09 May 2019 21:16:27
Like most posters, when Spurs scored that last minute winner the nerves for the final really kicked in! I know a lot of people keep saying they’ve lost 13 times in the league but they’ve also won 23. They have the ability to really take the game to us. We’ll have to be strong.

Saying that, if you said to me a week ago we’ll be in the final against Spurs I’d be over the moon. So chuffed that this season can get the trophy it truly deserves!

1.) 09 May 2019
09 May 2019 22:11:07
Would life be worth living when Dier, Wanyama, Trippier, Ben Davies, Foyth, amd Llorente are walking around with CL champions medals. We cannot let this happen.

2.) 09 May 2019
09 May 2019 22:14:33
Nerves are normal. I don't think the fact we smashed Barcelona 4-0 with a tired Weak Team will give them much confidence either mate. End of the day if both teams play to their maximum capability we win every time, so let's just hope the Line Up is right and we actually attack.

3.) 09 May 2019
09 May 2019 23:00:55
I think the back four and the front 3 (if fit) will pick themselves as usual.

The midfield is trickier. Fabinho and Henderson are guaranteed I say. I wonder if Klopp will go for Gini or Milner?

4.) 10 May 2019
09 May 2019 23:18:24
I think he would go for Milner simply for the experience he offers. Then later in the game swap one of either Hendo or Milner for Gini.

5.) 10 May 2019
10 May 2019 00:23:56
it’s very close, but just about Gini for me. I think he offers a bit more goal threat but it will probably come down to who is impressing Klopp in training the most in the run up to the game.

6.) 10 May 2019
10 May 2019 02:38:12
It's a tough call that one, personally I'd prefer Milner over gini from the start (just by a whisker though) . Then give hendo the licence to get forward as he's revelling in that role,! Would have no complaints with wiji starting though, hard decision.

7.) 10 May 2019
10 May 2019 03:38:04
Gini has been our most consistent midfielder and has earned a start in the last game of the season. I'd use Milner from the bench.

8.) 10 May 2019
10 May 2019 12:45:18
I'd probably start Milner and then bring Gini on either right at or just after half. I guess you really can't go wrong either way. Now the question is who starts if Firmino isn't fit. I don't see Klopp putting Gini as a false 9 again.

9.) 10 May 2019
10 May 2019 14:47:24
Gini said he was angry that Klopp didn't start him against Barca. that's why he came off the bench like a maniac.
I say poke the bear again and start Milner for the first half.

10.) 10 May 2019
10 May 2019 17:25:27
I'd start with gini. Milner experience would be ideal if we are in the lead with 15 minutes to go. If I'm honest it's a crazy choice for klopp as all four are playing brilliantly. I'd play gomez against wolves too as he needs the minutes and I'd consider playing him in the final too as there's no way kane, son alli or whoever are getting the beating of them. The ox too on the bench with migs, matip, big div, brewster (fantastic experience for the lad) and maybe lallana but I'd rather Woodburn or Jones.