiority goal difference to city of some 10 goals and them having 2 home games left vs villa and West Ham, we needed to win our last 2 by huge margins.

Even a 6 or 7nil vs palace would have meant us needing to out score City on the final day.

The 1st 70 odd minutes of the Palace game was absolutely fantastic from the lads that night as they sought to close the difference creating many many opportunities, playing brilliantly, until a wonder strike from distance changed the dynamics massively.

Our boys were visibly devastated on pitch, we had played so well that night, 8-9 or 10nil at 70 minutes would not have shocked anyone who was watching or playing that evening and if we had shut up shop at 3-0 or after the goal at 3-1 it wouldn’t have been enough as the final day fixtures would see us needing to beat city’s scoreline by at least 6, possible yes, realistically no.


1.) 05 Sep 2018 06:04:55
I don't even think you remember.

The league wasn't in our hands.

Hewe needed city to lose or draw o e of there last 2 games of the season, we had to win all our games but They had a 10 goal advantage on us and that's why we didn't shut up shop against palace we went for the goal difference.

2.) 05 Sep 2018 06:26:52
it wasnt down to 1 game, as i recall it. we drew more than 1 game while leading by 2, 3 goals.

3.) 05 Sep 2018 06:46:26
Nope after 35 games we were on 81 points 52 GD, city had played 32 and were on 72 points with 54 GD. we had to win all games and city had to too. we lost to Chelsea and bottled against palace. Do not sugar coat it. We threw the title and it was the most hurtful moment for all LFC fans. That was gross miscalculation from BR, who did not change anything in the system to ensure points. His decisions to not see out the game against palace after being 3 goals up was baffling. he was nervous, team was nervous, fans were nervous. In our collective nervousness we bottled it horrendously. any other top team like chelsea city or united would have walked away with the title from that situation.
we were our own enemies then.
Come this season its pretty similar, we are own enemies. Things like allison did last week, lapses on concentration at crucial moments from defenders etc. these situations these incidents need to be thrown out of the system for good, we have to play 38 games at our top most level to win the league this season. Anything less we will botch it up somehow because of that inherent nervousness that will creep in.
Fortunately this season we have all the tools at our disposal and we have started by winning ugly which is always good since you need some luck and grind in early part of season when players are rough and getting into groove. Now we need to have strong September and continue getting stronger till May.
It is pretty clear we want to win the league and i think Klopp knows this season is his best shot, Money has been thrown and he has right players at his disposal. He needs to make wiser decisions and use his players best to their abilities to win the league. For eg. the top 3 can't play all games, he has to decide what match to rest whom and how in a way it doesn't affect the fabric and morale of the team at all and we get the results. He has to decide what games he can let like of clyne, moreno have a go to give TAA and robbo some respite. Fortunately for him his midfield options sit wonderfully in his hands with 5-6 great options but still he needs to make the right selections in midfield for the match which would mean sitting out some good players. But all his decisions have to be calculated and measured rightly. we have a lot of competition this season. All 19 clubs can be beaten and they all could beat us too. There are no teams for granted and this is the toughest season in EPL in a while. As fans we are always behind the manager and club, but this most certainly has to be the season to win the league, anything less i'd say would count as an unsuccessful season.

4.) 05 Sep 2018 06:48:45
Daft comment by Quinny.
We needed 7 points from 3 games and we lost to Chelsea.
That’s the moment when we were relying on other results to go our way. If you want to put it down to one game (foolish) then it would be the Chelsea game 👍.

5.) 05 Sep 2018 11:22:28
Absolutely right Ron. A draw would have been fine vs Chelsea. I don't blame Rodgers for not changing what had been working so well, but he fuelled Mourinho, saying he thought Jose would prefer Liverpool to win the league etc and basically prompted him to turn up to the match when he would have otherwise been at home, sick. Who knows if it actually made a difference, but Mourinho was on it that that day and his players were too.

After that, with the form City were also in and the run in they had, the last two games were effectively academic by that point.

6.) 05 Sep 2018 12:14:03
We lost because of many games that season. Sure we can put it down to the loss at Chelsea, but we would have been fine with that loss had we beaten Hull City in December who barely avoided relegation that year - 3 points instead of 0 there and we wouldn't have needed anything from the Chelsea game to stay in command. Or if we had avoided draws against any of Newcastle, Everton or West Brom who all played appalling football on the day yet still avoided being soundly finished off by us and coming back via pathetically defended goals (based on their final league position you could include Villa and Swansea in that as well, but at least they were legitimately half decent on the day/ scored very nice goals I think) .

We can agonize over that season as much as we like and work out the maths of what would/ wouldn't have been possible but the real lesson of it is that 3 points in August are worth the same as 3 points in May, so win every match you can along the way to keep the impact of mistakes at an absolute minimum.

7.) 06 Sep 2018 00:34:58
My view is we lost the race with city because of Hendo’s red card. It just killed something in our midfield and in those last few games it just didn’t come together as it would have done with him on the pitch. Just a bit of bad luck we didn’t need. Maybe this time we’ll make our own luck?




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25 May 2018 20:01:57
We tried to sign him but couldn't find him

He'd dunarunna






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01 Oct 2018 12:02:24
Good summary Reid 🤗

You've unleashed the gambler in me

£1 Fraser 1st goal and 2-2 70/ 1
£1 Wilfred (same as above) 55/ 1

Both can't happen obviously, but I expect a return from one, otherwise I'll let the Bichon Frise on yer 🤣





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01 Oct 2018 05:00:29
Can't sleep, the missus read your post about the elephant in the room and she just won't let it lie.

So argumentative and ungrateful.

I rescued her from the deep south U. S. A (squelling banjo territory)
fetched her back, sorted her teeth, gave her a bath, swapped the dungarees for a shell suit, and still she argues with me.

It's a Trunk she insists
No Daphne, it's a Boot





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29 Sep 2018 11:23:15
Too right Waro

I still remember being at the cup game in the late seventies when Clive walker tore us a new one.

On his day he was some player, not to dissimilar to Eden hazard.





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29 Sep 2018 10:23:24
He's won a fair few trophies Ed, but once he dismantled that Chelsea team he had in his 1st season with the four wingers as options, well, that's sacrilege for me.

He should be known as Blakey, cos he parks the bus and slings anyone and everyone under at any given opportunity.



{Ed025's Note - when he first came to england i was a massive fan mick, he was witty with a refreshing touch of arrogance, in the past few years he has turned into this miserable obnoxious negative tyrant who i cant stand and the sooner this league sees the back of him the better mate..



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29 Sep 2018 09:11:29
Ed025 has never been too keen on lemons bruver as it sours the taste of his southern comfort, in fact he was never that keen on st clemence either.



{Ed025's Note - im not that keen on things that are bitter and sour mick...which is why im not a mourinho fan mate.. :)