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11 Dec 2017 13:22:38
It seems to me someone told Klopp, its a derby you need to put in as many English players as possible. On the other hand, you can't blame Klopp for thinking there was enough quality and hard workers in the team he put out to win the game, and if Mane was less selfish or Salah header was few inches to the left we would've been 2 up, and it would've been all over. Watching the game from the stand I thought the penalty was very soft, but watching match of the day, they had the referee s view and it was clear push by Lovern, what was he thinking .

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11 Dec 2017 09:18:49
I must say Robertson's performance is about the most complete performance I seen from a fullback. Considering it's his 1st start in a long while in a derby. I must say he deserve accolades! Should be ahead of Moreno. I feel the defence is more secured and assured with Robertson than Moreno.

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11 Dec 2017 10:06:00
I wasn't impressed with his delivery at all. I think we missed Moreno. He offers far more quality in the final third. Robertson was just smashing it in and hoping it would drop for someone. He never had to defend until late on and then he struggled against Lennon and Kenny.

11 Dec 2017 11:51:31
To be honest, thought Robertson was fairly average whenever I have seen him for us. Moreno gives us much more options going forward with his well timed runs and his understanding with our forward players is miles ahead of Robertson. So judging by what we have seen so far Moreno should continue to be the starter once he is back.

Don't understand the Moreno bashing here this season. The guy just had one bad game all season till now! Also the Robertson love affair puzzles me as well. He has not done anything for us yet or for Hull City to suggest he should be starting for us every week.

11 Dec 2017 14:24:50
Robertson's delivery was awful yesterday, Either smacked it straight at an Everton player or ballooned it over to the other side of the pitch. Defended ok and other aspects were ok but we missed Moreno's forward influence in that game 100%.

11 Dec 2017 08:38:41
That was our worst performance all season. I refuse to point out individuals because i thought the quality was poor from everyone. To create over 20 chances playing that poorly just highlights how bad of an Everton side that was. And we let them go home with a point!

How on earth did we fail to beat a team who couldn't and didn't even try to string 3 passes together? Embarrassing to draw that. My opinion is that Calvert-Lewin has intentionally forced contact, and then thrown himself down. He should be retrospectively banned for simulation but he won't be because he's English.

However, you can't blame that decision really. We had enough chances to win 3 games. So you can't really blame Klopp either. It was just a shocking display in front of goal for 60 minutes, and then the players took their foot off the gas thinking it was won for the last half hour.

The silver lining is that we're still unbeaten in 10, and with Chelsea and United losing we're a point closer to them today! Onwards and upwards. Hopefully we get a reaction against West Brom and absolutely pummel them.

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11 Dec 2017 10:58:14
I agree Calvert-Lewin went looking for the contact (he had literally nothing else on), but all Lovren had to do was not put his hand in his back. Probably wasn't enough for any grown adult to go down like a sack of spuds, but it was still stupid and unnecessary from Lovren.

11 Dec 2017 11:03:19
The only annoying point for me, is that he’s literally going away from goal. Could Lovren have just guided him away.

10 Dec 2017 21:29:45
Salah is great but not near the best if he would have hit the header it would have been three points. Misses too many chances in too many games.

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10 Dec 2017 22:38:51

10 Dec 2017 23:04:55
wait, what, seriously?

12 Dec 2017 15:28:07
He is a very good candidate for top scorer and is getting them for fun, scares the pants off of opposition defenders when he is on the ball, likely to get more than 20 league goals too. What is there to complain about?

10 Dec 2017 19:16:10
Not the best result but we still in 4th even with Spurs winning and bonus of Chelsea and UTD losing and Arsenal drawing.

Lovren brain fart moment as usual. Oh well, nothing new.

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10 Dec 2017 19:12:16
Is it just me but I think it was a definite penalty. Lovren pushed him in the back and is without doubt one of the worst defenders we have had in recent times.
We should have slaughtered Everton with possession we had but let's face it how many chances did we actually create? Diddly squat in my opinion. I didn't agree with team selection but either way we should have won that game but lacked any cutting edge. Lovren handed them a point but the game should have been done and dusted by then. A very poor result for us given results over the weekend.

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10 Dec 2017 20:57:44
I didn't really see it as a push, just lovren getting close and sticking his hands out so he doesn't bundle him over. Its techniquely a push but not enough to bring someone down. And what about that blatent handball at the end that wasnt given. The ref can award soft pens but ignore a blatent a free kick. Its the inconsistencies that annoy me the most.

10 Dec 2017 17:14:09
Don't like questioning klopp, he is in charge and knows better than me. But this is everton. You can say it's a squad game, but resting firmino and couts and then taking off Salah with 30 to play is not good!

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10 Dec 2017 17:03:00
Soft or hard, Lovren is an international player who should know what he is doing. He is like Messi, From another planet except he takes stupidity to another planet. Handing contracts to such dross is why people points finger at Klopp!
This team can't win a game at 1-0! Proved a thousand times!

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10 Dec 2017 17:10:16
I can't really blame Lovren, without feeling a little harsh about it. I'm not sure that's a penalty in youth leagues, much less the premier league. One could argue he shouldn't have made contact at all, but letting the player just turn and have his way is an even worse strategy.

10 Dec 2017 17:38:49
TJ, Calvin Lewin was running away from goal? At what point was he about to turn? And the major thing here was Lovren raised his hands and put them on his back while running full throttle towards him. Shield him away from goal surely! I don’t understand why our defenders are so reckless in that position and not just stand off and Shepard them away. Moreno in Sevilla is another prime example of the one today!

10 Dec 2017 18:05:22
Everytime something like that happens, it gives referees a choice. 9 times out of 10 its not given. I think the ref felt sorry for everton, they could barely get in our box! Its sickening we drew this game. I hope mane learned a lesson today. Would he have done that in a champions league knockout round, no because there's a potential trophy at the end of it, where as in the prem there are many more games to play to achieve top 4. players like mane think too much about their goal tally rather than putting the game to bed in these situations. It felt like mane took a half chance with his left foot instead of passing just so salah didn't get all the plaudits. Klopp needs to sort it out. The team should always come first unless we are atleast 3 nil up.

10 Dec 2017 16:59:40
Not sure who I'm more peed off with? Lovren, Mane or Klopp?

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10 Dec 2017 17:06:20
For me it's Klopp. The players on Wed has momentum why kill it? We could have sewn it up by half time and then rest the players all u want.

10 Dec 2017 20:45:09
I will say mane, I sat here with my son and watched the match and as soon as he didn't sqyare it I said that is going to bite us 43 mins on the clock would have completely knocked the stuffing out of them.

10 Dec 2017 16:55:10
It's all good and well talking about squad rotation but when the player's that come in are not good enough to finish a game off well then, what's the point. Feels like a loss.

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10 Dec 2017 17:07:12
So wait. You're mad about the squad rotation, saying we benched too many players. But then you say the players that come on aren't good enough to change the game. that's quite an interesting argument you've got there.

Team selection was fine. Move on.

10 Dec 2017 17:27:04
As I said in the live chat play the full team from the start, kill the game off. Then he can rest who he wants. Saving player's for West Brom at home over a Derby, seriously!


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