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30 Dec 2014 20:14:47
Over on the rumours page you hinted that Lavezzi is an option under discussion?

I know you hate to discuss players (but after last night everyone will see your predictions for Can and Lallana were spot on. Balotelli too!) so. I am wondering if you or Ed001 see Lavezzi bringing anything that we actually need?
I can't see how he would fit in a squad with Markovic - and Origi - to arrive. If we want a hard working forward then we have Borini for that roll too?

Happy New Year


{Ed002's Note - I think you may well have misread what I said Prof.}

1.) 30 Dec 2014 21:20:46
That's a relief! Too much sherry and mince pies perhaps.

{Ed002's Note - The discussion today was between PSG and Inter Prof. It concluded that the transfer of Lavezzi could take place but first PSG need to talk with the player - who has returned to Uruguay without permission. Neither Napoli nor Valencia should be discounted from making a bid. Chelsea were offered Lavezzi in exchange for another player but declined.}



21 May 2013 08:41:33

I know you aren't so keen to talk money these days, for obvious reasons, but could you possibly clarify (in light of today's rumours).

"Free" transfers are not remotely free are they? I thought that simply meant that the old club didn't receive a transfer free but instead a (potentially) similar sum of money was passed directly to the player, often spread through the length of their contract. I recall that Joe Cole's large salary was organized this way?

In simple terms "free" does not mean free?


p. s. Where are you Chris in Tamworth. away fishing?

{Ed002's Note - Right. Typically an out of contract player will be given a "signing on fee" to join. Many clubs look to spread this cost over the length of a contract. Taking as an example Player K signing a two year deal with a £4M "signing on" fee, he would likely be given something like £1M up front and then his salary would be supplented by £30k per week over two years. If the club wished to sell the player on or terminate his contrctt after a year, then whatever remains will be due to the player.}


1.) Give a kid a chance instead of Toure!




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28 Sep 2017 12:46:19
I see a problem with the intergalactic cup.

If (by chance) we vote Brendan Rodgers manager then he may choose to rest all the superstar players for the prestigious away game at Bellerophon- in order to keep them fresh for a Saturday league game?


1.) 28 Sep 2017 14:52:52
Don't worry, Kolo will sort it.



22 Sep 2017 22:34:30
Why is it you think coaches in football look for "players who follow instructions" when in most other sports coaching has gone completely the opposite way towards instilling constant decision making above all. Rugby Union and hockey prime examples - Drills and routine replaced by playing what is in front of you and making decisions. Rugby and hockey both changed because coaching and drills can only ever get you so far. You don't lose that much but you don't win enough when it counts either?


{Ed001's Note - because you see it constantly on the pitch, the ones getting picked each week are not the ones who are the best players but the ones who are best at following instructions. We have people like Pep, Mr. Micro-Management, lauded as the greatest coaches in the world, rather than someone like Bob Paisley, a genuine great, who did want his players to make the decisions. What we have now are coaches who think they are playing chess rather than managing. This is why everyone is on Wenger's case, as he sits and trusts his players to make the decisions during a game, rather than saying well done. Yet they get all excited about Klopp, Conte and Pep stood there constantly instructing players. Pep in particular is one, you only have to watch a coaching session of his or a match, he is constantly there demanding the players do exactly what he says. Then there is Pulis, Hodgson and Allardyce who all drill their players over and over to do exactly what they want them to do without any thought.}

1.) 23 Sep 2017 07:32:22
Graeme Souness said he pulled Joe Fagan after he'd joined Liverpool and asked I've been here a month and nobody's told me what to do. Fagan replied, we spent all that money on you and you need us to tell you how to play football.

2.) 23 Sep 2017 12:37:36
Nice one, Mungus. The coaches right now are micro-managers and even in business world, micro managing is becoming a thing of the past as many organizations (I worked for one in the banking industry and IT industry) are empowering their employees to take charge of situations cos they have been sufficiently trained on the policies and procedures. The same applies to football.

Paisley per Ed01, empowered his players to take charge of situations on the pitch as he trusted that they had been well-prepared for the game to handle situations that occur. The manager cannot do everything. This lot want to do everything and that is the problem.

3.) 23 Sep 2017 13:16:56
Isn't Ancelotti known to be more like that ed001? A figure it out yourself kinda manager?

{Ed001's Note - yes, mate.}

4.) 23 Sep 2017 13:27:06
I have to say I was quite keen on the idea of Ancelotti managing us. Don't get me wrong I still think we got the right guy, but I certainly wouldn't have been displeased with him either.

{Ed002's Note - Carlo Ancelotti would have been a good choice but he told the club that he would want to see the spine of the team (goalkeeper, centre backs etc. replaced in order to win the league whereas Klopp said he could win the league without making those significant changes - hence he got the job. Ancelotti is today complaining about the Bayern players failing to follow his instructions causing the issues against VfL Wolfsburg, although talking to an ex-player about the game this morning he blames Carlo for not adapting to the changing game - and the changing tactcs from Martin Schmid who should be credited with the work he did.

CA will likely be open to a return to the Premier League and that may well be earlier than planned.}

5.) 23 Sep 2017 15:05:13
That's interesting ed002. I knew of problems with Carlo and Bayern, and after ed001's comments about Guardiola being a control freak, it does seem a strange decision to replace him with a polar opposite manager like Carlo. I think if this Klopp situation were to turn ugly somehow, he would be a good shout. That being said, I hope we are a bit more patient with Klipperty; I don't like firing managers unless its absolutely necessary.

I take it you aren't too convinced on Ancelotti either ed002?

{Ed002's Note - Carlo Ancelotti is a really nice guy and a fine manager - but a very, very different type of manager to many.}



16 Sep 2017 15:24:13
I see we mad 7 changes today. I don't have any comment on that.

But squad rotation (if you approve) or tinkering (if you don't) is the norm in the modern game. So my question for Ed001 is - is football really that much more physical and demanding now than it was in the 1980s when you could pretty much name every Liverpool line-up every week months in advance? And we celebrated it in the Days of Christmas song in boxing day against Utd (or Aston Villa away I recall) . We'd need a long song now.


{Ed001's Note - no mate, it is quicker, but they don't get hammered so hard by opponents, so they don't need to recover from knocks and bruises to the same extent as they used to. There is no real valid reason for the constant tinkering as they could easily rest them an extra day or two from training if they are tired.}

1.) 16 Sep 2017 16:59:55
Ed01, Johnny Giles used to commentate on Irish tv and he could never understand the constant team tinkering either. I remember he also constantly stated that players now don't get the kicking they used to years ago and now they have top diets, physios and every conceivable advantage to be ready for the next game.

{Ed001's Note - exactly, there is no real reason for it. My personal belief is the players are trained for the wrong kind of fitness. They are trained to be sprinters, so they lack the endurance fitness.}



14 Sep 2017 14:53:28
Why are we criticizing Jose M?

He may have access a chequebook, but so did we.

He analysed his squad, saw the main weaknesses and addressed them well - and early in the transfer window. Those are characteristics of a top manager.

Everyone in the world knows the weaknesses of our team and we didn't address them in the transfer window. let's focus on ourselves and not criticize others; that used to be the Liverpool way.


1.) 14 Sep 2017 15:05:06
very well said, let's focus just on ourself and how to improve our team.

2.) 14 Sep 2017 16:29:11
Who cares about Maureen they are a poor side.



06 Sep 2017 21:35:01
I think (I stand to be corrected) Ed002 has said that release clauses only have legal basis in their "own" country. so of no relevance to a transfer overseas.


1.) 07 Sep 2017 08:34:37
Does it not vary from country to country dependent on the laws of each individual country?

2.) 07 Sep 2017 12:10:36
I think it will be the minimum requirement from players now if there asked to sign 5 year deals.

Put a tag of 50/ 60 mil on me. So they don't get coutinhogated.

3.) 07 Sep 2017 12:14:26
What happened with Neymar?




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30 May 2016 12:24:49
No sign of the Babel-copter though? Disappointing. A ride round the country, continually spotted by readers, would convince him for sure.




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08 Jun 2015 20:44:16
I think that if we had had Ings at the beginning of the season we may well have achieved top 4.

He is a far better fit to our "style" of play (although I have begun to doubt what that actually is. ) than any of the current (fit) strikers.

The issue for me are (1) the reduced opportunities for Sinclair and (2) what then is the role for Origi ? There are now three strikers behind Sturridge and that is without Lambert, Aspas, Borini and Balotelli. I can't see another being brought in.




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30 Dec 2014 21:20:46
That's a relief! Too much sherry and mince pies perhaps.


{Ed002's Note - The discussion today was between PSG and Inter Prof. It concluded that the transfer of Lavezzi could take place but first PSG need to talk with the player - who has returned to Uruguay without permission. Neither Napoli nor Valencia should be discounted from making a bid. Chelsea were offered Lavezzi in exchange for another player but declined.}



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I am sure Eds002 and 001 could add to this but perhaps you should consider this definition:

To Brendan (verb) - to leave a player in a position where they don’t know what their role or future is at the club by any number of means including, but not limited to:
a) neither selecting players, nor allowing them to leave
b) loaning, but not caring how players actually perform on loan or how to integrate them upon their return
c) not offering the majority of young players a route to develop

It may be brought about buy buying too many players for similar positions, but failing to operate a happy rotation policy.


{Ed002's Note - You missed the kick in the balls.}



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26 Aug 2014 05:43:14
Without wishing to crawl too much.

I joked earlier in the summer when asking if Ed002 was available as an adviser to LFC. . But having read that response, and yesterdays comment on the lack of transfer / youth strategy, I cannot help thinking that Ed002 could help Brendan considerably?





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05 Sep 2016 08:59:12
Yes, I agree that referees lying cannot be good for the game!

But it is a very artificial situation whereby you can't take action after a match if the referee had a view/ interpretation of it in a match (which turns out to be incorrect/ sub optimal)? Better to make the rule sensible, rather than asking referees to lie or allowing violent conduct to escape unpunished?

In the case in point, few would doubt Aguero had committed a punishable act? Better a rule that allows punishment irrespective of the referees view / non view / on the spot interpretation?




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05 Sep 2016 07:28:14
I am confused. I had the impression he was suggesting they were asked to say they hadn't seen something in order for it to receive the CORRECT post-match punishment? It is the opposite of match fixing -it is correctly punishing violent conduct irrespective of what the on referee interpreted at the time? Albeit a mischievous solution to an artificial problem.

The best was to avoid that would simply be to remove the rule that if a referee sees something it cannot be retrospectively punished. Instead have the "citing committee" function more like rugby. If there is violence / serious cheating it should be dealt with, whatever the referees "on-the-spot" interpretation was?


{Ed002's Note - The point is that the referees should be honest if they have seen something.}



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07 Jul 2016 08:21:44
Many thanks for the insight, and indeed for the time you and the other Eds dedicate daily for the users of this site.




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12 May 2016 18:25:38
Thanks for your time (again) Ed002. (still find it a bit arcane though. why doesn't football behave like other professions where head hunting etc is the norm. is football so unstable that it needs these rules? ) .


{Ed002's Note - Sorry you don't understand. Footballers are contracted to clubs fopr fixed periods of time. Company employees are not.}



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27 Apr 2016 16:28:23
The other reason they are banned is that they can potentially also be used as masking agents to make it harder to detect other abuses. If your pee is more dilute then the concentrations of banned substances would appear lower. Water loss is a crazy and dangerous way to lose "weight" as Ed002 says.
Not that I suggest that is the case here.


{Ed002's Note - I suspect that if he had been juicing then the tests would be good enough to unmask it - certainly that is the claim from the folks who do the testing of the ball players in the US now.}