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01 Jul 2014 08:17:00
I truly can not believe and I am slightly peeved that we never went in for Ben Davies from Swansea and now the spuds will get him for £8m and we will now chase some unproven in the premier league player for double the price. Why is the transfer committee only looking at the front line and CB when we are screaming out for a LB with Davies being one of the best in his position for the past 2 seasons. Now I hear we're after Maxi Pereira! Didn't he get sent off in his first WC game? Come on Brendan, do to them what they do to us 11th hour swoop! *exhale*


1.) Davies is not good enough for us. His primary job is to defend, but from what I have seen, he gets caught out of position frequently and his work rate at times can be shocking. With no disrespect to Swansea, Davies is playing at his level right now. Not good enough for a team with aspirations to win the league and europe.

2.) If he was that great Swansea would be squeezing more than 8m out of Spurs. I'm with Ed01 on Davies. Looks good at times going forward but lots of weaknesses in his game and he tires.

3.) 01 Jul 2014 09:44:23
Are you joking? Ben Davies is decent player, but he is not that particularly good. I think Danny Rose at Spurs is a better player and I am unsure why they need to go for a player at similar level.

Literally, every other LB we have been linked with are better than Davies.

4.) I really rate Davies. He went backwards under Laudrup though. Hopefully his career recovers. Although if he goes to the spuds, not by too much ;) he is certainly no worse than Moreno, but again, he his no better than Brad Smith. I wish we'd just pull out from signing a young left back. If Rodgers wants pace and attacking flair from his left back, he could do a lot worse than throwing Smith into the mix.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but I think you need to watch the two of them more if you think he is no worse than Moreno. He is nothing like as good as Moreno technically, not even in the same league in terms of touch. He is slower, lazier, more prone to being caught up field, lacks stamina, not particularly good with his passing or crossing. I just don't get the deal with him at all. All he has is that he is technically decent, but nothing outstanding, big and strong. His ball watching would drive me mad if he was in our team.}

5.) I truly cannot believe that people believe all they read in the 'newspapers,
Of all the groups of people Scousers and Liverpool supporters should know that the 'truth' and 'newspapers' are sometimes diametrically opposed.
In some, nearly always

6.) EMS, did Moreno sleep with your wife/girlfriend? Why the constant need to put him down? I read a post on the rumours page where u said Bertrand is a better player than Moreno. don't know where u come up with this tosh. Moreno clearly has more potential than both Davies and Bertrand put together. Most of your posts make a lot of sense, but your constant slagging of Moreno is getting worse than Harry's obsession of Suarez. I have a lot of hope the Moreno deal will happen eventually because he will be world class in a couple of years. Bertrand found his level at Aston Villa and Davies will be kicked outa Spurs in a couple of years after he flops. Moreno has shown he can be a handful in 2 seasons as Sevilla's first choice left back. He has been courted by Chelsea, Real and Spurs so clearly he is extremely highly rated. Competition between Moreno and Smith would bring out the best in both of them.

7.) 01 Jul 2014 11:01:50
Adam youve compared moreno to davies shaw to flanaghan and last but not least neil mellor and torres when they where both in their early twenties haha . davies will never be near the quality of moreno even dough moreno isn't the left back I would buy if I had a choice. As much as I love flanno he isn't on the same level as shaw, shaw can dribble better has more pace and definetly doesn't get taking on as much. I don't think I've to discuss why torres was better than mellor

8.) Is he even better than Neil Taylor?
From what I remember Davis got his chance after Taylor broke his leg about 18-20 months ago. So for him to go backward under Laudrup would be a strange thing to say.

9.) It's just my opinion on the player. I don't think Moreno is bad. I've never said that. I just don't think he's as good as people make out and certainly don't think he is worth Sevilla's asking price.
I never conpared Flanno to Shaw so that's a lie. I said as a player Flanagan is as good, but as a left back Shaw is better.
I personally think Davies and Moreno have equal potential. If Davies recovers from his regression under Laudrup that is.
I also never compared Mellor to Torres. I pointed out the contrast between them by saying Torres got better with age whereas Mellor got worse.

So stop putting words into my mouth because it's pathetic.

I won't care if Moreno is signed. But as he's being signed using money that I indirectly contribute towards, I feel I have every right to voice my opinion on him. He's a good player with potential. Bertrand is a good player who is currently at a better level. Davies is a good player who has equal potential. Brad Smith is a good player with equal potential. My only qualm with Moreno is that he is not the best option so much so that he warrants spending £20m to sign him.

{Ed001's Note - Mellor never got worse, he was just not a good player to begin with! As for Flanno being as good a player as Shaw, that makes no sense. Shaw is far better technically and physically. Flanno works harder and is improving at a much quicker rate, but he is well behind Shaw in terms of ability. Davies never regressed under Laudrup, I have no idea where you got that from. He never looked any better after Laudrup either. Davies has been exactly the same since he was a young lad, always been moans about his workrate and lack of tracking back. If Taylor had not got a long term injury, it is very likely he would have been moved on. And please don't try and talk about the stats, as they are just useless without real context. Just like the ones for Enrique, before he signed for us, which had him down as the best defensive left back in the Prem. They failed to take into account that he was beaten so rarely because he was always AWOL!}

10.) Btw Indian Buzzer if you search my recent posts I did a review on Origi for you.

11.) That wasn't the point of the initial debate on Mellor Ed. I can't remember what the exact topic was but it was something to do with players looking great at youth level but never making the grade; like Mellor.
I won't deny Shaw has better qualities in some areas, in my opinion Flanagan is better defensively though. My point on Davies was that when I saw him at youth level he was improving and looked like being a great player. Under Laudrup he just stopped improving. Perhaps he was pushed through to the first team too soon. I don't really bother with defensive stats Ed. They are too hard to analyse because you cannot factor in positioning and other players not hrlping out. I know you love Moreno and don't rate Davies and that's fair enough.

I'm not sure how this escalated so quickly, I was just giving my opinion and then a couple of posts have blown this way out of proportion. I'll just agree to disagree and let's hope Moreno proves me wrong and is worth whatever inflated price we end up paying.

{Ed001's Note - Mellor never looked great though mate, he only got a chance because we were short, he would have been out of the club long before then under normal circumstances. He scored a lot, but he never convinced.
I don't love Moreno, I just prefer him to other options. I love Medel and Sanchez, Keisuke Honda and a couple of others, but Moreno is not in that level of player for me.}

12.) Sorry if I came across as a bit harsh EMS. We have different opinions but I can assure u Moreno will be one of the best full backs in the world in a couple of years, i'm pretty sure of it. And thanks for the review of Origi, really appreciate it. Personally, I would rather Origi stayed at the club than go out on loan to a foreign club. Lad is pretty well built, should have no problem adjusting to the bpl's physicality.

13.) 01 Jul 2014 12:36:55
I never conpared Flanno to Shaw so that's a lie. I said as a player Flanagan is as good, but as a left back Shaw is better

Is that not comparing the two players?? you clearly state as a player flanno is as good. how did u come with this without comparing both players, so saying i'm lying makes u look pathetic.

I remember hearing a stat while watching the one of our matches but correct me if i'm wrong, the pundit statedflanno was the most taken on player either in the leaugue or in our team, that's not a good stat for a player you deem a good defender.

14.) I was about 9 or 10 when he was coming through so to me he was a good player haha! You know what kids are like; goals! That'd be why I remembered him as being so good as a youth player.

Fair enough though Ed. People have got me all wrong regarding Bertrand and Moreno though. I think Bertrand is a better short term option as he's currently at a higher level. However I think Moreno will be the better player eventually. I'd have no issues with him signing for £7-8m or so. That way he could just compete with Brad Smith for the starting role. However, coming in at £20m will guarantee he starts every game.

As much as we'd like to think Rodgers is different, managers will usually favour players they have signed for big fees as they desperately try to vindicate their price. It'd mean that even if Smith came on as Capital One Cup substitute at Stamford bridge, made 4 goal line clearnaces, scored a hattrick, set up 4 goals and played Hazard out of the game he'd still be dropped again for the next game. I just think that if we sign Moreno for anything over £15m that is the end of Smiths Anfield career for a player who in the short term is not the best option considering we have a long term option already at the club. In an ideal world i'd love Adrian from Barcelona or Caner Erkin but Bertrand is the player looknig the most likely.

You are probably right that he is better than Davies etc. I've got a far better eye for a top attacker/midfielder than I do a top defender because they're the roles I understand really well. I just think we're over paying and that does't sit well with me.

My only real source of in the know info is this site, and for that reason, I still think we'll sign Moreno. I will support him if that is the case. He's still a talented lad and he didn't pick his price. I just think we could be wiser or for that price, do better.

{Ed001's Note - I don't think you can say Bertrand is at a higher level when he has not had consistent appearances, while Moreno has. As for the bit about higher priced players playing, Rodgers played Hendo ahead of Allen, when he paid a fair whack for Allen and didn't sign Hendo. He also sat Alberto and Aspas for most of the season, when he could easily have pushed them into the team.}

15.) 01 Jul 2014 12:46:56
Hi Ed,

Not sure if I've missed it, but what is your opinion on Bertrand? I haven't really followed Davies, but I have seen Betrand play a few times for Chelsea and he has looked decent as Adam has said. I trust BR to know the players he has coached in the past so am pleased with Bertrand if he comes at a reasonable price (around £5-£7m as being bandied).

I personally really rate Brad Smith, although based on some dodgy streams rather than watching in person! Therefore, having Bertrand at 24 and Enrique at c28/29 battling it out right now, with Smith picking up the odd appearance would be a good thing for his development. My concern with Moreno, other than the fee for a very young defender with limited first team experience and no PL experience is that he could block the development of Brad Smith who could be our next Rob Jones, albeit on the left and hopefully without the injury problems!

Anyway, would appreciate your view!

{Ed001's Note - inconsistent is my view of Bertrand. I have seen him look really good and comfortable in his few games for Chelsea, but on loan he looks awful. He couldn't even hold down a place in a truly dreadful Villa side, because he was so poor when he did get games. He clearly has the potential to be good enough to make a difference, but it is easy to look good in a great side, it is much harder to play well regularly when the team around you is terrible. He is quick, a little on the lightweight side, but I do fear for him positionally, he would need help on that.}

16.) 01 Jul 2014 12:52:25
BTW, although I bow to Ed001's knowledge as I rarely saw Mellor play in the reserves (only on the odd feed), I remember the palpable sense of excitement over this teenager who was banging in 40+ goals a season in the reserves and youth teams.

One fantastic goal (on debut if I remember) and a very important goal on the way to Instanbul, and then nothing. Such a shame, especially as he's a spit of Gerrard (and of my mate Dave, although that will mean less to you guys!)

{Ed001's Note - he was always slow, far too slow, to have a chance unless he learnt to play the deep lying role. I seem to remember him being better known as the lad that liked to erm 'go on nights out' with Shrek. Grab a granny at the Grafton was too tame for them though!}

17.) 01 Jul 2014 13:29:00
Thanks Ed001! Do you also see something special in Smith? How does he compare, in terms of development and potential to an emerging Rob. Jones 20-odd years ago, if you can remember that car back!

{Ed001's Note - I have not seen any full back that is near to the overall quality of Rob Jones, since Rob Jones. Javier Zanetti could have been, but he played everywhere, so could not really be considered as a full back. So no, Smith is not Jones level, but that is no failing.

Smith is quick, technically good and gets up and down the pitch well. As a defender, like most modern day full backs, he leaves a lot to be desired, but that part of his game has improved. He needs regular first team football. The potential is there, but he needs to get games to achieve it.}

18.) Thanks Ed. Am just reading Rob's autobiography. Such a waste of a footballing talent, but the lads done so well!

19.) While we're on the subject of left backs, any thoughts on Aaron Cresswell of Ipswich (apologies in advance for the random name)? Don't think we've shown any interest I know of and a quick look seems to show perhaps he's a West Brom target. Only seem him play a handful of times, but looked pretty good I thought?

20.) Unfortunately, any player who is named after a herb has always struggled in the professional game.

Who hear remembers Basil Humphrey, John Sage, or the much maligned James Thyme? No one? Point proved.

Of course the only exception thus far is our former goalkeeping coach Joe Coriander, but he is the only beacon in the otherwise dark wasteland of herb-named footballers.

Therefore, I believe that Cresswell just isn't worth the risk, sadly.

21.) Guess that rules out Konoplyanka as well then, Zeddicus. Unfortunate, that.

22.) Actually he should be fine as he is named after a bird (the common linnet) who's favourite food is hemp. May need to be wary around the drug testers tho, or maybe he should 'do a Rio'.

Bird based footballers have flourished - Radmael Falcao(n) being a prime example.



04 Apr 2014 14:53:56
Not really banter more of a poser for any of the Eds and my fellow Reds. As a back up forward, what do you guys think of Frasier Campbell? He is quick can finish, opportunistic, brave, has scored against some of the big boys this season and has 9 goals this season for a very poor Cardiff side. Surely he'd be a better option than Aspas! Your thoughts gents (and ladies)


1.) 04 Apr 2014 16:03:48
If it's a player from prem I would like to see bony from Swansea he may have a clause for cl teams coming in for him only guessing mind you.

2.) Campbell would be more then decent addition to the team in my opinion

3.) Always thought Campbell was a decent player, even back in his Sunderland days. That said, I don't know that, much like Aspas and Borini, he's going to want to sit on our bench every game to get the odd 5 minute runout.

Bit of a problem we have there in that quality players aren't going to want to watch from the sidelines and we don't have the funds needed to pay the big wages (like City) to make them at least minimally happy for a few seasons if they don't play much.

For me, I'd focus on getting good young prospects or older players as that sort of 3rd choice. Trying to get someone like Aspas who is in their prime to sit and watch is always going to be difficult.

4.) Bit harsh slagging Aspas off considering he has barely played. How good can anyo e be when they have to play second fiddle to Stirridge and Suarez. Iago looks like a great little player - why not give him a chance.

5.) Would he be a better bench warmer than aspas? Would rather stick with aspas and borini next season than waste money on a position we are well catered for.

6.) 04 Apr 2014 20:33:54
Poor Iago seems so out of place in the PL (and let's face it, Rodgers has come to the same conclusion, otherwise his sub appearances would be longer than 8 minutes) that I think we need a more stringent criteria than "better option than Aspas" when considering a striker to back up Luis and Daniel.

Campbell's not bad, but he strikes me as a guy who blows a bit hot and cold and needs to play every week to play himself into form, which he won't do here. I think it'd be a safer bet to stick with Borini, personally.

7.) Iago certainly doesn't seem to think he has much of a future here either, to be honest:

" He told FTBpro: "I'm not 20 years old anymore, I can't go on loan and explode. I think the best would be to transfer to another club that I find the best fit for myself and the club." "

Agreed, Something Red, that Borini seems a reasonable choice as 3rd striker (perhaps even occasional wide player), but I'm not altogether sure he wants to stick around and sit on our bench either.

8.) 05 Apr 2014 16:14:16
I agree with the young player option RDL. Maybe Campbell and Borini aren't too dissimilar, minus Campbell's Premier League experience. What ever happened to Yesil?




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14 May 2015 19:24:23
I can't understand all this negative attitude towards Milner. He's quality and a much better midfield option to everything we have with the exception of maybe Can and Coutinho. I'd love for him to come.




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10 Jun 2014 16:07:42
No thank you. I'd rather we got shot of Borini and made a cheeky bid for Chicarito





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04 Oct 2015 23:52:08
You should thank Luis.




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Sorry I think Rojo is awful




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05 Apr 2014 16:14:16
I agree with the young player option RDL. Maybe Campbell and Borini aren't too dissimilar, minus Campbell's Premier League experience. What ever happened to Yesil?




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04 Apr 2014 15:25:19
I think I'm right in saying that the UEFA coefficient is calculated by a team's last 5 years in European competition. That should see us in pot 3 so realistically we could get Barca, Napoli and Maccabi Haifa. I really want to see us play Barca. I'd even have backed Kenny's Reds against Barca


{Ed002's Note - Pot 4.}



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I am very nervous about the West Ham game. Yellow belly Downing and Andy will be treating this as a cup final and both are talented, albeit they hardly showed us that they were. The only game in the run in that I am quietly confident about is the City game at home. We should have beaten them at the Etihad and I'm hopeful we'll do the job at Anfield