25 Apr 2019 09:47:41
How Ederson has made it to the PFA Team of the Year, ahead of Alisson is beyond me. He's being clearly underrated. Probably the "VVD" effect. And how Pogba makes it into the team is clearly a joke.

1.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 09:56:56
Pogba - the one thing Roy Keane and Mourinho agree on 😄.

2.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 10:01:19
Really? Pogba?

3.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 10:44:25
The whole pogba thing is just PR and his image! He can go 8 games being absolutely dreadful. Then score a penalty and have a half decent game. And media and the new breed of brain dead social media fans with no clue about the game jump all over it, and he's amazing again! Sign of the times we live in unfortunately!

4.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 11:10:10
Ederson was MOM against Spurs the other day. Allison has added a calmness to the defence but I cannot think of one outstanding save he has made this season. He has just gone about and done his job without a fuss. Don’t get me wrong I do think Allison is world class but i also think we haven’t seen the best of him yet.

5.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 11:40:32
Allison has been good but not great.
Happy he's with us of course but Ederson has definitely been the better keeper and has had less nervous moments / mistakes this season.

The fact that we have 3 defenders in PFA TOTY and have only conceded 2 goals less than City says something.

6.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 12:09:28
It says nothing. ederson makes the most useless saves in the league, faces less shot than ali and makes less saving percentage than ali.

7.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 12:31:00
g1dgo? What LFC you are watching? Will tell just two quick examples, one from CL and one from PL. The one that kept us in CL vs Napoli in the dying minutes of the game and the one vs Burnley from a corner to keep the score 2-1 / if im not mistaken/ and after that he started the counter attack to make the result 3-1.
He has plenty of such saves. Even in the last game vs Cardiff he made a decent one from the scissor kick.

8.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 12:54:39
Don’t be too hard on pogba, must be tiring spraying one 49 yard ball a game and walking round like you own the place for ninety minutes.

9.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 13:46:59
I think Ederson and Alisson have been very evenly matched. Alisson has better distribution in geberal because for a start, he can use both feet. But Ederson is better at the holy wood pass. They've both made big saves, and they've both made big mistakes. Alisson probably has more big saves, but also more mistakes.

Personally I'd have voted Alisson as it is the best first season in the Prem from a goalkeeper since Petr Cech in my opinion, but Ederson is still a worthy winner. It's certainly not as shocking as some are making out. Ederson is on 18 clean sheets!

10.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 14:03:41
Fabianski has had a brilliant season in a bang average west ham team. Allison and ederson have had decent seasons with the best teams and defences in front of them. Pogba being picked is an absolute joke. Ridiculous. Where's Ryan Fraser? Or son from Tottenham?

My team 3-4-3


Doherty - vvd - Robertson

Fraser - fabinho -
Hazard - Bernardo Silva

Sterling - Son - Mane

(Saints fan)

11.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 14:46:46
g1dgo, you have not seen one outstanding save Allison has made yet this season? Really? You actually said that with a straight face? Pls, search Youtube to find Allison's world class saves vs Napoli at home, Brighton at home, Everton at home and many more. Ederson has not had to make any save as good as say the ones Allison made vs Napoli and Everton. Allison is better than Ederson based on overall talent. Aderson may be a lot more flashy BUT the guy seems to concede on the first couple of shots on target than Allison does.

As for Pogba, him getting into the Team of the Season is just another piece of evidence that football in England is rigged.

12.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 15:19:20
Alisson has had less saves to make because our defence is better.

I guarantee not one liverpool fan would swap alsson for ederson. And i reckon the majority of nuetrals would pick Becker.

Big blow last night but its not over until the fat lady sings.

Ive thought since the city spurs game that we have more chance of lifting the ucl. Barcelona over 2 legs is more than doable. Then its spurs or ajax, both of who i feel we would batter.

13.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 15:36:36
Martolfc. I rate Allison really highly. The two saves you mention are valid. My point being his positioning and footwork is so much better than we’ve seen at Liverpool for a while, there is no world class save to see. Ederson has a habit of coming off the line and making eye catching one on one saves. How many one on ones has Allison even faced due to our backline being so tight? It’s a bit like Skrtel being judged as a better defender than Agger due to his poor initial positioning and last minute lunges.

14.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 16:00:10

Wan bissaka, laporte, van dijk, robbo

Fernandinho, d. silva, b. silva

Sterling, hazard, mane.

15.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 17:34:09
Baffled over pogda him over Salah or hazard!
Could argue about Ederson he’s a good keeper!

16.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 17:36:43
Mafootball - no it’s doesn’t say anything, other than City’s midfield is remarkable in possession and that teams are too cowardly to attack them. Ederson had a good game against Spurs, but he is very vulnerable when teams actually have the bravery to try against City.

The Premier League is a joke competition and so are 17/20 managers in it.

17.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 17:45:06
Redwolf. I said I can’t remember. My face is as straight as clearly my memory is crap! I still maintain Allison usually does the bread and butter very very well. I just personally don’t recall him getting many opportunities to show his true and world class level. It doesn’t surprise me he didn’t make the PFA team. I still prefer Allison over anyone else in the premier league.

18.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 18:06:04
How is pogba in there! We have a few who have been better. Gini, milner, fabhino.

But i would choose wjinaldum, he has been brilliant consistently this year. But actually i think erikson should be there in place of pogba.

{Ed002's Note - He is there because he gained the most votes from his peers.}

19.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 18:06:55
Lowel "teams are too cowardly to attack them" are you talking about Liverpool?

20.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 19:41:07
Yep fair enough ed02. He is a good footballer, extremely gifted. The players know that. But he doesn't apply his talent enough to saturday afternoon.

He is a better footballer than gini but gini has played WAY better than pogba this season.

21.) 25 Apr 2019
25 Apr 2019 21:00:24
Mark08, No. Not like LFC. Klopp is the only manager who has consistently pummeled Pep's teams whether it be Bayer or City. Pep is terrified of any team that attacks City. This is why he came to Anfield this season and by his standards, parked the bus. He then admitted after the game that LFC was the only team he would "park the bus" as in, change his tactics and become more conservative for.

In the game at the Etihad, LFC had more shots on target than City, could have won the game had Mane's shot not come off the post and out and Ederson made a brilliant save from Salah while the defence cleared two shots off the line. Yeah, those are facts about how LFC ATTACK City. If that is LFC being "cowardly" in your view then, I am excited to see what happens to City when LFC become brave. Peace!

22.) 26 Apr 2019
26 Apr 2019 00:15:21
Nice one Milky. I always prefer a neutral view point on things because bias is put to one side. I've watched every game of Liverpool this season and only a few of all the other teams so of course I'm not going to be able to vote or think objectively.

I think Allison has done wonders for us this season, but has he done any more than Ederson? Seeing as it's a PFA vote I would suggest that players they have faced would think not. Same goes for Pogba. He looks like a waste of space half the time, but when the vote was cast super Solskjaer had taken over and Utd were beating all with Pogba at the heart of it.

I would think the football writers team would be different.

23.) 26 Apr 2019
26 Apr 2019 00:19:23
g1dgo, I accept your opinion. i just disagree with it. In fact, Ederson is more vulnerable to conceding than Allison is. Also, Pep spent 250m on defenders alone since he came so it is not Allison's fault that regardless of these vast amounts of money spent on protecting Ederson, City's GK is still gets exposed any time a team puts three passes together on the counter. I mean, watch the Spurs CL games. The guy conceded 4 goals on 7 shots on target and in the league game last week, he was seriously exposed again by their crap defence. Again, not my problem.

Allison is not just good at the bread and butter stuff as that is doing a HUGE disservice to his immense overall talent. If that was all he was good at then why can't Ederson get a sniff with the Brazil team where he is Allison's deputy? Either way, we both agree that Allison is the better GK and I can live with that. Cheers, man.