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26 Dec 2016 16:53:04
When exactly are Chelsea going to get found out then guys?

I thought they'd miss costa but it hasn't happened.

Most on here say they will get found out but they won 12 on the trot that's most of the league lol.

Dot Cotten

1.) 26 Dec 2016 17:05:45
Didnt do too bad without Costa today Harry!

2.) 26 Dec 2016 17:08:17
Patience Dot.
It took LFC until 36 games to get "found out" in 2013/ 14 but we did.
Liverpool has to just keep taking care of their own business and be ready for the Chelsea slump.

3.) 26 Dec 2016 17:09:42
Well it won't happen against Bournemouth at home especially the way they are playing.

4.) 26 Dec 2016 17:35:56
I fou really thought they would miss Costa at home vs Bournmouth then, you are definitely setting yourself up for disappointment. As Ron said, Let`s focus on ourselves, win our games and make sure when we play them, we beat them as we will have the chance to affect their results. Someone once said, "If want something done right, do it yourself".

5.) 26 Dec 2016 17:55:10
Chelsea are the best team in the league . E=mc2 x costa and hazard =the league . It's not rocket science.

6.) 26 Dec 2016 18:05:03
Gonna be harder to beat them now that we won't have Firmino and Mane.

7.) 26 Dec 2016 19:06:25
I don't think we are qualified to say that any club with proven winners in it is culpable of being "found out".

8.) 26 Dec 2016 19:56:27
It's alright praising Costa and Hazard, but where were they last season when things were going tough?

Great team, but I have my suspicions that there are still some temperamental players at Chelsea, and a slip-up of some sort may result in a hissy fit from some.

Let's wait and see.

9.) 26 Dec 2016 20:36:37
2 clean sheets in 2 away matches in a row. Hardly leaking goals Sweet Cheeks.

10.) 26 Dec 2016 21:14:31
2013/ 14 Ron.

11.) 26 Dec 2016 23:01:01
Harry is right in terms of the 13/ 14 season there was nothing to be 'found out' we where leaking goals like it was nothing hence why we didn't win the league. We where out scoring teams in the same way we do now, it's just that season our attack stayed injury free for the most part which was the only reason we challenged for so long otherwise we would have been lucky to get top 4. If we had a resolute team from back to front that didn't leak goals and found ways of winning any game then yes but we weren't like that then and so far we aren't like that this season. The difference is they're only certain teams Chelsea can drop points against and we are definitely one of them, but we could drop points against anyone. I think we will remain consistent for the most part but Chelsea have proven they will too. So a lot has to go wrong for Chelsea to drop off from now until the end of the season, or should I say go right in our case.

12.) 27 Dec 2016 00:44:45
You can't just expect Chelsea to be found out without Kante and Costa merely in one game against Bournemouth at home.

13.) 27 Dec 2016 00:45:32
13/ 14 was three seasons ago so drawing parallels from that team tp this one, is a false equivalence. Also, can we dispense with this notion that we are currently just outscoring teams like we did in 13/ 14 as that is simply not true.

We have beaten teams as much as 4-1, 5-1, 6-1 this season with the one goal coming when the game is already dead and buried. The Arsenal game was already at 4-1 before ending at 4-3, we have a much better defensive system (not great, I know) than we had then cos we currently have the 7th best defensive record in the PL. We concede the least amount of shots (7 or 8 per game, as against 12 per game in 13/ 14) and NOT one time did we have games where we had next to nothing to do in 13/ 14 whereas, we have had many games where that has happened this season including a Merseyside derby at Everton. Let that sink in, for a moment.

All I mentioned above, does not correlate with us outscoring teams like we did in 13/ 14. However, w are dominating, winning and in some cases, blowing teams away but not without our self inflicted wounds. I do agree with part of Kman`s post that we are more consistent and it seems we are the only ones that have and can hurt them and whether they can keep it up or not, we still have to focus on our own games. We shall see.

14.) 27 Dec 2016 08:28:38
Why are people confident we would beat chelsea at home? What if they play with 10 defenders and pick up one point at Anfield?

15.) 27 Dec 2016 09:52:06
Connect logic = no logic otherwise they would have won last year.
Chelsea are an excellent team who deserve to be ahead right now. They are well organised, are playing for each other and have outstanding players up front. They are justifiable favourites for the title, BUT.
There is a long way to go. Injuries and suspensions may play a role. Teams will start to adapt to their tactics. We need to hang onto their coat tails right now and not ever give up.

16.) 27 Dec 2016 10:13:36
Sweet Cheeks - I'm confident we'll beat Chelsea at Anfield because I'm confident we'll beat everyone.

Why are you pessimistic? We've already beaten them once this season.

17.) 27 Dec 2016 11:48:44
Harry none of your views seem to have moderation. Something is either really good or really bad.

Chelsea have weaknessES just like every other team. How about the fact Gary Cahill is an average footballer? Or how Alonso is defensively suspect? Or how Moses can easily be found out? Or how they have no one else reliable to play up front if Costa is injured?

Chelsea are good but not invincible, I've seen far better teams. Their winning streak has been a combination of good football and luck. Sometimes it just happens. But they've timed their winning steak for far too early in the season for it to win them the league.

18.) 27 Dec 2016 13:11:16
Considering the last regular first XI player that chelsea bought through from their academy was John Terry I'd say that not only would chelsea players all make it anywhere else, they all HAVE made it elsewhere.

19.) 27 Dec 2016 15:10:07
Harry, you are always here going on and on about how Chelsea have better players than us individually (which in some cases they do) and then by the same token, say none of their players individually would make it elsewhere. Costa, Hazard, Matic (Portuguese champion), Courtois (la Liga champion), Pedro (11 trophies at Barca), Kante (PL champion last season), Bathshuayi (22 goals at OM, last season), all made it at their previous clubs. If they didn`t make it elsewhere, would Chelsea have signed them? No wonder the Ed said he stopped reading as none of what you posted, makes no sense. Good heavens, Harry!



19 Dec 2016 22:04:05
Everton were 110% in first half and couldn't beat us.

We were about 50% second half and dominated.

Dot Cotten



11 Dec 2016 15:12:37
Forget Hazzard, if costa gets injured for any length of time Chelsea will struggle. He's a man on a mission this year. Great player.

Dot Cotten

1.) 11 Dec 2016 16:26:42
People not to stop this nonsense. Just accept that Chelsea have proven a lot of people (myself included) wrong. A lot thought they would struggle and that their defence was poor, and maybe there is some truth in that.

However they are top of the league after 15 games and have played every team in title contention. I have seen nothing to suggest they would struggle without one or two players so it is pure subjective speculation that makes us look desperate and bitter.

Stop posting nonsense like this as if Chelsea have had plain sailing this season. In case you missed it, they had a rough patch at the very start of the season when new signings hadn't settled and a few players were struggling for fitness and form. Yet they came through it albeit battered and bruised, responded brilliantly, and went on a 9 game winning streak!

Move along. They are a good team who do not rely on any one individual, and if we want to catch them we need to start disposing of poor sides such as Southampton, Bournemouth and Burnley. Not sit in hope that someone gets injured.

2.) 11 Dec 2016 17:22:56
They are not quite a one-man team but take Costa out and that was 0-0 today. Take Costa out all season and i'd say they wouldn't make top 4.

3.) 11 Dec 2016 17:23:40
What you talking about mk? Did you watch the match today?

Without a single handed effort by costa the woukd have drew the game.

4.) 11 Dec 2016 17:33:24
Ridiculous comment. Without Costa they would probably play a different forward who might have made a different impact.

5.) 11 Dec 2016 17:52:03

Took plenty of stick for saying this the other week mate. They look top class.

6.) 11 Dec 2016 17:53:01

Take Matip out and we ll be out from top 4.

7.) 11 Dec 2016 18:27:29
what other forward does what he did today?

8.) 11 Dec 2016 18:44:55
I agree Harry but i was talking about Costa and Chelsea.

9.) 11 Dec 2016 18:55:34

Every team has certain individuals who are world class. you could credit them for keeping Costa fit and disciplined this season.

10.) 11 Dec 2016 19:18:42
Finders crossed we will get to see Costa on the sidelines for a few games this season and we will see how reliant they are on him. I tend to think Chelsea will struggle without Costa.

11.) 11 Dec 2016 19:58:49
they have no other forwards that can do what Costa can. that much is obvious, MK. Does that make them a one man team? No. Does that make them over reliant on him? Absolutely. Will they struggle without him? Yes. Can they win without him for a period of time? We shall see if that happens. They are a very good team tho, no doubt about that.

12.) 11 Dec 2016 21:11:12
They are not a very good set of individuals Hamilton. But they are a settled and more balanced team atm. For them they need only one goal to secure all three points while we need at least 3. That's the difference.

13.) 11 Dec 2016 21:32:38
Even Matip made a mistake today.
He should be dropped.

No that doesn't make sense.

Same rule applies to Karius.

Karius needs time to bed in but he is on a steep learning curve.

Did any one notice he looked frightened after the goals went in.
The camera panned to him looking over at the bench.

I hope the lad makes it but I don't think he has much to challenge him in training.

14.) 11 Dec 2016 22:17:43
Harry, do stay on topic as your every impulse to compare other teams and players to ours, is getting tedious. MK was talking about how Chelsea may or may not struggle without Costa. No one mentioned nor compared them to Liverpool except you. Try to keep up, bro.



09 Dec 2016 16:30:27
Nearly match day again boys and girls.

My one wish this week other than to win is that once we get a goal or 2 up we play with our heads and manage the game. All this talk of attacking team is all well and good but what the point in going gung ho when your winning? Then loosing 4-3 that's just silly.

Not to concentrate on anyone but us but Chelsea are scoring as many as us and not conceding so this attacking team talk is a kop out it really is.

Dot Cotten

1.) 09 Dec 2016 17:13:51
What attacking team talk is a cop out, exactly? The system we play allows us to attack and at the same time defend as we starve the opposition of the ball and don`t have the needed opportunities to attack us which is why we are the best in the PL in shots conceded, chances conceded and shots on target conceded, all while being the highest scoring team (lead Chelsea by 3 goals), most chances created, most chances converted and possession.

Vs Bournmouth, we dropped our levels of intensity and got sloppy and we paid the price. lessons learned and we move on, IMO.

I propose you learn more about how we play and get a full picture instead of taking bits and pieces in isolation to prove your point.

2.) 09 Dec 2016 17:57:34
Why change! Score as many goals as you can reds. Us fans love it!

3.) 09 Dec 2016 20:14:10
Same as Xabifarmer.
Keep scoring and get the three points. I'd be happy with 12-11 to LFC.

4.) 09 Dec 2016 21:23:35
I what to win 3-0 and karius to make save after save.

{Ed025's Note - 3-0 seems fine, dont know about the last bit though reus..

5.) 09 Dec 2016 22:43:10
Hamilton, I'm a fan of stats so take it from me, the use of stats is all in the interpretation. You're right that that we're conceding the least chances but when we're still conceding more goals than our rivals that highlights a real problem. We've conceded once every 6 shots, compare that to Spurs who've conceded once every 13 and it suggests that the chances that teams get against us are easier than the ones against our rivals, we're actually the worst in the league in this regard.

This is partly down to the style we play, highly aggressive football works really well, right up to the point where the ball breaks for the opposition and then it leaves us really exposed. Dot's right, calming things down once we're ahead would be very prudent.

6.) 09 Dec 2016 23:19:41

That is why some teams prefer to sit back against us so we commit players forward and they break us on counter.

7.) 10 Dec 2016 02:22:19
Muscat, things didn't start going pear-shaped until after we calmed things down.

8.) 10 Dec 2016 02:49:27
Chelsea have a well protected top top class keeper and atop class backup Keeper who is challenging every day in training to be the no. 1
This daily challenge leads to higher performance levels and ultimately less goals conceded.

9.) 09 Dec 2016 21:46:36
Hai Ed025 ☺️.

{Ed025's Note - hello mate..




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04 Feb 2017 14:12:40
Largely bargain basement though, that's the real reason.

Dot Cotten



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01 Feb 2017 16:31:42
Firmino is not the answer up top.

Dot Cotten



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30 Jan 2017 19:09:23
How much more money comes in from winning the league?

Dot Cotten

{Ed002's Note - It is a sliding scale but it opens the door to additional commercial revenue and sponsorship.}



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28 Jan 2017 18:12:26
What does everyone make of his laughing at result? Guys turning into a joke in my book.

That's not on is it?

Dot Cotten



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28 Jan 2017 16:14:20
But we've been awful in league too Ron

Dot Cotten