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08 Jan 2014 10:33:25
I do hope its just people jumping to conclusions about Chelsea not wanting to sell Bertrand because of the amount of game time Moses is getting. Its not like Moses is doing anything to warrant some game time, he has been handed a life line in terms of his career. Chelsea could have left him on the bench but instead they sent him out to get game time, its no ones fault but his own that he doesn't want to take it. I can't the two deals being related anyway, as much as i'm not a fan of Chelsea they never seem to stand in the way of players should they want to leave.

always a red

{Ed002's Note - Right. Chelsea have already replaced Moses and Brendo wanted him on loan, which as you say, offered him a lifeline for his immediate career. In recent days an ex-Chelsea player who deals with the liaison aspects of some of the loan players expressed a concern about the amount of playing time he is getting. Obviously Chelsea would prefer he got more but are pragmatic enough to realise if he is struggling for form that is less likely to happen. It is entirely unrelated to an enquiry made about Bertrand a while back. The Bertrand situation is far from clear and whilst it is true that Liverpool and Everton both enquired about the player, as did Fulham more recently, Chelsea's preferred route would be to use him as part of a deal for another player - but I don't see that happening in January.}

1.) So am I right in saying there keeping him for a player plus cash deal for luke shaw???

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea has already discussed that option with Southampton.}

2.) Ed002 what was the outcome of this discussion please

{Ed002's Note - It is of no rlevance here.}

3.) Thanks ed




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03 Jan 2019 12:57:13
All this waiting around for the game is torture, I almost wish I was at work to kill some time. almost.

always a red

1.) 03 Jan 2019 13:18:44
your lucky im on afters. asked to start and finish early was told to bollox. gutted.

2.) 03 Jan 2019 13:59:07
I'm sat at my desk, can't concentrate, keep googling stuff, coming on to this site and just being generally very unproductive!
I also have allez allez allez running through my head on repeat and hoping we get a positive result tonight. Swear the clock is going backwards too, roll on 8pm!

3.) 03 Jan 2019 14:57:17
Im not working too today, and so far all day I am watching sereies so the time passes fast!



03 May 2018 23:19:54
Is it just me or is Gabriel Clarke who does the interviews for itv bloody awful, I thought it last night with his questions and attitude to our lads, but his interview with Wenger tonight was cringe worthy, talk about kicking a man while he's down.

always a red



28 Apr 2018 11:43:33
This is actually a huge game today, a win would pretty much guarantee a top 4 finish. Even if Chelsea won their next 3 games (including against us) they'd still be 2 points behind us going into the last game of the season. let's hope Mo can add to his tally and really pull away from Kane in style.

Also can the keyboard warriors stop bitching, you've turned this great site into bloody loose women!

always a red

1.) 28 Apr 2018 14:21:13
Looks like two points dropped.

2.) 28 Apr 2018 14:27:11
Terrible all around, from manager, to referee to every single player.

3.) 28 Apr 2018 14:28:27
We played crap tbh. Fair play to stoke they defended well. Applause to pieters he kept salah at bay very well and zouma was a beast for them. Still don't see chelski catching Tottenham never mind us. ahh well bring on Roma.

4.) 28 Apr 2018 14:37:29
Tottenham have a game in hand, so can go ahead of us when they catch up!

5.) 28 Apr 2018 14:45:54
We looked tired. And clearly, the players have an eye towards Wednesday night and Roma. Seems like the same procedure as last week - minimal damage and no injuries (unless TAA has something serious) .

6.) 28 Apr 2018 14:50:59
Not too bothered. Go Win the champions league Liverpool!

7.) 28 Apr 2018 15:50:00
Spot on, Ra1969. No injuries and we did not lose, top 4 still in our hands, I'm chill with that. Nostadamus, I respectfullydisagree. What was terrible about that perf. esp. under the circumstances? Our boys did not play well and that much was obvious BUT what would you have had Klopp do? Sub in the injured players he had, to change the game? Start players Like Lovren and Robbo who clearly needed a blow cos they have been evaluated by the staff? Play Mane who was rested as a precaution (who we missed dearly today)? Sorry, I may not be happy with the result but your post lacks any perspective and context of any kind. N by the way, top 4 is still in our hands and so is the CL semis so there's that. Also, the ref denied us a stonewall pen AGAIN (like last week) so is that Klopp and the players' fault? Again, no context at all. As for me again, the biggest positive here is that a) we did not lose and b) we have top 4 still in our hands and c) NO INJURIES cos when Hendo went down I crapped my boxers.

FatBoy, Pieters did not play Salah very well at all. If he did, why was he trying to rip the shirt off his back at every tyrn? He did that ALL game and the onbly reason he kept doing it was cos the Ref NEVER sanctioned him. Please, let's be correct here. Pieters was cheating all game and the ref let him get away with it.

8.) 28 Apr 2018 15:58:11
It's not all doom and gloom just yet, 3 points to get, we'll get them, once we get past next Wednesday we'll be more focused. Sure WB and Stoke, not great results, it happens it's football, think of the positives instead of the negatives. We're almost in the CL final :) our players are mostly fit, thank god, that to me is a massive bonus after today. Get Roma dealt with and then focus on Chelsea next week. Oh and, please Swansea, beat them for us today!

9.) 28 Apr 2018 16:20:30
Come on Swansea 👍

A point is not a terrible result to be honest. Stoke are scrapping for their lives.
Chelsea still have it all to do.
If we’re going to have a poor performance then I’d prefer it was against a poor side like Stoke than a team like Roma.

10.) 28 Apr 2018 16:37:51
Exactly my thoughts too Ron. Chelsea are under much more pressure then we are, it's ours to throw away in the end of the day, we'll be fine imo.

11.) 28 Apr 2018 16:38:58
Regardless of whether you have red tinted glasses or are doom and gloom I think we can all admit the last 2 league games have been poor performance and result wise. The team we see play against Roma and City twice is not the same team we watched play last 2 (or Palace) . Top 4 could have and should have been sewn up by now. It was only a week or so ago people were saying we will get 2nd but now we have to get a result at Chelsea to allow us to rest players against Brighton if needed. This season has been incredible but it could still fall apart. Let's not start shooting people down for airing their opinion. Huge game this week and hopefully Swansea can do us a favour tonight.

12.) 28 Apr 2018 17:03:18
I would agree with Jayden, there aren't many positives to take from the last 2 league performances! you're definitely grasping if it comes to "at least noone got injured"
Bit worrying that some of the fringe players don't look able to slot in, and as much as i like ingsy, i'm not sure waht you get from him over someone like solanke or even woodburn who though young is a bit more creative! let's hope we don't cock up Roma!

13.) 28 Apr 2018 17:10:54
Jayden, no one shooting anyone down and saying we were poor in the last two PL games is stating the obvious. The rest of us just choose to take things in context and look at the bigger pic. in our judgment of events and not go all knee jerk and petulant cos we did not win a couple of game and banging on and on about the freaking obvious. I knew that based on the obvious circumstances with the massive injuries we have and the need to rest a few plahyers, we may or may not win today and unlike many others, I was not surprised we did not win even tho, I was still disappointed.

For me today more than anything, we did not lose and most importantly, NO INJURIES. Hendo going down almost sent me crapping in my pants. That is for me, the main thing cos like it or not, we have put ourselves in a position to be in control of our own destiny regardless of what Chelsea do or don't do. 3 points in the last two games and top 4 is ours. Even better, if Chelsea even mess about and not beat Swansea, top 4 is sealed, end of story.
Like it or not, it is what it is. Yes, we should have had top 4 sewn up but guess what, you take the world as it is and not as you would like it to be. CL is where it's at for us right now and if Salah was to miss a gaping goal, I'd rather it be now and not vs Roma. Again, no red stinted glasses mate. Just perspective and context. I'm sure people can understand the difference.

14.) 28 Apr 2018 17:13:32
We'll beat Brighton. Of that, I'm certain.
The main focus for now though is Roma. Winning that match comes with a confidence boost.

15.) 28 Apr 2018 17:41:33
Br totally respect your opinion mate and I do enjoy reading your comments. You say I have stated the obvious by saying we were poor but your argument is no one was injured. Which is you "stating the obvious" there has been no knee jerk reaction from me My opinion has not changed all season. Our front 3 have been world class and have almost carried us to where we are. When 1 is missing we are not the same side. I'm all for resting players but I do not understand why both our right backs played, yet our left back didn't. Why did VVD not need a rest and Lovren did. Why was Hendo risked when we know he has his injury struggles. We were in control of our own destiny to finish 3rd this morning now we are in control to finish 4th. It's not all doom and gloom but what is wrong with being critical of today's performance. There's nothing wrong with being honest and saying it how you see it. Also your "take the world as it is" is hardly an argument. You could literally just say that if we got relegated. But it hardly means anything or makes sense to the argument.

16.) 28 Apr 2018 17:43:38
Oh dear chelsea one nil up fabregas in the 4th min.

17.) 28 Apr 2018 18:08:48
Really should not be relying upon Swansea to do us any favours.

18.) 28 Apr 2018 20:12:09
I just hope these results in the league don’t knock our momentum/ confidence. It’s up to Klopp to get the team focused now for Wednesday.

19.) 28 Apr 2018 20:23:29
Not bothered with what Chelsea do. We are in control, not them and if we either take a point at the Shed or beat Brighton, top 4 is ours.

20.) 28 Apr 2018 20:22:07
Jayden, I never said you made a knee jerk reaction so there's that. Also, there is nothing wrong with being critical of today's result. What I was sayin was that on this thread, someone called the manager and the players "Terrible" for having such a perf. Really? Terrible? That was what my initial post was about hence, my disagreement. I said that the perf. was not good. That does not remove from the fact that the circumstances we are currently facing is knife-edge stuff so you look at things broadly instead of calling players and the manager who are currently giving their all, in a wild CL ride terrible just cos we did not wing some stupid game vs Stoke. Had we won and Hendo or Salah had done their ankles. do you think I would give a hoot if we had won?

As for why some players were risked and others were rested, you are aware that these players are evaluated by the sports scientists and physios who track their game time over the season and are evaluated to see who may need a rest and who can be risked, right? See, this is why I don't talk about such things cos I actually know how they work. If you do not have the info the coaching staff have on this topic, then you are moaning for no reason hence, I don't do it as it is pointless. You're going to have to trust the manager on these matters, I'm afraid.

Also, I am not interested in talking about things/ situations I cannot change. We all can moan about "lack of depth or if one of our forwards are missing, there's no one to replace them adequately", till the cows come home. Our injuries came in quick succession and there is NOTHING that will change that. We have the hand we are dealt and we go with it in the hope that we will hit paradise in Kiev and top 4. Love your posts as well, Jay. God bless.

21.) 28 Apr 2018 20:24:50
if we win the Champions League, do we qualify for next seasons Champions league?
I am asking this, cos it could all come down to our last game V Brighton,
it will be very very close, its 4th or 5th, both Spurs and Chelsea will win their remaining games,
we will just have to win our last game,
just to mention that we have had this season 8 early kick offs, more than most,
and guess what, we have won only one,
I mentioned this early kick offs for us, and all I got was, its the same for both teams,
in my opinion, its another ploy from the FA, to stop us,
what we need to do is improve the squad, to be playing games with Gomez and Moreno as our full backs, and then we have no game changers as subs,
players like Ings are great, but we don't get many goals,
so mr Klopp, start spending some money, and move on a couple more players who don't belong in a top four side .

just to finish off, its all about getting past Roma, then beating Brighton, then we can celebrate .

22.) 28 Apr 2018 20:40:09
Br I've had to re check the thread and have literally only just saw the comment saying manager and players were terrible. Not sure how I managed to miss that first time round. Now your original post makes more sense to me and I back track with my shoot people down comment. I am also extremely glad that Hendo and Salah weren't injured but they were still risked and I think so should have been Milner and Roberston. Top 4 is in our hands but this morning top 3 was in our hands. I would love us to win the CL but our record in finals is not great and if we get there we will face 1 of either Real or Bayern who are absolutely top class. We have to go full strength against Chelsea and if we lose that then Brighton game will be more pressure than any other game this season. It just feels like we always bloody do it the hard way. But I suppose that is part and parcel being an LFC fan. YNWA.

{Ed001's Note - Robertson was injured and was only fit for the bench, Milner was not deemed fit enough to start and play on Wednesday. He had played a few games in a row with no break and he does run himself into the ground.}

23.) 28 Apr 2018 21:03:45
Ok cheers Ed01 I was unaware of both those circumstances.

{Ed001's Note - no worries mate, that's why I mentioned it.}

24.) 28 Apr 2018 23:08:12
Happy to be a red - if we win the champions league then we definitely qualify automatically 🤝.

25.) 29 Apr 2018 08:56:02
Jay, see what Ed just posted there as to why some where risked and others were only fit to be benched? Like I said, if you don't have the inside scoop on players well-being before games, you will just be getting worked up for no reason as to why this or that player did not play or could not play. This is why you don't fret over such things as there are reasons why certain players play or don't play.

As for your post, I agree that top 3 was a target but personally, I'm not bothered cos apart from PL money based on where you finish, CL footie is CL footie cos the 4th team go straight into the group stages.

As for us playing the CL final or not, I again, disagree. A CL final is premordial, IMO cos we have worked too hard, broken too many barriers, sweat and blood to get to where we are, a strong position to make that final. We will be the envy of all of England should we make it. Now can we win it? We will have to get past Roma first and see what happens. YNWA!



03 Mar 2018 16:41:24
Very attacking line up by Rafa, potential banana skin tonight. I'm sure Gayle will get his usual goal against us, maybe another 4-3 on the cards ;)

always a red

1.) 03 Mar 2018 19:41:06
I don't mean to be rude to the guy but gale often looks like he has won a competition or something, no idea how he is a Premier league player.

2.) 03 Mar 2018 20:55:44
Always, cos you select attacking players does not mean you will attack as Newcastle parked two buses and used Atsu and Kenedy as auxiliary FB's to counter our FB's when the go forward does not. Mou does this all the time and in fact at Anfield this season, he played Young and Martial out wide YET they never crossed the half way line.



06 Jan 2018 00:35:29
Average performance but a great win in the end. I'm guna give Holgate the benefit of the doubt and assume he really thinks Firmino said something out of order, and isn't just trying to stir the pot out of spite. I think most people saw what Bobby said, that won't stop the PC brigade whipping up a frenzy though.

always a red

1.) 06 Jan 2018 00:43:16
Shouldn't have bloody pushed him in the first place, it was stupid and I don't blame firmino for reacting.

2.) 06 Jan 2018 00:44:53
I saw the match and could not tell what Firmino said - please elaborate.

3.) 06 Jan 2018 00:45:49
I thought firmino may have done a naughty and went racial.

{Ed025's Note - i would say you are wrong..

4.) 06 Jan 2018 00:45:50
The lad spoke Portuguese, no benefit of the doubt for Holgate. From what I could translate nothing was said, none of it was in English. If Holgate speaks Portuguese fair enough but the lad looks like he struggles with his laces. If it’s a false accusation I’d love to see a slander claim filed. IF Jt comes out Firmino said something of that nature, which I HIGHLY doubt, he deserve red a band and fine. But, accusing someone falsely of it deserves an equal sentence.

{Ed025's Note - it looks like a misunderstanding in the heat of the moment to me JBLP..

5.) 06 Jan 2018 00:52:25
Not that I believe Bobby would make a racist comment, but I would imagine Holgate genuinely thinks he has done to react like that and the ref will have to report it if a complaint has been made. Can anyone lip read though cus I haven’t a clue however I bet my bottom dollar the ref went to the 4th official to tell him the Spanish/ Portuguese words he heard so he didn’t have to remember them. Strange that Holgate has deleted his Twitter though.

6.) 06 Jan 2018 00:55:29
It would of had to been in english for colgate to understand. The referee was right there. He has simply lied to keep himself on the pitch. Imagine if the ref sent someone off who was "racially abused" he would never live it down. Ref bottled it, colgate lied. putting my neck on the line with this, but i've seen every camera angle and using the fact the ref hasn't sent him off, im calling colgate a liar.

{Ed025's Note - you are guessing benny...bad idea...its people like you who got the likes of timothy evans hanged..

7.) 06 Jan 2018 00:59:21
U make a good point JBLP, but unfortunately there are rarely any charges for false accusations. Mud sticks so I hope this all gets sorted out quickly coz it really does seem something over nothing.

{Ed025's Note - i agree..

8.) 06 Jan 2018 01:00:16
People that lip read it say he said the Portuguese version of "are you mad? You son of a b***h"

9.) 06 Jan 2018 01:00:17
Words to the effect of 'crazy son of a . '. Nothing in it.

10.) 06 Jan 2018 01:01:16
Firmino's exact words are "Filho da p*ta" = motherf*cker. if that results in retrospective action then I'm pretty sure the premiership will no longer take place as all players will be banned.

{Ed025's Note - iv had to read it all night from the "filo da p*ta,s on here..

11.) 06 Jan 2018 01:05:56
Been translated and Firmino said "Are you crazy? Are you crazy? You son of a bitch". And as Firmane commented, Holgate should never have pushed him to begin with.

12.) 06 Jan 2018 01:07:57
Strong example ed but ostensibly true. Can't just come up with scenarios in your head and call it truth.

{Ed025's Note - im amazed by people on these pages WRKD...not only are most of them fluent in portugese...they are also expert lip readers...and now mystic benny baller can tell when someone is telling the truth or not!!...i do despair at times mate..

13.) 06 Jan 2018 01:11:08
Thing is ed, if someone accuses you of such things it can seriously kill your reputation an destroy lifes. i've seen it happen, as im sure many people have. I honestly think nothing will come of it, all will be forgotten. But that will only confirm colgates lies as he will go quiet with embarrassment. He told the referee he's been called a N. If its proven no one said that, do you think colgate should be punished? honestly?

{Ed025's Note - its all heat of the moment stuff benny and we will probably never know the real truth, things get said and people can be confused at to what has been said or not, what we cant do imo is call someone a liar until it has been proven that that is the case..

14.) 06 Jan 2018 01:15:02
Ed025's Note - iv had to read it all night from the "filo da p*ta, s on here.
Haha awesome ED.

{Ed025's Note - cheers mate..

15.) 06 Jan 2018 01:28:26
Yea well i suggest you follow my lead and leave them to it for the night. I heard Bobby Madley banged their heads together in the space between two frames of a camera shot and told them to get on with it.

Good on you anyway ed, i know i wouldn't much fancy the toffee gloating. Off to dream dreams of Virgil. yes, those dreams. I have an extensive tulip collection and he has large hands with which to hold them all.

{Ed025's Note - your right mate im off too...goodnight..

16.) 06 Jan 2018 01:36:55
HE definitely said the word puta that's for sure.

17.) 06 Jan 2018 04:27:05
I live in Portugal half the year, and I don’t have a clue what was said. so not sure how Holgate could have.

18.) 06 Jan 2018 01:57:58
A bit strong I'll take it on the chin but was simply commenting given the story that came out on GiveMeSport and a couple of other outlets suggesting very similar lip-readings and translations. Or was this thread NOT about what was allegedly said?

{Ed025's Note - i was just trying to lighten the mood reynard mate..

19.) 06 Jan 2018 02:03:09
Ed25, just saying that what i thoight firmino may have done given holgate's reaction, have no evidence to that tho and obviously hope not!

{Ed025's Note - we all hope not faith..

20.) 06 Jan 2018 07:31:59
"Filha de P#ta" means son of a bi! CH

I am Portuguese, so just letting you know.

{Ed001's Note - it is irrelevant, it was just a misunderstanding that was quickly sorted out. There has been no allegations of any kind of racism coming out of the Everton camp.}

21.) 06 Jan 2018 08:27:29
Ed25 "things get said and people can be confused at to what has been said or not" that is simply not true. Colgate clearly tells the referee he's been called a N. he clearly says this. You need to stop defending him and acting as if though it's nothing, the only thing worse than racism is making it up.
Ed001 of course there's no allegations coming out of the Everton camp now. Because Colgate has been caught out like I said, and he's hiding with embarrassment. Has also deleted his twitter. Nothing will come out, it'll all be forgotten, but why if Colgate is so adamant he was called the N word?
The homophobe could of ruined firminos career.

{Ed025's Note - your guessing again benny, i will never defend racism in any form or false allegations, you are just looking for a scapegoat here when to me it looks like a case of a misunderstanding thats been lost in translation, you do seem to be a hang people before the trial sort of guy and i think you need to wait until things become clearer before wielding your axe mate..

22.) 06 Jan 2018 09:07:46
Honestly regardless of any potential misunderstanding I think holgate should be retrospectively punished for that push. He can clearly see what's going to happen and a push like that cold night with a barrier to avoid could easily have caused an injury. I would like to think Bobby said nothing racist and hydrate thought he heard something if he accuses him but I think this will all get swept away honestly.

{Ed025's Note - the ref seen the incident so there will be no retrospective punishment meted out for the "nudge" shane, i see that the cold weather is now a factor in the trial of the attempted murder of firmino...bloody amazing..

23.) 06 Jan 2018 09:15:43
I don't for one second ser how it can be a misunderstanding, especially with the ref in between them. Bobby was directly in front of them both. He either said it in English which would have been understood or Holgate has learnt Portugese. I think Holgate has played the ref, i might be wrong and i would accept anybody elses opinion. This is just how i see it.

24.) 06 Jan 2018 09:18:03
Hang people before trial kind of guy 😂😂😂😂.




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07 Mar 2019 16:48:55
Really good review Ed, surprised u didn't mention he is very clearly Ruud Gullit's love child haha.

always a red

{Ed001's Note - he does look reminiscent of Gullit, without the skills.}



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06 Mar 2019 22:28:57
I know it's a hugely unpopular thing to say but it was nice to see United win tonight. Great night for them and British football.

always a red

{Ed025's Note - well said mate..



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06 Feb 2019 23:28:17
While I appreciate your positive attitude Zed 5 games ago when we played City we could have moved 10 points clear, or atleast held our nerve and kept the gap at 7, instead most of the players bottled it.
Now after some very shaky performances we're level on points with momentum firmly with City.
While there's no shame finishing second to the most expensive squad ever assembled Peps ego will be intolerable.

always a red



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31 Jan 2019 21:54:02
Great post and a nice change of pace, 5 points clear of the most expensive squad ever assembled can't be all bad.
Yes last night was a huge opportunity missed but nothing is ever straight forward.
I really don't see City winning their next 3 games so I guess we'll just have to see what happens next.
As u mention about fans being desperate to get over the line, for me it's got to the point where it's not about ending the long wait, about showing we're not serial chokers, personally I just couldn't stand how smug Pep would be if we blow it, it'd be unbearable.

always a red



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20 Jan 2019 19:57:46
Bergkamp would have been sensational kicking a tin can around in the park, once of the best players to ever step on to a football pitch.

always a red