09 Oct 2018 08:46:17
Thank you very much for the review ed001

Good news about Lyle Foster. South Africa definetly need more players playing at a higher level.

{Ed001's Note - it feels like a while since there were any top talents coming from there. What happened to stop the likes of Pienaar appearing?}

1.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 09:15:53
I always wished Liverpool bought Tshabalala!

2.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 09:22:26
The country and its politics, the corruption in our Country has an impact on the state of our football. Our coaching is 10 years behind, when we try to create good playing environments it's destroyed by certain members of the public. South Africa doesn't care enough about sports to invest into football. There is no money in low level grass root football so good coaches cannot survive on the salaries. Like any industry its a lot about who you know and not what you know. There are many many factors here, if you not in an academy by 16 17 it's unlikely you'll make it.

{Ed001's Note - I am surprised at that, normally corrupt regimes like to pump money into sports to distract the populace.}

3.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 09:24:24
Pienaar's injuries took it's toll on him and as such he was unable to cope with club football and international football so he retired early from international football. I suspect there are other reasons, however.

There were high hopes for Rivaldo Coetzee but due to injuries it seems the end for him now.

Dolly it seems the hype has gone quiet on.

Ajax Cape Town's relegation also hasn't been ideal. They had a nice partnership with Ajax Amsterdam which was good for development.

Unfortunately things aren't looking up at all.

Strange as we have got it right with cricket and Rugby but have been on the decline with football.

4.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 09:41:26
True edd, our South African Government hasn't quite mastered the art of subtle sustainable corruption. We are more of a "bleed the country dry untill there is nothing left" type regime at the moment. I do find it amazing that countries in a similar economic state still churn out talent though.

{Ed001's Note - usually that helps as youngsters have little to aim for bar sports.}

5.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 10:01:09
Very true, I feel like we've lost our way a bit. My father used to tell me the English players used to play a bit of football in South Africa, Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore to name a few. Apparently they played here in their off seasons and it would fill the stadiums.

{Ed001's Note - they used to pay a lot of money to get them.}

6.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 10:01:18
There are 2 South African premier league players however.

Percy Tau at Brighton but he is on loan in Belgium due to work permi issues

Andrew Surman at Bournemouth but he is not currently interested in playing international football.

Agree with Zepp regarding the politics. The interference is too strong.

{Ed001's Note - does Surman count?}

7.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 12:43:44
Great insight lads, I had no idea about this and made good reading.

8.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 13:28:52
V interesting. I'm surprised I've never noticed a lack of South African presence in international football. Had a world Cup 8 years ago of course. I'd always though you were a rugby nation.

9.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 15:42:13
We are very much a Rugby Cricket nation, but even that has taken a drop due to politics, government bodies dictating how many players of colour should be in the National teams etc, that causes a divide in the support. A lot of our country supports opposition countries since the Apartheid days, we are trying to right the wrongs of the past and the most notable way is to show the world how diverse our sports teams are. This comes at the cost of quality instead of fixing the racial issues at grass root levels. Sorry if this became political, you don't gave to post it edd.

10.) 09 Oct 2018
09 Oct 2018 18:36:29
Spot on, Zeppelin. I had high hopes for Theko Modise as well BUT he just fizzled out as well. I hope SA can come back strong football-wise and get the same type of players like they did in the past w/ MacCarthy, Fortune, Bartlett, Fish, Zuma or even legends like the great Theophilus "Doctor" Khumalo and John "Shoes" Moshoeu (I know, I'm showing my age here) .