02 Nov 2018 08:17:12
Reading about Fabinho being unsettled, is this nonsense? Ed 025 I know you think you’d rubbish, and only does well versus the Huddersfield’s, but so what, if he dominates them, we have struggled so badly against those types of teams, why not have a player who can dominate them? Maybe he won’t be as good versus the top 6, but I think he’s still got stuff to offer. He sits in when needed, puts himself about, I’m sure ozil won’t want him about.

{Ed025's Note - i just dont get this rotation in midfield firmane, for me you play your strongest players and imo fab is not one of them, if a player gets injured then fair enough but continuity is also important especially in the engine room and it could be the reason why the front three have not been firing mate..

1.) 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 20:06:26
Ed just admit you know nothing about Fabinho but made a statement about him being a lemon so now you can’t go back on it.
The guy has been impressive so far and was impressive enough at Monaco to have Man Utd and PSG sniffing his backside.
This ‘I don’t think he’s good enough’ mantra is bordering on ridiculous mate. Especially when you said Gomes is one of the best in the league!
Give it up man! Admit you were wrong! 😉.

{Ed025's Note - i watched quite a bit of him for monaco bobby, thats where i made up my mind on him mate, you have probably only seen him in a liverpool shirt and i know you dont like dissing your own so im giving you the benefit of the doubt, by the way mistakes are often made by managers and its no big deal these days, man city tried to sign fred ffs so no one gets it right all the time..

2.) 03 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 04:14:20
To be fair to Fred Ed025, Mourinho could make Alexis Sanchez look like Stewart Downing. Oh wait.

{Ed001's Note - if he has watched him for Monaco and doesn't rate him, then I fear for his judgement as he clearly does not see what a good footballer does. Fabinho was outstanding last season.}

3.) 03 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 22:00:31
Yeah, Ed25. Fab has only been here a few month so let us give him time to either prove you right or wrong, shall we? Also, This is not about "not wanting to diss your own" cos after all, many of us believe Matip, Moreno and Lallana in some way, are no longer up to scratch. The prob here is that you are trying to convince us that Fab is a lemon cos "you saw him play at Monaco". That does not mean much cos you think he is a lemon whereas Utd moved heaven and earth to try to sign him but could not so are they wrong or are they lemons too?

You're going to need a lot more than that to convince us of this opinion, man cos all you have is an opinion and nothing more. The only thing that can prove you right or wrong is what he does in the PL and passing judgement on him while he is still settling, in a bid to support your "lemon" opinion, is unfair.

{Ed025's Note - im off his case now brover, no doubt he will turn out to be a liverpool great and i will be beaten with the "lemon" stick for the rest of my days...peace..

4.) 03 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 09:01:07
I think Ed025 sees us as too easy and just loves winding us up! ;)

{Ed025's Note - there is a little bit of that lamborini but i look at players and make an assessment on them, but it is just my take and my view on their ability and how they will fit a certain team, i am not right all the time though mate...i got one wrong back in 1978 i think it was.. :)

5.) 03 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 09:37:21
Fabinho was great for Monaco, so good in fact he made Bakayoko look like a £40million player.

{Ed025's Note - bakayoko is bloody awful den, french football is terrible on the whole which is why even liverpool beat their champions this year.. :)

6.) 03 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 14:16:57
The flaw in your argument, Ed025, is that nobody here is arguing or using Fabinho's play at Monaco to judge him. Mostly you are. Everybody's comments are about his performances in a LFC shirt, where he has been stellar, when playing. You've agreed he did very well against Huddersfield, but most of us would say he's been just as good against the other teams he's played against. All I know is that Klopp does not suffer fools or underperformers, and we don't exactly have a major injury crisis now in midfield, do we? Hendo and Milner may have slight niggles, and you can argue that Klopp is protecting, rotating or managing the midfield, but the point is still that the best possible midfield is being put out there for each game. That's Klopp's style.

{Ed025's Note - i believe you mate...thousands would,nt.. :)