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16 Jan 2018 10:21:25

what do you make of Karius' shot stopping compared to Mignolet's?


{Ed001's Note - too soon to say with Karius.}

1.) 16 Jan 2018 10:29:13
See I agree that he hasn't had much to do. Mignolet by comparison has if you take out any sample of 22 games that he has played. Is Karius' general shot-stopping inactivity a sign of instilling more confidence into the defence?

2.) 16 Jan 2018 10:37:07
I personally think Karius seems more decisive when the ball is crossed into the box or played in behind our defence, but not clear he’s any better than Migs otherwise. The proof will be in the next few months but frankly if he can help instill a bit of certainty and confidence in our defensive shape and decision making that’s better than what we have now.

3.) 16 Jan 2018 11:01:42
We concede relatively few shots anyway, Stable. I don't think either of them has made the defence more confident than the other. The only difference really, that I've seen between them, is that Karius is quicker to release the ball and start attacks. That suits us. Time will tell and if he does play to the end of the season, it may be a pretty good barometer to see if a new number 1 is required. I suspect somebody will still be purchased.

I love nothing more than to see an underdog succeed, however. It would be lovely if he were to make the position his own over the next few months.

4.) 16 Jan 2018 11:01:47
Mignolet being a good shot stopper is the biggest myth in the football. He is a dreadful shot stopper, most shots he faces go in and im sure he currently has the lowest percentage of any goalkeeper in the premier league.

5.) 16 Jan 2018 11:12:36
Spot on LesDennis.

6.) 16 Jan 2018 12:50:23
I think more needs to be looked at how they are being trained, having their hands in questionable positions when a threat on goal is coming needs looking at, both keepers take similar stances and they look unorthodox, no point having low hands at that angle of Sane's goal, it was mid height, anything low and he has more chance of stopping it with his feet, very questionable training methods.

7.) 16 Jan 2018 13:45:41
Pets are trained players are coached. as for his hand position every young goalkeeper is thought the classic set position, it's a template most gk develop there own slight variation on it over the years to suit themselves. do people honestly think he has not been trained or of his set position is so bad why has it not been noticed before.

The kid made a mistake we don't know he might have thought it was coming in low and set himself for that.

It's called decision making its how young players learn the game and he is young for a goalkeeper in one of the biggest clubs in the world.
At least give him the rest of the season to pass judgement maybe the confidence of being no 1 choice a run of games and the support of the fans will bring him on.

8.) 16 Jan 2018 13:46:26
I think so far karius is a lot better with his feet and distribution. I think he comes out better and is better at one on ones. Not sure how good he is with crosses though our only goalie that can claim dangerous crosses is Ward and he can't get a game.

9.) 16 Jan 2018 16:34:33
Its been pointed out before that Mignolet and Karius have similar set positions, coincidence or a way of coaching? Its certainly a lot easier to get your feet moving for a low shot than trying to get your hands and body down to a low shot, I see many keepers crouching to much too, giving the opposition player encouragement to smash it into the roof of the net, when having a taller stance would enable keepers to get hands to the ball, also it can be called a training session or a coaching session, either way not exactly important how its described.



15 Jan 2018 07:58:31
Is Ederson really one the best goalkeepers in the league?

At the moment, I can't provide a sound judgment as I haven't seen much of him - because he has had so little to do. But last night he was flapping at crosses and was guilty of poor goalkeeping for Ox's goal.


1.) 15 Jan 2018 08:18:02
You know, he has been very good up to the last couple of games where he has been very very shaky, but that he is number 3 for the Brazil team might suggest he is not as good a goalkeeper as everyone thinks, but again Nike has huge influence on the Brazil squad selection. So if only teams would attack Man City some more we would find out.

{Ed001's Note - Nike like the biggest names and Ederson is the biggest name of their keepers, playing in the most widely watched league for one of their brand teams.}

2.) 15 Jan 2018 08:26:51
Best in PL? Hands down DG.

3.) 15 Jan 2018 08:48:48
There are only 2 great goalkeepers in the Premier league in David de Gea and Thibaut Cortouis! I know ed, but obviously Tite has a say as he picks Alisson Becker ahead of him always. Or do you think that Nike's influence is that big we might actually see Ederson start for them in the world cup?

{Ed001's Note - is Cortouis great? Potentially he could be but I don't think he has achieved his potential or close to it yet.

Alisson is a much much better keeper, that is why he plays. I was just pointing out that Nike having an influence is to Ederson's benefit, rather than detriment.}

4.) 15 Jan 2018 09:15:36
Cortouis is inconsistent with his performances so you are very right there ed001, but i have seen him have some unbelievable games and think he will get there. Keepers i feel are extremely overrated are Hugo Lloris and Pickford, wow, so overrated its unreal!

{Ed001's Note - not sure Lloris is that highly rated to be overrated but fully agree on Pickford who is awful.}

5.) 15 Jan 2018 09:35:36
I like what I have seen of Alisson. Karius has 5 months to prove himself so if he does not hack it, would love to see Alisson join. He has a commanding presence, very good shot stopper but his kicking can be improved on a little.

6.) 15 Jan 2018 09:56:17
I too would love Alisson Indian, but i think bigger fish are in for him.



15 Jan 2018 04:34:36
Firmino's goal essentially exhibited all of his best qualities - his tenacity to reach the ball, his aggression to shrug off Stones, and then to complement all of that, his sublime skill to dink it over Ederson to remind you that he is Brazilian.

What a goal.


1.) 15 Jan 2018 05:00:52
One of my favorites ever. he showed tenacity, strength, creativity, and then sublime skill and confidence to execute it. If he’d lacked any one of those he wouldn’t have scored.

Not to mention the sheer cheek of chipping the keeper on such a big stage and in such a big game. What a player!

2.) 15 Jan 2018 05:26:07
The fav goal for me was the one two between salah and ederson, and the 40 yard finish. Ederson did city no favours yesterday lol. Despite the shaky last 10 minutes every man on that pitch did an excellent job and im so happy we were the ones to bring city back down to earth with a big bump.

3.) 15 Jan 2018 07:29:30
Firmy is a quality quality striker and DESERVES the big contract extension before couts starts texting him.

4.) 15 Jan 2018 08:23:32
Bobby is top class. Just need to make sure those bhind him are too.



14 Jan 2018 15:16:01
A few people labelling Klopp's promotion to Karius a 'big call'. Right, I didn't know that Karius is replacing Buffon in goal today.


1.) 14 Jan 2018 15:27:42
I think you meant buffoon hahaha.

2.) 14 Jan 2018 15:44:02
Hope I’m not saying ‘told you so’ after the game. I feel that if Klop is looking to give Karius a run of matches he would be better starting it against an easier team and not in such a vital game.

3.) 14 Jan 2018 15:54:19
Disagree KBM, enough with this 'softly gently' BS. This is not Karius' first game of the season, he has also been our first choice UCL goalkeeper.

4.) 14 Jan 2018 18:27:40
Spot on SG.

5.) 14 Jan 2018 18:27:40
Spot on SG.

6.) 14 Jan 2018 20:46:38
Karius did ok (better than their keeper) The Sane shot was a thunderbolt, bearing in mind the optimum reaction time of a human is about 0.3 of a second he didn't have much chance, yet the pundits are on his case again.

7.) 15 Jan 2018 00:13:34
Spot on, Idon'tlikeklopp. Ederson was garbage all game and cost them two goals easily. Our boy actually played better and to me, was not totally at fault for the goal as Sane fired a missle from close range and watching it from the behind the goal, Karius had no chance at that. If we wanna blame anyone, it should be Gomez and Matip who allowed themselves to get roasted by a player everyone knew was trying to get onto his left foot all thru the move.

8.) 15 Jan 2018 00:34:39
The point is Karius should have been stood on that post so any missile fired would have hit him directly. He was an arm width away from the post (2-3 feet? ) . That’s a technical flaw, positioning was poor.



14 Jan 2018 13:55:44
Hi Ed001

You've probably heard now that the Keita January deal is off.

You reckon this means that we will go substantially harder for another player now?


{Ed002's Note - Ed001 is not feeling substantially harder about any players at the moment - but he keeps an open mind about these things.}

1.) 14 Jan 2018 14:04:17
How does #WonderDogSparky feel about it ed.

{Ed002's Note - #WonderDogSparky is very much a dog’s dog and doesn’t have thoughts about young men that get him substantially harder.}

2.) 14 Jan 2018 14:08:49
Not at his age anyway 😏lol.

3.) 14 Jan 2018 14:55:55
fair play wonder dog, fair play.




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16 Jan 2018 14:32:00
Surely you're just trying to wind me up Ed?


{Ed002's Note - No, you have being trying to put words in my mouth and you are looking very stupid.}



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16 Jan 2018 14:02:41
"Perhaps he should stop blurting it out publically"

Why are you trying to alienate me ed?


{Ed002's Note - Because for reasons I don't understand you have invented terms like "significant consequence", "big deal" and "strong objection" making yourself look particularly stupid.}



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16 Jan 2018 13:42:36
Ed, you're being a bit mean.

I just don't understand your strong objection to Klopp 'blurting it out publicly'


{Ed002's Note - You are making yourself look stupid - what "strong objection" is this? Were you banged on the head repeatedly as a child? If you were it is OK to admit it - most Liverpool supporters were it seems.}



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16 Jan 2018 13:25:26
Ed002 unless I'm mistaken, you've said a few times that Klopp shouldn't publicly blurt out who is number one goalkeeper. What's the big deal if he does though?


{Ed002's Note - Who has mentioned anything about a "big deal"? Is there something wrong with you?}



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16 Jan 2018 13:03:01
Ed002 I don't really understand what significant consequence it causes if Klopp blurts it out publicly. At least blurting it out publicly this time forces fans to accept the reality and get behind Karius, rather than witch hunting him until the end of the season in the hope that trust old Mignolet is re-instated.


{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are talking about - who mentioned a "significant consequence"?}




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16 Jan 2018 14:35:22
I saw a suggestion that while Oblak does get great protection, that great protection can be partly attributed to his organisation skills.




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16 Jan 2018 12:51:36
Ed I haven't seen enough of either Alisson or Oblak play. What makes you prefer Alisson?


{Ed001's Note - Oblak gets much better protection, so it is difficult to judge him in comparison to be fair to him. However Alisson stands out whenever I have seen him play, though it is not as much as I would like to truly judge him, it has been enough to see a player on the level of de Gea in the games I have seen. Maybe even better. Obviously I have not seen every game he has played recently, so might just be lucky to see his best performances, but he looks a class apart.}



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16 Jan 2018 12:06:04
I think Karius has only ever lost one game playing for us?


{Ed025's Note - 1 game...and a lot of credibility.. :)



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16 Jan 2018 10:29:13
See I agree that he hasn't had much to do. Mignolet by comparison has if you take out any sample of 22 games that he has played. Is Karius' general shot-stopping inactivity a sign of instilling more confidence into the defence?




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15 Jan 2018 08:48:44
Ed it didn't help with having Milner come on and run around like a headless chicken.


{Ed001's Note - I know mate, it really does make me nervous when he is in midfield.}