30 Jan 2019 11:32:53
Let's take the opportunity tonight and let the Anfield roar take the roof of. If we can capitalise on last night then we will never be in a better position to get the holly grail. We have never had it easy against Leicester. So let's get this one over the line 3 points and we are in dream land. For me this is the one that puts a nail in the coffin. The confidence the team would get from a win would be epic. YNWA reds all over the land. Alezz Alezz Alezz were never going to stop!

{Ed001's Note - this is not putting any nails in any coffins. That is ridiculous. There is still a long way to go.}

1.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 12:10:05
I like your enthusiasm but come on mate, there’s still an awful lot of points to play for, this is nothing more than an opportunity, an open door if you like, but Liverpool still have to walk through it. Leicester are no mugs and Vardy usually gets some joy against us, we’re going to look pretty stupid if the gap is still 4 points after tonight. One step at a time for me.

2.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 12:10:34
No nails and coffins business in fr***** January man!
Long long way to go and expect more twists and turns in the coming months. We shouldn't be celebrating until it's mathematically impossible for city to catch us, and I suspect that wait could go down to match day 37 or possibly 38.
Not to mention Liverpool always like doing things the difficult and dramatic way.

{Ed001's Note - well said IB. Far too soon to celebrate.}

3.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 12:27:29
13 wins to go though! :-p.

4.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 12:43:37
I’m pretty sure a coffin has more than one nail so putting a nail in the coffin isn’t the same as putting the final nail in the coffin.

Technically you’re all correct.

Peace out.

5.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 12:56:21
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from watching football for 40 odd years is that anything can happen! There’s a hell of a lot of games to go including CL games so just do what klopp does and take it game by game until maths says otherwise 👌🏻.

6.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 13:39:07
Aren't many coffins glued these days due to the worldwide iron famine of '17, which we are all trying to recover from?

So you're all wrong!

7.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 14:24:00
g1dgo. That's what I meant just a nail not all the nails lol. Listen if we can win tonight we ain't won anything, but these things sometimes snowball. ie say we win tonight and city are beat by arsenal then we win it mad I know bit it's possible. Im Just trying to be positive as this wasn't always the case as a lfc supporter. Let's enjoy the games we have remaining and you never know.

8.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 20:49:25
One game at a time, although I might have been thinking where the nails and hammer are atm, but a while before I start using them!

9.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 20:51:50
There was a horse in the grand national called DEVON LOCH, I suggest you watch it on YouTube to curb your enthusiasm. Nothing is done.

10.) 30 Jan 2019
30 Jan 2019 22:45:07
No nails will be on any coffins after tonigh regardless of result. In fact, we drew tonight so there goes your theory. Still near half a season to go and we are 5 points ahead after a game that could have gotten away from us very easily like it got away from City in all 4 of their losses this season BUT it did not. If you can't win the game then DON't lose the game esp. if your biggest rival lost. One game at a time, man.