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02 Jan 2018 07:27:54
Hi Ed02

A Twitter account by name of WonderDogSparky (you may be familiar with it) has updated that Coutinho to Barcelona is effectively done, THIS month. And that Thomas Lemar to Liverpool as PipCo's replacement is in hand and should be completed.

Now am not sure how reliable WonderDogSparky is. But I know that YOU are. And yeah, I know Twitter is largely garbage and I should know better than to validate its rumours from.

Nonetheless, I beg for your confirmation or denial of the updates as offered by the Dog Wonder, Sparky.


{Ed002's Note - From what I understand it is just business as usual for #WonderDogSparky as Pipco returns to say goodbye and removes they last of his belongings and someone moves in o Nobby's room until the summer. Usually WDS has two house guests at a tio perhaps someone else will come later in January. I am also told, but please don't tell anyone else, that a few old friends will be dropping by to say "Hi" in the coming weeks. Perhaps even the Dinsdale Brothers}

1.) 02 Jan 2018 09:18:46
Ed002 your killing me mate lol. don't understand at all. RBL how do you get to Thomas Lemar being completed from the clues?

2.) 02 Jan 2018 09:32:35
Ed2, any more clear cut clues? You lost me at #wonderdogsparky.

3.) 02 Jan 2018 09:40:50
I don't have a clue either, I am ok with PC going if we get a top player instead. Not too bothered on exact position as long as player is of the required standard.

What about another clue ED002 for us mere mortals.

{Ed002's Note - I have repeatedly explained about potential replacements - there is nothing to add.}

4.) 02 Jan 2018 10:21:20
Could it be Samir Handonovic? Plays in red, 6ft 4in and has the hand reference in his name?

5.) 02 Jan 2018 10:28:08
Not sure if the mascara clue refers to VVD or Javier?

6.) 02 Jan 2018 10:35:02
I’m thinking Javier, willshanks. He is an old friend and would prob be worthwhile on loan for rest of the season.

I def think the other reference is to Samir, Klopp is known to like him, and he has liked a few LFC posts on twitter recently. Supposed to be a cracking keeper and prob an excellent mentor for Karius?

{Ed002's Note - You would do best to just forget it all.}

7.) 02 Jan 2018 10:43:47
Oh Ed002, I was getting all excited thinking we would actually have a decent keeper coming in! We need one!

8.) 02 Jan 2018 11:08:50
This window only has 30 days left in it Gents so stop panicking and what will be will be and will soon play out.

9.) 02 Jan 2018 11:09:03
I have to admit I find the curious case of WonderDogSpark very interesting, ED002 always tells us not to listen to anyone off Twitter yet gave us a twitter handle to follow for clues. So for me it's either a constant wind up to remind us how gullible we are, or it is in fact ed002s way of communicating what's happening without actually saying anything. The mystery lives on.

{Ed002's Note - It's the first.}

10.) 02 Jan 2018 11:10:04
It's Reina guys. It's obviously Reina! 🤣.

11.) 02 Jan 2018 11:21:42

Just a "guess" on my part mate lol.
That said, I believe PipCo is a goner. I suspect PipCo and both teams committed to making the deal happen and now only a matter of closing it. My hunch that Coutinho has played his last game for Liverpool. And he knows it. Klopp, too, I believe.

Ed02 has provided a list of potential "replacements". I think LFC has identified its man and am convinced they presently looking to secure him and expect to do so.

Who that is I don't know, but am leaning towards Lemar. He was the man earmarked in the summer and we know Monaco be open to selling and the player open to a move.
Given especially his natural position, flexibility, CL experience (albeit be unavailable for us), he seems a suitable fit.
Monaco's high intensity play would stand him in good stead for our style.

The kid one of the most exciting of remarkable French young talents. He be up there in 2,3 years. I can see Klopp doing wonders with him.
A no-brainer for me. PipCo replacement don't have to be like-for-like, no. He just has to be phenomenal in his own way and bring something different to the table.

Thank you and good luck to Phil. Been awesome seeing his growth as a player all this time. Will be even more awesome seeing Lemar, VVD, Keita, Mane, Firmino, Salah, Trent. Difference to before is that we now have a very strong team, getting better and better and we likely to win more and stay competing at the highest level. We'll find it less difficult to keep our important players.

12.) 02 Jan 2018 11:56:47
Well said rbl.

13.) 02 Jan 2018 12:25:30
That WDS! pesky mutt.

My Guess. smooth hands, 6ft4, in Red. Donnarumma (I hope)

14.) 02 Jan 2018 13:03:22
Could it, in fact, be Coutinho as the old friend moving back in for the remainder of the season, after signing for Barca?
Hope the Mascherano link is a misleading one. Spent enough time trying to get out the club. Donna rummy is wishful thinking in my opinion. Just wish Sparky could tell someone a secret.

15.) 02 Jan 2018 13:39:51
Could be right Bobby. I hope we keep pip until the end of season if only for continuity. I can't see what Mascherano could offer long term so I hope there is no link and I don't believe in going backwards because its never the same.

Anyway, Labradoodles fart a lot and Javier is used to clean catalan air. also. does he have enough hair for restyling to LFC standards?

16.) 02 Jan 2018 13:56:07
Now being linked with Sanchez too! Good player when he can be bothered but I don’t see him coming to Liverpool!

17.) 02 Jan 2018 19:22:40
NO thanks to Sanchez. Didn’t want to come when he had the chance originally and he hasn’t covered himself in glory with his current contract situation.

18.) 02 Jan 2018 23:07:30
Shea Butter = sturridge

Old Friends = masch and Suarez.

19.) 03 Jan 2018 03:30:12
6’4” in a red dress. Marouane Fellaini?

20.) 03 Jan 2018 07:52:50
Lock96 - that isn’t even remotely funny. Please think before you post irresponsible messages. Yellow card offence.

21.) 03 Jan 2018 09:23:40
What in gods name is a wonderdogsparky?

22.) 03 Jan 2018 12:23:13
Hahaha sorry buddy he is 6 4 in red lol.




RBL's banter posts with other poster's replies to RBL's banter posts


14 Jan 2018 14:27:22
"{Ed002's Note - RBL can ask what they want AW - he is their player. }"

Interesting. I've always been curious how (selling) clubs arrive at an asking price.
If a club demands an X amount, why couldn't they have demanded XX amount instead?
If Southampton asked £50m for Mane, why couldn't have they just said £60m? I mean, it's their player and so they can charge whatever they want.

Do they just pluck the prices out of thin air?
Or is there a rational way they determine their player's value?
Am sure a player's value would comprise both the objective (contract length, insurance, legal and intermediary fees etc) and subjective variables/ factors ("he's a top, top, top player. A terrific regista/ trequartista", marketability etc) .

How are these weighed? Really what guides the "asking price" determination?
Why, for a random instance, did Juventus not charge Man Utd £10m more for Pogba?
Could Atletico slap a 200m euro fee to any suitors of Griezmann next summer? If no, why couldn't they?

In a nutshell Ed, am just trying to understand this aspect of football. We can exclude exceptional cases like Neymar, Mbappe and Coutinho. In the normal scheme of things, how does aspect of football work?

{Ed002's Note - It is a very good question but there is sadly not a very good answer to go with it. Typically if they want to sell a player they will ask just above what they really want. If it is an English team asking Lyon about a player, they have a different price for the English side compared to say Lille asking. This is likely more widespread as the mainland European sides know the PL sides are awash with money. If a club don't want to sell they will not put a price on a player at all. This then leads to the various "clauses" and the problems (and confusion) they cause. To use your terminology of a "top, top, top player" - a real tentafere if you like, then unrealistic prices might be given. So there are no defined criteria for identifying a price. An indication of a player being over-priced is the lack of interest from elsewhere at the price being asked.}

1.) 14 Jan 2018 14:46:38
Be interesting if a players value was determined by an independent panel rather than the buying/ selling clubs.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool would have saved a lot of money on Keita and Tinkerbell then.

Anecdotally, if there were an exchange of players values are determined by an independent panel.}

2.) 14 Jan 2018 15:17:02
Superb question and a superb response ed 👍🏻.

3.) 14 Jan 2018 15:48:05
Thank you Ed. That'll do for me.
I guess there'll never be a set criteria given the multiple factors involved. Am each team will attach it's own significance on each.
I sometimes think it a miracle that transfers happen largely with the ease they do at all.

The role of agents seems to have become crucial for the working of this machine.
I see them occupying an exceedingly important space moving forwards.
You only have to look at likes of Mendez, who's more than just a mere agent.

They usually come in for unfair criticism imo.
They perform the nitty gritties and running around that clubs would rather not detain themselves with.
It's not their fault there's lots of money in the game now and them wanting a slice of the cake for themselves and their clients.

Gonna be interesting seeing the "evolution" of the agent in the next 10,20 years, particularly in light of the mooted Pan European League and what their influence/ role will be.

Thanks again Ed02 for your views.

{Ed002's Note - Agents/represntatives vary considerably. There are those who are genuinely good guys who work hard, there are those who are in a position to deal with brokering moves for players at the very high-end and indeed broker the sale of clubs. There are those who see a quick buck and sadly there are some who look to exploit players and sometimes their poor families.}



14 Jan 2018 08:57:59
Ralf Rangnick has clarified that there's been no contact/ discussions with Liverpool regarding Nobby transferring this January.
He goes further to say that Nobby hasn't indicated a desire to leave before end of the season and in fact is happy to see it out.
RBL's manager/ coach firms it up by categorically stating that Nobby WILL finish the campaign with the Die Rotten Bullpen. And that's it.

I guess that puts the matter to rest then, doesn't it?
RBL were adamant last season about not losing Nobby for this season. Indeed he didn't transfer (albeit a "deferred" solution agreed) .
Even now they remain adamant. Nothing has changed for them: Keita will transfer to Liverpool end of the season.

So it is in light of the above that one would do well to take with a grain of salt all the current talk of LFC and RBL negotiating to find a solution for an early exit for Nobby.
This is similar to last week's Mahrez "to join on Sunday" talk by BeinSport, then recycled by all the other media outlets.

I see no reason why a Rangnick, a chief executive, would wilfully lie and provide misinformation to his club's own supporters.
I have no reason to distrust Mr Rangnick but have all the reasons in the world and beyond to distrust the media.

Nobby may want outta RBL as in yesterday. RBL may want rid if his sight. LFC may want to bring the deal forward. However, it doesn't mean RBL's position is get rid now. It don't mean RBL and LFC are negotiating it. Truthfully, we know both clubs aren't in any sort of contact, chief executive Rangnick has made such clear.

{Ed001's Note - but it does no such thing. Clubs use intermediaries to do the deals and he has not said that those have not had any contact or discussions with RBL regarding it.}

1.) 14 Jan 2018 09:17:40
Think the Keita deal will happen this month. RBL may not want it to, but I can see Keita forcing the issue in the next couple of days. Just look at his body language, u can tell his commitment to RBL is all but gone. He wants tha move now and we all know what happens when a player is adamant on getting the move he wants.
Its up to LFC now to offer a suitable price to get the deal done now.

2.) 14 Jan 2018 09:30:34
I suppose the point is are we concerned we'll miss the top 4 if we don't get Keita? If we are then paying even more now makes some sense as qualifying for the CL will earn us more than paying to bring him early will cost us.

3.) 14 Jan 2018 09:48:10
Did you notice Klopp gave it the silent treatment similar to how he handeled the PC situation before that was finalised so I'd imagine some communication between clubs about Him joining this month.

4.) 14 Jan 2018 09:53:54
That’s the big question Putney. I have to admit, I’ve not watched much of Keita so I can’t say “ yes let’s do what we can to bring him in “. On the flip side, If he is as good as what everyone is saying then I think it would be a good idea to try and bring him to the club this month.

Not only is their financial gains there to be had by qualifying for the CL but it also helps when trying to secure new players.

We really need to be in the CL again next season.

5.) 14 Jan 2018 09:59:39
I think the price is more than suitable for RBL already IB, if he gets the move this month I heard the total fee will be around 80 odd million. Crazy.

6.) 14 Jan 2018 11:11:34
The fact that Klopp has paid the price in the first place and paid it a year in advance should tell us what Klopp believes he will bring to us.

7.) 14 Jan 2018 11:17:46

So you reckon there are talks right now? I'll take it then that there are.
I wonder then what's the purpose in club officials making "concrete" statements contrary to actual happenings.

It's interesting that this time around, Klopp nor any LFC offials categorically ruled out selling Coutihno this Jan. Rather he was noncommittal.

I don't see that putting on a "brave face/ stance" in public can be of any substantive benefit in transfer negotiations. Why not simply tell it as it is? Or say nothing at all?
I personally favour the latter.

And I like Mr Levy's approach to matters. You rarely see or hear him in public. He'll conclude whatever deal start to finish without the public show we often see from some of these executives and chairmen.

Many don't realise that sometimes the best thing you can say is actually nothing at all.
Don't respond to "rumours". Don't indulge the media.
Managers should be made to shut their trap as well.
Maybe then this bizarre, ridiculous clamour for transfer news on a minute-to-minute basis will subside.

All it does is breed and fester so called itks and fat kids from Bolton who see an opportunity to make up and peddle fake news, which these news-hungry gullibles swallow up whole.

I mean crashing a plane tracking site cause of a "rumour" that a transfer target is on board a certain flight?
Last night the RBL twiiter posts the team's line up? Guess what happens? Liverpool fans and them alone swarm all over the timeline on and on about Naby Keita?
When transfer "news" evoke emotions on a scale equal to actual competitive matches, something's not right there.

{Ed001's Note - no, I don't think anything is happening right now but Keita's reps did ask RBL if they would be willing to make a deal happen and to ask them if so to speak to LFC. I wish we would just push it through, it is doing nobody any good letting the lad stay there.}

8.) 14 Jan 2018 12:25:14
We should push it through but i wouldn't dare let rbl take us to the cleaners on this one, we have agreed a deal for a lot of money and its in best interests for all parties to bring it forward, they are in no position to ask for another €20 million.

{Ed002's Note - RBL can ask what they want AW - he is their player.}

9.) 14 Jan 2018 14:05:21
That makes sense then. And I'd imagine RBL would of been averse to the idea? Thing is, as much as it makes sense for Liverpool to bring him in early, does it make similar sense for Leipzig to lose him now?

He's been a knob and a real nuisance to them and they sick of him, I get that. But he's also been perfoming for the side. Leipzig are fighting for CL qualification amd for that Keita is important for them.
Also, there's (unconfirmed) talk of finishing position-based clauses in the deal, wherein Keita were to help RBL to CL qualifivation certain payments would be due. But like I said, it's uncofirmed.

If it's correct, it would explain why Liverpool would have to pay a significant amount in the possibility of the deal being brought forward.

Considering that RBL really do not need the money, how crucial can it then be in making them budge?
Maybe for them it's better having Keita help them to CL qualification instead of the money. Perhaps his importance in the these final months could be deemed to outweigh his "baggage".

It's not going to be an easy one this. Whatever me and you and everyone else sees as the "sensible" thing to do, Leipzig have shown themselves to be unyielding on their stance.
Let's hope we will be given an opportunity to persuade them though.
If we are we'll have to completely push the boat out, more than in VVD.

We'll see.

10.) 14 Jan 2018 19:41:07
RBL you sound in denial pal.



09 Jan 2018 11:11:18
Is it some sort of unwritten rule that club's 3rd kit MUST be atrocious?
All of the top six, Barca, Real, Juve have a set of strip that's aesthetically tragic.
Most recently I seen Juve's yellow/ blue kit, a genuine disaster really.

The 2nd/ away kit usually is decent for allnof the clubs. Best Liverpool away kit for me in years was the all black shirt, shorts and socks from I think 2016/ 17. Wore it at against Utd old trafford in Europa.

Was a belter. Easy on the eye and proper fit for a team of our footballing style. The boys sure looked menacing enough to tell a Samurai to do one.
I wouldn't off minded playing in it as away kit throughtout the season.

With the football they playing, City could do with something more menacing, with a touch of presence than THAT.
Spurs as well. The ambience and aura is Championship, League 1 at best. That AIA splashed on the front don't help either.
Everton's worst.

I know am being totally superficial here, but still.

{Ed002's Note - Actually it is an interesting point. Some years ago Chelsea told Adidas to try again when presented with the pink/cerise kit (that has now become quite popular). About 10 or 12 years ago Marseille had this strange orange kit - I recall Bolo Zenden sharing some pretty firm opinions of it with us at the time.}

1.) 09 Jan 2018 12:01:55
I was under the impression that it was partially on purpose because it was designed basically not risk a possible clash with anyone elses first kit to make sure it can be used everywhere. Considering the variety of kits and kit colours (especially when you have to consider potential champions league or europa league opposition as well as domestic ties), the only real way of doing that is using weird colours and shades so that's what they all look like. No evidence for that, just assumed it for years and no-one has really corrected me.

I agree about that all black kit though, thought it looked immense.

2.) 09 Jan 2018 12:25:51
I think that's a great shout hjikle. Never crossed my mind before you just said it!



08 Jan 2018 09:22:08
Hi Ed02

I wonder. Are you aware if Liverpool are looking to new kit sponsorship deals at this time? If yes, would likes of Nike, Adidas, puma be "serious", viable options? Is re-signing with New Balance a strong possibility?
Am interested as to what the club are exploring/ working on right now.

Also, just generally, are clubs the ones always approaching potential sponsors or do sponsors themselves approach clubs with proposals on occasion?

And how do sponsors decide on amounts. the fundamental, considerations? Did Adidas "outbid" Nike for the Man Utd? Did Nike do the same to Adidas on Chelsea? Were there other options when Warrior/ New Balance got the tender?
Did Puma win an auction over Nike for Arsenal?

Am pretty much kindergarten on this stuff. I'd really appreciate your insights Ed. Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - Right now they have a long term deal with New Balance that started in 2016 so no they are not looking. They should not have been so keen to sign with them, but they did. In terms of kit sponsors they normally approach the clubs - it is not a tendering process or auction process. Chelsea paid off the last two years of their contract with Adidas to move to Nike. Nike and Adidas keep a handful of leading sides on their books at all times - and they get the vast bulk of the sponsorship money.}

1.) 08 Jan 2018 12:52:31

I assume the it must of been a 5, 6 year term? Is there a typical term for a period of sponsorship? You say LFC should not of been so keen sign on. I assume that's on the basis of the comparatively low sponsorship amount? And which would be expensive to pull out from now due to the lengthy term?

So Liverpool would have to wait another 2, 3 years before it could be financially viable for them to buy out New Balance last two years, as Chelsea did with Adidas?

I wonder how/ why LFC agreed to the deal. Were there no other suitable takers ed? Am sure the folk at LFC are "no mugs", but how can we explain getting into an underwhelming deal which would impossible to renegotiate or pull out from due to contract length?

You see Utd, Chelsea, Spurs getting great deals. Why not Liverpool?

Lastly ed, still on finances. A bit out of left field. Hypothetically, what would stop say, Spurs, selling Harry Kane for £170m and and Dele Alli for £150m and commit those funds to their stadium loans, instead of reinvesting in the team?
I know it don't happen like that but I just need clarity as to why.

It seems to me a reasonable "model", more so given that Spurs KEY players haven't come at significant cost. Loris, Aldewreidl, Vertonhehn, Alli, Kane, Heung Min were bargains. Yes they won't win the PL but they don't have to, given their spending am sure the owners are content with the sustained top 3 finishes and regular CL appearances.

They've spent much less than us and yet have outperformed us consistently the last 3 or so years and been on a par with Arsenal.

So why would selling their 2 best players for over 300 million pounds and use it to finance stadium/ service loans be unviable?

Thaank you again for the replies.

{Ed002's Note - I don't recall the length of the deal I am afraid but it is a long term deal - perhaps 10 years. Chelsea's Nike deal is 15 years and Manchester United have a 10 year deal with Adidas.

Liverpool could well have negotiated a better deal with a brand such as NIke or Adidas or hung on for Puma. The New Balance deal was signed in haste and Liverpool will slip back down the ladder of income from shirt deals. The Liverpool deal only started last year so they had time to other options were available, but remember that Adidas and Nike tend to put the big money with the successful clubs. I doubt that the Spurs deal is much if any better than the Liverpool deal.

There is nothing to stop Spurs putting transfer monies toward paying off the stadium loans early - often such loans have penalty payments for paying them off early, but Spurs have negotiated a deal where there are no penalty payments. The Spurs owners would like to win the Premier Leagues League - and that is true of all of the team owners from the top to the bottom. Spurs are a club that has constrained spending - particularly on wages - as they don't want to build debt that it is difficult to service. A new ground involves a significant amount of investment and clubs have to decide ns or on seeking help from third parties in exchange for a chunk of the club or other income. Spurs took the debt route and can, if they so decide any income (including from transfers) to pay part of it off - or not.}

2.) 08 Jan 2018 14:33:28
Correct me if I'm wrong Eds (as this is pure speculation) .
But could the fact that New Balance HQ is based in Boston have anything to do with the deal?
Perhaps connections between FSG and NB existed prior to LFC purchase.
That was always my assumption about the NB kit deal.
Anyway -- just my thoughts there.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with being based in Boston. FSG are an investment company and New Balance makes shoes - and have recently moved in to football kits and sponsorship. They sponsor Liverpool and a couple of other well known sides (Porto and Celtic from memory) and a bunch of odds and ends in Asia, Shamrock Rovers and clubs in Poland.

They are not major players in the market but would like to be.}

3.) 08 Jan 2018 16:05:54
I love reading about the business side of things. Cheers for the questions and answers boys and Eds2.

4.) 08 Jan 2018 17:37:55
Thank you for clarifying, Ed002!
Really appreciate the update.

5.) 08 Jan 2018 19:54:42
Thanks for the reply again Ed.

It probably is 10 years. Unbelievable. And the money is fixed for the duration of the term.
If Liverpool were to really enjoy sustained success and increased profile, I'd it would be possible to renegotiate the deal so that the sponsorship amount is commensurate with the new status/ profile.

I'm sure there are exit/ cancellation clauses if one of the parties wished to terminate the deal. Obviously these be accompanied by some or other penalty payments.
Question is, in the case of shirt sponsorships, generally, how prohibitive are these penalty payments?
Of LFC sought to pull out of the deal with New Balance in 6 of a 10 year term, would the penalty payments be so high as to negate withdrawal benefit?

I understand that Man Utd terminated an agreement with DHL less than 18/ 24 months in (for Chevrolet I think) . Would Chevrolet themselves have part funded the penalty payments, was it done during the "grace period", if there is?

My concern is that Liverpool's profile could significantly grow in the next 5, 6 years and the club could lose out on even higher revenues due to being locked in this relatively less lucrative deal with New Balance.

You see, Chelsea, Barcelona, Man Utd sponsorships are commensurate with those clubs' profiles.
LFC, even with its present profile, I doubt if New Balance was the best we could do.

Anyway, appreciate your insights Ed. Will leave it here.
Take care mate.

{Ed002's Note - The contract only began last year - what new status/profile? You are also confusing shirt deals with club sponsorship.}



08 Jan 2018 08:59:31
Just heard a bloke chatting Klopp's options in terms of Mignolrt and Marius.
Says the choice facing Klopp is like choosing which of his testicles to be kicked.

This what the fanbase has come to? If not this is "deadwood". Embarrassing jeysus.
Luckily for him he boarded before I could floor him.

Whatever we think of ability, let's respect our players. I fear though that social has entrenched these keyboard warrior tendencies. Emboldens people to be exceedingly prickly.

1.) 08 Jan 2018 09:36:25
What do we actually owe footballers though?

We've just given everything to coutinho and he's left? We have our all to Suarez and he left. Don't even start me on Torres.

I just feel people like Wenger prove there is absolutely no place either side for sentiment.

I'd cancel both karius and mugs contract right now if I was in charge. Both an absolute waste of space and doing us no favours. It's also players like that which contribute to our inability yo keep our big big players by simply not being good enough to lace the gaffer boots let alone put on the kit and walk out at anfield.

2.) 08 Jan 2018 10:04:03
The only wastes of space are "supporters" who whine incessantly and claim to know more about the players than Klopp does.

3.) 08 Jan 2018 10:06:55
I can't understand people slaging Karius. He was never given the run he needa to prove himself. Last season he came from different league, broke his hand and he needed little bit extra time but people jumped on his back so much and Klopp was forced to bench him or otherwise his confidence would be destroyed to 0.

4.) 08 Jan 2018 10:07:43
So basically RBL you didn't agree with someone's views and your first thought was to floor them?
If we keep settling for mediocrity we will end up mediocre. And I agree with Winston, to keep our best players they need to play with the best players, then it will be easy to attract the other top players and get back to the top and remain on top.
Tip top.

5.) 08 Jan 2018 10:13:30
I think we owe any player giving their best for Liverpool respect. They didn't choose their level of ability and they certainly didn't force the club to sign them either.

As long as a player is working hard on and off the pitch, they don't deserve to be abused. However, they also don't deserve a free pass on judgement, because they get paid an absolute fortune to play football at the end of the day.

For example I'd say this is arguably acceptable:

"We need to sign a new keeper because the current options aren't good enough to take us forward"

However I'd say this is arguably unacceptable:

"Our keepers are an absolute waste of space and a disgrace to the shirt"

There is a very fine line between constructive criticism and abuse. Where that line is, is also entirely subjective though. In the heat of the moment everyone (and i include myself in this) is guilty at times of crossing that line. It is when it becomes continued abuse (or a personal vendetta) and when people start directing it at the individual themselves, that it becomes totally unacceptable and inexcusable.

I don't think Mignolet is good enough for Championship football, and I've made that point clear on here. What i don't do, is try and turn every single thread into an excuse to abuse him, or question him as a person. As a player who profits from us fans, we have a right to question his performance levels. He's still a human being though.

I throw all of this out the window though when a tool like Suarez bites someone and threatens to take us to court, just to get a move. Then i say short of actually making threats, anything else is fair game and they asked for it. Respect has to earned continually.

6.) 08 Jan 2018 10:25:14
Can’t see what Karius has done to deserve the criticism to be honest . I’m sure with VVD in front of him now they will start understanding each other more and will gain more confidence in each other . But he needs a good run in the starting 11 and be given the chance .

7.) 08 Jan 2018 10:34:13
These "waste of space" don't select themselves. They don't retain themselves as Liverpool players. It's the gaffer that you speak of who makes these decisions. And like it or not, the gaffer has for whatever reason retained Karius and Mignolet.

Are you fit to lace the gaffer's boots? If not, respect his choices. If you are, STILL. respect the gaffer's choices. It's neither here nor there really the fitness to lace anybody's boots.

For as long as they are still Liverpool players, carry themselves with dignity, show them support and extend similar decorum to them.
Dunno if helps anyone incessantly belittling and mocking a player except drain his confidence.
Then you got a player who's shot to sh*t.

I suspect myself that much of the deadwood actually is found in and comprises of the fanbase.
Sure you don't have to be a player's big fan or sugar coat anything. But you don't have to be an are too.

I ask: how many of the fanbase are fit to lace Liverpool FC's boots? Some would say very few. Many would say the fanbase has entitlement mentality. I say the fanbase is pathetic and unworthy of the club they purport to support.

8.) 08 Jan 2018 10:37:47
Spot on RBL and MK. TIA, we (as you are not the only one) not settling for mediocrity is very different from raining personal and verbal assault on a human being, period. The fact people (not you) use the pathetic excuse that they are voicing their opinions, to use frankly vile, disgusting abuse on players (who are human beings by the way) is the reason why Ed02 will always be correct in saying that a fraction of the LFC fan base are outright tosh with the level of abuse they give to players they may not like and the OP's point just proved it. Comparing a human being to a human being is something even Trump would not have said. DISGUSTING!

9.) 08 Jan 2018 11:20:58
BRover oh I absolutely agree with you. I don't believe in abusing players, I think it's childish. But I also don't agree with people wanting to floor people because they don't share the same view, which is why I commented. RBL wanted those fans to show our players respect whilst he himself was showing those fans no respect, and has affectively come on here and ripped into them. the very thing he had a problem them doing about our players. But I agree, abuse is something i want nowhere near our club.

10.) 08 Jan 2018 12:06:05
TIA19 - Sorry but that seems like a false equivalency though. Not all opinions are created equal and when ones 'opinion' is nothing more than poorly disguised abuse, then it deserves shooting down in a way that highly negative but basically respectful opinions dont. The defense of abusive people by 'everyone deserves to have their opinion heard' just doesn't work. Contrary to popular belief, opinions are very capable of being wrong and when they are, it should be pointed out clearly (and if you want to question that, I would like to remind you that there are people on this planet who have the opinion that the earth is flat) .

11.) 08 Jan 2018 15:35:45
Wonder what was said to Emre Can vs Everton near the end of the game by the Liverpool "fan" that made him react. Abuse no doubt.
If you can't support your own, then go elsewhere.
You'll Never Walk Alone is the motto/ anthem of the club but sadly these days many don't get it.

We have moved into a new era with regards to "fan" abuse since social media came out of the mud.
The things I have read online about Mignolet and the likes make me sick and I have seen just about everything in this world that there is to see.




RBL's rumour replies


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31 Jan 2018 09:31:55
Happy to be a Red

Calm down, lad. I know it's exciting but, come down.



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12 Jan 2018 14:41:42
As for those disagrees, what they disagreeing with? You disagree that this is the information Waro was given? Ludicrous, given some of the "rumours" we see on here.

I don't share many of Waro's views but god's sake be fair to the man.



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12 Jan 2018 14:39:08
I appreciate the update Waro. Am inclined to believe that's what you've been told. I know you not one to fool around rumormongering. Whether it happens or not it's another matter.

Cheers mate.



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07 Jan 2018 13:34:18

If you're Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, then yes he's talkin about you.



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04 Jan 2018 09:31:22
Doha Red

No mate, Paul hasn't said such. Fake account, fake news.
That said, I still expect that an agreement for Lemar's transfer to Liverpool this window will be agreed, likely for the sum you mention. He be Coutihno's "replacement".




RBL's banter replies


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10 Apr 2018 15:36:07
Lol am okay folks, am good!
Am just so pumped up right now.
And am sure the lads will be as well. City are wounded right now. We've to go for it, win it outright as Big Virgil said.

We have to start well, fast and hard, show them no respect and firmly plant that seed of doubt in them ASAP. Cannot allow them to even for 1 second believe they can get back into it and have those plastics' tails up. NO!
Have to keep the crowd rooted to their seats.

We'll prevail though. These lads have grown so much mentally this season it's incredible. They've pulled thru games I didn't expect and rescued and won many lost causes.
Today will be more about mentality and maturity than technical ability.

Our heads must be right. It's how we won many high pressure high stakes CL games under Rafa: our heads were always tuned in.


I know mate. I was making a (tongue in cheek) point there about the attitude required tonight.



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10 Apr 2018 12:22:57
3 goal cushion? What 3 goal cushion? If only, if only. We have it all to do tonight. Our biggest game in 10 years. City will be difficult at Etihad. But we got what it takes.
I'll happily take a 1 - 2. And we more than capable of it.

We have to play like our lives depend on this 90 minutes. Well, actually they do. We must be angry cocky, arrogant. Show them zero respect. Rip into them. Tear off their limbs. Gouge out their eyes. Disembowel them. Fling them out of the stadia and into orbit.
Bear down on them with the fury of a charging rhinoceros.

Scream at them. Lash out. Chase them down. Go all mad and maniacal on them. Scare the living crap out of them. Unleash rottweillers on them. Annoy them. Curse them.

We are NOT going to make them suffer if we are comfortable ourselves. As such I'd recommend each of our players be forced ingest the strongest, most bitter and most foul smelling purgative. With those upset stomach, they sure AS HELL will be savage and manic enough to absolutely rip into and butcher City and tear what remains if that stadium.

{Ed025's Note - psychiatrists dont cost as much as you think RBL..



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08 Mar 2018 05:37:11
Am sorry, but that's got to be, with respect, the most nonsensical pile of biased, red-tinted tripe I seen in a long time on these pages, and that takes some doing.
You're blinded by nothing more than your jealousy here.

Much as I hate yo say, Spurs are a good, very good team. Fine margins determined last night's game.
Chelsea been 'pretty good'?
Care to furnish us with their current league position and last 5 results?

Then again am not surprised by your post. You got a track record for spouting tripe, with respect.
Ludicrous opinion bordering on [insert word].

I'm sorry if I come across harsh or disrespectful. I intend to be neither.
But really, have a word with yourself now, seriously.



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19 Feb 2018 11:25:05
So has your stance changed on Bobby then BRover? Unless am mistaking you for another bloke on here.



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30 Jan 2018 12:23:02
Your right reaper. Fans have a right to be peeved, going on and on and on? . arghhhh!
Be peeved for that time, bang your head against the wall if you want to and then get over it and get a grip on yourself. move on.
We now going to be dwelling on last week?

Even if we won, enjoy for that time, after a day or 2,move on from it.
I dunno, maybe the manager allowed the City fever to go on for too long and may have impacted the players' psychology at Swansea.

The next game is always the important one and is just around the corner. You can't be stuck on the last match, win, lose or draw.
Must be drilled in the players' minds and, seemingly, the fans'