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23 Jul 2018 17:52:42
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23 Jul 2018 17:52:42
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23 Jul 2018 17:52:42
With our site (no Ed002). More posts will be going up on that Liverpool FC Banter site from now on.

23 Jul 2018 17:18:44
Some of the behaviour towards some players by persons is disgusting but let's not forget that it's happening at other clubs also. We as a nation fan base should be looking to stop this treatment at ALL clubs no player deserves to be abused as if they are not human beings who will make mistakes. I don't know how but I would love to see the morons caught and punished then re-educated about the consequences of their behaviour.

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23 Jul 2018 16:21:12
Was at the game yesterday, our new boy naby is looking great.

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23 Jul 2018 15:25:49
Really looking forward to the next 5 weeks of constant posts of us being linked to players. We aren't signing anymore apart from maybe some youth and I'm okay with that.

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23 Jul 2018 15:42:33
Yes manahawkinred. Keita is going to be sensational. I don't actually see where fekir would play. I'd rather two defence minded cms one great attacking mid than two attacking miss and one defensive minds. Considering the 3 attacking players up top.

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23 Jul 2018 15:44:36
The transfer window closes in just over 2 weeks.

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23 Jul 2018 16:11:37
We're an attacking team, so I don't want 2 of our midfielders to be holding players - Fabinho is more than enough for that role.

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23 Jul 2018 16:43:27
It's a squad game. We are playing Marathon not sprint.

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23 Jul 2018 15:05:17
Thats that then. A new contract for Fekir. To be honest imo it wasnt happening the minute we splashed 60M+ on Alisson.

At least we no we have our lot, apart from sorting the Keeper situation should anyone leave.

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23 Jul 2018 15:14:22
All I've been able to glean is a couple of 'sources' (Empire of the Kop being one of them) that he is "set to be offered a new deal".

Has he already signed a new deal then? Where was that reported?

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23 Jul 2018 15:45:06
What new contract?

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23 Jul 2018 16:27:39
Apparently he's rejected the contract. Just what i've read.

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23 Jul 2018 17:01:29
I've also read he's rejected the contract and handed in a transfer request. could be BS though!

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23 Jul 2018 14:47:58
I'm with Ed002 here. Utterly appalled by a large section of our fan base abusing one of our own players. This isn't the family club i grew up loving anymore and with social media it amplifies the abuse further.


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23 Jul 2018 15:49:11
I have been a match-going Liverpool supporter for more than 50 years, in fact since the Shankly era. There was a very good documentary on BBC2 last night called “Shankly : Nature’s Fire” which majored on the great man’s principles and values. I simply do not accept that someone who proclaims his/ herself as a Liverpool supporter on social media while abusing a Liverpool player is a member of our wonderful club’s fan base. It takes much more than self-identification to be a true Red. Those who do not adhere, or at least aspire, to the Shankly principles and values are just worthless trolls (as I think the young people all them) .

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23 Jul 2018 16:02:49
WW, post of the day, mate, in fact post of the summer.

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23 Jul 2018 16:06:24
The abuse is disgusting and looking through other posts there are plenty of comments calling players absolute rubbish .
I also wonder why people expect both Karius and Migs to stay as no 2 or 3 . They both have their career ahead of them and I guess would like to progress rather than be a bench warmer .

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23 Jul 2018 16:24:15
Sadly WW, that's not how things work any more. It takes more than saying it - the vast majority have to show them that they are wrong, and shun them if need be. Because they are fans, just like you or I. And us denying it doesn't change that - it's up to us to fight against the internal rot.

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23 Jul 2018 17:21:03
hijkle, how about this then - I’ll continue to confront the abusers in the Lower Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand (and there are a few) and anywhere else I encounter them, and you fight the good fight with the social media dickheads.

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23 Jul 2018 14:37:01
The whole Karius situation is getting out of hand now, on both sides of the spectrum. He has to be taken completely out of the firing line and needs to work on his game big time, it’s clear he hasn’t been doing enough to rectify his mistakes because they’re happening non stop. I think the abuse he’s getting is disgusting and people need to take football a little less serious, I’m a huge football mark but when it gets personal then it’s time to reiterate your own life.

I would have said before the preseason that I’d like Karius to stay and compete with our new GK. However I have always said we need a better keeper to come in, I even said that last season before the CL final as I was never convinced by him and it was clear as daylight he’s a mistake prone player just like migs, In fact for me, he’s worse than migs. At this point I think it’s almost better for him to leave entirely or at the very least go out on loan to another league. I personally think he’ll never recover enough to come back to Liverpool and make it but he can do it elsewhere, which is a shame. If that were to be the case I wouldn’t mind keeping migs but I’m sure migs also wants to leave for first team football. With ward, migs and Karius all leaving, we would definitely need another keeper. This whole situation has become a bit of a shambles and has spread further than it should have, the abuse is sickening but it just doesn’t look like Karius is doing himself any favours. I think we need a new GK coach as well, no idea why that hasn’t been addressed, I’ve done my research on achterburg last season and he has nowhere near the credentials to be working at a club like Liverpool, I thought the same with Ian ayre and he eventually got replaced and look at the rewards.

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23 Jul 2018 14:09:31
After losing his form, confidence and added recent abuse from fans, does it look likely karius will leave us? This would mean having to bring in another 2 keepers one as backup and one 3rd choice/ older option. Could be a busy last few weeks . At least we have a fantastic no1 now.

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23 Jul 2018 14:50:52
Mignolet would be our number 2 and someone like Pepe Reina would be a great number 3. Although personally I think Karius would have been an excellent back up to Alisson as what doesn't break him will make him stronger, but I guess he's been forced out the club by "supporters".

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{Ed002's Note - Mignolet is leaving and P
reina has already moved this summer.}

23 Jul 2018 15:01:35
I think we're all expecting some movement but as it stands we have 3 senior gks at the club. Maybe migs will stay. I expect karius to stay or else why would Klopp be playing him in these friendlies? He's the strongest keeper we have in the states but I think, no, I almost said play migs for the city utd games.

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23 Jul 2018 15:05:11
Let's hope this karius episode gets quickly resolved . I feel for the guy but having digs at our manager it just going to get worse 🙈.

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23 Jul 2018 15:34:08
Why would we want 3 goalkeepers vying for one position? Have a number 1 and a back up someone rubbish like brad jones or maybe a young keeper save some money/.

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23 Jul 2018 15:58:48
Seosamh1990, I'm not sure whether your post is tongue in cheek or you're being serious. If you are being serious, why would we want someone "rubbish" as back up?! And, again if you are being serious, please don't be so disrespectful to an ex player, Brad Jones, who played for us through personal tragedy.

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23 Jul 2018 16:16:23
Oh my mistake, but I still think Karius would be a great back up because I think he will grow stronger from these bad experiences and if he was to spend extra hours on the training pitch I think the 2 combined would see him become a top keeper. I know that sounds overly optimistic and that he probably wants to leave now anyway, which I don't blame him for.

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23 Jul 2018 16:34:07
Im far from disrespecting an ex player. He was just simply wasnt anywhere near the level of the number 1. How do you expect us to have more than 1 top quality goalkeeper if alisson is that good im sure he doesn't want someone pushing to start his games. Why should we pay another goalkeeper upwards on 100 grand a week to play in the league cup and fa cup. I get your thinking that we should have back up as you never know what may happen but we don't have the money to be having 20 midfielders and attackers and back up goalkeepers earning big money. I would much prefer to have a young goalkeeper come through the ranks as a back up and play him in the so called lesser competitions and you never know might be onto a gem.

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23 Jul 2018 16:34:16
Mate karius will never accept to be backup . He was persuaded by our manager as N01 and was open to voice his frustration when he was dropped for mignolet.

Now after Alisson purchase he sounds bitter and isn't shy having digs at our manager. Think would be better for him to go to different league out of spotlight where he can peacefully start building his confidence and again starts enjoying this beautiful game.

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23 Jul 2018 16:55:10
Seosamh1990, if calling Brad Jones rubbish isn't being disrespectful I'm not sure what is.
Your point regarding Alisson not wanting anyone pushing him is utter tosh. Plus, what happens if Alisson should pick up an injury and we then have to call upon our "rubbish" number 2? And may I ask how you know that we don't have the money to pay for a suitable back up? Insider knowledge of our finances?

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23 Jul 2018 13:34:31
Oh god, it’s happening again. For those of you who follow my posts closely (wait, none of you!?! ) you’ll know that I have an unhealthy man-crush on Daniel Sturridge. It was love at first sight for me; Sturridge scored on his debut coming off the bench against Utd; he played an important role in an improving Liverpool side ending the season with 10 Pl goals for Liverpool from just 1090 minutes of play. I loved the idea of a young English player, who had struggled to make his mark at Man City and Chelsea, coming to Liverpool, joining Rodgers’ revolution, and instantly being brilliant. My appreciation of the player turned into a full blown infatuation in the 13/ 14 season where, alongside Suarez, he was astonishing; his 22 PL goals, one every 104 minutes, was a world class return. Make no mistake, in the summer of 2014 Daniel Sturridge could be reasonably judged the equal of Liverpool’s most famous scoring legends, not only was he a deadly finisher and lightning fast, but he had a technique and trickery on the ball that was practically unheard of in England players.

It took 3 and half years for me to come to terms with the fact that I’d never see the 13/ 14 Studge play again; there’s no need to discuss his injuries, they’ve become cliché, even when he has been fit it’ become clear that Firmino is a far more suitable no.9 for Klopp’s primary game plan. When Studge left on loan for WBA I was sure his time was up and I wrote a long gushing post wishing him well in the future. But now, like the ex-girlfriend who knows she’s got you wrapped around her finger, Studge has started flirting with me again.

Firmino is top dog, I can have a legitimate argument whether he’s a world class striker, but there is no doubt that Firmino is perfect for how Klopp wants to see Liverpool play, but we need an alternative on the bench. There’s no indication that we plan to dip into the transfer market so that leaves Ings, Origi, Solanke, Brewster and Studge as the options. Ings wants to leave, he’s not making progress at Liverpool and deserves the chance to fulfil a career that promised much elsewhere. Origi seems to be going backwards, a player with the physical and technical attributes to succeed at Liverpool seems to have lost his way, even if was possible that he would find his form, Liverpool don’t want to have to rely on a player who may be spent. Solanke has good potential but he needs space to develop and he’s not going to get that at Liverpool this year. Brewster may have the highest ceiling of everyone but he’s still just a pup. That leaves Sturridge, if the last four years have taught me anything it’s that he’s going to break the instant we need him but he’s been our only striker who’s looked the part so far in pre-season and he and Keita combining looks very natural. It’s got me thinking ‘what if Studge can stay fit? What if Keita can keep finding him with through balls? What if he finds his mojo again and starts making defenders look dumb again? Could we get the happy ending I’ve waited four years for? ’. The rational side of me knows it’s going to end in disaster, he’ll probably be sold in the next few weeks and, if he isn’t, he’ll rupture some tendon on Sep 1st, but possibly, just possibly, everything will come together and the most talented Englishman of his generation will grace us again, wouldn’t that be amazing.

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23 Jul 2018 13:43:25
Groundhog Day Putney ( and it feels like it with my posts on him. ) he’ll be injured before September.

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23 Jul 2018 13:46:06
PR, we have asked the "‘what if Studge can stay fit? " too many times and we all know the answer to that. He was healthy as well during last preseason and did well then, only for the season to begin and for the same ol' story to crop up again. If I were you, I would hurry up AND wait, to see what happens.

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23 Jul 2018 13:47:29
I'm with you Putney. If you were selling a Sierra I would have bought it. For the asking price.

Is it me or does Danny look bigger now. Got a bullish look to his shoulders. Maybe there's a plan. His pace is gone but he still has the magic and strength will help. If anything bulk has to help with repetitive injuries? I dunno.

He looks good with keita though I agree.

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23 Jul 2018 13:53:58
I have similar feelings, PutneyRed. I absolutely love Sturridge. His skills, his confidence, his swagger, his sense of humour - I must have watched that interview he did with Sterling where he finds out his pace on Fifa over 100 times. He's too funny!

I am forever hopeful he will turn up again one of these seasons, and am one of probably very few who would like to see him stay at LFC and try to regain a role within the squad. Although realistically, for his own happiness, he may have to move on.

: (.

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23 Jul 2018 13:57:06
His debut was in the FA cup if i'm not mistaken wasn't it? I remember because I put a bet on him to score and won a decent amount of money.

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23 Jul 2018 14:18:56
He's on massive wages and never plays. Them wages could be going to a proper top player who actually contributes to The Club by playing football matches.

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23 Jul 2018 14:29:24
He played last night? Our best player probably.

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23 Jul 2018 15:12:16
Everyone agrees that Sturridge is a top class player. His quality is not in doubt.

But he will get injured a lot.

What he could have been. Sighs.

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23 Jul 2018 17:26:11
I can’t help feeling the same, Putney.

After what happened at West Brom, and coming back to LFC with our front 3 taking all the hype, I am starting to think he might flourish being our go-to guy when we need a goal.
Maybe settle into the elder statesmen role model for Solanke and Brewster?

I know, I know🤦‍♂️

Can’t remember the exact quote, but did anyone else see that bit yesterday before the match when they were changing wheels on that NASCAR?
He said something like “all they can ask is that I try my best”
That’s all we need Danny!

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23 Jul 2018 13:22:40
Hi everyone, first time poster, been following this site for years, best site by far, great info, read and love the banter, also love the Ed's insights as well. Anyway just wanted to share (not roumor) life long liverpool fan and member from down under and will be seeing Liverpool at Anfield against Fulham with my son and also at the Emirates against Arsenal. We are so stoked and can't wait to see the reds in the flesh at our great home and experience that Anfield atmosphere. First time to London and Liverpool, so happy to hear where to go and not go as my son is nine. Keep up the great work on the site Ed's.

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23 Jul 2018 13:12:41
Away from the Karius subject.
My suggestion of taking Sterling back to Liverpool went down like a lead balloon yesterday, which was not unexpected.
I felt the same as everyone else about him / his agent's acrimonious transfer to City.

What changed my mind, however, was a talk-in when a LFC fan called in to speak / abuse Sterling. I think it was Tony Evans who absolutely laid into the caller and gave him both barrels, that Sterling had been messed around badly by Rodgers wanting him to play wingback etc.
Sterling was a young lad, had excelled in the SAS front three, and was now being required to play a stupid role really.
I was never in the fervent 'Rodgers Out' camp but, in hindsight, that was a terrible decision.
Bringing in Lambert and Balotelli and then compounding the problems asking Sterling to play wingback the following season to accommodate a horrible back three?

It's a shame he went, especially in those circumstances, but I'd personally have him back at Liverpool.
It won't happen of course, but that was my thinking yesterday.

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{Ed001's Note - it is nothing to do with how he left, it is simply that he is not good enough to get in our current side. We have moved past him.}

23 Jul 2018 13:30:34
I don't necessarily disagree with you there Ed.
But as a member of the first team squad, he'd be ideal.
As he was in that 2013/ 14 season.
People forget he's younger than Andy Robertson and not that much older than Joe Gomez, so he's still quality for his age.
I'd take him before Meyer, Fekir and other such names that have been mentioned this Summer.
However, yes, life moves on as you say.

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{Ed001's Note - not a chance I would take him over any of those. He can't kick a damn ball.}

23 Jul 2018 13:40:54
The Ox before Sterling for me.

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23 Jul 2018 13:49:23
Mane is a sterling who can pass and more importantly finish. If sterling came he'd play a similar role to shaqiri.

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23 Jul 2018 13:49:32
He hasn’t improved since he left. Would want huge wages, a big transfer fee and wouldn’t get in the team. We don’t need him or his pea-rolling shots in our team. There are far better options out there for a lot less money.

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23 Jul 2018 13:53:38
Juicer, let it go, man. Sterling stood out in a severely poor team during that 2014/ 15 season and that is normal. He has regressed IMMENSELY from his 2014 season when he was brilliant with great (Suarez, SG) and promising (Hendo, Cou) around him to help him grow. Now, he has even better players around him and he is still useless.

He would not be ideal for us in anyway within the first team squad of today as this squad is light years ahead of the LFC he played in and. First off, he would not start ahead of even Shaquiri (who ion terms of talent, ability and end product, is the better player) and he can forget about starting ahead of the front 3 nor ahead of the Ox so again, what would he be doing here? He can't pass, can't shoot, can't dribble one one one, poor decision-making and misses more sitters than any player I've ever seen so AGAIN, what would he be doing here?

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23 Jul 2018 14:31:30
Whos position would he play in, salah? Mane?

If he comes back it would be a significant fee, would he then be content to sit on the bench and wait for his chance? How long would it take for him and his greedy agent to start agitating for a move?

He has shown he is not really a thinking footballer, plays better on instinct hence the types of goals he scored for city were ones put on a plate for him. Altho he has a habit of scooping balls over the bar from 2 yards out but he can score goals when he doesn't engage his brain.

His other quality is his pace and running off the last defender, but again more often than not runs into cul de sacs or plays the wrong ball.

My assessment is he would be an expensive bench player that would as he has done with his last two clubs try and hold them to ransom every 3 yrs or so despite the limited return in terms of his contribution on the pitch.

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23 Jul 2018 14:38:58
I know this site is all about differing opinions and we often have to agree to disagree but, um, did you really just say you would prefer Sterling to Fekir?

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23 Jul 2018 15:07:50
Shaqiiri before Stering? LMAO.
And I'm afraid that the Ox, as much as I like him, has big big problems.
We'll be lucky to see him back to last season's level, IMO.

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23 Jul 2018 15:16:27
Did you actually watch any of hs performances in the World Cup?
It was Sterling boiled down. Forget all the praise for him distracting the opposition to free up space for Kane, Lingard etc - that plainly worked really well didn't it?
As has been mentioned above, he is not up to scratch. he may have scored lots of goals last season for City, but then so would Igor Biscan in that team.
He is awful at everything he does. He was only made to look good with Suarez etc, because of how good Suarez was.

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23 Jul 2018 15:31:44
Don't be silly BBB, and did you watch Fekir at he WC?
Please can someone explain this Fekir thing, because I did not see anything in him that I liked at all. Fat footed and a waste of money.
About as mobile as Biscan, if you want to bring him in the conversation.

Anyway, I get the gist. You all don't like Sterling anymore. He never tore those defences apart in the SAS and he wouldn't thrive in our team. OK, lol.

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{Ed001's Note - did you watch Fekir at all? Fat footed? Immobile? Clearly you have never seen Nabil Fekir play at all if you think that is even slightly true. Just because you want Sterling back, despite him being not good enough to get in the side, doesn't mean it makes sense to make up bull about players we are after who are better than him.}

23 Jul 2018 15:47:43
Ox and Shaqiri can cover Mane and Salah we don't need Sterling.

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23 Jul 2018 15:29:18
Sorry to whichever ed removed the last sentence of my last post, as you can tell im still butter.

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{Ed002's Note - Keep it greasy.}

23 Jul 2018 16:08:28
Do I feel any ill feeling towards Sterling? No. Life is too short for that. Do I want him back at Anfield? No, because for the money that it would cost there are infinitely better options out there. He had gone his way and we, as a club, are going our own.

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23 Jul 2018 16:20:15
Normally you see posters on here giving players stick and a lot of it is unfounded and based on personal dislike of the player.
Not in this case. All that I see about Sterling above is correct. He runs fast, that's it. Poor decision making, poor control, can't dribble and goes to ground more than a rabbit being chased by hounds.
And yes, Shaqiri would be getting games before Sterling all season long as Shaqiri has proven end product.
Sterling flatters to deceive and was found out big time at the World Cup. Zero assists, zero goals and spent half his time on his ass looking at the referee.
He's a slightly faster model of the current version of Origi we're seeing.

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23 Jul 2018 17:08:27
If Sterling was found out, what about Fekir?
Zero goals, zero assists and can't run fast?
Is Fekir as good as Coutinhio? No.
Is Shaqiri as good as Coutinho or Salah / Mane? No.

The CL Final plan fell to pieces when one man went off.
Real's bench was able to impact the game and was of a quality not far off the starting XI.
A Sterling, or a player of that ilk, would allow the quick and pressing game to be continued.
What impact did Fakir have appearing for France in the WC off the bench? None, is what. Can't go beyond the defence.
So what's the point? If you'er going to go for a Coutinho replacement, he needs to be better and quicker than Fekir. Flat footed, not fat.

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{Ed001's Note - you are really getting on my tits with this nonsense now. You clearly know f all about Fekir so please drop it because it is embarrassing. You are as bad as the idiots that verbally masturbate over a player because of a youtube clip. Why did you drag Fekir into it when you have obviously no idea about the player at all?

Forget trying to dig out Fekir, you don't know anything about him, so just drop it. It is just destroying your argument about Sterling because it is making you look utterly clueless.}

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