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09 Feb 2017 06:06:32
Mignolet (improve first team)
Ward (too much competition)
Flanagan (too much competition)
Clyne (improve first team)
Sakho (disruptive)
Moreno (improve first team)
Can (improve first team)
Brannagan (too much competition)
Allan (cannot get permit)
Kent (too much competition)
Lennon (too much competition)
Markovic (too much competition)
Coutinho (PSG or Barca)
Sturridge (improve first team)

Sign (just guesses) :
Experienced keeper (Handanovic)
Right back who can cross (Pereira)
Left back who can cross (Robertson)
Pacey wide forward (Brandt)
Proper striker (Mariano)

Pereira, Matip, Lovren, Robertson
Gini, Hendo
Mane, Firmino, Brandt

Arnold, Gomez, Klavan, Juanma
Stewart, Lucas
Milner, Lallana, Wilson

Randall, Brewitt, Williams, Hart
Chirivella, Grujic
Woodburn, Ejaria, Ojo

6 first teamers out, 5 first teamers in. No need to hold onto players who won't play. Be sad to see Brannagan, Flanagan and Ward go, but we signed Karius, plus Arnold and Ejaria have clearly usurped the other two. Sadly cannot see Couts staying. I think the contract was to maximise his value, and his 5% cut. Seen this with Suarez.

Solid first team player in every position with a mixture of youth and experience in reserve. Much better full backs, and almost as importantly, far more pace in the attack. Mane, Brandt and Mariano would terrorise teams.

I know some people will be thinking we don't need such a vast overhaul, but we do. A fluid front 3 only works when we are in form, and the defence cannot cope. Milner and Lucas can provide cover in their proper positions. Any games in defence should be as emergency cover only!

I think Klopp will give Lovren one more season in front of a better keeper and to build a partnership with Matip. Personally I would not wait but there you go.

We need to stop hoarding squad quality players and actually address the weaknesses in the team. Sign players for the starting XI or at the very least the top 3 subs. The match day squad has to be improved by a signing.

We clearly lack pace going forward. Additionally, 16 of the 30 goals we have conceded were from set pieces which points to the keepers inability to organise the defence and claim a cross. At least half of the other goals came from our full backs making mistakes.

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09 Feb 2017 12:14:59
Sell Coutinho and co and replace them with a proper striker in the form of Mariano what an awful idea he's a kid who was playing in Real's B team a few months ago with very little experience.

Our problem is when fully fit our best 11 are a match for anyone on the day but we lack strength in depth as our bench is not good enough compared to the top 5 teams.

Klopp really needs to change the formation as its clearly not working and we need a plan B so why not switch to either 343/ 4231/ 442 (diamond) .

Like most fans on here i agree we need the following:

GK - Keep Karuis but buy an experienced keeper so he can learn off him or replace him with either LENO OR HART.

LB - Id go for Ricardo Rodriguez or Jetro Willems and use Juanma as back up as quite a few of you on here have said he is a very good and upcoming player.

CB - Tah or Laporte to partner Matip as we need a solid partnership and both of these are young but established players.

CDM - Has to be William Carvalho as we sorely lack a true defensive midfielder the last one we had was Mascherano.

RW - Looks to be Quincy Promes as Pulisc signed a new deal, we need another player with frightening pace and goals.

LW - Julian Brandt could be an option

ST - Inaki Williams as Aubamyang will join Real Madrid.

Im not saying we will buy any of them but its clear that most fans believe we need players in the following positions and i feel the above would certainly not only strengthen the squad but also improve the current 1st team.

09 Feb 2017 15:19:58
Mariano is most certainly not a kid. He is 23 years old and has been scoring goals in men's football for years. The Real Madrid B team do not play youth football. Since he has come into the first team he is scoring something ridiculous like a goal every 45 minutes. People need to stop dreaming about signing ready made players. That has never been something Klopp does. Mane is the closest thing to a big signing he has ever made and people weren't happy about that either.

I don't want to sell Coutinho, but he will probably leave if we are honest with ourselves.

I don't think it will happen as I explained, but Laporte would be a great signing. Gibson of Middlesborough also. John Brooks of Hertha Berlin. Jeffrey Bruma of Wolfsburg. I just don't think Klopp will give up on Lovren and Klavan so soon.

Not sure on Willems or Rodriguez defensively.

I also don't see us replacing Wijnaldum after just 12 months. Carvalho is a fantasy.

Additionally, Promes would not be an option unless Mane left.

Inaki Williams is 22 years old (younger than that kid Mariano) and so far this season has 4 goals in 30 appearances. Or 1 every 560 minutes. Mariano has 5 goals in 223 minutes of football. That is literally not not half the game time Williams needs to score once.

I can completely understand why you might consider Mariano unproven at the top level, but that makes Inaki Williams a strange alternate suggestion.

10 Feb 2017 10:59:13
I suppose you have got a fair point regarding Mariano and William.

I agree that Klopp don't usually buy ready made stars but with Dortmund his only real competition was Bayern where in England there's upto 6 teams that regularly compete for top 4.

Agree that Coutinho will probably end up moving on but i don't feel he will this year.

Laporte would defiantly be my choice but to be fair as you rightly said Gibson or Brooks would also be very good additions have not seen Bruma so reserve judgement.

Im stil sticking with Rodriquez as he is a very good player. Who would your choice of LB be?

I would not replace Gini but if we are sticking to a 3 man midfield than we desperately need a world class defensive minded player in the mold of Carvalho/ Geis/ Lars Bender.

You say Promes is not an option but if we get CL football than we need quality players in the squad and not quantity, we need players that can come in to the team from the start or from the bench and make a difference instead of relying on certain players.

Also what would you do with the Goalkeeping situation as id like to keep Karuis but bring in an experienced keeper to help and push him as he was voted 2nd best German keeper which with the quality of German keepers that's a feat in itself.

And finally formation wise, do you think its working with the current formation, would you like a change in formation, playing style etc.

13 Feb 2017 09:08:31
We need to keep all our best players. Its as simple as that. Then add anonter top player to the group.

Sell a few of the non starters and not so great players.

Ojo (loan)
Wilson (loan)
Sturridge (needs a fresh start)

Bring in a lb. Only saw tysom against unites but he looked wickedly fast and good. Hopefully they go down and we xan get a steal. maybe markovic was sweetening the pot 😊

Gk monitor madrid and see if navas is avaliable if noone is then the minimun is get rid of migs and maybe let ward and karius have a degea lingaard style comp 😊

Tysom/ pereia

Markovic (further along than ojo, wilson and woodburn. better him on the bench in MY opinion)

Starting line up

Clyne Matip Lovren Tysom/ peri
Hendo Wiji
Mane lallana coutinho

Subs Ward, Taa, Gomez, Milner, Can, Markovic, Origi

Rest of squad; Manninger, klavan, juanma, grujic, woodburn, ingsy, ejaria, chrivella, stewart, flannagan

What you have to remember is

Hendo (Captain)
Wiji 25 mil signing last summer great for us
Mane (superstar)
Lallana (new contract and klopps wet dream haha for workrate anyway. and our catalyst for pressing)
Coutinho (just leave it there)
Firmino (if klopp cheated on lallana it would be with him ;) )

Point is none of them are getting dropped. And also once there all starting who would be better than any of them in klopps team? If it weren't for afcon and injuries we would of been fine. funny how there all back together and bang were back.

We have some terrific talent in the squad but don't need another 30 million signing to not get into the team and sit on the bench eg benteke!

Unless one of the team leave then we dint reallt need major work.

Do people not look at the league table? Go have a gander!

Also barca, madrid, munich, athletico, dortmund m don't have these 200million pound benches and they all do fine. We have a top first team which is maybe one or two away from a really really great team.

Trust me if we added 5/ 6 to the firdt tteam we qould be back to square one.

Slow and steady wins the race.

08 Feb 2017 16:41:35
1st X11

2nd X11


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09 Feb 2017 04:13:34
So spend about £120m but not replace either of Clyne or Milner, our too main weaknesses in the side?

08 Feb 2017 13:07:22
It is time for Klopp to move Milner up to left midfield for the rest of the season and to put Origi pn the right side of midfield and to put Mane up front with Firminho.

Their is no point in playing Sturridge anymore this season-2 Premier League goals for 150 grand a week is not good enough.

Klopp should put Gomez in at leftback and tell him not to attack-just to defend. He is 6 foot 2 inches and this team needs to have more height in it for the rest of the season.

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07 Feb 2017 12:44:51
Following the discussions as of late, it seems that allot of our players are complacent and only seem to show up at "big games", a problem that has been going on for years! Klopp said he was angry after the hull defeat and expects a response from his players, which I believe he will get. However, if this complacency against the lesser teams is to stop, would you replace the players in the starting lineup, who don't always give it their all, for the Spurs game with some of our hungry youngsters to set an example? Or would it be too much of a risk?

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07 Feb 2017 10:18:17
my plan for remainder of season:
1) karius for rest of season in goal. if he works his game and shows improvement we don't need a keeper in summer, if he cant, keeper is a priority. i don't know why we dropped him in the first place only to shatter his already bewildered confidence.
2) get a center back pairing for rest of the season- matip-lovren | or any body, a consistent pairing. for me the biggest reason for our current form is the inconsistency in center back pairing. no two games with same pairing of center backs in this disaster period. especially considering we don't have a defensive mid we require a consistent center back pairing. if it works out great otherwise we need a another center back in summer.
3) play a midfield of two. i think klopp is playing a three man midfield just for sake of it. one of the midfielder ( emre Can or lallana) is just doing nothing they are just wandering all over the pitch becoming an extra body ( read obstacle) in an other wise free flowing passing game. i don't think this extra man in midfield is helping out the midfield or defense in any way. And no major contribution in attack either.
4) i don't think we can defend for our lives, nope we cannot, not this season and for the same reason most teams are going to have a go at us. We can just sit back and counter our way to top 4 at this point in time. We could stop with the over pressing ( we aren't doing that either though) . so we can be intelligent about it and alter our play to outthink opponents. this is my thinking it mostly wouldn't work because i don't think we are capable of sitting back. what we are capable of though is attacking and outscoring the opposition and i feel we are going to stick with it.
5) Most importantly players need to get back at playing as they were. they have suddenly stopped playing. with no showing in the last month i guess they can't be fatigued now and have had enough rest. So time to fire on all cylinders.
might not get us top 4 but at least few good games to watch.

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07 Feb 2017 10:09:01
I'd like to see Sturridge alongside Firmino in attack. Mirror how Suarez and Sturridge worked so well together. Firmino is in a similar mould to Suarez. This will add more of a goal threat.

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07 Feb 2017 07:46:38
Summer Recruitment-

Handanovic/ Leno

CB- Tah

LB- Kolasinac/ Willems/ Bertrand

CDM- Carvalho/ Dahoud

WINGER- Douglas Costa/ Brandt

ST- Inaki Williams.

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06 Feb 2017 18:04:51
Could we possibly use a system similar to when Suarez was here? Firmino is a similar type of player and would it not get the best out of Sturridge if he played just off him?

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07 Feb 2017 04:39:27
Our best setup in this system would be Sturridge and Origi upfront with Firmino behind them and Coutinho in midfield as per 12/ 13 season IMO, I always thought this would work but unfortunately both strikers aren't on form.

05 Feb 2017 19:18:42
Curious if anyone would freshen the starting lineup for next week? Who comes in? Who drops out? Think our XI has almost picked it's self this season, but could be time to mix it up a little. T AA for me comes in at full back instead of Clyne. Stewart for Can in the middle of the park, think we could really use his extra pace and protection in front of the two centre backs, not to mention he's possibly the most accomplished man in the squad at tackling. Wijnaldum for Lallana in a attacking midfield role, think Lallana just needs a rest, not quite the zip to his game at the moment. Similar reasons for Origi in for Firmino and think we could really do with a proper 9 at the moment playing on the shoulder. I'd also rest Milner but don't have 100% faith in Moreno. I'd change shape a little also. The extra height might also be useful at deadballs at both ends of the pitch.

T AA. Matip. Lovern. Milner
Henderson. Stewart.
Mane. Coutinho. Wijnaldum.

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06 Feb 2017 11:33:15
I'd go 4-3-3 against Tottenham who are less likely to sit back, so the high press makes sense

I'd go
TAA - Matip - Lovren - Milner
Llalana - Hendo - Gini
Mane - Firmino - Coutinho

Against lower league sides I'd be seriously tempted to go with a more radical 3-4-3 for more defensive cover on the break and use Llalana on left where he's better with his left foot than Milner

Gomez - Matip - Lovren
TAA - Gini - Hendo - Llalana
Mane - Firmino- Coutinho.

05 Feb 2017 02:56:33
Ive drawn up my ins and outs for next year as im pretty flat about this teams recent performance. we definately have a good base of players but are still over crowded and i have now made my mind up on some players which i was giving time to make my decision. my list has 12 outs and 7 ins. moving on for me is Mignolet, Sakho, Lovren, Moreno, Lucas, Emre Can, Grujic, Brannagan, Stewart, Wijnaldum, Milner, Sturridge. coming in would be Tah, Amavi, Tierney, Dahoud, Paredes, Brandt, Mahrez. i think this would give a much needed trim to the squad but leave it more balanced and stronger overall. i understand that although most of the outs i have chosen are likely, i am probably in dreamland hoping for these transfers coming in. this obviously leaves Karius and Ward to fight for the #1 GK spot which i would be more then comfortable with if we made this sort of change to our squad. anyway that's my train of thought eds n reds. hope all is well. and hope we can pull ourselves out of this slump and somehow keep that elusive Champions League spot for next season.

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05 Feb 2017 07:15:35
I forgot about Flanagan, Markovic and Wisdom who will likely be moved on also. so 15 out 7 in sorry.


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