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10 Dec 2018 14:45:20
We have decided to change the Teams page to be the Liverpool Match Posts page, so look for posts talking about the latest Liverpool match there.

But most of the posts still go to the Liverpool Banter pages.

10 Dec 2018 14:45:20
In order to view all of today's banter, you have to visit our liverpool banter 2 to liverpool banter 10 pages linked at the bottom of this page.

Also more posts are being added to the Liverpool Other Posts and the More Liverpool Posts pages.

10 Dec 2018 14:45:20
With our site (no Ed002). More posts will be going up on that Liverpool FC Banter site from now on.

10 Dec 2018 13:08:44
Just for fun who'd your player. of the season so far?

Millie for me has been the main man getting in hard tackles aswell when other teams try kick us of the park

The guy gets better every season.

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10 Dec 2018 13:20:24
Allison for me.

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10 Dec 2018 13:23:08
Alisson without a shadow of a doubt.

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10 Dec 2018 13:32:27
It is clearly evident how the presence of Alisson raised the level of our back four.

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10 Dec 2018 13:01:54
Just saw a video of Jurgen Klopp's best 5 goals he scored as a player. He claims he was a very ordinary defender but some of those goals were unbelievably good. Oh and his celebration on the pitch hasn't changed one bit.

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10 Dec 2018 12:48:23
Read that Emre Can has made only 3 starts for juve this season. I think he was injured a little bit, but still, almost feel bad for him, he was never getting in ahead of Bentancur, Matuidi, Pjanic, Khedeira and even Dybala who sometimes drops into midfield.
The grass isn't always greener, but at least he will get a league medal in the second most, one team league, in Europe.

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10 Dec 2018 13:02:19
He’s not at that level yet frankly. It’s annoying signing a player young and full of promise and losing them for nothing, when they were starting to get better and better. His saving grace may be khedira and matuidi are getting on but he really needs to start more games.

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10 Dec 2018 13:06:22
Come on Benny. It can't be only about medals? Don't you remember that one of the reasons he left (supposedly), was about not having Klopp's full confidence and more game time?

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10 Dec 2018 13:22:26
But he played near enough every game when fit!?
Honestly, i wish him well, time will tell but fab could turn out to be an inspired signing.

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10 Dec 2018 13:41:58
I just don’t get it. Why would you join a club not to play. I’m not saying he should of stayed at Liverpool ( I never actually rated him ) but it does make me wonder why players that can be deemed as having potential, would go and sit on a bench.
I think too many players this day and age want it all, immediately. When I was playing, the buzz knowing you was starting every week kept you focused, if you made mistakes you knew you could learn and put it right at the next game. All the training in the world doesn’t replace a competitive match. Only half way through a season, maybe he will turn it round.

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10 Dec 2018 13:46:19
I honestly just never liked Can all that much as a player. He had his qualities but he never had the intelligence to apply himself as he should of done. He was a great dribbler, but he never seemed to dribble anywhere other than down a blind alley into the corner of the pitch. He was big and strong, but that never seemed to translate into him being much of an intelligent defensive player or strong tackler. He never showed much of a great passing range either. He was never really tencious or nimble enough to play under Klopp. I honestly just didn’t know what his best qualities were and where he should of played, Oxlade was a better attacking midfielder, Wijnaldum and Milner were better box to box players, Henderson was a better holding player. I could never see where he fitted in. Having said that i do think he will be fine at Juve in the end, and i am not spiteful for him having left. As Ed002 says, players are transiente employees of the club.

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10 Dec 2018 10:36:14
We should've had the foresight to include a buy-back clause when we sold Suso.

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10 Dec 2018 10:51:42
Why we messed him right about? he wouldn't get anywhere near our front 3.

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10 Dec 2018 11:50:03
Could have, would have, should have. Forget about the past and just look forward and move onwards. Suso certainly has! 🙄.

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{Ed001's Note - actually Suso has often publicly stated that he would like to come back to Liverpool.}

10 Dec 2018 12:42:03
Random red we could not include any terms in Suso contract as it was a free transfer.
we should have handled him better but his chances were very limited.
I hate losing a player on free transfer, just like we lost Emre can and might lose Moreno the same way.

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10 Dec 2018 12:39:54
Would you take him back Ed001? Playing which position?

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{Ed001's Note - I don't think we have a place for him in the first team to be honest.}

10 Dec 2018 13:00:44
I agree with you Ed001. I have seen him play only 2-3 times since he left LFC. At the most he is probably equal to what we have; certainly not substantially better.

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{Ed001's Note - I do like him though.}

10 Dec 2018 13:02:43
Could he play at ten though?

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{Ed001's Note - it depends on what time his ma says he has to be in for tea...}

10 Dec 2018 13:15:50
I'd have him back tomorrow because he's a great player, I was gutted when we let him go but that's the problem as previously stated, where would he fit in? We should've kept hold of him and gave him his chance.

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10 Dec 2018 13:39:47
I like Suso. I just think we have a few we would need to move on before he got in the match day squad.

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10 Dec 2018 14:04:53
I’m sure Shaqiri holds the place in the squad now that he would like to occupy.

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10 Dec 2018 10:15:51
Eds- media obsessed with Salah reactions/ lack of celebrations re goals this season. Click bait or something brewing at end of season?

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{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what you are talking about, sorry.}

10 Dec 2018 10:31:11
The media are only obsessed with it because fans are talking like he is no longer happy at Liverpool because he didn't go ape sh*t scoring them goals lol daft if you ask me but if you give the media a chance to make a story, they'll pounce. All click bait.

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10 Dec 2018 10:31:34
Salah lost his smile, it must be heartbreaking for the kid being at Liverpool 😜.

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10 Dec 2018 11:32:48
Just done some extensive YouTube research and guess what, he doesn't celebrate much for Egypt either maybe he's going to change nationality at the end of the season too. 😊.

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10 Dec 2018 12:10:31
I'll play Devil's Advocate and just say that if Salah is, in fact, throwing some attitude at whomever, then let him. He is definitely in the top 3 strikers in Europe (and therefore, the World) and he's entitled to it if he wants to make a point to someone. Whether it's the fans who doubted him, or the journalists who buried him for the season already, or Klopp who took him off in games, or even himself for not having the same goal tally as last year (possibly), the point is, so what? Firmino sent a message with his one eye closed celebrations, right? To me Salah is simply saying "I'm still the Man, I just showed you, and I'll continue showing you".

The key is not to be swayed in either direction by the media. I remember too well the false sense of security that prevailed when both Suarez and Coutinho signed new contracts and professed their undying love and devotion to LFC, as reported by the media in truck loads. And then both handed in a transfer request a few months later in the summer.

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10 Dec 2018 13:03:36
If he’s sulking cos Klopp took him off, then he needs to man up. It’s nothing though in my eyes.

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10 Dec 2018 13:29:50
Once again, spot on ra.

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10 Dec 2018 09:14:18
We have the fewest goals conceded of any team in the top 5 leagues of Europe, how is that for a stat?

Juventus second with 8 goals in 15 games

Come one reds! hope I don't jinx it though.

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10 Dec 2018 09:06:32
What a great Saturday it was. Top of the table lads!

Next target is to stay within distance / stay ahead for the 3rd Jan Mancity game.

We have a tough fixtures schedule but what one good thing I noticed was that we have good recovery breaks between matched (at least 4-5 days) with the exception of Newcastle on 26th and Arsenal on 29th.

Gomez will be a big miss but we are also very lucky that its only 6 weeks.

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10 Dec 2018 07:24:09
Ed's, can you add John Wayne to profile wish list? Many thanks.

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{Ed001's Note - wait what?}

10 Dec 2018 08:19:03
Hahaha well that's random lol!

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{Ed001's Note - he did play football to be fair, but the Americanese kind for those who are hard of thinking and believe football is to be played with the hands.}

10 Dec 2018 08:33:23
Didn't Mahatma Gandhi once kick a ball whilst he was in the UK studying? Could you add him too, please, Ed001 :) :D.

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{Ed001's Note - ah Zed for you....not a chance!}

10 Dec 2018 08:35:36
I thought you were having me on Ed so I had to google it lol! well you learn something new everyday!

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{Ed001's Note - no mate, he was one of a number of sports stars (though I have no idea if he was any good at sport or not to be honest) who have turned actors. Weissmuller, the old (and best) Tarzan won 5 gold medals as a swimmer before donning the leopard skin for instance.}

10 Dec 2018 08:56:19
Weissmuller, now that's a blast from the past, wow though, I think I've heard before that he was a swimmer back in the day but I didn't know he was THAT good at it.

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{Ed001's Note - one of the greats of the sport mate. They are not all Vinnie Jones going into acting. Even the likes of Dolph Lundgren were sportsmen before being picked out to play the Russian Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. He was a competitive kickboxer. Though it still won't get them a player profile...}

10 Dec 2018 09:42:58
Remember woody strode, Ed001?

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{Ed001's Note - I didn't until I looked him up, and now I do from 'Jaguar Lives' crap film but I love martial arts films, even the crap ones!}

10 Dec 2018 10:01:16
I remember him from one of my favourite westerns”once upon a time in the West”
He was in it for about 2 minutes in a great opening scene then Charlie bronson shot him.

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10 Dec 2018 10:15:24
Why not do a profile for Bruce Lee he kicked plenty of BALLS in his lifetime.

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{Ed001's Note - he actually was well known for punching in the knackers as well. Because he looked very small and nerdy and would act camp while in Hong Kong to goad local triads into picking a fight with him. Then he would smash them in the 'nads so quickly no one saw what happened. All they would see is this big hard gangster knocked out on the floor by this little geeky bloke. Apparently he took great delight in doing that in his later years.}

10 Dec 2018 10:49:05
Wasn't Bruce Lee also a ballet fan? He loved the Nutcracker.

I've already got my coat *whistles*.

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10 Dec 2018 11:45:52
That is one of many great scenes in ”once upon a time in the West”.

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{Ed001's Note - never been a fan of cowboy films so never seen it.}

10 Dec 2018 12:13:26
LOL 🤣 Zed. You have way too much free time on your hands.

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10 Dec 2018 13:19:59
Hahaha zed, keep them coming mate lol! 😂.

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Review Of The Day 10th December 2018

10 Dec 2018 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 10th December 2018

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10 Dec 2018 07:39:54
Hi ed, nice read as always. Did sterling really say that? Hats off to him for that. Its only going to result in more abuse for newspapers against him. It is really sad that even today newspapers/ news reporters would create a divide. If they were no media world would be better. Sites like yours should be encouraged and all news should come through these sites only where people can banter and people in the actual know can provide real information without prejudice and divide.

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{Ed001's Note - Sterling did say that mate and I fully agree with what he said and the two examples he used. They just show how differently the newspapers report stories based on the skin colour of the player. Also highlights how easy it is for them to set an agenda.}

10 Dec 2018 07:42:19
Morning Ed, thanks mate hope it's a good Monday for you.

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{Ed001's Note - well it has certainly been a Monday so far!}

10 Dec 2018 08:23:07
Ed are u going to the LFC Dubai Christmas party this week by any chance?

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{Ed001's Note - I didn't know there was one mate. I have been so busy lately I have not been keeping up with what is going on. My parents are flying out here tomorrow, so I will be spending the next month taking them out to see what they want to see. So possibly, as me ma will want to go.}

10 Dec 2018 08:36:39
Class Ed, have a good time with your parents mate.

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{Ed001's Note - thank you mate. It will be good to see them, though the novelty will probably wear off by the end of the first day and I will be counting down the days till they go by then!!}

10 Dec 2018 08:43:01
It’s at the stables bar on Thursday night mate.

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{Ed001's Note - hopefully yes I will be there. Me dad will appreciate the chance to have a beer so I think it will be almost certain. Are you going mate?}

10 Dec 2018 09:06:46
Slightly out of topic Ed, but in view of these brilliant daily articles and all the work that goes to maintaining this site, I just wonder what do the other Eds do for a living.

I know you mentioned only Ed33 and yourself are full time, so I would imagine the rest of the eds do this on their own volition. Obviously I’m not expecting Ed002 to disclose his secret identity (a president of a country for all we know) but would be interesting to know whether, for instance, all the Eds are involved in football, and if so in what capacity etc. Totally understand if they prefer not to disclose though.

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{Ed001's Note - that is a good question, Ed002 is an international man of mystery, the real James Bond, though he is more like Austin Powers in terms of clothing.

Ed003 is a bodyguard to the rich and famous. Well that's what he tells the kids anyway, he is actually a driver, he says taxis but I have heard the words get and away used by his missus many a time in his direction, so I have my doubts.

Ed004 is at university learning to count to 10.

Ed007 is Scottish, so whatever it is he does I have no idea because when he speaks it is all unintelligible so I just nod and pretend to understand.

Ed018 does something involving snow he said. I am not sure what kind of snow he is referring to though.

Ed025 has nothing to do with football, he is an Evertonian so has no interest in it. He does moonlight as a model, you may have seen his work - the Southern Comfort ads. He is a beach strolling behemoth.

As for Ed0333, it is best not to ask. I have known him for years now and I still have no idea. Whatever it is, it seems to involve lots of nudity if the pics he keeps sending me on WhatsApp are any kind of guide....}

10 Dec 2018 09:17:40
This is why I am not a fan of the media (mainly papers), they can twist any story for their own agenda but because most see it in the news they take it as gospel.
NEWSpapers should just quote facts and not opinions and let people form their own. However that wouldn't differentiate them between each other so their profits would drop.
As News papers become more obsolete their headlines will become more drastic to hope someone still picks it up and buys it.

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{Ed001's Note - very true. They each have their own agenda and they push it with every story. Better to stick to the agencies such as AP or Reuters.}

10 Dec 2018 09:34:34
Bet you're only going to have a go on the rodeo aren't you Ed ;) hahaha!

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{Ed001's Note - it will be the chance to live the dream and be like Ed002's cover - a rodeo clown!}

10 Dec 2018 10:08:27
How are these newspapers allowed to get away with such blatant attempts to malign a community. They make the black player sound like he is stealing. This really boils my blood. Its always like this. Some of the articles i read when France won the world cup made me think, how these newspapers with agenda of better sales and advertisement trick ordinary people and fuel them with a sense of disrespect and hate towards another skin colour.

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10 Dec 2018 10:09:04
I am, in no way, sticking up for the newspapers here but, were both of these articles written by the same journalist, or at least the same newspaper? If not, although it could suggest there's a problem, it doesn't necessarily mean there is one. The second article could be written by someone who has an issue with kids earning so much money.

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10 Dec 2018 10:21:42
Good read, the sterling stuff is sad people still act that way and he’s completly right to speak up the papers certainly word things differently based on skin colour, I remember Rooney stealing and there was footage of it, imagine that was sterling, also I really liked watching Atlanta this season and there best player almiron will end up at Newcastle no doubt.

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{Ed001's Note - cheers mate it is sad and thanks for the Gomez contract news yesterday, which has just been confirmed by the club.}

10 Dec 2018 12:05:01
Well done to Raheem Sterling for speaking out on the media issue. I have never had a problem with him leaving Liverpool for City (although I was sad to see him go and I accept that the manner of his departure was annoying to most Liverpool fans) and I cannot understand the incessant abuse he gets at Anfield and every other ground he plays at except the Etihad. He is an excellent player, he is strong but not overly aggressive, he does not come across as arrogant so why the hate? As for the media, I get mad when they slant stories about Liverpool (the football club and the city) to suit their own agenda so I can only imagine how it feels to have them do the same based on the race of the subject of their stories. It is hard to avoid this blatant media bias but I do not respond to click bait, I refuse to even look at red top tabloids and I keep well away from the dreadful Sky Sports News.

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09 Dec 2018 21:52:39
To Salah, I'm trying mate I'm really trying, thanks for asking.

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{Ed0333's Note - all the best ST were all rooting for you mate.

09 Dec 2018 22:15:52
Glad to hear that ST, keep going mate :) .

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10 Dec 2018 08:23:53
Keep on trying and keep on talking ST, all the best to u mate.

Agree4 0Disagree

10 Dec 2018 10:44:58
Thanks for sharing the news ST about Gomez, keep going mate and all the best!

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