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26 May 2018 22:53:32
Bet you Klopp still sticks by Karius.

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26 May 2018 23:59:30
If he does, then we should.

27 May 2018 00:01:24
He won’t.

26 May 2018 22:47:45
Absolutely gutted for us not winning, but equally gutted for Salah. If he does not make it to the World Cup, it will be absolutely heart wrenching. I am heartbroken.

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26 May 2018 22:41:29
I can take losing by being outplayed but not like that.

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26 May 2018 22:39:11
Ok, firstly Real deserved the victory, but I'm still proud to be red tonight. Losing Mo was pivotal, not only do we lose our best player we also lose the full effectiveness of firmino and mane. The three together are electric and if we lose anyone of them we don't have a replacement who can slot in seamlessly. hopefully a summer buy. Now to Karius, yes I feel sorry for him, but u can't make those type of mistakes at this level, they r under 10 Sunday morning errors. He has improved but he isn't and will never be top drawer and Liverpool need and deserve a top drawer keeper. Again hopefully a summer buy. All in all thank u liverpool for a memorable season and roll on next season.

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26 May 2018 22:36:26
Any players read this, I love you boys, you've done us proud. Chins up.

You'll never walk alone.

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26 May 2018 22:33:09
I don't know how to feel, on one hand I'm really hacked off that once again our goalkeeper cost us when it mattered most. On the other hand seeing him go over to the Liverpool fans and apologise whilst breaking down into tears made me just want to give him a pat on the back. I really feel for the lad.

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26 May 2018 22:31:51
No need for people being all down in the dumps, the minute salah went off I felt our chance had gone. Not that were a one man team but we lost the pace going forward.

The defence handled themselves well unfortunately karius not so well.

Midfield needs looking at as we need creativity to feed the front three, and stop relying on the front three doing everything.

What happened tonight is feck all to do with klopp we've had a cracking season and can see real improvement, we just need to build a stronger squad to help push us on next season.

GK. butland is pointless
CM. fekir ideal
Wide player. pulisic.

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26 May 2018 22:24:49
We came far and unfortunately it wasn't to be. Its sad but as soon as Salah got injured and I saw Lallana coming on I just had that sinking feeling, the pressing and passing the ball fast all stopped. Toe for toe with Salah on the pitch we could have taken them but we looked lost when Salah came off.

Lallana offered absolutely nothing tonight and for me can go this summer, this is not on just tonights performance. Milner looked rattled all game like the occassion was to big for him, can't put my finger on it but expected more from one of our most experienced player.

Lastly Karius, I don't know what to say. I feel sorry for him because at the end of the day he is human and took a lot for the lad to go over to the fans after the game but Klopp has to be ruthless and axe both Mignolet and Karius Im sorry. I have never seen a keeper make such mistakes at this level in a final and not once but twice.

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26 May 2018 22:19:36
Thanks to the Eds.
Thanks to Liverpool for getting us this far.
Thanks to the amazing fans.

We have proved this season how strong we are, we move forward and smash next season. Gutted about tonight but that's history now, we carry on. We are Liverpool.

YNWA Karius. He made a couple of shocking mistakes tonight but he's one of us, I'm behind him 100% no matter what. He helped us get to this stage and without him we probably wouldn't of got here.

It's far too easy to point the finger and blame him, it's easy to be angry but they are only human, everybody makes mistakes. The biggest problem for us was Salah getting injured, it changed from then.
It's not been an hour and I've seen some disgusting comments about Karius on the internet, bang out of order. Yes he cost us this but he is a man, a human, give him a break these things happen.

Let's do it next year instead :) .

I'd usually at this point say Congrats RM but I can't stand them so it's impossible for me.

Chin up everybody, we should be very proud of our team for getting so far, before Salah was injured we was all over them. Let's get the few quality additions we need and try again.

To all the reds in Kiev, have a safe Journey home.

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26 May 2018 22:39:04
Totally agree about the disgusting personal insults on that poor man- he must be devastated enough with himself, and he should not be attacked personally.
That said, we do also need to be realistic, and for me the reality is that he is not yet at the level needed to win top trophies.
You simply cannot make two mistakes of that type in a single game, not if you are a top pro. One bad mistake would be awful, but two like that is just too many.
He may well become a top keeper in the future, but we just can't afford to play him in finals against top teams, whilst he is still not reliable and still not mentally tough enough.

Lets not make it worse for the poor guy by personal insults. But also, let's get a keeper in who makes fewer howlers in big games.
He has a lot of great qualities, but he is not ready to win trophies yet.

26 May 2018 22:48:22
anonymush, that's a fair comment mate, a comment I can't disagree with.

26 May 2018 23:18:16
Well said Salah, Karius will be devastated, he knows he cost the team 2 goals. Morons on the internet speak as if they have never made a mistake in their lives.
He is human, and sadly his mistakes have been made on tv in front of millions. His confidence is destroyed, I am not sure he will recover to play for Liverpool again, with the abuse he will get. I feel sorry for him really.

26 May 2018 22:19:28

Lets remember that eh?

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