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13 Jun 2017 19:07:08
Michael Edwards has told one of my workmates that the club is looking to sell Moreno and Sakho. The club is also working hard to bring in a winger, left back and centre back. I will update you folks in case I get any more information. Thanks.

African red

1.) 14 Jun 2017 00:13:32
That's good news red. We have our new winger now I think. Salah. That's exactly right. Cb, lb and winger. We don't need strikers and we definitely don't need CM. If all the rumours were true we wouldn't recognise our team. Who were top of the league for a while before injuries and mane going. Playing the best football in the league easily. Looked like barca! Don't tinker with it too much. I've got a good feeling about solanke. He'll hit double figures I reckon.

2.) 14 Jun 2017 02:13:03
Agree JonnySkies. Salah done for LW, now whatever money we have should go into signing the best possible LB and CB available in the market. Mendy and VVD for me does the trick. We will have improved massively on 3 important positions which improves our defense, width issues and pace when Mane is not playing. Signing a RB would be a bonus but not a necessity if TAA steps up next season.

3.) 14 Jun 2017 08:31:26
Remember when u all said vvd was done, i would wait till you see him in the press conference say next to klopp before making that assumption.

This is lfc and they have a unique habit of ****ing up strong positions with dumb**** behaviours and decisions. Sorry ed, if you even post this you will have to edit. Im not in a good mood today.

4.) 14 Jun 2017 08:51:07
Hey It's a coming, it's a beautiful day. Step outside breathe the air and be glad to be alive. Things will not turn out as bad as you fear.




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22 Apr 2018 04:40:33
I know almost everyone here loves Klopp and I really love him too but his post match comments after the west brom game were very unclassy and disgusting. He acted like a bh being all whiny. Complaining about the dry pitch, the penalty incident and yet we were leading 2:0 till the last quarter of play time. I am sure if we had maintained the lead he wouldn't have those complaints. What disgusted me most was his disrespect for West brom by saying that they will be relegated yet mathematically they still have a chance to survive.
I am sure if it was a person like Mourinho who had made those comments this place would be filled with criticism but since it is our Klopp it's all good. Nothing wrong.
Anyway for me i hope he reflects and learn from it.

African red

{Ed001's Note - he was complaining about the dry pitch at half time, when we were leading. It is a valid concern because dry pitches are harder on wear and tear of joints, which increases risk of injury. It is not just because it makes it easier to play, it is safer for players.}

1.) 22 Apr 2018 05:17:28
As much as Klopp may have stated facts with regards to the state of the pitch, it's better if he kept his mouth shut. The English media are leeches that will use this against him time and again. Just say LFC deserved the 3 points and move on. West Bromwich are going down anyways, why take a dig at them now?

{Ed001's Note - he has complained a few times about the dry pitches being used and will continue to do so until there is some action taken. Like I said, there is good reason to do so. As for the dig, I didn't see a problem with pointing out they needed a win yet never even tried to get one. I am sure you lot are glad because it gives you yet another excuse to whine about Klopp and it has been a while since you had one.}

2.) 22 Apr 2018 05:17:55
Thank you ed001 about the dry pitch enlightenment. But again he also complains about the penalty incident like that incident would have saved us. It is not the first time a team has caught up with us from goals behind. He would have just admitted the West Brom wanted it more than us and turn the focus to Tuesday.

{Ed001's Note - well it would have saved us. Don't be soft. You trying to tell me they would have come back from 3 down? West Brom never even tried to go for anything or want anything other than to foul and kick us for most of the game. It was only after the ref was giving them all the help he could that they thought they had a chance and went for it. What has happened in previous matches is irrelevant and has no bearing on this. The situation was peculiar yesterday and has no relation on what happened in the past.}

3.) 22 Apr 2018 06:13:26
Is he wrong? A number of times their dry pitch gave them an unfair advantage, with the ball not bouncing as expected and it played its role in our disjointed performance. West Brom and Stoke have been doing things like this for years, combined with kicking and assaulting players from other teams. They've contributed nothing but injuries to players from other teams and woeful football for the entire duration they've been in the League, good riddance. Klopp was rightly pissed at their cheating. As for the penalty, why shouldn't he think it played its part? Not even the referee could have pulled them back from 3-0 down, instead the game ends 2-2, it's no wonder no English referees are going to the world cup.

4.) 22 Apr 2018 06:58:01
He shouldn’t have said WBA are in the championship and a point is useless to them.
It wasnt useless, they can still survive.
WBA took 4 points in 2 games against Man U and LFC, they are entitled to be pleased about that.

{Ed001's Note - no he shouldn't have said it, but he is right, they need 3 points to have any chance.}

5.) 22 Apr 2018 07:01:40
One minute Klopp is the best thing since sliced bread, next he's getting ridiculed, my word.

'his post match comments after the west brom game were very unclassy and disgusting'

disgusting, really? come off it mate. That's a little too far.

Agreed Ed/ Lemuel.

6.) 22 Apr 2018 07:50:34
Good on Klopp he said what the everyone was thinking they showed heart and guts yep but they needed a win and didn't get it so it was a useless comeback and the way the WBA crowd applauded the players made me laugh these are the same players who refused to turn up for every game under Pardew disgraces if you ask me
Granted it looked like sour grapes from Jurgen but delve deeper about the dry pitch from a player safety point of view and you will see he is right to complain.

{Ed001's Note - if it was the only time he had complained about the dry pitch, then it would be sour grapes. However this is something he has complained about every time it happens, when Liverpool have won as well.

I do think he should have worded his comments about useless better. He was correct and I have no problem with what he was trying to say, in that they needed a win so it hasn't helped them. However he is not using his first language so it could well be down to that for all we know.}

7.) 22 Apr 2018 07:53:05
He spoke his mind, could have had more tact. But he is human and passionate. That's why we love him. If perfection is the standard then no one ever has a chance with some of ya.

8.) 22 Apr 2018 08:09:40
I have no problem what so ever with what klopp said. Can’t believe people are finding fault with him at the minute just sit back and enjoy. We have waited a long time for a manager like him.

9.) 22 Apr 2018 08:46:17
Brilliant, response, Ed. Please, the PC police need to give over and allow people to speak their minds, honestly. Klopp told the truth, end of story. He may not have worded things right BUT remember as Ed said, English is not his first language and I can relate to that cos I too, speak more than one language (In addition to English, I speak French, Spanish and learning Dutch) . And since Klopp has been complaining of dry pitches even when we have won, he has every right to complain about it when we lose.

As for him complaining about the ref, who would not have with the treatment our boys esp. Ings who was getting kicked up and down the pitch (glad he came out with both his legs intact)? Did you watch the game? The ref was dreadful, full stop. Now we have the incompetent Graham Poll saying Ings had overeacted. Yeah, and Klopp should say nothing, right? Sick of this PC, crap.

Had the ref done his job, we would have won easily and tho, we made mistakes and we should not have given up those goals, the ref had something to do with us conceding the second as he gave fouls that were not there to begin with and ignored penalties, yellow and red cards in our favor. Sorry, that is too much to overcome at times. Pls, let the man speak his mind. You can disagree with the words he used BUT his point is more than valid.

10.) 22 Apr 2018 11:28:28
Agreed with a few points mentioned above.

1) WBA were out there kicking people rather than trying to win the game until the ref. gave them much help. As a player you sense such things and know that since all decisions are in your favor, why not just give it a go? Without that help, they won't have that supposed 'fighting spirit' in the last 15mins.

2) Klopp's comments were spot on. You could say he was curt but his points were very valid. He wasn't implying that this is a conspiracy against his team but just calling it as it is - poor refereeing, poor treatment of the pitch (that didn't ensure players have a safe ground to play on; it had nothing to do with suiting his team's style of play) .

3) Managers should be free to express their views. Of course they need to be wise and tactical, especially when confronting certain issues, but what they should never do is to placate, especially to officials that have consistently shown that they lack the competence to referee at this level.

11.) 22 Apr 2018 14:24:26
He can’t just “speak his mind”, you may be sick of this “Pc crap” but Klopp is manager of Liverpool FC. His words will be scrutinised and everything he says in public reflects on the club.
He’s manager, he has a responsibility to watch what he says. He was wrong about WBA, their comeback was not useless and they are not in the championship yet.

It was disrespectful to another club. Liverpool F. C. has enough problems with the way they treat other clubs. Look at the mess we’ve created with Fulham and the grovelling apologies to Spithampton.

I know you love Klopp BR, but he has to behave himself when manager of LFC. His words and his actions matter.

12.) 23 Apr 2018 15:20:21
I disagree, Ron. Yes, he CAN speak his mind and you nor me nor anyone has no right to tell him not to. That is what is disrespectful. He spoke his mind and referenced facts, period. Again, he may have not worded things right as English is not his natural tongue BUT he spoke the truth. "Disrespectful to other clubs"? Please, that must be a joke. You know what is disrespectful to other clubs? Sending your players out to kick and injure other their players and if the ref keeps enabling them, they will keep going and to boot, the ref did not give us the decisions our play deserved and gave them the decisions they did NOT deserve. What happened with Fulham is an off the pitch issue and has NO bearing here so again, your point on that is moot.

And yes, I love Klopp, worts and all and regardless of his mistakes. Why? He is a very decent man, apologizes for his outburts and is very measured and gracious in what he says most of the time esp. about other teams and clubs. So Why should he be gracious to a team that tried to injure his players or to a ref that robbed his team blind of 3 points? He has his flaws but guess what, so do you and I and yet those who love us to death still do. Again, the self righteous need to put a sock on it, stop being snowflakes who can't take the blunt truth (not you, Ron) and allow those who have a true greivance speak truth to power.

13.) 23 Apr 2018 20:25:28
Well the owners have a history with managers who say or do the wrong thing that reflects poorly on the club.
They sacked King Kenny after the way he handled the Suarez controversy.
If Klopp keeps up the outbursts he will eventually use up all his lives with the owners.

Klopp was disrespectful to WBA and their fans calling the comeback useless. The FACT is BR it was not useless and they are not relegated yet.
So Klopp’s facts were FAKE.

{Ed025's Note - im a big klopp fan ron but agree with you that on this occasion he was out of order mate..

14.) 23 Apr 2018 22:18:57
Ron isn't it a little hypocritical to say that Klopp's comments were disrespectful and then call Southampton 'Spithampton'?



22 Jan 2017 09:53:18
As a Ugandan and Liverpool fan yesterday was one of my worst days in football. Uganda was the first country to be eliminated out of the AFcon and Anfield also finally broke down.

Here in Uganda people are still celebrating the fact Uganda qualified for Afcon after a 39 year wait and put up a decent show against African super powers (Ghana and Egypt) . The boys are going to be welcomed as heroes after there final game (win or lose) . We taking it as a learning curve and development for maybe the next Afcon or even World cup.

However I don't understand all this out cry about liverpoolfc' recent results, I think ever since Klopp came we are a team in progress whereby even after the dip in form we should appreciate the fact that as football club we are improving. Before the season started we all wanted champs league football which we are still in contention of. No one talked about the title. Now everyone feels like the boys are not doing enough for title. How should Man City fans feel like if we (liverpoolfc) feel like the worst.
Anyway I don't know much as I'm a young fan, maybe liverpool fc has a devine right to success.
But as for me. I'm still happy with how the club is going forward. I will start getting worried about the title when we are once again a perennial champions league qualifying team like Arsenal.

African red

1.) 22 Jan 2017 10:02:47
Hey fellow African brother. Am happy for you and your country. Am sure you'll be better next time. Your boys gave decent account of themselves.

2.) 22 Jan 2017 10:52:06
Great post African Red!

3.) 22 Jan 2017 14:28:03
Great read that AR

4.) 22 Jan 2017 15:41:38
Great post. Not seen you post before mate. Should definitely post more with top stuff like that!



16 Oct 2016 08:58:13
I love sturidge a lot and i believe is the 3rd most prolific striker in the league behind Aguero and zlatan. However i believe it's best if Lfc and sturidge parted company.   This would benefit both parties as sturidge will get his desired game time elsewhere and Klopp won't have the pressure of playing sturidge ahead of origi and ings. Its very clear klopp favors origi and he believes he is destined for big things but at the moment firmino is leading the line which throws origi further the pecking, for ings is almost getting out of the picture because you can't see him establishing himself with sturidge and origi already flexing out who gets on first from the bench. Sturidge is a good player but with the way klopp likes his teams to play sturidge is more of a luxury now. Sell him now at the best price possible before he depreciates in value.

African red

1.) 16 Oct 2016 09:35:59
I do not see how selling Sturridge is a solution. His future is unclear but I would rather have him on the bench than go find another player as capable as him.

Ed001 also said that he should get his chances this season. Mane will be off to the African Cup of Nations in January so that will be the perfect time for Sturridge to try regain his form. It is all about managing his fitness and at this point Firmino, Mane and Coutinho are the better option as our attacking three.

Sturridge will just have to be patient. He might be frustrated at not being first choice but he will also be aware that he needs to be fully fit when called upon. Unless he pulls a Sakho then he should be sold. Players will show their disappointment when not being picked to start but it is how they deal with the situation and Sturridge seems to be level headed. He will just have to stick it out.

2.) 16 Oct 2016 10:14:47
@maxlfc even an on form sturidge is not the most hard working and unselfish player. Klopp wants a team game which i'm not sure sturidge is best at. Mane going for Afcon gives an opportunity to origi and ings to establish themselves. Both those boys are hard working and team players which klopp looks for in all his players. Sturidge is good but he doesn't complete a klopp team and very soon he will get frustrated, start whining and messing up the dressing room bonding.

3.) 16 Oct 2016 10:37:34
It would be extremely difficult to replace a player of Struridge's quality for a reasonable sum of money.

He's a top player and owes the club for the time we have stuck by him through all his injuries and paid his salary while we paid for his rehab.

He should earn his place up front not be looking for a way out. I think he will be fine and have a good season scoring some important goals.

4.) 16 Oct 2016 13:17:30
Really African Red? You think Klopp is feeling the pressure to play Sturridge ahead of Origi and Ings? Something tells me Klopp plays his best eleven regardless of outside influences and opinion. Danny Ings and Divock have their own strengths and abilities but neither has reached Sturridges level just yet.

5.) 16 Oct 2016 17:23:29
I think Sturridge has all the skill needed but there seems to be lacking in his attitude and Work ethic.

He was at his best for us when All the opposing defenders had keep an eye on Suarez first and then everyone else.
This gave Sturridge a bit more time and space and at that level that's all it takes.

I think we need Sturridge but more for next year in the Champions league after we win the prem.

6.) 16 Oct 2016 18:24:26
Sturridge is the first guy to come in if any of the front 4 is unavailable, because they can all shift to accomodate him up front. I think he will get plenty of game time this season.

I like Ings and Origi but DS is currently our best out and out striker. Why sell one bench player to bring in another that is less ready for first team football.



22 Apr 2016 04:34:27
With Rafa visiting home tomorrow. Is there anyone else who feels FSG should have reappointed him instead of BR? Incase things failed to work out after a 3 year stint we could probably still have Klopp to come in just like it is now.

African red

1.) 22 Apr 2016 06:02:11
For the last time we were starting to go backwards towards the end of rafas reign.

He had taken us as far as he could.

I personally feel it all went wrong for rafa when paco left the club.

2.) 22 Apr 2016 08:08:09
Rafa was a great manager for us, but got too involved in the politics of the club and made a return anything soon untenable. Personally I also think that he's struggled to keep up with the top managers in the world tactically and is more suited to a mid table team now.

3.) 22 Apr 2016 08:53:14
Paco Ayesteran was massively under rated in terms of what he did for LFC I believe, thingd definitely changed when he left.

4.) 22 Apr 2016 08:56:54
Nah! BR gave it a good go and fsg were lookibg for someone more dynamic i rekon.

5.) 22 Apr 2016 09:20:21
No surprise that Pako left and we took a turn for the worse and he goes to Valencia and they have a turn in form.

6.) 22 Apr 2016 09:45:39
I'm going to be in the minority here but Rafa is so over hyped by our lot it's ridiculous.

He won the CL by unbelievable circumstance, (that no manager could of coached)

He won fa cup (or should I say Gerrard)

Every transfer window we took more dross on

He wanted to get rid of the best midfielder in the league.

His only competition for 4th spot was villa

I'm sorry but what did he do? Made us hard to beat in Europe?

7.) 22 Apr 2016 10:17:49
Still a better manager than Rodgers.

8.) 22 Apr 2016 10:26:26
oh good lord!

9.) 22 Apr 2016 10:26:33
Hem b - what did the Romans ever do for us?

{Ed001's Note - actually a lot of the stuff attributed to them was not them. Such as the roads, the roads were already there, they just improved them. They get a great press because they wrote the history of the time that we use, not because they were all that great.}

10.) 22 Apr 2016 10:41:02
He's had a lot more experience than BR too, give it time and Rodgers will be a much better manager. Yes he made quite a few mistakes when in charge of us but nobody slated him when we were challenging city for top spot. He did well with a team that had to cope with their main striker being banned for large parts, sulking for a move to Barcelona between being unplayable! Gerrard was at the end of his career and sterling was another sulking half the time. He did a good job, maybe LFC was a bit too soon for him but he always gave 100% and was honoured to manage us unlike some of the players! He has and still has respect for our club but people enjoy getting on his back. Nobody seems to go on about super Woy Hodgson's abysmal appointment though!

{Ed001's Note - but he didn't do a good job, that was why he was sacked.}

11.) 22 Apr 2016 10:42:26
What about education edOO1, or the aquaducts?

Priceless that we can also come on here for a view on this stuff!

{Ed001's Note - education existed before the Romans. Aquaducts was a design they improved upon, like pretty much everything they did. I am not actually sure if they were here in the UK before them, they certainly weren't the first to build them in Europe. The Romans weren't inventors or innovators. Slavery was probably the thing they can take the most credit for introducing to the UK to be honest.}

12.) 22 Apr 2016 11:37:44
Rafa was a great manager for us. Yes he got sacked because he made some mistakes but you can't deny his record as a manager
He brought us some incredible moments.
Look at where we were before he came and where we've been since he left. Those moments have not been reproduced or even close.

13.) 22 Apr 2016 11:47:08
Sad that our most successful manager in recent times doesn't get the respect he deserves.

14.) 22 Apr 2016 11:48:12
Rafa took dross on? Xabi, garcia, mash, torres etc etc. dunno what your talking about lad.

15.) 22 Apr 2016 12:23:35
Abo, I think he's talking about Itandje, Cavilieri, Dossena, Johnson, Degen, Skrtel, Paletta, Plessis, Insua, Riera, Pennant, Aquilani, N'Gog, Voronin, Keane, Morientes, Cisse etc.

Don't get me wrong, he was an excellent tactician and for people to say he had nothing to do with the trophies we won under his management is total BS. However his tinkering, bloated wage budget, and defensive set up cost us the title in 08/ 09 season. We had the best team in Europe that season by some distance. Yet somehow we won nothing due to negative tactics.

One other thing he doesn't get enough credit for is the revamp of the academy. Just because we're only seeing the benefits of that now doesn't mean he wasn't the catalyst. It's been improved further since Rafas days, but he kicked off the revolution. For that alone he deserves thanks.

16.) 22 Apr 2016 13:16:30
At the time of buying Johnson, Skrtel, Insua, Riera, Aquilani, N'Gog, Keane, Morientes and Cissee were all good buys

Johnson was one of the most dangerous attacking FB's in the league.

When paired with Agger and Riena behind him, Skrtel was a fairly quick and very solid defender - he only went to pot without their constant instruction

Insua was a good young player who we made a tidy profit on, and who went on to have a decent career.

N'Gog was also a pacey young striker worth taking a punt on, he just never developed.

Keane was the season we bough him, and the season following, a key member of a very dangerous spurs attack and a very successful premiership striker. In fact had we not given up and sold him so quickly, we would probably have won the league that year.

Moriantes, Cisse and Aquilani all proved before and after that they were talented guys, they just all had rotten luck with injuries (mostly impact injuries) and never got the chance to show their stuff. There is some argument that Morientes's past injuries had already done him in and Cisse was a vile human being, but all good players.

The transfer record of Rafa is no-where near as bad as people make it out. The biggest problem was volume of signings rather than who they were in the majority of scenarios.

{Ed002's Note - Aquilani had a lot more problems at Liverpool than his injury.}

17.) 22 Apr 2016 15:05:04
Rafa achieved the bare minimum every year, scraped 4th. The leading pack were out of sight. He never over achieved, he never coached anyone to be better than they were. He had no competition for CL places. That year we came close 2nd had sod all to do with him. That year we played completely different to any other year.

He went to the most dead cert team for the league inter Milan, and ballsed it right up. How many years had they won it on the trot when he got involved. He's been bang average everywhere he has gone since.

By the way I'm not slagging him off, very grateful for all he has done and he clearly loves the club I'm just saying he is not all that.

18.) 22 Apr 2016 16:35:07
Hem b you are being extremely disingenuous towards rafas contribution. Put another way how close were we to becoming a european power house for years and winning the champions league before he came on board. And as someone else said, to suggest that bodgers is in the same league as rafa is frankly insulting.

Yes he made mistakes but to suggest it was all luck and the players did it all by themselves is just nonsense.

Him and the then team brought me a night i will never ever forget and i thank and respect him for that. We now have klopp who i truly believe will win us the league next season and i look forward to the rollercoaster ride.

19.) 22 Apr 2016 17:13:03
So in the space of 4 years we won the champions league, the fa cup, got to the final of the CL again and came second. And none of that had anything to do with the manager being good at his job?

20.) 22 Apr 2016 18:18:24
The owners didn`t want him back and I`m elated at the fact that they did not look his way. Rafa is NOT the only one that can coach us neither is he a saint. In fact, he wasa huge part of the problem, not a solution and NEVER will be.



22 Nov 2015 07:45:36
I will admit that I was one of those who did not understand and agree with the firmino signing as we already had countless attacking midfielders on our books. I couldn't have been more wrong, the boy is so amazing. I am putting my foot on the ground and saying that firmino ends our such for the next Suarez. when you look at his movement in the final third is not that different from Suarez. need I talk about his desire to get on the ball? with game time and experience he will definitely reach or even supercede Suarez. his finishing will improve after all Suarez was also not the best finisher at the age of 24. And by the way he seems a really nice and down to earth bloke which means he won't miss so many games through bans.

African red

1.) 22 Nov 2015 09:16:32
Did we open a new competition of the most rediculus post of the month? Firmino is a nice player, he is not and will never be one tenth of Suarez. He had a good game yesterday, should have scored 2 or 3 more. At the moment he is not half as good as couts even. Suarez?

2.) 22 Nov 2015 10:00:56
Well Firminho can be as good as Suarez but not right now. after 2 seasons under Jurgen . who knows.

PS : even Suarez for that matter was not very good in his first season, he improved massively over the next seasons and right now he is is just brilliant. Yesterday was masterclass against Madrid.

3.) 22 Nov 2015 10:09:57
Fanobip, Suarez was good but not the best at 24, how many goals did he average in his first 13 premiership games? and yet he was brought when on form and at a time of a resurging Liverpool after the appointment of king Kenny? Here is a boy who came in after copa tournament, not given opportunity and playing for a lost team under br. now he is show casing his skill under klopp. Good as Suarez was, it's absurd if you think that Suarez of 5 seasons back was a world beater.

4.) 22 Nov 2015 10:46:07
One tenth of Suarez? Do you still worship Suarez in your free time?

5.) 22 Nov 2015 11:55:23
A little perspective guys, Suarez is a top-10 in the world player. Firmino has a long way to go before he can justify this comparison.

6.) 22 Nov 2015 12:18:50
Suarez wasnt top 10 when he signed for Liverpool. It took until his 3rd season before we seen the Suarez that we see today. His season and a half were ok but far from special. Its a bit unfair to compare the Firmino that has just arrived to the Suarez that left us.

7.) 22 Nov 2015 12:19:18
No mate. Firmino is a tidy little player. Suarez makes you challenge for league titles on his own, scoring goals in Champions League finals etc. World World Class.

8.) 22 Nov 2015 13:39:36
Fanobip, give firmino a bit of slack ffs he is getting used to the prem not all players can come to the prem and slot back in, i for one have said the same about linking him to suarez, the people who are doing so are looking to the future because they can see what i can see and what you can't see and that is the player will only get better and cause defences in the prem all kinds of trouble who won't like playing against him, suarez he is not suarez type of football yes all day long, if you can't see that then your not looking in the right place, is one on one with joe hart was a great save from hart not a miss by firmino, so do the lad a favour hey and give him a chance to get used to the prem and a new team a new manager and new team mates plus a new home and a new language, but all you go on about is negatives, he is doing better than some english players who have played in the prem for years, why not judge him at the end of the season maybe then you won't look like the fool you do now.




African red's rumour replies


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06 Jun 2018 08:07:50
Such threads is the reason macca goes quiet and you all start asking the eds where he went. Both Macca and eds get things right and they also get others wrong. Non of them intends to give us inaccurate info, they only give us what they know. Wrong or right we should just appreciate there efforts without comparing who is who. Non of us pays them for this stuff.

African red



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11 May 2018 00:34:40
Hey Forza. Hope all is well with you. It's 2:26 a. m here in Uganda, coincidentally I'm in a bar too, sipping with friends and we are talking about Suarez's possible return in the summer and the likelihood that Liverpool will lose it's first home game at the weekend but will win the champions league. Anyhow we are all drunk trying to draw up scenerios😃😃😃.

African red



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02 Feb 2018 20:52:36
I think players can sign contracts with clubs at any time of the season, the issue is registration to play for that particular club. So yes a player with less than 6 months on his contract can sign a pre contract outside the jan window.

African red



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25 Jan 2018 18:35:58
I'm also willing to offer him a private automobile stretcher if the move can go through.
Jokes aside we might heavily regret letting sturridge leave the club at this stage of the season without replacing him. I don't believe in these lines i keep reading that we have solanke and ings to do the job, those adored boys have not shown any magic in them (scoring a goal out of the blue) which DS is much capable of. We need that ability especially in the champions league if we are to progress further than the minimal expectations. To me he can work as our dangerous substitute throughout the remainder of the season.

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02 Dec 2018 11:10:54
Nice read Reid. Thank you for your input.

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10 Jul 2018 05:09:32
Alco396, i see your fears and I held the same but I don't think Liverpool will accept any offers for him this summer and I also think he is quite decent enough to push for a move from a club the size of lfc after just one season of brilliance.

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10 May 2018 08:18:14
I like Andre, is a very hardworking player with mane like techniques (though slightly at lower level) and is also a liverpool fan. I believe he could do well on our bench for the front three most especially in bobby's absence. You will hardly get a top class player willing to sit on the bench and see out games or waiting for an injury to get a game.
But that being said i hope harry wilson works his ass off in preseason to be the front three substitute. There is something special in that kid. He looks like these kids who find themselves right even when they intend do wrong (such people are God given and you just don't let go of them) .

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02 May 2018 09:08:06
Hey Adam very nice preview. You just dissected everything almost to perfection. Loved that "Roma has not conceeded away in Europe vs Lfc has scored at least a goal away in Europe"
On another note if i am not mistaken perotti may not be available for the clash due to injury and that guy was the game changer for Roma at anfield. He kind of changed the balance of the game and his absence could be pivitol today.

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22 Apr 2018 05:17:55
Thank you ed001 about the dry pitch enlightenment. But again he also complains about the penalty incident like that incident would have saved us. It is not the first time a team has caught up with us from goals behind. He would have just admitted the West Brom wanted it more than us and turn the focus to Tuesday.

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{Ed001's Note - well it would have saved us. Don't be soft. You trying to tell me they would have come back from 3 down? West Brom never even tried to go for anything or want anything other than to foul and kick us for most of the game. It was only after the ref was giving them all the help he could that they thought they had a chance and went for it. What has happened in previous matches is irrelevant and has no bearing on this. The situation was peculiar yesterday and has no relation on what happened in the past.}