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10 Mar 2018 21:23:35
You have to hand it to Jose, his two, three predecessors couldn't get united to second place but he looks to have managed it. I still think liverpool are the better team buy I guess I'm in a minority now. I hate Jose, honestly I do but he looks although he may have turned united around. We have grown used to saying "next year" at Liverpool and i think we will be there again next year, challenging for title that is, but I also think united will be there or thereabouts too.

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10 Mar 2018 20:56:49
Different day same old story. Player's playing well every 2 or 3 out of five games. The whole squad is culpable but Lovern, Can and Chamberlain stick out more for some reason. As for playing Milner today that was just football suicide. If Henderson wasn't fit why even have him on the bench? When it clicks it's wonderful but without consistency its not going to win trophies.

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10 Mar 2018 17:27:09
What a downer and not going to make excuses. Mourinho and his ghastly tactics won the day.

Mane should have been awarded a clear penalty!

On to the next game but Mouninho, we shall meet again next season. Who knows, maybe even in the CL before the season ends :-)

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10 Mar 2018 19:48:28
No bother pal we was by far the better team, can't see how we will not finished second, onto Watford, great to see there classless fans boo there own team and manager, wonder if ed2 as a comment about that?

{Ed001's Note - grow up, why should Ed02 need to comment on that? Stop embarrassing yourself please.}

10 Mar 2018 20:23:44
Now I hope we don't get them in the CL, we can call Mourinho what we want he knows how to get a result against us.

10 Mar 2018 17:25:12
Upset but not distraught. Definately won't slate trenty for the 2 goals he will learn from those mistakes and hopefully improve. Won't slate lovren either it's not like lukaku hasn't got that beastly strength in him. Just an off day sh1t happens and tbh we could have crumbled after the 2nd goal and got buried by United. They done us and on another day we will do them.

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10 Mar 2018 17:33:44
I bet you would have slated Clyne and Matip though, it it had been them who made those mistakes.

10 Mar 2018 17:37:00
I agree with that I aren’t going to blame anybody’s for that result. We were just average today, we could have had 2 penalties imo. One thing I will say though and this applies to all people on here is saying you won't blame TAA for a couple of mistakes today but if it was say Clyne playing today he would instantly be slated and blamed for the result. I know TAA is younger and improving but Clyne still has the capacity to improve. I still reckon we’ll be aging a new rb.

11 Mar 2018 09:48:52
Klavy, exactly.

10 Mar 2018 17:14:53
Oh well, all of a sudden were right back in a BATTLE for 4th. I think we will do it. Cannot tell you how gutted I am.

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10 Mar 2018 22:20:20
We'll have to do it at Stamford Bridge mate, not ideal.

10 Mar 2018 16:58:32
We're still alright boys.

Saw a lot of comments mid-match across different platforms that we need to sell X, Y, and Z. Bit ridiculous.

We probably didn't have a great start and perhaps you could point at some errors but im still happy with this team and how we're performing.
On a different day we might of had a pen or two or things might have gone slightly better in attacking situations. It just wasn't our day.

This team is showing a lot of promise and there is no reason to kick-off or panic!

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10 Mar 2018 16:56:20
Really disappointing result today, but we support through the good and the bad! Shout out to the fans there today as even in defeat we sang our hearts out! Allez Allez Allez! Up the reds and onto the next one!

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10 Mar 2018 19:12:05
Sorry pal but the stretford end couldn't hear you, quiet game all round from your lot.

10 Mar 2018 16:08:07
Well what can you say Mourinho won that game and klopp and the officials lost it for us. Not sure why Milner started he did nothing today. Why didn't klopp make changes at half time TAA was being targeted and was awful and with Ox in front of him also playing poorly meant Salah had absolutely no service. Lallana also did nothing when he came on either. Firmino worked his socks off along with Robertson. Can't fault Karius. But for me our game was lost in midfield and 2 long balls to lukaku that weren't dealt with.

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10 Mar 2018 17:11:52
Milner has played okay recently, how is it klopps fault that you think he offered nothing?

10 Mar 2018 18:05:00
It is Klopp's fault he played Henderson agains't Porto. One of his worst ever decisions. Idiot.

10 Mar 2018 16:06:20
No Fap fap fap against the parked bus.

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10 Mar 2018 15:29:59
32% to 68%
5 to 14
1 to 13
Goals 2 to 1
Conclusion the best team lost.

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10 Mar 2018 16:15:42
What utter nonsense.

10 Mar 2018 17:12:24
Conclusion they got three points.

10 Mar 2018 18:21:24
I would love to agree with you. But again they had a plan and executed it perfectly. hats off. Let's move on.

10 Mar 2018 18:55:56
It's not about possession and prity play it's about scoring more goals than opposition no matter how you do it.

11 Mar 2018 06:09:17
I think this post proves stats don't prove anything.
United were deserved winners. We outplayed you in the first half and second half managed the game well.

11 Mar 2018 10:08:34
They were not deserved winners, did not outplay us in the first half and should have seen Valencia and Rashford sent off plus at the very least 1 penalty to us. You are delusional if you really think those stats don’t show that you parked the bus at home scored 2 goals from punts upfield (I’ve no problem with that by the way) you were never in control of anything.

VVD should have scored his point blank header to make it 1-1 and believe me at that point you would have seen an onslaught. Goals change mentality if we go 1-1 your boys lay an egg. Never mind good luck v Sevilla, you’ll need it, they will score and you will have a nervous night. Might see you in the next round or you and Chelsea might be able to share a pizza together on 1/4 finals nights. 🤩.


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