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Poetry In Motion Liverpool season end review


Hey Eds and Reds this is my Liverpool season end review for this campaign. For me three words sums it all up "POETRY IN MOTION".
It has been a phenomenal season for the reds, as Brendan said last year was all about a transitional period for the club and this year to crank it up and kick on and they certainly done that. We all would of taken a champions league spot last August but as you all know we came so close to the ultimate, disappointment yes but Hope remains and the Glory days are not far away I am sure.

Positives Overall:
Exciting brand of football
Goals Galore
Youngsters stepping up to the mark

We have had a great record at home this season and that was vital to build on. The one thing that stood out for me this year compared to others is when we take the lead, we are going for the juggler and killing teams off - pretty impressive and was done more often that not throughout the year. Away from home we scored are most goals ever and its all down this attacking unit that Rodgers has set out.
There is a plus and negative to Resilience i.e. yes we scored a couple but then conceded sloppy and then went onto murder the team Cardiff away springs to mind.

Negatives Overall:
Communication as a defence
Goals Conceded and attacking the ball and clearing your lines once again.

I am not one to slate players but as a defensive unit at the back we were poor at times this season, conceding not just the one but twos and threes even though still winning. I am sure others will have more accurate stats with their reviews but I feel there must be a BALANCE in the team. A couple of more clean sheets next season I am sure we will see and more concentration from the back. I am sure Brendan, staff and players will work on this greatly. The perfect example of a similar style of play is that of Atletico Madrid, they defend from the front, creative in possession, solid at the back scoring bags of goals

Players and Performances:
GK - Mignolet I feel is a tremendous shot stopper, I still have faith in the boy. For me he needs to speak more with his defense, commit and attack the ball when needed and maybe to practice more with ball to feet as he looks a little nervous. I know Ed1 has stated that Goalies have been monitored if so fine, but I do think Simon needs a little confidence and to take the responsibility. Jones to me is great no 2 and I know others have said get this person in but do many players including keepers want to be a no. 2? He keeps quiet does his job and is true professional, great player for the cups and should get more game time this season

Defence - As stated above I am not going into it anymore as it can't be dampened down by a great season but as many has copped our centre halves sometimes to me don't sense the danger and one is led by the others actions i.e. Skrtel is very rash in his decision making ( jumping into tackles and partner has to adjust and more then not then is out of position), drops off when not needed ( it makes his partner drop off) and drags out of opponents repeatedly and then on the other side he has scored numerous bullet of headers this season, tricky one to predict whats going to happen as Brendan has continued with Martin this season and I think I am right in saying he was up to move on last summer. I feel young Sakho will be our leader for years and will improve for the season under his belt. Flanno has been a revelation and fair play to the lad for putting in the effort. Hard work and determination pays off, he would be my rb for nest season as i have been disappointed with Johnsen, sloppy on slow minded on the ball, maybe this was due to his undergoing injury, interesting to see what Brendan has in mind for the defence. Daniel Agger great servant to the club, would not want to see him go but I feel Brendan maybe feels that he is too slight for big man against forwards and lacks that yard of acceleration needed. Kolo great back up, great experience.

Midfield - Stevie that quarterback holding role is made for him, you could right an essay on the guy but I feel there is no need, still a fantastic captain and leader has few more years left in him yet, Lucus will get more games this season in replacement for Stevie and is still very good different style DM ( for me sides of the diamond he doesn't have the legs to get you breaking quick enough. Hendo the engine in the team is my player of the season bar Suarez. What he does for this side is incredible, the legs for Gerrard, his energy keeps us playing high tempo and has added a few goals to his game this season which is great for the lad. Massive player going forward for the future. My future captain! Coutinho dropped a little deeper and playing off sides of the diamond actually utilises his ability of through balls more and has space to roam which is fantastic, a bit disappointed no WC spot for the lad. Allen has proved with his performances this season he is a quality player. Now he is given freedom to go forward with the ball, Brendan has utilised his ability much more.

SASAS - The forward line has been for me unstoppable. Young Raheem has really stepped it up a level, both wings and CAM, whats so impressive is his decision making, taking the bull by the horns i.e. taking responsilbity of scoring and now creating and to me has now proved his worth of the first 11. Sturridge is a goal scorer and I would take 20+ goals a season Dan every time thank you.
Finally Luis Suarez, the phenomenon, the Golden Boot, joint Golden Shoe, in awe when he has the football at his feet..three words WORLD WORLD CLASS!! No more needs saying.

With the likes of Borini, Ibe ( the most exciting youngster we have coming through personally, that kid has it all) Suso, Ilori, all going well coming back next season touch wood, teixera coming through and a certain Martin Kelly could be well like a new signing, hopefully he has a bit of luck and injury free.

Transfers : I don't think we need a massive overall as some have stated. Thanks to the Eds for sharing their info they receive.

A new LB, A new CB, A new midfielder.

As stated the argentinian LB Rojo would be a quality player, watch him flourish at the World Cup

CB - Would love to take Lovren, champs league experience with Lyon, he talks with his defence and is a solid centre half

Midfielder - Lallana all day long, this boy can do it all i.e. suits our system on either side of the diamond or as CAM. I know a big statement to make but I feel for bigger matches he would replace coutinho, gives us more energy and bite but still with that creative mind, reminds me in snippets of Iniesta, a very clever footballer and sees a totally different picture to many players. Suarez I feel would love a player to link with of his quality.

I know we have interest in winger forwards but I feel young Jordan Ibe could be well read, power, pace, directness, end product.

As I said whatever happens or whoever comes in I will back to the end. Everything happens for a reason.

My team for next season: 4-4-2 Diamond







or maybe 4-3-3 maybe for champs league away ties,
the beauty about the squad now they can adapt and play a number of different positions.

Just to clarify above I don't like slating players and its sad sometimes when I see fellow reds do this on the site or saying players we are linked with are not good enough, heads up and support our players through thick and thin. I could go on for hours on end and keep writing but that is my season how I saw it in a nutshell.

Overall I feel this is only the beginning, a young squad that is progressing together, play for each other and all the credit has to go the players, staff and Brendan, fair play.
All I can say is whatever happens I am definitely coming over for one of the champions leagues games at Anfield next season. I have been over numerous times from Ireland for league but as friends and family have said and I am sure the reds who are reading this now will back it up to say it is nothing like a an atmosphere on champions league nights.

Anyway hope you enjoyed my review, feel free to comment eds and reds and look forward to reading others reviews of the season.

PS I was formally known as Mikey LFC but as their is so many Mikeys on the site I decided to change my name.

May not be on for a while so best of luck to the reds in the World Cup and hears hoping to a couple of new quality additions to the squad for next season to push us that final step.

Forever a Red

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23 May 2014
Great post but disagree with you one place
I think we need a winger more importantly than a lallana because we have suso ccoming back and signing lallana would mean suso being sold
I don't think we even need a signing in midfield unless someone leaves


22 May 2014
Enjoyed the read a lot.

I have slight differences of opinion in some areas, but on the whole I agree. Good points made on Skrtel and our tactical flexibility. I hope Ibe excels also, but I love Suso's style. Just a matter of taste I guess! Both great young players though.

Found it funny that you would like to sign Lallana because he reminds you of Iniesta... that's exactly why I want Konoplyanka, he's the real deal imo!

I am gradually being won over by the views of yourself and others to the idea of signing Lovren, but share your high hopes for Martin Kelly this year.

I know nothing of Rojo, forgive my ignorance. I'll keep an eye out for him in future... Is he an option we are considering??

Cheers for your efforts, man. Appreciated. YNWA m8.

(you underplayed Suarez's ability somewhat imo. lol.)



22 May 2014
I personally agree with your starting 11. Nice post!
I'd have Lallana there all day long!
Javi Martinez if a deal could be done and at left back, I'm not sure if we could but pushing the limits and getting Luke Shaw would be exciting.
With a few players moving the other way and youth continually getting a chance to replace them we could have an even better team next season