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06 Jan 2018 18:24:07
When ed1 or ed2 definitely confirm the coutinho deal then I will start to believe he's gone.
So eds is it true?


{Ed001's Note - yes mate.}

1.) 06 Jan 2018 18:27:25
Cheers man. Your the only guys I believe.

2.) 06 Jan 2018 18:44:30
Will he struggle to pass the medical what with his injury?

3.) 06 Jan 2018 18:57:26
Butt hurt heals quickly so I am afraid not.

4.) 06 Jan 2018 19:00:16
Players can still pass medicals even with an injury lol.

5.) 06 Jan 2018 19:04:57
Glad the whole saga is over and done with, I don’t understand his rush to go this month but hey ho. It’s done and dusted and we can move on without the distraction 👍.

6.) 06 Jan 2018 19:06:53
Every single new report confirms it but you only believe eds. Madness hahaha.

7.) 06 Jan 2018 19:13:10
It's on Barca's webpage, so pretty official now :)

8.) 06 Jan 2018 19:41:18
It was confirmed by Nike last week too haha.

9.) 06 Jan 2018 19:45:22
By thank God I'm bored with his sulking.

10.) 06 Jan 2018 19:54:43
Yeah scuffs on the bottom lip heal pretty fast.

11.) 06 Jan 2018 21:03:12
Barcelonaitus is easily curable. just need a wad of money, a new shirt an a trip abroad and coutinho will be fit as a fiddle.



05 Dec 2013 13:33:32
Hey eds.
Read somewere this morning that samid yesil is of interest to beskitas. Any truth? Wouldn't mind seeing the kid get a chance while sturridge is out.


{Ed002's Note - A representative of Besiktas has said that they have approached Liverpool apout Yesil - it has been suggested that Eintracht Braunschweig might also have an interest.}

1.) Many thanks ed.

2.) Do you think he will be allowed to go ed
we rate him highly so I can't see him leaving permanently

{Ed002's Note - I don't know. I would hope that the club talk to the player and explain what his future options might be. I suspect the won't offer him a run in the first team that is too often what the kids want - and why many need to move on.}

3.) Thanks Ed.

Would you expect this to be a loan deal? I'd be suprised if the club were open to a permanent deal.

{Ed002's Note - Both Besiktas and Eintracht Braunschweig would be looking for a permanent deal.}

4.) The kid would be wise to make the move! Look at Adam Morgan. Try and include a but back option of some sort for a certain fee.




madmax's banter posts with other poster's replies to madmax's banter posts


01 Apr 2019 07:40:33
Made up we won. But I'm just gona say it, spuds goal shouldn't have stood. The ball was still moving when kane took the free kick.


1.) 01 Apr 2019 07:56:06
i was thinkong, in terms of the "dark arts" hendo would have been better served getting in front of the free kick instead of having a groan. not blaming hendo. but me mate and I were saying that is something players from the elite clubs would do in that moment. kill momentum etc.

2.) 01 Apr 2019 08:05:54
There's plenty would argue that Liverpool are an elite club.

3.) 01 Apr 2019 09:16:12
Why are you not blaming Hendo? It was a very basic error he made. He is not 20 playing his first game. He is not offering anything going forward so the least he can do is to slow the game down when needed.

4.) 01 Apr 2019 09:20:39
It was a massive error from Henderson, he should have put his foot on the ball and stopped Kane playing the pass.

Spurs did it all afternoon - schoolboy error from Hendo.

5.) 01 Apr 2019 09:29:01
We had one go for us when Alisson done the same a few months ago. Swings and roundabouts.

6.) 01 Apr 2019 09:43:50
Ball moving, just a technicality. Hendo could have done better, but I think Trent was more at fault, if we have to find fault? He was coasting when watching Maura move into the box, he put his foot down when it was too late.
But, we won guys, though it was bloody nervy.

7.) 01 Apr 2019 09:53:48
Though I definitely agree madmax, I'm not bothered because we won. That's all I'm fussed about. We are grinding out the right results which will see us win the league in the end.

8.) 01 Apr 2019 09:55:36
And people talking about Hendo making a mistake, have you never made a mistake before? It happens, move on and appreciate what the team did yesterday. Even the best of players can make mistakes from time to time, they are only human.

9.) 01 Apr 2019 10:17:16
Salah, it's not just blaming Henderson it's the fact that he shouldn't be on the field. he shouldn't be starting in our team ahead of Fabinho. it's as simple as that. And when he he makes a mistake or has a bad game it just infuriates fans even more because of this fact. He has to be benched for the run in and replaced with Fab.

10.) 01 apr 2019 10:29:55
of course we all make mistakes but will he learn? it was a very basic error. the game yesterday, away at ot and everton are proof if any were needed that he should not be in the team ahead of fabs. we can't keep relying on luck to win these games. spurs even with all their midfield issues and son not playing due to tiredness bossed the second half. it was a mirror image of last seasons game at anfield. when hendo loses his full energy pressing he has nothing left to offer the team. he can't control a game it just gets away from him.

it will be no good saying all this at the end of the season we need to say it now before it costs us a trophy. fabs must play ahead of hendo.

11.) 01 Apr 2019 10:32:43
Nonsense, so you know more than Klopp and the medical staff? People are quick to point to his mistakes but never comment when he does something well.

The Hendo bashing is shameful, a sign of modern times unfortunately.

12.) 01 Apr 2019 10:48:22
Yeah He was at fault, but he still offers a lot on the pitch. I feel sorry for him as it gives the people who don't like him an excuse to bash him. All I was trying to point out rules of the game and the goal maybe wouldn't of happened. Like someone said tho swings and roundabouts, we've had our fair share of luck on a few things this year, can't get the rub of the green all the time.

13.) 01 Apr 2019 10:59:15
I think there are consequences if Henderson does not start, when able and fit, from the perspective of the captaincy. It's no big deal, because Milner has started and stepped in as captain many a game, but I just think it's an issue that Klopp does not want to deal with at this moment. I also think that in absolute "must win" situations Klopp will go with experience and the trio of Hendo-Milner-Wiji have plenty of it. He's done it so often before and he's going to continue doing it. I do agree that Fabinho should be starting every game, but maybe Klopp has decided to remove the shackles on him when he's had one full season under his belt.

14.) 01 Apr 2019 11:39:21
I remember a goal we scpred this season. Matip or lovren played the free kick whilw the ball was moving and we scored pn the counter attack. Swings and roundabouts.

15.) 01 Apr 2019 12:14:03
People do make mistakes when playing but stopping the opposition form taking a quick free quick is basic.

I actually thought Hendo had a good game, though for me, he should have come off at 60mins. Anyone at the game yesterday could see Spurs playing right though our midfield, we were not winning headers and we were slow to the second ball.

Fabinho should have been introduced earlier. But nevertheless, we rode our luck and won the game!

Roll on Friday night!

16.) 01 Apr 2019 13:01:27
I'd agree Fabinho should've been on the pitch but for Hendo? No. He should've been on instead of Milner for me. Yes Hendo made a mistake, it is what it is. What I don't like though is the Hendo haters. If he does something good he gets no praise, if he makes a simple mistake people are on him like flies on sh*t. Give the lad a break. Drogie, you are fair and I'm not directing this at you mate.

17.) 01 Apr 2019 13:32:06
You can't blame henderson for this. It was not a mistake, he could've just reacted quicker however Kane was very clever.

Bigger mistake I dare say was salah not passing to Mane to make it 2-0. Was selfish and took a shot that was blocked when Mane clearly had a better angle.

Doesnt matter that we won. Come on Spurs not time to beat Man city!

18.) 01 Apr 2019 14:27:18
Why all the jumping on a small number of mistakes by individuals? Since we beat Spurs - we did win you know - I’ve read posts criticising Alisson, TAA, Hendo, Salah, etc. Everyone of those players did more good things than bad in the game but there are some who are just waiting to jump all over them when they make a mistake. Why the negativity? Top of the PL, 6 games to go, in the QF of the CL, I couldn’t be happier.

19.) 01 Apr 2019 18:49:23
The Hendo haters nee to get over themselves and their personal vendetta against the lad. Some of your comments just should petulant and mean like a bunch of Mean Girls. I mean, do you guys actually watch him play hoping he makes a mistake so you can slash him? If that is what you do then I think some of you are obsessed with him which is a pity, FOR YOU.

Yes, he made a mistake. So What? Lloris cost his team the game BUT you don't see Spurs fans giving him loads, do you? Pathetic. "He offered nothing". News Flash: None of the starting midfield offered anything either BUT you chose to slate Hendo and leave the others scott free. I wonder why?

Also, I don't care for the ref error cos it happens all the time. It was up to Hendo to do the most basic of things and stand in front of Kane to give us time to get set defensively. there is nothing "dark arts" about it cos it is taught at every level of football. I agree that Klopp should not play that mid. 3 again cos it no longer works and that was clear for all to see. We won and and that is all that counts and we can work on things with a smile on our faces. Also, Hendo is capt. and that is that so you all better put a sock in it cos Klopp ain't changing his mind anytime soon on that topic. Peace!

20.) 01 Apr 2019 18:51:32
Exactly WW. It seems people just enjoy complaining over nothing and they forgot we actually beat a good PL team yesterday.

21.) 01 Apr 2019 19:53:01
WW, these guys would rather wallow in their own self pity than muster the bottle to stand and fight, just like our boys (Hendo included) and the manager are doing week in, week out.

22.) 06 Apr 2019 08:16:25
well there is making mistakes and then therr is just plain trolling.
also we aren't an elite club yet.



09 Oct 2018 01:03:44
Hope you've got plenty of articles coming up ed to get us through this international break.
I don't know why but these breaks are getting worse every time. At least when England play I know I'm guaranteed 2 hrs good sleep it's that boring.


{Ed001's Note - yes mate I have a few I intend to do, if time allows.}



18 Jun 2018 19:11:09
Probably just me, but I hate when players do that heart celebration with their hands. I'm not sure if it stands for anything, if it does i apologise.
I miss the days when players went nuts with pride when they scored.


1.) 18 Jun 2018 19:21:03
If bale had his way they wouldn’t be doing tgat.

2.) 18 Jun 2018 19:42:45
Firm handshake, get on with the game 🤝.

3.) 18 Jun 2018 21:13:22
Ban all celebrating and get on with the game grown men being dinlos.

{Ed025's Note - dont be so miserable walter...its passion and i love it..



13 May 2018 04:02:23
So I've never done it before but I decided to watch naby keita highlights on YouTube. What can I say amazing. The picture was 1080hd quality, picture crystal clear, had some funky dance music to accompany it.
Keita was also quite good aswel. 😂.


1.) 13 May 2018 05:52:56
Some say he's even better in 4k, but I don't see it.



15 Feb 2018 13:50:31
So based on current form and performances what would our front 3 lads in firmino, salah and mane be worth.
Are we talking £250 million? Maybe more?


1.) 15 Feb 2018 14:05:21
each? yeah lol.

2.) 15 Feb 2018 14:08:36
More I’d say. Salah has to be up there in the 150 plus bracket based on this season and his long contract, Mane probably half that based on his obvious quality but little dips in form and his pace seems to be dwindling. Bobby is by far the best player IMO but would probably be about 100m as well because he isn’t the quickest.

3.) 15 Feb 2018 14:24:56
Difficult to guage as it slightly depends on the buyers but Firmino and Mane £80+ and Salah £120+.

4.) 15 Feb 2018 15:05:03
Manè not a bit young to be losing his pace no?

5.) 15 Feb 2018 15:15:26

6.) 15 Feb 2018 15:45:55
I think people meed to calm down with fees. We are not owned by a country and we are not triggering any buy out clauses. That was the only reason for 200mil Neymar deal and hence why we charged Barcelona so much. We are the club who has lost out.

Realistically I'd say 80mil for each of them.

7.) 15 Feb 2018 15:54:11
All three are worth whatever the buying clubs will be willing to pay.

Needless to say, they will not be for sale.

8.) 15 Feb 2018 16:11:32
Don’t care - it’s irrelevant, they’re ours.

9.) 15 Feb 2018 16:22:43
I think Mane is done yes he scored goals last night but injuries have robbed him of a bit of pace and confidence.
I hope I am wrong but I don't think we will see the player play as well as last season.
I wouldn't mind him being sold and get a similar player before Mane injurys.

10.) 15 Feb 2018 16:11:31
That's right max.

11.) 16 Feb 2018 00:08:50
Not saying pace is gone due to age Big Emre, but he certainly isn’t blazing past people like he was prior to his injury. He’s certainly not slow, but he was as quick as, if not quicker than Salah and that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Maybe it’s just a confidence thing and ge’ll Be back on it after his hat trick but even if he is slowing down luckily he has more to his game than pace.

12.) 16 Feb 2018 05:52:00
good idea negative let's sell mane cos you think he's done and he's only 1 goal off what he scored last year. Ridiculous comment, and we moan about player loyalty.

13.) 16 Feb 2018 10:52:22
Swish cleaner Mane is one of my favourite players for lfc yes he's been doing OK but just think how good he was B4 the injury.
Its unfortunate but the player is in decline now. Its a shame coz I really like the player.

14.) 16 Feb 2018 17:08:48
Negative, inconsistent season due to injury and loss of form, he’s been here 18 months and improving again. You don’t get rid and hope the next player might be better!? Clearly no one shares your thought pattern!




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14 May 2019 20:43:58
Worth every penny.




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10 May 2019 19:34:20
At least if we sign kenny Lala we can sing his name to hey jude. La la la kenny lala.




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19 Apr 2019 14:41:07
Nice 1 ed.
Appreciate everthing you do and all the others eds as well.




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18 Apr 2019 11:08:09
Must be a big list.




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03 Apr 2019 11:55:23
Do you think he's been a good buy ed since we've had him?
Seems to of stepped up a bit this year.


{Ed001's Note - yes, he has proven himself to be a key player this season.}




madmax's banter replies


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19 May 2019 07:50:43
Good move for potter ed? I remember you saying a few months ago he was a good fit for Swansea if they stuck with him, do you see the same with Brighton?


{Ed001's Note - I don't know they have ridiculous expectations of a manager. He is a good choice but they will have to be patient.}



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18 May 2019 11:14:52
Sounds good that rivaldo thinks firmino is Brazil's best player. Always good to know.




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11 May 2019 17:59:56
The only void will be lovren loosing his best mate. Or will lovren be thrown in with any deal. 😂.




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06 May 2019 14:33:14
All we can ask for is the lads to put 110% in whoever plays. Runs till ya lungs are burning.
We need a small miracle, but I'm still confident.


{Ed002's Note - It is not possible to put in more than 100%.}



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05 May 2019 22:12:13
Sturridge, put some bloody effort in man. Embarrassing. We've stuck by you while you claim a ridiculous wage and you when you do play it's like you don't want to.


{Ed025's Note - i think his time is done max..