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Team: Liverpool

Where from: Ireland

Favourite player: Kenny Daglish

Best team moment: Champions League Final v AC Milan 2005



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03 Aug 2018 13:48:44
Afternoon Eds
Can u explain to me how the seeding is carried out for the champions league groups is it based on a clubs participating in it over the last 5 seasons or something to that effect and that's why Liverpool could effectively be in pot 3 for the draw pending what happens to Benfica in the next qualifying round
Cheers Mate.

1.) 03 Aug 2018 15:20:28
European rankings I believe, we were almost dead certs for pot 3 but now Basel are out if fenerbache can beat benfica we will go into pot 2.

2.) 03 Aug 2018 15:43:55
If we go into pot 3 it just makes it more tricky for those in pots 1 and 2.

Not many will be happy to have us joining them in their group as they know they will be in for a tough time.

3.) 03 Aug 2018 19:05:36
Pot 2 would be a good help but we were in pot 3 last season and got a favourable draw.

4.) 03 Aug 2018 22:27:32
We are awesome who cares what pot we are in.

5.) 04 Aug 2018 14:17:53
It doesn’t matter which pot we’re in
It’s our opponents who will be rubbish worried.

6.) 06 Aug 2018 08:56:45
Interestingly this year, pots 2-4 are actually fairly flat in quality making it very little difference what group we end up in - especially when you get some protection from not being drawn with teams from the same country - so if you get Real, Barcelona or Athletico in pot 1 you won't get Valencia in pot 4, and if you get Juventus in pot 1 you won't get Inter Milan in 4. Honestly, there is only really one team in pot 2 I'd rather avoid (Dortmund) and at least two in pot 3 (Roma and Monaco) so I'm very relaxed about where we get put.



08 Jul 2018 09:19:30
Morning all

Surly these Jack Grealish rumours are tripe no doubting the kid has talent but he has a stinking attitude and a very short fuse to go with it, wouldn't want him anywhere near our club just a disruptive wanna be.

{Ed025's Note - im with you mate..

1.) 08 Jul 2018 09:34:57
Cheers ed25
I know this is the Liverpool site but how do you see the coming season developing for all you blue noses. What's your take on your new manager and potential ins and outs.

{Ed025's Note - im happy with silva and brands at the helm zippy, it will take time but i think we may be on the right track now and i dont expect there there will be many players coming in mate..

2.) 08 Jul 2018 12:06:20
Cheers mate looking forward to a few good auld derby battles this season best of luck to u and all the blue noses enjoy what's left of the weekend bud 😁.

3.) 08 Jul 2018 10:00:13
At least you got shot of Fat Scam Ed.

{Ed025's Note - yeah mate that was a good decision..

4.) 08 Jul 2018 10:03:41
Ed25 didn't you all say that last season? And the season before. and the one before. Only playin mate😁.

{Ed025's Note - i have to ben, if you dont have hope mate you have nothing, then again mostly its been nothing..

5.) 08 Jul 2018 21:39:10
Imagine if fat Sam was still the England manager. God we all dodged a bullet there.

6.) 09 Jul 2018 07:18:08
Sorry for the late reply Kloppboss. The study was of top athletes in football, rugby and aussie rules rugby, so no golfers Involved. Ox reruptured his ligament in one of three classical situation where he tried to regain possesion of the ball, the other two are after heading (the landing situation), and the last one is cut and turn moves. Those three situations are almost the only situations where fotballens at a top level gets an ACL injury. The risk of rerupture is significantly higher the first match after the first injury, there is also a higher risk of reinjury if you come back to playing matches before 9 months after the first injury, and the risk gets less and less until 12 months after the first injury, after that there is now significant difference if you wait even longer.
If you look at all athletes in all levels of sport the return to sport at the same level they were before the injury, the number is s low as 54 % (recent review from Clare Ardern and her study Group) .

Redallover: the study you are referring to is from Jan Ekstrands group (he runs the UEFA medical study group where all the participant club in Champions league are invited to join, a study that are ongoing and has been so for the last 16 years), and much has happened since 2001. There were a lot higher reinjury rate at that time, and most injuries has a lot lower injury rate. There are still high Numbers of injury rate when it comes to muscle injuries, especially hamstring injuries, but the last data seems to finally to show improvement there as well (not published yet, but presented at the isokinetic medical conference at camp nou, juni 2.-4, 2018).

Make no mistake, an ACL injury is a serious injury, and will probably lead to early OA (oestoarthritis) in early are, and many that are not at a top level will never come back to sports. But there have been major advances in preventing, and handling ACL injuries at all levels. The 11+ programme has shows to be preventing at youth level and lower levels, at high levels it is a little bit more advanced. And as said earlier on ACL injuries usually comes with various secondary injuries that could cause some problems.

The biggest risk of any injury is previous injuries (so a player that has been injured, has a greater risk of a new injury of any sort), and exposure (time spent in training and match, where playing a match is more than double risk than training in acute injuries and muscle inuries that are more of an overloadinjury, other overloadinjuries seems to occur more in training) .



19 Apr 2017 20:47:47
Evening Eds
I've listened to skarkpod#12 and even though our 1st choice for the full back position could be sessengong (excuse the spelling ) could you see us rekindling our interest in chilwell looked great and accomplished when he came on the other night .

{Ed002's Note - Maybe - and he would be a good option but perhaps a risk as first pick?}

1.) 20 Apr 2017 16:16:23
Cheers Ed much appreciated.



05 Jul 2016 12:02:46
Hi Eds
Rumour has it that Alex Teixeira is unsettled in China and is looking for a move back to Europe . Do you think we could rekindle our previous interest in him it seems that Klopp had a good look at him before his move to China and obviously rates him highly or has that bird flown the nest .

{Ed002's Note - Nothing to do with Liverpool at this time.}

1.) 05 Jul 2016 15:15:52
If this was the case then maybe we would've looked at him, until we bought Mané. Now we have Mané we have moved on.

2.) 05 Jul 2016 15:50:37
He's struggled in a weak Chinese league, what would be the point of signing someone who failed in a league weaker than the SPL?!

3.) 05 Jul 2016 16:38:47
Because he did really well in a league much stronger than the Chinese league, and also the Champions League.

4.) 05 Jul 2016 16:41:37
I should add though, I don't want us to sign him, just the Chinese league point with all the other factors involved, including his difficulty settling, is a ridiculous one.

5.) 05 Jul 2016 18:06:17
I don't think he has played in a strong league.



03 Jul 2016 17:32:41
Hi eds any more developments on the Benteke situation have crystal palace actually submitted a bit and if so do you think they will increase it to this £30 million figure we are lead to believe that the club are holding out for cheers keep up the outstanding work .

{Ed001's Note - I am not aware of a formal bid, but they have spoken to us and know the asking price.}

1.) 03 Jul 2016 20:11:02

Is there any interest in Mousa Sissoko?

{Ed002's Note - Whilst Newcastle has said they have had no offers for Moussa Sissoko at this time, they are choosing their words carefully as there has been a further approach from Napoli and they are hoping to get interest from others, perhaps including Arsenal.}

2.) 03 Jul 2016 20:48:28
I think we are getting worse s players than we have.

3.) 03 Jul 2016 21:27:52
You're having a laugh Billo5times.

4.) 03 Jul 2016 21:39:07
Ron name me players that we've got and tell me about them and what they have done I bet you nobody as heard a single thing about them.

5.) 03 Jul 2016 21:53:01
I bet you diddnt hear much about suarez, coutinho, firmino, can etc? Just because they are not household major names that everyone knows doesn't mean they are any less quality, give em a break ey and trust the manager, his reputation on the line, he isn't here to muck about.

6.) 03 Jul 2016 22:04:24
Well I've heard a lot about Matip who is very highly respected in Germany and I think he might be our best recruit.
Karius I'd heard of but he needs to improve IMO
Grujic was courted by Champions league teams.
Obviously I've seen a lot of Mané at Saints.

You can't tell me Karius is worse than Migs or Matip worse than Skrtel?

7.) 03 Jul 2016 22:05:17
To be fair kiz all 3 where house hold names coutinho use to be a left back for inter if I'm not mistaken, Suarez has a brilliant goals to games ratio for Ajax and if that wasn't enough he was also known as the player who cleared the ball off the line against Ghana with his hand which resulted in them being knocked out of the WC on pennos and if you watched any bundesliga football you would know who firmino was and the excellent partnership he had with Kevin volland.

8.) 03 Jul 2016 22:04:24
Well I've heard a lot about Matip who is very highly respected in Germany and I think he might be our best recruit.
Karius I'd heard of but he needs to improve IMO
Grujic was courted by Champions league teams.
Obviously I've seen a lot of Mané at Saints.

You can't tell me Karius is worse than Migs or Matip worse than Skrtel?

9.) 04 Jul 2016 04:59:04
Billo, Karius and Matip are definite improvements on Skrtel and MIgs. That itself will be worth an extra 10 points next season considering how many individual mistakes Skrtel and Migs made. Stop being so negative.

10.) 04 Jul 2016 07:12:13
Dev, Coutinho wS never a LB for Inter. He was a left midfielder for them under Benitez and was very good in the C L especially the game were they beat Spurs and Bale scored a hatrick. As for those saying Mingo is better than Karius must have been living under a rock the past four years as Mingo has gotten worse with every passing season while Karius was voted the best GK in Germany by his peers hence, he's already better than Mingo as Germany is the home for the bests gk's right now. Billo, what ever Sissoke was good at and whatever he added to the Newcastle team that got them relegated, I want NONE of it at LFC.

11.) 04 Jul 2016 10:29:57
Billo5times there showing his own ignorance. Won't even bother dignifying such nonsense with a detailed response.

But Dev, where did you get the idea Couts was a LB? Must've dreamt that, he's always played as a creative midfielder, either in the center, on the left or in the hole.

12.) 04 Jul 2016 13:38:00
Sorry guys memory isn't as good as it use to be, genuinely thought he use to play there, maybe in the games I was watching he was just filling in there for an injured player.

13.) 04 Jul 2016 14:38:33
Dev mate, come on.

14.) 05 Jul 2016 01:57:38
Suarez, Coutinho, Firmino and Can were all well known players/ talents when we got them.




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08 May 2019 11:33:52
The last time a horse won back to back grand nationals Liverpool did a league and European cup double lightening could hardly strike twice could it 😉😁.
Words can't describe the momentous effort that was put in last night I don't think there is any other team in the world who could have pulled that off, belief, guts and unbelievable determination got us through not to forget the unreal atmosphere created by our die hard fans, so proud to be a Liverpool supporter silverware is long over due they say you have to loose one to win one come June 1st we will know and maybe just maybe it could be one half of an unbelievable double . YNWA.

1.) 08 May 2019 12:07:53
I have been at many amazing European nights at Anfield - St Etienne 1977, Chelsea 2005, Dortmund 2016 - and my arl arse mates talk about Inter Milan 1965 - but last night surely eclipsed them all. Lots of people mock ‘the Anfield effect’ but you have to experience it to understand that there is a strange force that takes over and unites managers, coaches, players and fans on nights like this and means that nothing is impossible. Posters have said they have recently experienced dislike, even hatred, of Liverpool by other fans as we chase the CL and PL double - still on in my view - and it is nights like last night which ONLY Liverpool FC can produce and which probably provoke those e tremendous feelings. What they can only dream about, we deliver on a regular basis.

We are going to Madrid!

2.) 08 May 2019 12:21:34
Are you going WW?

3.) 08 May 2019 12:44:29
I'm currently awaiting a visa for New Zealand and sods law, it will come through the week of the final (I have a job to start at so can't delay) . But I've just checked online, one way flight to Madrid on 29th, £40, flights from Madrid to NZ - £600-£800. And my good friend in Granada just informed me he has several mates with homes in Madrid. Going to gamble on the visa time and book flights tonight.

4.) 08 May 2019 12:59:16
Be quick Stuie all prices going up as we speak.

5.) 08 May 2019 13:18:53
They actually are! It's like watching your fare in a London Cab!

6.) 08 May 2019 16:50:18
Sorry to be pedantic, but when Red Rum won in 77 he wasn't winning back to back Nationals. He was winning the race again after succeeding in 73 and 74.
Tiger Roll is the first horse since Rummy to win it more than once.



10 Feb 2019 17:27:46
We can't underestimate how important the utd game is now with Citee's performance today, Chelsea are an embarrassment let's hope they are equally embarrassed when we play them. Utd are playing with so much confidence at the moment they will be extremely difficult to beat at O. T but it's a game that we can't afford to loose id take a draw but would love if we were to inflict Ole's 1st defeat as Utd boss it would be a real statement to all esp Citee.

1.) 10 Feb 2019 17:40:15
Got to imagine we lose top spot after the united game. maybe we can hope for another City blip, but looks unlikely! United also have their tails up as well.

2.) 10 Feb 2019 17:41:07
Problem is Zippy Chelsea won't play this badly again, they will get a rocket and want to prove a point. I will take 1-0 in all our league games now and City blowing teams off the park 6-0 will matter not as we win the league.

3.) 10 Feb 2019 17:44:43
That’s goal difference buggered now. Eds any thoughts on Sarri and why it has gone so wrong for Chelsea?

{Ed002's Note - A third party is scheduled to take a look at the training and that was agreed a couple of weeks ago, and that may help with the inconsistency. But today they have obviously been well beaten by a very good side.}

4.) 10 Feb 2019 17:51:57
The United game is huge of course but it's our game in hand so even a draw were still in the driving seat. Also the United game is worth 3 points for a win like every other game so I hope our fans don't have a breakdown and lose faith if we drop points. There's a long way to go yet.

5.) 10 Feb 2019 17:56:47
I would suggest that Sarri's insistence on playing Kante further up the field, despite him being the best defensive/ protective midfielder in the world, is a big issue. I would also suggest that his faith in Jorginho, in the position previously occupied by Kante, is misplaced, and that Jorginho looks somewhat lost in the PL in which the space he he needs to perform successfully is rarely granted to him. I'm just basing in on the limited things I have seen but I don't think Sarri is selecting the best team based on the players he has at his disposal. Playing Ross Barkley today was also a disaster for Chelsea, he does not seem good enough for a team hoping to, at the very least, qualify for the Champions League.

{Ed025's Note - ross is more champion-ship than champions league seano..

6.) 10 Feb 2019 18:01:31
I have no doubt Kimuraking that Chelski will not be as bad as they were today when they play us they will probably have a new manager by then mate and id take 1 nil wins all day long for the next 12 games but it's going to be so hard to do so however if we play to our full potential and at a high tempo then we can beat anybody let's hope we are up for it against utd we need to be full stop.

7.) 10 Feb 2019 18:14:00
I don't think we'll have problems with Chelsea when we play them, especially if Higuain plays.
It's the Man Utd match that's key now. They're playing with real belief. I was especially surprised when they beat Spurs. We just have to force their defence into errors.

{Ed0333's Note - they have genuine talent and a real hunger to win now. Will be a ridiculously tough game as I’m sure they’d love to derail our title charge but don’t underestimate the savvy of Jerguen Norbert Klopp.

8.) 10 Feb 2019 18:16:07
Haha good shout Ed025, don't think you're wrong mate. As as you mentioned Chelsea paid you's actual, real money for him. Incredible.

{Ed025's Note - i heard bill kenwright went to the negotiations dressed as dick turpin seano..

9.) 10 Feb 2019 18:23:28
Things were the other way around 10 or so years ago. And united used to NEED to beat us to win the league. Now the shoes on the other foot we need to go there and win there's no other option.

{Ed025's Note - that one game will not decide the title L8, all games have the same importance mate..

10.) 10 Feb 2019 18:34:56
City have been giving teams hidings all season, in that sense they are the best in the league by far. Along with dat though they've managed to lose four,3 of which were to teams outside the top 6.We just have to do what we have all season, win most of our games albeit with more difficulty than City do. and hope the form of this season continues which would mean City have another couple of off days and hopefully defeats.

11.) 10 Feb 2019 18:36:01
Chelsea were well beaten 4-0 by Bournemouth.

12.) 10 Feb 2019 18:57:04
Exactly ed25. The Watford game shortly after is just as important. 3 points is 3 points. This idea that dropping points to United in February would be season over is laughable, I really can't understand how people are being so short sighted.

13.) 10 Feb 2019 19:12:57
Exactly Drogie. City are still likely to lose silly games like they have 4 times this season regardless of today.
Chelsea played right in to their hands today and got punished. If you’re going to press City you have to mean it. They were so half hearted they just made it easy for City the play it around them.
Other teams won’t be so lazy.

14.) 10 Feb 2019 20:17:49
We shouldn’t let it intimidate us. Remember 2014? We were blowing teams away and nothing could stop us, not even city when we beat them at anfield. Who ended up winning the title? City did. Its a marathon not a sprint. City plough all their effort into some games and other games don’t really turn up. We are trundling along at a steady pace. Although i have to admit the prospect of playing at Old Trafford with the title on the line is terrifying, even i will go into that game a total pessimist.

{Ed025's Note - the utd game will not decide the title AW, too much emphasis is being put on that game if you ask me, points will be dropped by all of the front 3 before the end mate..

15.) 10 Feb 2019 20:56:21
Nail on the head ed25.We've seen enough examples in the last 6 weeks alone that the premier league is far from predictable.

{Ed025's Note - its a box of frogs mate..

16.) 10 Feb 2019 20:57:59
Perhaps not Ed025 but just the prospect of playing United in general terrifies me. I never enjoy it. No matter the result of the derby i always like the banter and contest, but i just don’t see it that way when playing United. The derby is considered a friendly and competitive fixture by most sane fans. Liverpool v United is just pure bitterness and the thought of losing to them makes me sick to my stomach.

{Ed025's Note - i think they will be more afraid of playing you than you should be of them AW, spurs should have mullered them and their defence is weak mate..

17.) 10 Feb 2019 20:59:50
Spot on, Ed25. The Utd game won't decide a thing esp. with 12 games left (near half a season) . it is the same thing people kept saying months before we went to City and then City got stuffed 3 times and lost the lead. Even Pep said after the Everton game that City will drop points. so people need to give all that stuff a rest.

We are getting healthy at the right time and with the break, TAA, Hendo, Gini, Matip and Lovs have a chance to get fitter and stronger and with the B'mouth win, we will be up for it vs Utd. People need to also understand that Utd have a very porous defence and Leicester and esp. Spurs proved that cos Spurs could have won by 4 goals BUT DDG stood on his head. If they offer us those types of chances and we are on song, they will be punished. I'm looking forward to it, really.

{Ed025's Note - and well you should red wolf, if you cant get up for these type of games then you dont deserve to be in the race mate, these are the type of games that all supporters should relish man..

18.) 10 Feb 2019 21:19:34
You already know what it is, Ed. Always up for a fight. We are in a true DOG FIGHT for the title in the MOST difficult PL season in history. That alone, should get people up and bouncing esp. cos the way Utd play now, suits us perfectly. If we're going to win the PL, we're going to have to get through EVERY team. LET~S GO!

19.) 10 Feb 2019 21:50:04
Speaking a lot of sense there Redwolf! The title race is well and truly on and I for one am going to relish every second of it! Time to get behind the team and forget about this idea that city are invincible.

20.) 11 Feb 2019 01:26:26
Ed025 the only. thing that worries me is ddg. usualy he comes to save really well against us.

{Ed025's Note - hes very good liverbird but hes not a miracle worker, their defence is poor mate and liverpool will score im sure, it will depend on how liverpool defend against their very good attack..



06 Feb 2019 21:50:36
Hats off to Everton they gave Citee a run for their money, just how quickly things can change chance to go 7 pts clear now we are behind on goal difference after 2 very poor performances but things can change all the time hopefully we can get our injured lads back and get a vital win against Bournemouth this Saturday if we put in another lack lustre performance like the last 2 then I'm afraid it could be curtains but let's be positive and hope that the lads can once again find their feet and go again believe people anything is possible. YNWA.

1.) 06 Feb 2019 22:38:22
Perspective is everything, city are top after playing more games, who would of thought it? Our first game in hand is Bournemouth on Saturday and then they play Chelsea, which many have seemed to call an easy game for city but difficult for us. I’m going to enjoy all rival fans and media trying to portray we have bottled it and hopefully stick it to them come May.

Lets not forget this is a team that dropped 6 points in 18 games, yes we are in a dip of form but we can easily turn it on and come Saturday afternoon could be three clear again.

Also since December we have dropped 7 points to city’s 12 but we are the ones throwing it away? All we can do is keep going but let’s hope for the win on Saturday and put some pressure back on city before their game.

2.) 06 Feb 2019 22:43:45
Fact is we played two decent teams and didn’t lose, although I appreciate we should beat these two and Bournemouth (who smashed Chelsea 4-0) if we want the title, there isn’t an easy game and we may have picked up two valuable points come May. So many huge games for the top three coming up against top six sides those games will decide who deserves to be champions.

3.) 06 Feb 2019 22:45:20
A lot can happen in 7 days.

4.) 06 Feb 2019 23:01:12
If City have to play more games than we do just to go top on GD then, I'll take it all day long. This result for them, proves nothing UNTIL we play B'mouth and Utd (which will not be a cake walk) and if we get btw 4 to 6 points then we we will be back on top.

As for the game today, was it just me or were City a bag of nerves as well. They were just as petrified as we were at WH and their play was SUPER disjointed to the point that they created next to NOTHING in the second half and had Everton had a bit more quality and confidence, that City defence was ripe for the taking. Hats off to them for their perf. The other good thing is that Fernandinho (how he finished tonight's game, I will never know) is suspended for the Chelsea game so we will see how they react to that come this weekend.

5.) 06 Feb 2019 23:34:35
Football fans really are not that intelligent are they? Why do we all seem to live in the here and now and think that what’s happening at this moment won’t change?
It wasn’t that long ago that Chelsea were unbeaten and had the best midfield in the league. Hazard was the best player in the world and Sarri a genius. Look at them now.
We won every game in December and have only lost 1 all season but some would have you believe we’ve lost all of our quality and we’re going to step aside for City to romp home.
Look at the bigger picture guys we are in a great position with a great team that’s more than capable of achieving what we all want. If we don’t then we go again next season.

6.) 07 Feb 2019 00:13:34
Well we have lost a lot of quality? And as mentioned Bournemouth are a good team.

7.) 07 Feb 2019 09:03:48
How how we lost quality Dean? Because haven’t played well for a couple of games?
You’ve just proved my point about football fans just looking at the present. We’ve been brilliant for over a year now I really don’t see any reason to think we’re going to continue to play poorly.
Even when we have played poorly we’ve picked up points. Just relax people.

8.) 07 Feb 2019 10:10:04
DeanW, which quality did we lose? Clyne? Don't make me laugh, man. It seems you like to wallow in some kind of self pity BUT hey, that is your choice BUT please, if you're going to do that then, at least do that from a position of facts. We have lost NO quality whatsoever and please don't mention Cou cos he's been gone for over a year now. Get behind the boys and manager and quit feeling sorry for yourself, man.



27 Jan 2019 12:30:00
Afternoon Eds

How do I listen to your most reason sharpod I've entered skarkpod in the search engine but it just brings up posts from last year. Sorry if I'm being a thick here just don't want to be asking stupid questions apart from this one 😁 about stuff that is probably covered in the latest skarkpod.


{Ed033's Note - You can't spell. It's Sharkopod 20.

1.) 27 Jan 2019 14:08:51
Ha ha no in my defence that's the bloody predictive text but your right ed033 I was putting in skarkpod not sharkopod told ya it was a stupid question big up for setting me straight and for the spelling lesson 😂😂.

2.) 27 Jan 2019 14:49:25
Try searching Skunkpod.

3.) 27 Jan 2019 18:13:39
Dont search skunk pod on Google. Don't think you'll like the results.

4.) 27 Jan 2019 21:11:48
Don't Google image it whatever you do haha.

5.) 27 Jan 2019 17:26:31
Amazing 😂.



20 Jan 2019 08:44:18
Morning Eds
Tough but great win yesterday any news on the injury front esp Fab, TAA and Gomez need them all back fit for Leceister game.

1.) 20 Jan 2019 23:20:45
I think all that is possoble to know right now os that they are injured.




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12 Apr 2019 16:50:34
Hope not, totally overrated only a mid table type player wouldn't touch him with a 40ft barge pole.



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07 Jan 2019 22:25:45
Agree about Gomez has been fantastic this season but injury record not great for a youngster if you want to be the best in the world you have to have the best players what's to say Gomez couldn't play full back more solid than TAA imo. Defence :-Alisonn, Gomez, Van Diyk, Koulibaly, Robertson if that's not enough to get you excited I don't know what is Ed0333.

{Ed0333's Note - Gomez is no right back mate he’s too haphazard there. I’m sure Koulibaly would be VVD money and I’m not sure we will spend that amount on a player again.



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07 Jan 2019 22:11:59
Hope your trying to wind us up as we have enough rubbish at the club without adding another average player if we are in the market for another world class centre half then test Napoli's resolve and make a proper bid for Koulibaly.

{Ed0333's Note - And what message does that send to joe Gomez who was playing out of his skin before his injury.



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18 Jul 2018 22:04:33
He'd get his place in the Everton team no bother 😁 ed25 . Look all joking aside a decent player but only in dribs and drabs has a great 25mins then wouldn't hear his name mentioned for the rest of the game be sorry to see him leave I've actually grown to like him but he would only be a squad player aside from injuries and that probably needs to be playing week in week out but won't get that at Liverpool this season plus we have to trim the squad he wouldn't be my 1st choice to go by a long shot but things need to be balanced out in all fairness.

{Ed025's Note - i have to be honest zippy he would probably do a decent job for us mate, but liverpool are on a different planet at the moment and you dont win titles with the likes of gini in your team im afraid..



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08 Jul 2018 12:06:20
Cheers mate looking forward to a few good auld derby battles this season best of luck to u and all the blue noses enjoy what's left of the weekend bud 😁.




NOTSOZIPPY's banter replies


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10 Feb 2019 18:01:31
I have no doubt Kimuraking that Chelski will not be as bad as they were today when they play us they will probably have a new manager by then mate and id take 1 nil wins all day long for the next 12 games but it's going to be so hard to do so however if we play to our full potential and at a high tempo then we can beat anybody let's hope we are up for it against utd we need to be full stop.



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27 Jan 2019 14:08:51
Ha ha no in my defence that's the bloody predictive text but your right ed033 I was putting in skarkpod not sharkopod told ya it was a stupid question big up for setting me straight and for the spelling lesson 😂😂.



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31 Jul 2018 20:00:05
Big up Firmane and Kramer much appreciated 👍.



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31 Jul 2018 17:27:30
Cheers Firmane mate did u hear anything bout Kieta's injury going to Dublin Saturday to hopefully catch a glimpse looks a proper player.



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31 Jul 2018 17:27:30
Cheers Firmane mate did u hear anything bout Kieta's injury going to Dublin Saturday to hopefully catch a glimpse looks a proper player.