29 Nov 2018 22:56:22
Hello Reds,

It was not the best result nor the best performance at PSG but hopefully, we can turn it around vs Napoli.

I know many have given their opinions on what went down and how it went down. People talk about selection, players, formations and systems and how a combination of all these may have contributed to a shoddy performance. For me, there is a much deeper issue than the ones above.

My main problem here is the mental and psychological approach to all our away games in the CL this season that is worrying. We have lost all 3 of our away games in the CL this season. That is not a good record BUT more importantly, it is the way we lose that is bothering me. We have been dreadful in our approach to these games. It seems we lack any type of energy and intensity to our game and and yet we look shell-shocked that the opponent is up for it on their own patch. It was the vs PSG.

PSG suffered a lot at Anfield cos we imposed an intensity level on them they could not match. So essentially, PSG did to us, what we did to them and we of all people, should have done better and prepared better for what we knew was coming. We did not and so we got exactly what we deserved.

1.) 30 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018 01:10:53
So maybe with all the prep in the world, the bare bones of it is that the hime team are going to come out guns blazing and sometimes there isn't much u can do?

2.) 30 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018 05:34:11
I think its a wrong analysis there. selection can be questioned but players didn't actually play badly. we were a bit late to adjust to PSG and went two goals down but we still were playing good enough to win the game. But with the play acting that was happening, Red and yellow cards not being given to PSG, i think that must have been frustrating for the players. There should have been a red card for veratti even the neutrals would agree to that. The refree was also very biased in his decisions. Not just being a LFC fan it was clear for anyone who saw the match. Those things would just frustrate any footballer and team and the mind goes out of football yet we played allright.
I don't think there was a need to go all guns blazing kill or get killed way or there was anything wrong with the way we played, we only needed a draw mind you and that should have been the fair outcome. I will though demand that the ref should not be assigned to any game again in CL. he was biased, as biased as trump.

3.) 30 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018 09:16:00
If it’s PSG, yeah.

4.) 30 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018 09:49:18
I’m sorry but how were we close to winning a game where we had 1 shot on target in 90 minutes and that was a penalty. We were the 2nd best team on the night by some way. It’s not all doom and gloom as we are in a great place in the league currently but I think some of the everything is amazing fans need a reality check. It’s amazing how we shift goal posts when it comes to discussing our own team. When we are crap just admit we were crap. It’s 1 game. Onto the derby at the weekend and a chance to put things right.

{Ed025's Note - your a man after my own heart JK..

5.) 30 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018 10:47:54
if you did watch the same game and you say we played crap i can't say much. we have played much like that whole season. and it has worked in the league and not in CL. But against PSG there were other factors too. we could have at least drawn the game had the substitutions be made quicker. we were second best yea all right, but it wasnt like PSG had outplayed us or something. they just had one spell of good 20 firsts minutes and a final flurry in last 10. you would expect that of a team like PSG who are playing at home and needed to win. i am not sure people understand if PSG lost the game they were out of the competition. Did you expect liverpool to sail through?
we did not play crap just because there weren't 20 shots on target by us.

6.) 30 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018 11:42:34
Akrubbish considering you said you couldn’t say much as your opening sentence you sure went on to say a lot. Just because I share a different opinion to you doesn’t make me any less of a supporter you are or means I don’t actually watch games. Perhaps Utd would be top of the league if they had made subs earlier this season or does that ridiculous excuse only apply to us.

7.) 30 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018 19:57:17
Akrubbish, JK23 is correct, IMO. We can shift the goal posts all we want and I understand trying to find positives in a loss BUT I am sorry, there is nothing positive about that perf. As JK23 said, we had ONE shot on target from open play, all game long. We played crap and that is the truth here. I am an eternal optimist whenever it comes to LFC but sometimes, you have to call a spade a spade. We were off the pace and we could not match their intensity. Me saying that does not mean we would have won had we matched them in these instances.

My issue is that we NEVER gave ourselves a chance (regardless of selection or tactics) to even compete in the game. It has happened in all our CL away games. I see you did not address any of that. Sorry, but you won't win a game not even vs Red Star (who soundly beat us by the way) away from home in the CL if you are not up for it. Cheers, man.

{Ed025's Note - that surprised me a bit brover i must say, i have never seen you so harsh on the team before mate.... refreshing..

8.) 01 Dec 2018
01 Dec 2018 13:00:03
Ed25, I have been harsh on the team many times in the past BUT you prolly never notice, lol. I am very measured in my criticism of the team cos as an optimist, I never believe that things can be ALL bad. Vs PSG (and really in all our CL away games), it was diff. I can defend my team thru thick and thin and YET still give them loads for not doing the most basic of things as in giving full effort, desire and energy during a big game. It is not really an either or issue. In fact, as a true fan you should be able to ask for more accountability from your team cos you know they HAVE and can do better. That is the diff. between a fan and sheep. Cheers, man.

{Ed025's Note - thats why your one of my favourite posters mate..

9.) 01 Dec 2018
01 Dec 2018 15:01:33
Thanks, Ed25. It feels good coming from you. You're not so bad yourself until you start giving me loads over Wijnaldum, lol. Cheers, man.

{Ed025's Note - i only say what i see mate.. :)