04 Aug 2019 20:24:15
Well that's all the warm up games done, the talking is over.

We retained the whole Champions League winning team and baring any dramas between now and Friday we have a fit squad. A few will need some conditioning and Manè will be packing his bucket and spade away and heading back soon.

We all have ideas on players we'd have liked and some people wanted to see departures but we have who we have and we walk into this season with confidence. We aren't still trying to flog players to bring in new like the Mancs and we don't have a new group that we need to settle in and mould like the gooners. Chelsea are trying to make a team out of an army of returning loanees and City have a manager who is on the brink of a breakdown and we showed today that we can match them toe to toe. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

We are Liverpool, we stand together and you'll never walk alone.

On the 17th of May next year we will lift the Premier League trophy. It won't be easy and there will be dramas along the way but on Friday at 8pm, we begin.


{Ed025's Note - big shout that BG, lets just hope it does,nt come back to bite you on the arse like it did to salah last season mate..

1.) 04 Aug 2019
04 Aug 2019 21:16:35
It's hard to take too much from that game but I was assured by the fact that it was so close, decided on fine margins looking forward to the season we're in with a shout.

2.) 04 Aug 2019
04 Aug 2019 21:27:21
My positive was that Salah looked keen. We need him focused on us and all ideas of going elsewhere gone and I hope he showed that he means business again this season.

3.) 04 Aug 2019
04 Aug 2019 21:57:40
I think Ed25 means the poster not the player 🙄🙄.

4.) 04 Aug 2019
04 Aug 2019 22:02:11
Still need to address a few things defensively and maybe put our shooting boots back on but it was a much more impressive performance this time out. The game literally could have had six or seven goals if Bravo doesn't show up or Salah and Sterling could finish. Both could have had hat tricks the number of times they were wide open. Great game to watch though, probably the two best teams in the world.

5.) 05 Aug 2019
04 Aug 2019 23:35:11
On our A game we are a match for any team in the world. It’s when we are not on our A game is the the worry. The games we drew last season it’s not like we could say we were unlucky in. If anything some of them we were lucky to get away with the draw.

6.) 05 Aug 2019
04 Aug 2019 23:46:01
Spot on, BGizzles. Klopp and LFC leave rent free in City and Pep's heads. They can't seem to shake us off and IMO, Klopp is loving it and so am I. On today's display (that was no friendly, mark my words), City had better hope that Laporte (brilliant CB) never gets injured this season cos if they miss him for any amount of time, Otamendi and Stones (77m worth of dross) will not survive the type of beating they received from our forwards today.

What also helped us and handicapped City was that there was no Fernandinho in midfield to chop down our players on the counter to break the rhythm, something City and Pep actually use as a tactic to protect that leaky defence they've always had. We have no new players to bed in (had 97 points while bedding in Fab, AB and Naby ) so everyone knows the system and we are still fully focused and hungry for this season as personified by Mo who was immense (need to take your chances, bro) today. We will be in City's faces all season long so let's get it.