Review Of The Day 10th October 2018

10 Oct 2018 07:29:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 10th October 2018

1.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 07:51:14
Morning Ed, cheers mate, hope the back is better than yesterday mate!

{Ed001's Note - much better now mate thanks.}

2.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 08:04:31
Morning Ed, old bean,
Or should that be has- been, hows the back?
Can we find a nice cul-de-sac in Liverpool, and name it after Sadio Mane? 😁.

{Ed001's Note - hahaha, or never-has-been? It is much better today thanks mate.

Should have done that with McManaman as he was always running into them on the pitch....}

3.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 08:06:13
Cheers Ed001, nice morning read.

I'd forgotten Stephen Ireland even existed, I hope his grandparents are in good health.

{Ed001's Note - I assumed he had retired to take care of them....}

4.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 08:14:18
Thanks Ed01. I'm sure this is the first time I read that a club gave negative statement about a coach they just sacked. They even described him as a terrible coach. Wow!

{Ed001's Note - the guy who appointed him described him as that. Doesn't say a lot for him if he is choosing a terrible coach!}

5.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 08:25:39
Thanks Ed. Funny how Malaga named a roundabout after Pellegrini, I thought they had progressed under him, not go round in circles. lol. Do you rate him as a manager Ed? He seems a very likable guy and starting to get results for West Ham after a slow start.

{Ed001's Note - he is a very good coach, at the West Ham type of level, where he will get decent results from a team but is not expected to dominate and win things. At Man City he was never the right choice.}

6.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 08:30:17
You’ve got to love the Italian passion! We never get such bluntness in England. Appreciated as always ed.

7.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 08:43:06
He really went to town on Ballardini didn’t he?! No need in my opinion. Sack him if you want but don’t ruin the guy’s career at the same time. Good luck to him getting another job after that glowing reference.

8.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 08:46:44
Thanks Ed! Hope your back is on the mend mate.

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate much better.}

9.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 09:20:48
Glad to hear that Ed mate, looking forward to the new articles :) .

{Ed001's Note - I am just hoping to get the match review finished now!}

10.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 09:36:03
Get well soon ED01
At least you will have 2 weeks worth of rest hopefully since it the international drivels are on.
Take care.

{Ed001's Note - that is the plan mate, cheers.}

11.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 10:12:05
Thanks Ed nice one. Can't believe Stephen Ireland is only 32. Seems to have been around for decades. If you'd said 42 I'd believed you. Again I think the international break has come at a good time for us. But it's a complete draaaaag.

{Ed001's Note - I was surprised and had to triple check that was correct. He looks almost as old as Ed025.}

12.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 10:31:33
Cheers for that ed, much appreciated. That is insane about the Italian statement. I wonder can he sue him for defamation of character for future employment? Going to be that little bit more difficult to get a job after that tirade.

13.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 10:47:00
glad to hear that you are on the mend Ed. Have a great day.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate. I will try.}