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27 Jun 2014 14:18:45
Sly sports says Lallana is heading to Liverpool for a medical. Soory Eds I don't like to ask but do you know if Liverpool have agreed to meet the asking price?

Thanks for everything Eds, especially through the farce that is Suarez



{Ed001's Note - we have certainly agreed to meet a price, I don't believe it was the full asking price as Adam himself has asked for the move to go through. Bit of a change for him, worrying change if you are a Southampton fan, as he was, and I emphasis was, happy to stay there if they were going to invest in the squad. Suggests they are just balancing the books there now, not looking to progress as they were previously.}

1.) Thanks Ed

Much obliged


2.) According to Radio 5live the fee was £25m

{Ed001's Note - which would be £5m less than they were asking initially.}

3.) ED001, do you think that has anything to do with the ownership being inherited?

It's a real shame to see their squad being picked apart like this, but I would love to see Lallana at Liverpool next season.

{Ed001's Note - everything to do with it mate. Markus was the one who wanted to invest, his daughter is not so keen as it is not her labour of love, so to speak. She wants to be financially sound, whereas Markus was happy to take risks and invest heavily.}

4.) What do you mean being "picked apart"? The squads just simply relocating to Anfield!

5.) 27 Jun 2014 17:24:46
Sorry, but your understanding of Saints finances is not based on fact.
The club have stated REPEATEDLY that all funds received from players leaving will be available to the manager to re-invest in the squad. Not my definition of balancing the books, which can be achieved through other revenue. Adam asking for the move to go through has nothing to do with it, this is a totally different situation to Rickie. RK has sanctioned the deal because he feels he can strengthen the team with the revenue.
It may be wise to see who Saints are signing to replace these players and then you may not only see what the clubs strategy is, together with the way RK wants the team to play. It will be slightly different to the way MP wanted to play and some of the players he thought world-beaters are not necessarily essential to RKs plan. I would have thought that supporters of LFC were well experienced with such changes.

Saints plans for progress have been outlined fairly recently, and I expect you will hear more from RK when he is up and running.

But not just balancing the books and certainly looking to progress.

{Ed001's Note - if you say so mate, but you are guilty of a lot of wishful thinking there. It was not Koeman's wish to sell him, he wanted to keep him. I will stick to listening to those involved over you thanks.}




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10 Feb 2018 10:22:07
Question for Ed002,

When / if the breakaway league happens, what do you see happening to the football streaming rights? I expect the big broadcasters to pick up the breakaway for silly money but is this when you think companies like amazon to pick up the premier league or will clubs start streaming themselves?

At the moment Liverpool are not included in the English teams talking about this, so does this mean we will be batting it out with Watford to win the league or how could we get in to the breakaway league.

Thanks for your time.




{Ed002's Note - The likes of Amazon and Google will be looking at broadcast rights in the soon to be happening auction - but not as the major provider. When the eventual breakaway happens the big money goes with those clubs and the clubs have already decided that they will negotiate their television and media rights, rights of distribution via other streams etc.. . The Premier League will eventually need to be reorganised and will see a loss of revenue - but it will still get more than the other leagues. Right now there is zero chance of Liverpool being involved in the breakaway initially.}

1.) 10 Feb 2018 11:18:09
I hope we're not involved ever, to some extent. The break away league is turning it's back on the fans who go to the games. How can away fans be expected to go to Milan, then Madrid, then Munich potentially all in a single month and across a 6-9 month period?

Having said that, not being involved in it will be bad for the club's exposure and the global fanbase will likely fall.

I think this break away will ruin football to be honest. Might have to start getting into Rugby just in case 😂.

2.) 10 Feb 2018 11:43:53
MK, well if you move you will at least enjoy the sight of good referees much more often and always respect from players for the referees lol.

3.) 10 Feb 2018 11:59:43
Totally agree mk. Something has to change but I think a breakaway league is just too far a step.

4.) 10 Feb 2018 11:11:25
Ed2, if you don't mind the follow up question, I think you've mentioned a second tier of teams that could join the breakaway at a later date. Is Liverpool in that group?

{Ed002's Note - That group doesn't exist - what may subsequently happen is a second pan European division may be added but there is resistance from a number of sides to that already.}

5.) 10 Feb 2018 11:13:19
Forgive my ignorance, but why wouldn’t we be involved what teams are involved 👍.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool are not part of the on going discussions and they won't be included in them. I don't want to get in to explaining this in any detail.}

6.) 10 Feb 2018 11:30:48
I was thinking the same MK, I go to the home games and have CL on my season ticket. I don’t go to so many away games these days since I became a Dad, so traveling abroad would be totally out of the question lol.

Ed002, which English teams would be involved Ed002 and what’s the criteria to qualify?

{Ed002's Note - It is unimportant which sides are involved and there is no "qualification" - the sides involved in the regular discussions are the sides that will be involved.}

7.) 10 Feb 2018 14:08:58
Without sounding bolshy Ed2, it’s an important question for me as I wouldn’t mind knowing, if you don’t want to share the information then no problem. There must be a certain criteria / reason as to why a club is or isn’t involved.

{Ed002's Note - The vast majority of clubs aren’t involved.}

8.) 10 Feb 2018 14:31:56
Politician in your spare time ed002.

{Ed002's Note - Rodeo cowboy in my spare time.}

9.) 10 Feb 2018 17:32:02
The breakaway teams will simply become like the Harlem Globetrotters. It will be a farce with no away fans.

It will hopefully lead to the football bubble bursting and it getting back to being a game enhanced by money rather than corporations named after cities.

{Ed002's Note - Of course they won't. It is a natural progression and there will be no shortage of away fans.}



13 Aug 2017 17:20:12
Hi ed002,

First of all thanks for the work on the site, your insight is fantastic as always.

If Klopp wasn't in charge today who would be the manager/ coach you would turn too. An upcoming name or a well established?




{Ed002's Note - I would have taken Jorge Jesus at the time. I am not going to get in to who I think should replace Klopp until nearer the time when he is being replaced.}

1.) 13 Aug 2017 17:47:20
Which could be soon if we keep conceding soft goals!

2.) 13 Aug 2017 17:51:32
If Pep hadn't screwed Bayern around, we could easily have ended up with Ancelotti, with Klopp at Bayern. Football's a funny game sometimes.

3.) 13 Aug 2017 17:57:13
And there is every chance klopp will still go to Bayern in 2019.

4.) 13 Aug 2017 18:05:35
Unless Klopp pulls off something spectacular at LFC this season I can't see Bayern being that interested to be honest.



12 Aug 2017 10:52:45
Let's get behind the team today and get 3 points. Put the transfer talk on the back burner for a few hours. We go again red men!





03 Jul 2017 22:46:47
I can't believe that I have again come to the site to see my beloved club has made another illegal approach for a player. I am disgusted in their behaviour and the way we are acting.

If we were to get a ban I would not be surprised but would actually back it, as controversial as this may sound. Maybe we would finally learn from it.

We are Liverpool and don't need to act in this way. I don't care about other clubs, just Lfc. It's wrong and we have become a joke to act in this fashion.


1.) 03 Jul 2017 23:13:16
Absolutely bang on, so refreshing to read an opinion on here free from bias and childish remarks like "everybody does it".

LFC and particularly Klopp have embarrassed us all. I can forgive and forget but it has to cease, and I mean yesterday!

2.) 04 Jul 2017 00:02:42
Let's keep the daggers sheathed for now, until it is proven that it's been done a second consecutive time, shall we?

3.) 04 Jul 2017 00:02:55
Every club does it.

I think you're both being a bit dramatic.

4.) 04 Jul 2017 00:16:10
So our 3 big targets so far and 3 illegal approaches?

That's an impressive record 😣.

5.) 04 Jul 2017 04:20:30
Totally agree with Ra here.

IF we have broken the rules again, I am truly ashamed of my club.

But let's not walk around in sack cloth and ashes just yet.

6.) 04 Jul 2017 04:50:02
First there is no evidence that we have broken the rule again this time. Second from what I read in the past especially in autobiographies I personally believe it is true every club does that and we just need to be smarter and not get caught.

{Ed001's Note - no, we need to stop doing it. There is no need and it will cost us. I can't believe the moronic chants of 'everyone does it so we should too'. Shows how sick this world is, how stupid and pathetically lacking in morals you are when you talk this crap. For starters, not every club does it at all, most follow the rules, but of course a couple of (auto)biographies (which are not even written by the person concerned in almost every case and use plenty of artistic license by the author to make the story interesting) is a great way to decide what goes on.

If we had followed the rules, we would have had no issues signing VVD, as Saints had agreed to sell him this summer, he wanted to join us (before we tapped him up we were his choice), and neither Chelsea nor Man City were willing to go anywhere near the asking price. What we did, by cheating, was allow Saints to hold onto him or make us pay a hell of a lot more to get him. Win, win for them, as they can say they were willing to abide by their agreement with him but they couldn't sell him to us because of our actions.

Again with Salah, we had to agree to pay extra to push the deal through as Roma were upset over our actions. Again we had no need to do so, as the player was very keen to join us regardless of the tapping up. He had been very keen to join us the first time around but the club messed up then too.

Tapping up does not help us in any way. It sullies our reputation, makes clubs increase their asking price to us and makes it more difficult for deals to be done. What is wrong with abiding by the rules that so many people can't do so?}

7.) 04 Jul 2017 05:05:20
I'm sure if we'd broken that many rules by tapping up the amount of times it gets said on here we'd be banned from doing transfers a while ago don't believe everything on here.

{Ed001's Note - or perhaps it is just a very difficult thing to prove? Because that is the only reason we are not banned, no matter what you believe or not. Your belief is absolutely irrelevant.}

8.) 04 Jul 2017 05:46:04
I understand that we shouldn't do it and that just because others probably do it too doesn't excuse us. However, I can't understand the moral uproar on this. Isn't it just another case of football operating in a different world to the rest of us? This kind of recruitment (albeit quite often from a third party) goes on all the time? Headhunting and such.

{Ed001's Note - it is because Liverpool have a reputation to maintain, a reputation which is being destroyed and making business more difficult for us to conduct in future.}

9.) 04 Jul 2017 06:25:21
Dear Ed001 I'm very concerned with the issues you raised above. Isn't there someone or some way we can advise the club on the way this tapping up has ruined our reputation in the transfer market. Secondly, how much influence would the supporters have on how the club conducts business. Usually we are important. The general feeling on this forum is that tapping up is not good. We need this message to be put across to the club. Are you able to help us there?

{Ed001's Note - the club employs people to watch fans forums across the web, they will be aware of what is said. Unfortunately the running of the club is still as amateur as in the days when it was all run out of a room above a pub. Hopefully the new man will change that, but it will take him time to do so. You can't just change it over night.}

10.) 04 Jul 2017 07:30:57
If you can't believe the uproar about the issue, then I fear for you. This tapping up crap is really starting to get on my last nerves. I mean, how much is enough? What part of "tapping up is illegal" do these incompetent people at the helm, don't understand? It will get to a stage that clubs will simply not deal with us anymore and we can say good bye to signing players as our rep is shot right now. Good Grief! Sort it out, LFC.

11.) 04 Jul 2017 07:48:19
To me it's embarrassing. I remember when we used to carry out our business quietly and respectfully. Anyone else miss Peter Robinson? That man knew the business and didn't act like a d*ck.

12.) 04 Jul 2017 07:48:19
I'll make myself more clear. I do understand the uproar and that what we are doing is completely wrong within the context of football. I was just making a point that this kind of thing goes on every day in the real world. We need to stop it immediately though. Ed is right. Our reputation is taking a beating.

13.) 04 Jul 2017 08:25:39
It is indeed embarrassing, there's not much to discuss about it really, its wrong and it's damaging us as a football club, these owners need to start caring about the image of our club because right now we're in the danger zone this whole saga has made us look utterly stupid. Should we get punished for it (a ban) then we deserve it, there's no 2 ways about it. I understand defending the club to a certain degree but not with this, how can some of you defend such actions we've taken? its pathetic.

{Ed002's Note - The owners care very much about the image of the club.}

14.) 04 Jul 2017 10:00:33
With respect ed2 it doesn't look that way to me. You know more then me which is pretty evident, who would you say is to blame for all of this nonsense?

{Ed002's Note - For Christ sake move on. The owners are the ones issuing apologies all of the time. The owners did not tap up a 12 year old boy, ruining his career and plunging his parents in to debt. The owners did not brief the press to unsettle players at other clubs. The owners didn't make illegal approaches to van Djik, Brandt and Keita. It has been done to death.}

15.) 04 Jul 2017 10:46:30
In one word, Klopp.

16.) 04 Jul 2017 14:46:56
There is still a large portion of supporters outside this site who are ok with any kind of approaches. They have the same excuses as ". Everyone does it. "



14 May 2017 11:29:54
Come on mighty reds. Let's stand up and counted today. I believe we will win today so let's get behind the team!






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15 Apr 2018 10:37:46

You have a dream job by the sounds of things and the rodeo clown on the side





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16 Aug 2017 21:04:53
Shame, shame, shame. shame, shame, shame.




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14 Jul 2017 17:30:55
Thanks macca you star you 😉.




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30 Dec 2016 19:37:23
My point of view is to let him leave for his career. Love the guy and how he came through the tough times the fans gave him. Let him thrive in Italy and good luck to him





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02 Jun 2016 17:18:20
Ed002 i am sorry you are being made to feel unwelcome on the site by inept 'fans'. I know the lpool pages will not be the same. Please don't go







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14 Apr 2018 09:39:03

Are Liverpool still looking at bringing Brandt in this summer do you know?




{Ed002's Note - No, he will not be joining Liverpool.}



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10 Mar 2018 09:37:01
Good luck and enjoy your day!




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10 Jan 2018 19:45:12
This is the Liverpool page, take random player names to the European page 😉





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27 Nov 2017 21:06:22
thanks Ed, much appreciated as always



{Ed002's Note - as always you are welcome.}



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27 Nov 2017 20:28:18
Ed002 please tell us Brewster isn’t going? Or only on loan?




{Ed002's Note - Both clubs are scouting young English talent like Liverpool and other PL sides scout aboroad. He has attracted the attention of both and an approach by one. He moved from Chelsea because of opportunities, maybe he will see again a move might enhance his chances.}