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06 Nov 2017 19:17:04
Not that we have any interest Ed01. If David Luis become available do you think he would be a good target for Liverpool to go for given our centre half issues or would you steer clear?


{Ed001's Note - David Luiz is not what we need. His strengths lie in being great on the ball, his defending is not good enough for us. When he was acting as a sweeper, with two out-and-out defenders alongside him he was excellent but we do not have that.}

1.) 07 Nov 2017 06:12:01
Cheers ed01.

{Ed001's Note - I still say we should have gone all out for Christensen from them before anyone else. He had been outstanding in the Bundesliga and is a much better player than van Dijk.}

2.) 07 Nov 2017 06:46:14
Christensen looked really composed against Utd. The best of the Chelsea CBs and Conte seeme to agree now so next to impossible to sign him now.
Still think Manolas is the best attainable option out there.

3.) 07 Nov 2017 07:34:27
I agree Ed1
But wasn't he on loan from Chelsea?

{Ed001's Note - he was, yes, but he was unsure of his place at Chelsea for this season initially and there was a chance of convincing him to move for the prospect of certain football.}

4.) 07 Nov 2017 18:45:11
Christensen was very good vs Utd and has been good whenever he has played this season. I would not mind Kurt Zouma as well as he has all the tools to be a great CB BUT Chelsea simply won't sell him to us.

{Ed002's Note - if Chelsea were looking to sell why would they not sell to Liverpool?

5.) 07 Nov 2017 22:43:40
Ed02, I guess that means they are not willing to sell.



30 Oct 2017 21:29:28
Ed01 if your about or anyone else for that matter. If Liverpool had to recruit a new manager say in the summer (I hope we don't by the way as I like Klopp) and it had to be an UK (British/ Irish) manager only! Who would you pick and why?

I am posting this based on a number of home based managers saying they don't get a look in so just interested in people's thoughts. I know Ed25 will have some thoughts given Unsworth at Everton with Dyche tipped as a potential.

Mine would be Lee Johnson or Gary Rowett. I must admit that it is based on small amounts of what I have seen with both managers but both doing well and Lee with a team that has been poor in previous seasons but spent less than most teams in that division pushing for promotion and playing good football.



{Ed001's Note - not Rowett, he makes Tony Pulis seem like Pep Guardiola in terms of quality of football. Lee Johnson was on the verge of the sack not so long ago, but he is an interesting shout. For me the likes of Dyche need to take the next step up first, somewhere like Stoke would be perfect for him and he would not struggle to improve on Hughes. Chris Hughton is a lovely bloke but his football is too defensive. Paul Clement is not a manager in a million years, so he would be out. I would have to go with the same person Ed002 suggested for Everton - Glenn Hoddle. Though it is mainly because there is so little in the way of genuine options.}

1.) 30 Oct 2017 23:02:52
There's not many when you think about it, I wouldn't want any personally, none are big enough for Liverpool and to say that is a shame, it's all foreign managers now, there's nobody here really to wow us.

2.) 31 Oct 2017 00:36:06
Chris Wilder is doing a pretty decent job at Sheffield Utd.

3.) 31 Oct 2017 00:57:02
I would be well pleased if hoddle were our new manager. I love klopp too. I think glen would win us that league.

4.) 30 Oct 2017 22:46:13
Nice one Ed01 it infuriates me how so many claim hard done by yet haven't got a clue!

Thanks for the reply and providing such a fantastic site.

{Ed001's Note - you are very welcome mate but I should have mentioned Wilder! Mushroom4 makes a great shout there, he is working wonders and he would have to be the one you would take a chance on from the lower leagues.}

5.) 31 Oct 2017 04:51:29
What’s the thinking on Eddie Howe?

{Ed001's Note - personally I do not rate him. He has had a much larger budget than the likes of Dyche, but has taken the team backwards. He struggles tactically and does not get the best out of his players plus they are so boring to watch. Passing for passing's sake is not good football to me.}

6.) 31 Oct 2017 06:29:46
Very interesting thread however if any of the names mentioned became Liverpool manager this place and general fan base would probably combust. Would be interesting to see if someone like Hughton for example would be good enough to tweak his tactics if managing better players.
If we were looking for a manager would linders be under consideration at all he is clearly a highly rated coach.

{Ed001's Note - at the moment, no, but there is high hopes he will be in the future.}

7.) 31 Oct 2017 07:08:48
I like Hoddle as I think his knowledge of the game is right up there. However, I think man management is as much a part of the game as almost anything these days. I'm not sure he has the charisma/ man management skills.

A complete dearth of options though.

8.) 31 Oct 2017 09:26:22
Brendan Rodgers again.

9.) 31 Oct 2017 10:26:22
I think Ljinders with time, may take over from Klopp (hopefully after a successful spell with us) as he is an integral part of his coaching staff esp. with bringing the young players through to the first team and knows our system inside out.

10.) 31 Oct 2017 12:15:44
Man managementand charisma would mean very little if we were sat at the top of the league. He was the last true good England manager. He is a buddist and was stitched up by the media and I don't blame him for wanting out. People dislike him coz he is a Londoner but are happy to have a German manager. Priorities guys. I think he would have won something with England if he had the chance. He really was a brilliant manager.

11.) 31 Oct 2017 17:09:50
With regards to Hoddle, don't mention his name in Wolverhampton as he was a complete disaster there. Whenever I mention his name in a positive way to my Wolves mates they tell me where to go!



10 Sep 2017 17:14:30

I have to agree with you on the Mane red even if it wasn't intentional. however having just seen Ritchie for Newcastle against Swansea a few moments ago he jumps head height to nudge the ball on with his foot and studs showing and tge defender luckily didn't get caught as full on so managed to stay on his feet and you see ritchie mouth I didn't see him and gets a yellow for it!

There has to be some consistency with the refereeing in this country which just aggregates me!

Have you seen the incident and what are your thoughts on the refereeing in the Prem?


{Ed001's Note - we were literally discussing that on our editor's widget then. We all feel Ritchie should have got a red and refereeing inconsistencies are a major problem. There was one in the earlier game as well, McArthur went flying in with his boot head high to try and get on the end of a ball, right by two defenders. That one never even got given as a foul.}

1.) 10 Sep 2017 17:38:07
Ed, Mane's challenge was a red, no question. I think the main reason it is a red is that Ederson got to the ball first and got a face full of studs. There is no way on earth where this scenario will not get a red card. Now, I have not seen the incidents you have mentioned above with Jonpow so I cannot comment. The lesson here is that in that situation, you don't raise your leg that high a for a head-level ball like that as that in itself is dangerous play. If he goes with his head, regardless of the outcome, Mane is not getting sent off and that should be the issue closed, IMO.

{Ed001's Note - that is the thing mate, all 3 incidents were needless. The ball is at head height, it does not take a genius to realise you go with your head.}

2.) 10 Sep 2017 17:58:04
Thanks Ed01! Yeah just seen that other incident and cannot believe nothing was given.

I was lower end amature football player in the Liverpool county com league and if a ball is head height you go for it with your head! Don't see why players try to use their feet at that height.

3.) 10 Sep 2017 18:16:23
I think the emphasis is on the player's judgement. Mane tried something (to get the ball ahead of the keeper) but got it all wrong and got the keeper in the face. To me he got a red because his poor judgement endangered another player.

If the player judges it right and safely wins the ball then that should be encouraged but the lesson should be only go for it if it's safe to do so.

4.) 10 Sep 2017 18:39:08
My god if you think any of those are red cards you need to watch a different sport. Tiddlywinks or something maybe? This is a mans game and men get hurt playing it. I've had so many broken bones playing football it's unreal but you accept it. If Mane's is a red then you can chalk off Can's overhead kick from last season along with Rooney's and Andy Carrols because by kicking the ball from that height is endangering the opposition so they should all have been sent off. We have to be very careful here because without contact the sport will be boring and that's the way we are going. I'm sick of the holyer than thou brigade copy and pasting exerts from the rule book as 'proof' he should've been sent off. If that's the case then every time someone raises a boot above stomach height they have to go. It's the action of the player that warrants the card not the result of that action. Us that have played a lot of football know the cynical challenges that should be punished with red cards. I mean the over the top leg breakers or two footed lunges that can end a career. What happened yesterday was not that is was an accidental coming together but if we're now saying that's a red then let's be consistent but we'll end up with 8 a side.

{Ed002's Note - These sorts of posts are really embarrassing to read. It is all stemming from the standard Liverpool fan approach to blame someone else.}

5.) 10 Sep 2017 18:52:57
A bit like certain manager he's blamed everyone from the ballboy, to the ref, to the team doctor to the fans and the opposing manager! He must have Scouse ancestry. 😂.

6.) 10 Sep 2017 19:04:29
Again Mane could of seriously hurt Ederson. I don't think the problem is him getting a red, it's there doesn't seem to be consistency among refs.

Is raising your foot high when no one is around dangerous play? No. But then how close does someone need to be for it to be considered dangerous?

Should it be a yellow for accidental? How do you prove it's accidental, or intentional?

This is all part of the drama that makes football exciting.

Although yesterday's sending off ruined what was supposed to be the biggest game so far this season.

The refs are employed for their judgement, hopefully someone clarifys the rules, so all judgements are the consistent. However to do that, you need to take the human out of the decision making.

7.) 10 Sep 2017 19:12:40
That was an over the top jaw breaker. The keeper is lucky to have escaped serious injury.

I did not think it was red at the time, doesn't help that the commentary was saying it was bit a red, but watching it back now fair sending off.

The more worrying issue is that we can't defend. If Klopp had an ounce of understanding about defending he would have drilled them to defend with their lives and possibly nick a goal from a set piece.



25 Aug 2017 23:21:35
This website is a fantastic website and the best and most accurate out there!

People are peddling about couts behaving badly and refusing to train. VVD has done the same and Costa! Well don't get me started.

I have seen people say is it not against their contract or should the not honour it. I have seen ed02 reply with his/ her reply of "But you want VVD"

As far as I am aware, if the players have a contract of employment they need to adear to that contract as per the agreed terms. The fact they don't such as Couts or VVD means they want better things. By that, Couts wants him and his family a warmer and better life in sunny Barcelona with a great chance of trophies!

If VVD pushes and gets his way (aside of the wrongful tapping up) then I would suggest that he sees that as a step up with the potential to win things.

What puzzles me is that we try to look at this on a working-class level! You can't. and by this, if you got offered a 50k a year job but your work said no you cannot leave us! You would tell them where to go?

All though a fooballer cannot directly do that! These footballers want what is best for them and their family as do I! No real loyalties just money. growth. trophies etc.

A top end player like couts will have no issues with a few fines based on hi wage!


1.) 25 Aug 2017 23:52:20
Can’t really use Costa in that comparison, he was told he will not be part or chelskis plans whereas we want (ed) to keep Couts and Southampton want to keep VVD.

2.) 26 Aug 2017 01:43:10
Thing is, Everton want Costa, and I don't blame them for six months.

Some serious snarlers with him and Rooney, which can win you trophies, especially with both having a proven track record in the league, with bags of European experience.

If I was Koeman and many of my majority bitter yet tongue in cheek "you stopped us in Europe" friends, I reckon a short term loan of an experienced player of that quality could win them a massive European trophy this year.

Win win for me.

3.) 26 Aug 2017 02:58:02
Your jobs not going to make you sign a contract and also doesn't need to "own" you in the sense that football clubs do. if a club can't protect its assets then there is no way to survive.

4.) 26 Aug 2017 06:13:50
Lol, Costa is not going to Everton.

5.) 26 Aug 2017 08:52:07
OP, simple solution. If you want to break a contract, buy yourself out of it and become a free agent. NFL and NBA players do it all the time when they can. Vitolo of Seville bought himself out of his contract this summer to join Atleti. Didn't hear anyone complaining about that.

If Cou and VVD want to break their contracts, they can buy themselves out of it and then repay all the bonuses and pro-rated wage hikes they got and then problem solved. Till then, they had better find a better way to negotiate a way out otherwise, they will have to stay.

{Ed002's Note - They can't buy themselves out. Nonsense. You need to find something else to post about as yours are getting more and more stupid.}

6.) 26 Aug 2017 14:31:56
Hey just want everyone's opinions on who are the most reliable journalists regarding LFC news. Apart from James Pearce who I already know.

7.) 26 Aug 2017 14:32:03
The difference between Coutinho and VVD is that one wants to join a bigger club the other wants to join a sinking ship at the expense of the club who made him who he is.

8.) 26 Aug 2017 15:16:07
Top level football is nothing like any contract we could ever earn or understand, there is so much money involved and too many corrupt 'amazingly clever people in suits. Where there's money there is always greed and fair play to Rick Parry (the rat) and the Premier League for getting on it.

FIFA and UEFA hold all the cards, make up all the rules as they go on. I don't stress about it no more I don't care who we sell or sign as long as we win and hopefully play well, happy days. Everyone's too worried about the cash instead of enjoying boss footy.



13 Aug 2017 17:03:24
Ed02 if your about.

A lot of people talk about players and their contracts and also the way to approach a club correctly about buying a player which we have not done.

How does it work regarding a current manager? Can they just resign from their position or is tgeir a rule on how a coach/ manager of another club has to be approached first through their current club and can clubs refuse this?

Got me thinking if Klopp left 2018 season for BM and FSG and the board decided we would like Pochettino or Allegri how would should they go about it and what would generally be involved? Is it different from country to country or the same. are there any restrictions etc?

Thanks in advance if you have the time to respond!




{Ed002's Note - Managers are contracted in a similar way to players Jon. If Liverpool wished to approach a manager contracted to another side they would make some "discreet" enquiries, typically via a third party, to establish if they would be open to an approach and then they would have to contact that manager's club to say that they would like to speak with him.}

1.) 13 Aug 2017 19:03:55
Thank you so much Ed02! Very much appriciated.




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21 Jul 2017 21:08:11
Would it not be in the interest of both parties then Ed02 for Liverpool (As we caused this mess) to do the right thing and ask what Southampton want and just pay it without any low balling or more pi** taking?

Do you think based on Macca's post Liverpool will move forward and pay a substantial fee which is our own doing to make the transfer happen?

Thanks in advance



{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what Macca has written. I have explain what would need to be done.}



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20 Jul 2017 23:30:02
Ed02 I thought Barcelona are looking at bidding for Kylian Mbappe? Have you heard anything like this?


{Ed002's Note - This is the Liverpool page. Try the European pages or the Barcelona page.}



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08 Jun 2017 17:34:22
I agree on that ED01 thinking more if we could say let's give you 50 million and let's be done with the matter but it obviously isn't that straight forward

Cheers for your input ed01.


{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}



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08 Jun 2017 15:56:59
Ed01 do you think it would make more financial sense and for tge good of the club to say to Southampton. look we are at fault it will be investigated and dealt with it will not happen again. The player wants a move what cost are you looking at. They say x amount and we as a club say here you go. Our apologies and let's sort a friendly with you getting the proceeds and all parties can move on.

This way we get a player and learn a lesson and aviod a ban with Southampton getting a good financial gain in the process and moving towards building bridges and some form of relationship with them again.

Thanks in advance



{Ed001's Note - that would depend on how much Southampton asked for! If they turned round and said £100m then it would make no sense at all. However that does seem the most sensible way to fix this.}



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06 Jun 2017 13:28:40
ED01 it was suggested that VVD's agent approached us and that we had no interest in signing a CB this summer but as the player was interested in joining then we have moved forward with this.

I am slightly confused and a little disappointed if we have not learnt from previous mistakes as we should of approached the club at that point.

Do you know anymore other than what the press are saying on it ED01?



{Ed001's Note - not yet.}




Jonpow's banter replies


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14 Nov 2017 16:12:26
Hey Ed01

Based on the Rafa way of setting up his teams and the training and tactical side. do you think based on the players we have currently he would have a successful team if managing us now?

Just based on how quick we attack. if we had the deep lying defence well prepared and drilled with lighting quick counter would it work in your opinion?



{Ed001's Note - not really, he would look for a different midfield.}



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10 Nov 2017 17:41:46
The Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri who looks to be an excellent manager or Massimiliano Allegri the Juventus manager.




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07 Nov 2017 06:12:01
Cheers ed01.


{Ed001's Note - I still say we should have gone all out for Christensen from them before anyone else. He had been outstanding in the Bundesliga and is a much better player than van Dijk.}



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05 Nov 2017 19:51:32
Nice one Ed01! Great read on a great player 🖒.




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05 Nov 2017 09:03:50
Brilliant read Ed01! Thanks for this.

Do you see Klopp changing completely to this style going forward? I get tge impression over the last three games watching the team tgey appear to have moved towards thatcset up and positioning.


{Ed001's Note - thank you Jon. I think it is a case of horses for courses, though he does like the back 3/4 switch he is using a lot.}