09 Oct 2018 20:23:43
Hi fellow reds and Ed's and 'Hope all is well.

There has been a lot of debate about how we are playing right now which I agree, is not at optimum levels BUT what continues to do my head in is the seeming arrogance of many in the fan base who are either arrogant (thinking we should be beating any and ever team) or are just plain negative (focusing on what is going on instead of being thankful for the big things going right for us) .

Anyone read or listen to Pep's comments after the game? He has WAY more respect for Klopp and our club than some of these "fans" do. I mean, this is a guy who has said that he won't change his way of playing in the PL ever YET Klopp is the only one he would change his tactics for and be more conservative. What changed? It's cos Klopp and those players have earned that respect. As for Klopp, Pep made it clear in their documentary on Amazon, that Klopp permanently leaves in his head. The guy was worried about us during and Everton game (Yeah, ed25. That's how much Pep thinks about your lot, lol), going mental in the changing room. Now that is BOSS.

Also, I just learnt that this is not the first time Pep has changed his whole system to contain Klopp. He did it at Bayern as well. Oh and by the way, Klopp has earned the respect of not just Pep, but of Sarri and Poch (who has only beaten Klopp once in NINE games) . These guys know what's going on. Isn't it about time more of our fans start doing the same and appreciating how well we have done even so far this season EVEN THO, more improvement is needed? Why always focus on the things that are not going right instead of the things that are working.

This reminded me of the Roma game at Anfield. Instead of focusing on the 5 we scored, many fans were throwing a tantrum cos we conceded two goals. Really? That'is all you got to moan about? We have just come thru a cruel run of games BUT cos we lost a game vs Napoli in the last minute and a Chelsea Cup game where we were the better team, the baby is out with the bath water for some, already. Did people really think Chelsea and Napoli could not beat us? where did the self-entitlement come from? People talk about last season and how good we were BUT fail to recognize that we only started our good run in late October when we pummeled Maribor 7-0 away from home and got better as the season progressed esp. from Jan.

So based on that, we are already miles ahead of where we were last season where we were crap defensively and we did not even have a front 3 as Salah was not as good and our defence was a sieve with a clown as a GK. Do people want to go back to that? I definitely don't. What I'm trying to say here is that we are in a position that even Klopp himself said he would pay serious dough for us to get to with the schedule we had. Why can't we just be happy for that while at the same time, hoping that our boys will get going again in a dynamic way or is that too much to ask? Multiple things can be correct at the same time and that is my main point here. Sorry for the long post, Ed's.


1.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 22:41:36
Top post BRover.

2.) 11 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 22:45:45
Well this can't be more correct. Some fans, if they are even real ones, will always find something to moan abaout. I even belive if we win the title by goal difference there will be moaners "why we didn't win more so we can be winners by pints" . Sadly this is the world we live now, most of the people look at 4the others and what they achive and can't be happy for themself and what they can achive is the same with football sadly.

3.) 12 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 23:15:52
Martolfc if we win by goal difference I’d be over the moon. Losing by goal difference on the other hand would be too much to take. We’ve been close maybe twice in the last 20 years. Once under Rafa and heartbreakingly close under Rodgers. If goal difference decides it I hope it favours us cause coming that close and getting nothing would destroy me: I’d definitely prefer winning on points. The pints will flow later.

4.) 12 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 23:25:52
Thanks BRover, great post.

5.) 12 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 23:51:04
How about we just ignore the negative comments? If people don't bite, the bait goes off after a while. I'm not talking about well thought out posts that reflect someone's valid points, I'm talking about the one or two lines that people throw out there just to wind people up.

6.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 00:58:24
Nice one Brover, great post that mate, keep them coming.

7.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 01:05:42
Same for me Scootinio! Just gave an example with the goal difference tho. And yeah I prefer on points aswell xaxa.

8.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 03:38:02
EXACTLY how I have been feeling about our beloved Reds! Its ok to be negative occasionally but the posters that do my head in ( Harry, Negativeredwalter etc) are constantly negative and just want their opinion heard. If I hear Harry bang on about our midfield one more time I am going to hammer my testicles flat. Great post Brover!

9.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 06:37:39
Nice post BRover. All hail King Klopp! (Can we win some Titles and Cups now, please. Just to make it all official? 😉)

10.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 08:57:14
Its a good point, if you can't enjoy the start we've made with added excitement for the coming months then you shouldn't call yourself a fan, we look a top side and have the manager to match, its exciting times at anfield. burkey has a good point too in that 'fans' that can't see any optimism around our team probably just fish for bites and enjoy winding people up, i enjoy kramers digs at nonesence posts but if you ignore them they go away eventually or at least hold no value. Football changes every few week of the season and nobody knows what things will look like at Christmas but so far so good, let's see how far the lads can go whilst being supportive, win or lose.

11.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 10:21:35
Excellent post BRover mate.

12.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 10:21:33
Some good points made there brover. Great post.

13.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 13:31:48
Good post BRover it’s pretty much how I feel about us every season but this season in particular.
There are a few things not quite clicking this season Salah, the front 3, goals from midfield etc. but we are still top and looking like a formidable outfit.
Imagine what we’ll do when it does click we’ll be unstoppable.
I think it’s interesting what Ed1 said about us maybe playing within ourselves early on as the sports science guys have detected burnout towards the end of the season. If that’s the case I can’t wait for Klopp to take the shackles off we are in for one hell of a ride!

14.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 14:57:15
Great post BRover, backed up your points well and I agree completely.

15.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 14:55:32
Dear reddo, I am sorry if I upset you with my posts. Its not my aim to be annoying.
We all have different views its what makes this site the best.
Anyhow all the best.

16.) 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 17:41:01
Don't be apologetic for having an opinion Walter mate, you're entitled to it as much as anybody else.