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10 Jul 2014 22:26:33
Hi Ed's

Do you know if we hold any interest in jackson martinez from porto?
I Hope we do as I believe he has the fire power to replace suarez.
Also I personally think sanchez was over rated and over paid. Glad he did not choose us due to his missus not wanting to live in merseyside.

Any info on lovren on the deal?



{Ed001's Note - No interest in him from us that I know of. I totally disagree on Sanchez, I would have loved him to sign for us. As far as I know there is no change on Lovren, but I am pretty sure he is away on holiday at the moment, and he will be sitting down and speaking to the club when he returns.}

1.) 11 Jul 2014 07:47:52
Sanchez is a great player bit if he had to sign for anyone else I would have picked Arsenal. They just spent 30m strengthening the position that is by far their strongest with Walcott, Ox, Podolski, Carzola and Gnaby (and sometimes Wilshere and Ramsey slotting in as well)

2.) I don't think that it was a case of his wife/girlfriend not wanting to live on Merseyside (or any English city for that matter) - she wants to live in London. It's certainly attractive to many people.

3.) I'm gutted about Sanchez. During the previous WC and whilst still at Udinese, I rated him at that time as possibly world's best player.
Barcelona has stifled him. Great player, and one of only a couple worthy of (trying) to replace Suarez.

No chance of him, or Falcao so I don't think we should try and replace Suarez, but look at where the better players are in the world for other positions.

At the end of last season I made a few vague shouts for J Martinez, Sissoko at Newcastle and even Debuchy as latter two wouldn't break the bank, then put your money where it's needed.



12 Jan 2014 19:12:33
I swear I saw yarmolenko sat in the box with kenny dalglish today at the stoke game?


1.) Now that you say it I didn't recognize the 2 fellas who Kenny was sat with but now I reckon one of them could of been him, not sure if that's just in my mind as I didn't really take too much notice. Anyone else got any idea?

2.) Eds please tell me this nonsense?

{Ed001's Note - no idea who Kenny was sat with today, sorry.}

3.) No you didnt, that was someone who works in chapel street

4.) Yarmolenko my ar5e. That was me near the King.




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14 Feb 2015 23:03:00
Just like to say a massive WELL DONE TO MARIO.
I have stuck by this guy from day one and wanted him in as a dream move and totally was shocked and disgraced what he put in on arrival.
Brendan you are a genius if you can get this guy motivated.
Carry on working hard Mario, The Rewards are coming. YNWA




18 Jan 2015 20:25:23
Hi Ed's

With our quiet blue neighbours not doing so well and with my prediction they will scrap a relegation battle.
Would you think the transfer of Ross Barkley in the summer may happen. We know we have had plenty of blue fans playing in the red jersey down the year's.
Would this not make sense to buy the Scouse born lad.
Disagree if i am wrong but he would be wasted talent at Man City :/


{Ed002's Note - Not to Liverpool.}

1.) He will go to utd or one of the hollow clubs with the massive cash

2.) He is a great player on his day, but why? He is terribly inconsistent (what is it, 1 goal in 15 games this season or something?) And he'd cost an absolute bomb. Coutinho is in a different league. As is Sterling to be honest.

Rather buy a keeper first and would avoid luxury players like Barkley who only turn it on once a month.

3.) He is on the same level as them to be fair

4.) He is overrated and inconsistent and NOT worth even half of the fee people are going on about. We have better players (Couts, Sterling and dare I say, Marko) than he is who have or are proving their worth at a big club where expectations are huge so while he is the one-eyed king in the land of the blind at Everton so no thanks. He can go to the clubs who are dumb enuf to pay the ridiculous fee the bitters will be asking for.

5.) I do like coutinho, but he isn't miles better! He's inconsistent too. And I think he's got only 2 goals in probably more games. He's more powerful than most of our forwards, and still has vast potential! Never going to buy him though, let's be honest.

6.) EMS, how many goals does Coutinho score? Not a lot at all. He's the worst shooter in the league.

7.) Derbyshire, I rather think that distinction belongs to Mario who has played far less minutes than Coutinho, taken more shots, and scored even less.

8.) Coutinho like Sterling, is proving his worth at a big club where you have nowhere to hide if you don`t play well due to the pressure and big expectations from fans and media alike while Barkley can go 3 games w/o one good perf and the media will never b on his back because Everton does NOT command the pressure and expectations of a big club like LFC. It is on that basis alone that Barkley is NOT in Couts and Raheem`s class. Come back the day he starts doing it at a big cub like they are doing it now.

9.) A keeper

10.) Coutinho: 2 goals, 2 assists, 1397 minutes (goal/assist every 349 mins)
Sterling: 4 goals, 5 assists, 1797 minutes (goal/assist every 200 mins)

Barkley: 1 goal, 1 assist, 1055 minutes (goal/assist every 528 mins)

Coutinho is a player who relies on pace and movement ahead of him so he can use his vision to hurt the opposition. Hence why he has only really come alive since Sterling and Borini have started playing up front. The fact that despite his poor shooting, Coutinho has still outscored Barkley who is supposedly good at shooting just epitomises how over rated Barkley is at the moment. I have no doubt he will be a great player, but we already have better players.

I know these are only basic stats but I think all 3 players are so similar in their overall game the only thing worth comparing is how effective they are in the final 3rd. Barkley is last by some margin.

{Ed001's Note - what about number of shots? How about the number of times they are able to get themselves in a position to take shots? Where are the shots from? Etc etc. These stats are just meaningless. As the players are playing differing positions, also Barkley plays for a different team with a differing style and different players to try and assist. You need a lot more than just goals and assists for it to mean anything at all.}

11.) I know Ed, the stats aren't the basis to my argument, just a response to the people arguing that Coutinho is less effective.

I couldn't be bothered to go into detail at 7am on a Monday morning ;)

Even without stats I think Coutinho and Sterling are both better players purely down to their superior technical ability and tactical nous.

Barkley is just tall, fast, strong and has a hard shot. His touch is so inconsistent. You never know whether he is going to kill the ball dead or whether it's going to bounce off him 5 yards. I still think he'll be a good player capable of winning games single handedly but he'll be a passenger in about 3 quarters of the games he plays in.

Coutinho still has a lot of improving to do but the fact a player of Coutinho's technical brilliance is even disputed as being not as good as Barkley who is merely fast and strong virtually sums up everything wrong with English football in my opinion.

{Ed001's Note - I haven't watched Barkley for a while, last time I saw him he didn't move right. Not sure how to explain that, as I would need to watch a lot more to see if it is his natural gait or if he was carrying something. He did spend time out with injury shortly afterwards, but I want to know if it is his natural gait, as it needs to be fixed if so, otherwise he will end up injury prone.

I do think that could be the cause of his inconsistency, as his body is not relaxed when moving, not properly, and that tensing will cause a touch to be off at times. If that is not sorted, then he will just be another wasted talent.}

12.) 19 Jan 2015 09:07:17
As I said, my argument is not based purely on goal scoring or assists but if anybody is interested these are the shooting stats.

Sterling: 21 on target, 17 off target, 14 blocked. 55% shooting accuracy (excludes blocked shots) and an 8% conversion rate.

Coutinho: 14 on target, 15 off target, 19 blocked. 48% shooting accuracy (excludes blocked shots) and 4% conversion rate.

Barkley 7 on target, 9 off target, 10 blocked. 44% shooting accuracy (excludes blocked shots) and a 4% conversion rate.

Worth noting that Countinho has a marginally better conversion rate than Barkley but both rounded to 4%.

To summarise, Barkley might score the odd screamer but his shooting is actually no better than Coutinho's; and we know how bad that is. Conversion rates include blocked shots btw.

I'm sorry lads but no amount of argument will convince me Barkley is not over rated. Even without stats I think Sterling and Coutinho are better but even if you look into them in more detail, Barkley is still behind them both and shooting is considered one of Barkleys strengths, whereas everyone is well aware Coutinho and Sterling need to work on their shooting. So either they're both under rated, or Barkley is over rated. Your call and that depends on your viewpoint. My point is that Barkley is not in Sterling or Coutinho's league right now based mainly on watching all 3 players regularly and backed up by stats.

{Ed001's Note - where are they taking the shots from?}

13.) You sound like Fergie Ed001 ;) in all seriousness though you are correct. He runs fast but very awkwardly. He seems to hunch his back and doesn't extend his knees fully.

It may be how he chooses to run subconsciously as it does give him a low centre of gravity despite standing straight at about 188cm!

{Ed001's Note - it is just something I have noticed that I didn't like. He needs to get that fixed or he will always be finding the ball bouncing off him at unexpected times. Good coaching staff, with England or Everton, should have already picked that up and worked on it. I am shocked they haven't, as Everton's youth staff is among the best in the country.}

14.) Unfortunately Ed001 my best mate is a toffee so I'm forced to watch Barkley, Naismith, Lukaku, MGeady, Stones and Jagielka on a far too regular basis.

Thankfully, Mirallas and Baines make it bearable!

{Ed001's Note - I am not sure Mirallas is one I would consider making it bearable, vile little player he is, though he does have some real quality about his play.}

15.) I don't consider where they're shooting from as relevant in a debate as to who is better. Barkley and Coutinho both take on shots from much further out that Sterling but in my opinion that is one of their flaws. Shooting from silly positions doesn't justify scoring less goals for me as the best thing to do is just accept you're not as good as you think you are and roll it sideways to somebody else or try and play it in behind. Sterling knows he won't score many from distance so he usually looks for a clever one two to get him in behind. Barkley has the pace to do that too. Coutinho on the other hand does not so he needs people running in behind for him to give himself options. I don't think any of the 3 are particularly good at shooting if I'm being honest. I just think Coutinho and Sterling have more to their game. Coutinho can control a midfield and Sterling is just better in the final third. All 3 are slightly different players but Barkley isn't in the same league as either yet for me. Whilst they are coping with the expectations of finishing in the top 4 and creating or scoring goals regularly, Barkley will be hero worshipped for scoring a few good goals that help to stave off relegation. None of them have been blessed with good strikers ahead of them this season.

I love Mirallas the player but hate Mirallas the person!

{Ed001's Note - where they are shooting from impacts on the chances of hitting the target. Also, if you have a rocket of a shot like Barkley, it makes more sense to shoot from further out than it does if you are Sterling. Then there is the question about options, if you get the ball within shooting range and have a clear sight of goal with no options in front of you to pass to in a better position, you are more likely to shoot. So where are the other players on the pitch when they are shooting? Only we know Coutinho often takes shots on with players in better positions as we see it each week, but is Barkley? Or is he finding that he doesn't have the movement in front of him so is having to try and do it all himself?

It is easy to say Sterling and Coutinho are better, but how much of that is because of the better players they have to play with?}

16.) If where they're shooting from has an impact on whether they hit the target then the lower conversion rate would suggest they are shooting from the wrong places! I do think Barkley is injury prone already and massively over-rated. Is he any better than Rodwell? Give me sterling and coutinho any day over Barkley.

17.) Barkley is exctly the same Ed. I thought Lukaku was going to choke slam him once because he decided to shoot rather than slide an easy pass in behind.

He is so frustrating to watch and unlike Coutinho, when he isn't scoring he offers very little. It's gotten to the point where my mate wants them to start Naismith in the No.10 role because "he offers more".

Lukaku for all his flaws is always lookng to run in behind and Barkley just doesn't have the vision to see his runs.

I do agree though that Sterling and Coutinho have better team mates when everyone is fit.

18.) Ha, my best mate is a blue too, however watching the football with him has proved far more fun this season, from my red perspective anyway.



17 Jan 2015 11:30:36
Hi Ed's.

Just a small rumour regarding Sterling. I have heard that he had been holding out contract talk's with the owner's to get clarification of Brendan's Job in the future before committing after the appalling start to the season.
Also thumbs up for Jordon Ibe coming back :)


1.) We discussed this rumor here about a week ago.



06 Jul 2014 12:21:59
Hi Ed

Do you think the Neymar injury will hinder the suarez situation. Possibly Neymar might not be fully fit for a while and clearly suarez will get a reduced ban now?
I would surely now say we are in driving seat to convince the catalan giants of a bigger fee to prise our best asset if not one of the most in form striker's at present time. Or could that mean sanchez will stay and fight for a place.

Many thanks


{Ed001's Note - it is not relevant.}

1.) 06 Jul 2014 12:33:49
Without Sanchez getting sold. Barca won't buy anyone. They don't have money

2.) Hes out for 6 weeks max why would this affect barca



10 Jun 2014 09:37:12
Hi Ed's. Thanks for the great speculation feedback once again after a very successful season I must say. Odds on us to get into top 4 ;) though giving the richest team in sport, a good run for there money and going on a unbelievable unbeatable run from the new year in the premiership. In Brendan we trust from day one. I must say that the early business strikes me to think that we won't be held judgemental for the early signings. Ricky Lambert is going too be a success this world cup I think. Emre Can, well to be honest I have not heard of this young german. Let's hope Big Sammi Hyypia had mentioned something.





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14 Feb 2015 22:58:50
I think his time is up. Another Martin Kelly Saga.




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12 Feb 2015 10:27:11
Feel really sorry for the lad. Agger did say YNWA ;)




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12 Feb 2015 10:25:51
One wonder goal and he get's a new contract ? Rather cash in on him and bring another youngster through.




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26 Jan 2015 15:54:59
This is Nonsense. We played our best game against spurs. Sterling, Balotelli, Sturridge.


{Ed001's Note - so what is your point? We have been hawking Balo around for months now, so what is that to do with one, yes one, good performance?}



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26 Jan 2015 15:53:16
Utter Nonsense.
The Lad has not played this season and he was a key figure to our defence last season. He will be a star of the future that's for sure.





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At times I must say we did just so awful at the hurdle. but how brendan handled january transfer situation and bring in two fantastic young prodigy players is very satisfying for the latter half of the season I must say it was a shame to beat spurs at home then go away and lose to a desperate southampton was on my belief but that is football and maybe next season lol we can make up on those hiccups. Again I really hope brendan will make swift quiet transfers and get the team ready for what lies ahead.




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Yeah but if you look at our Gerrard & Carragher mould do you think we would of won what they achieved? I think your mental mate, your thought is way set below your standard of what I mention. I simply say a replacement of gerrard. I compared to yaya, fair enough they bought him from a very good barcelona, but we must think ahead as fans to what is next in our (no 8) gerrard is simply not getting younger, and to see carragher go at 35 is a scarey thought when gerrard is 33. I think in all dues we should be looking a top classic game changer who is hungry to play.