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12 Mar 2018 16:18:38
The game was strange as our forward line never got going bar Mane who tried industriously.

Key tactical points -

Jose won this in drawing board more than we lost on the field.

1. Long ball towards our faulting center back (Lovern) with Lukaku to play against

2. Ashley Young man marking Salah the entire game.

We all know that Lovern is known to commit to the ball loosing his player if he is close. This was well exploited by Jose with Lukaku taking advantage of this tendency by flicking on the long ball with Rashford to attack the fick on's.

By man marking Salah, Jose took our attacking tooth and no one expected Young to do so well including Jose. Salah might have helped Young by not coming in the middle and not making Young think a bit.

So yes, TAA made error but it was Jose tactics that took the game away along with good defending from Young was the difference.

No point blaming our midfield as they are what they are - average.


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11 Mar 2018 22:16:03
What's up, guys and gals,

Poor result at the weekend I know BUT all is not lost (not even remotely) as we can still get 2nd BUT we have to literally win all our games to get there as Utd will definitely drop points. Easier said than done BUT keep the faith as we will get CL footie as that is all that matters.

Which brings me to my real point. I saw through out the week j=here and in the media, how LFC would smash Utd and the arrogance and cockiness of some was mind-blowing. The las t time I checked, we were playing Utd at OT with Mou as manager, who is adept at taking advantage of every weakness of any team and it seems many gave them and him, no respect. Now, we lost and prolly those same people are now losing their marbles and slating any LFC player that played and focusing more on Lovren and a kid in TAA. My response to you is that you got the result your arrogance deserved and maybe this will teachable moment to learn how to be confident and humble at the same time.

As for the game, I think mistakes were made by the players and also y Klopp. When DDG punts it towards Lukaku, Klopp or someone should have had Can stay right in front of him to limit the chances of a clear flick on as it seemed Utd worked on this all week as DDG kept doing it in the first half. TAA should learn not to allow a striker to get inside him cos even before the flick-on, Rashford was already inside of TAA and ready to pounce. Then when Rashford cuts inside, he takes his eye of both man and ball. Bad idea. If you do that, the gap for the shot is wider as you don't know where you are if you can't see. TAA needs to learn fast in the RB position even tho, it's not his rwal position and if he is still not grasping it, a RB needs to be bought so he can focus on playing in midfield, his real spot.

All in all, the result hurts BUT we have to be smarter in these games where Mou is not looking to play football BUT to take advantage of favorable match ups so we must approach games vs him that way and react quicker to what he's trying to do quicker. Also, we have to seriously look at the officiating here, IMO. At least, two of those penalties should have been awarded (handball by Valencia and Fellaini on Mane) . I did not say that, Frank Lampard (a decent pundit) did cos he said that it was a foul anywhere else on the pitch and if those situations were for Utd at OT, they would have been given. This was the same ref who robbed us of 3 points vs Everton, IMO and was shocking all over the pitch at OT. We move on.

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12 Mar 2018 10:25:28
Hey BRover. Still upbeat as ever good for you. I agree with a lot of your points on Klopp, Can etc. I think 2nd has gone. I would take where we are now 4th.

I think that is about right we probably are the 4th best time. Our midfield is really weak and lacks quality. I watched Keita again, what a difference he will make.

11 Mar 2018 13:08:45
The players yesterday looked like they didn't know what to expect?

Why couldn't we sit off get compact and see what the home team can do? Instead Klopp played directly into Mourinho hands.

We didn't need to win, we could of drew away and stayed 3rd and 2pts off Utd when the have to play city.

Amateur stuff by Klopp if you ask me, so predictable and mou knew it.

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11 Mar 2018 13:33:31
Don’t normally but completely agree with you Emma, posted something similar earliier.

11 Mar 2018 20:53:11
Wish we were a little cuter at times mcgov.

11 Mar 2018 12:34:23
Whilst any defeat against United hurts like hell we didn’t learn anything new really. Any half decent coach would have targeted the right side of our defence. I do hope that Klopp finally moves on from Lovren in the summer. He’s shown that he doesn’t have the cool to play at the very top level. I do think we missed a trick with Akanji in January. The more concerning aspect is that we’ve got some serious issues in midfield that need to be resolved. But I’m not too down as the feeling is we’re building more carefully these days. Bringing in players of the calibre of VVD Keita Alisson Lemar Jorginho would take us to the next level.

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11 Mar 2018 13:06:20
A top more defensively minded midfield would do a lot in games like yesterday.

11 Mar 2018 12:23:17
I know that Trent made a couple of errors yesterday but he’s young and will learn from them. But maybe it’s time to give Gomez a shot at CB for the rest of the season and see how he gets on? Can’t be worse than Lovren or Matip?

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11 Mar 2018 00:16:59
i don't think you lost because of the penalty decisions (which were vague at most) i think your team just lacked a plan B, most of your goals come when you exploit the space the opposition leaves and you can nudge a ball through to your front three, today united cut off all passing angles and your team was left passing the ball amongst themselves and finding it very hard to break through that defense, as a certain aron nimzowitsch would say liverpool were biting on granite trying to break through uniteds defence. my two cents.

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11 Mar 2018 10:09:30
Reasonable points, the Mane one was a pen. The selection was odd, no Henderson and lack of variety (switch Mane and Salah over to give them something different to worry about) . Ultimately though the only reason we lost is because of 2 very basic defensive errors, Lovren hung the rest of the defence out to dry but I also blame Can and Klopp for not having Can double up in front of Lukaku from goal kicks, poor lack of preparation. We won’t challenge whilst those goals go in against us, very Arsenal like.

10 Mar 2018 19:34:27
We lost, didn’t play great, were still the better side but naive and on the wrong end of penalty and sending off decisions.
The main difference between the two sides is they know how to win ugly (as they do it most weeks) and use spoiling tactics. Fair enough it’s effective but I wouldn’t want to watch it every week. Deep down their fans don’t either but they have no choice so good luck to them. I’m happy that we are heading in the right direction with improvements to be made, given the moaning from their fans about the bore fest they watch each weekI neither know or care where Moanreen is taking them. YNWA.

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11 Mar 2018 09:30:54
Bitter much?
As a Utd fan I wouldn't want to watch "park the bus tactics" but many fail to see the masterstroke mourinho played. He nullified the attacks of mane and salah, ensuring they are nowhere near firmino. Yes you had a lot of the ball but to say you were the better side is naive. You had no shots on target in the second half, de gea made no important saves and the only thing he had to attempt to save was the own goal. We were completely in control. Defending is a skill many fail to admire. When simeone does it it's a masterclass but when mourinho does it it's a negative. End of the day. The "worse" and "defensive" team scored 2 and the team with the "best attacking 3 in the prem" scored 1.

11 Mar 2018 12:23:21
Ha you won no problem but with the same type of sour back foot, football you’ve all been moaning about all season in home games. You are only satisfied coz it was against us, masterclass in defending my bottom, you were terrified to go toe to toe with us in your own back yard.

When you put in performances like that against the likes of Southampton and Burnley at home and win you all call for his head coz it’s grim viewing, he does it against Liverpool and you hail him a hero, genius Mourinho eh, Ferguson would never have backed off like that scared of us at home and afraid to come out of your own half other than hoofing it to Lukaku.
Good luck v Sevilla with your thrill a minute tactical masterclass football 😴😴😴.

11 Mar 2018 19:32:08
And good luck yourselves, would you swap your amazing flawless revolutionary football for a win over us? Don't bother answering we already know the answer 😂😂.

11 Mar 2018 20:48:05
The answer is no, you can keep your manager and your style of play and we’ll be just fine in the 1/4 finals thanks.
After Tuesday you can throw your entire back 8 into trying to win the FA Cup and satisfy yourself that it means you are on the right track while the bright 🌚 continues to cast an entertaining shadow over the field of forgotten dreams.

Noisy neighbours next, never mind the bus, you’ll need to park a juggernaut to try and stop them 😜.

14 Mar 2018 17:48:24
If the Liverpool game was the least important of the 3 games United had coming up and getting knocked out of the CL was "Not the end of the world" then an FA Cup game against Brighton must be what he thinks is the most important of those 3 games for Jose.

10 Mar 2018 19:01:59
I thought we only had to beat DDG and the rest 10 players are pieces of wooden stick! I had said yesterday that we need to beat Jose Mourinho and not UTD!
It's pointless to play 3 CM when they offer nothing upfront or at the back. UTD had only two and asked their wide players to remain at the back! Thank God they did not play Martial on the left against Robertson!
Klopp got it wrong and I don't think he will suddenly change the way we play and rightly so but a good lesson for our fans! Our front three are good! But when someone mark them out then we are no better than Southampton!

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10 Mar 2018 21:51:50
Trent doesn't need to apologise he's done really well in his first full season for the first team.

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11 Mar 2018 01:26:18
Many people are been far too harsh on the lad, no wonder younger talents find it difficult coming through the ranks. He is still learning and only a young lad, for what he's accomplished overall I'm delighted with him and he will only improve, shocking games like today will help him improve.

He had a bad game, it happens, maybe it was nerves who really knows but again, he'll improve from this and will continue to get my 100% backing, overall he has showed nothing but utter class when you consider his age. I hope he doesn't read the majority of what I have read today because his confidence would be shot to hell if that was the case.

People need to be patient with the youngsters, we lose to utd and suddenly TAA isn't good enough etc, it's quite frankly embarrassing that some so called fans talk this way.

10 Mar 2018 21:23:35
You have to hand it to Jose, his two, three predecessors couldn't get united to second place but he looks to have managed it. I still think liverpool are the better team buy I guess I'm in a minority now. I hate Jose, honestly I do but he looks although he may have turned united around. We have grown used to saying "next year" at Liverpool and i think we will be there again next year, challenging for title that is, but I also think united will be there or thereabouts too.

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