29 Sep 2018 19:55:57
Whoever suggested that Chelsea are our bread and butter the other day needs to seriously reevaluate how much they spend on their bakery and dairy products.

I said at the beginning of the season that I thought Chelsea would be struggling for a while with adaptation to the new system, but I will hold my hands up now and say how wrong I was. They are a very impressive team. With or without Sarri, the way they can keep adapting to new managers styles and keep producing quality (albeit in alternate seasons recently) just shows the quality of the players they have at their disposal.

We did not deserve anything out of that game, in my opinion, and were saved by a strike which will be very difficult to better this season. No wonder Studge looked like the cat with all the cream. I don't think we were tactically out done, just that they were so unbelievably organised without the ball and moved it around with consummate ease when they did have it.

We certainly gave them a decent game, but just didn't seem to have the cutting edge needed in vital areas at vital times and Sarri seems to be perfectly made to be a top Premier League manager, getting his players working like clockwork in his system already.

There are most definitely three teams in this title race this season.

All that being said, six wins and a draw from seven matches is still an unbelievable start to the season. If we can match or better this result next week then the league is our oyster. As uninspiring as a draw is, results like that against top rivals can be pivotal in a championship winning season. Momentum isn't lost, the loss column still reads zero and we're joint top on points. Onwards and upwards!

1.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:11:50
I think we did deserve something and a draw was a fair result.

2.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:18:53

3.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:19:04
You don’t think we deserved anything from a game in which we had more possession and more shots at goal? I disagree, a draw was the least that we deserved.

4.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:24:13
We deserved to win.

5.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:26:47
Well sarri said a draw was a fair result and we are an excellent team. I agree with him. Chelsea are title contenders though along with us and man city. Three horserace for me.

6.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:28:28
Chelsea played well but it was a very even game and and yet another one with better final balls and finishing could easily have been a win for us.

Alisson baled us out a few times!

7.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:32:17
Tough away game against a team who will be in with a shout of winning the league, so it’s a good point for us. Hopefully Madrid will hurry up and buy Hazard so we won’t have to face him in the league again!

8.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:40:16
Hey Ed01, hope you enjoyed that mate! Look forward to your match review, whilst we were not perfect, i think we very much deserved the draw and overall i think it is a great point. Great teams always find a way to eek out a result, now i'm not saying we're great yet, but we are moving forwards in a positive direction. YNWA.

{Ed001's Note - it was a really good game, though it would have been better with a win!}

9.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 20:53:29
No doubt we were the better team overall, and remembering that we were playing away from home you can’t really ask for more. They are a good team, but we were better. Not perfect, infact I would only give us a 7/ 10 on what we could have achieved. A loss would have flattered Chelsea way too much, we out played them and had the better chances.

Overall am disappointed with the 1 point but will take it and move on.

{Ed025's Note - fair result for me nick, both teams could have won the game but the goal from studge deserved at least a point mate..

10.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 21:05:49
Two good teams going for the win draw was a fair result.

{Ed025's Note - it was a good game to watch as well squizza..

11.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 21:16:26
We dominated.

If Salah was anywhere near 50% we walk away with a comfortable win there.

1 error by Gomez and Trent gave them that goal. No problem but that was it we were the better team.

{Ed025's Note - take the red tinted glasses off KB, alissons stop from the 1 on 1 with hazard was pivotal to liverpool even getting a point, a draw was fair result and most level headed supporters will agree..

12.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 21:34:49
Draw was a fair result as either team could have won it.
I do fancy them at Anfield though.
Chelsea seemed organised whereas we looked a bit disjointed still, fancy us over the course of a season to finish above them because our team just seems to have that little bit more potential to me.

13.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 21:38:16
More possession, more attempts at goal, more control of the ball. We deserved to win. But we didn't win because our finishing percentage was not good as theirs. So the draw can be seen as a fair result. And I'm sure our players see the draw at Stamford Bridge as a victory.

14.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 21:43:46
Our lack of composure in the final 3rd continues. Last season we would have put away some of the clear cut chances.
That said, a draw away at Chelsea is a good result against a strong opponent.
Certainly Chelsea are not our 'bread and butter' team.

15.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 22:03:08
I stopped reading at we didn’t deserve anything from the game. We created numerous chances and if anything deserved to win.
Chelsea created nothing other than catching us asleep during a restart after a free kick award.
They gave us a game as they should at home with the quality they have but we were the only team pushing and creating chances.
If we’d been more clinical we’d have won the game. To suggest anything else is ridiculous.

16.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 22:14:28
We had the better chances and looked more threatening throughout.
There were a number of potential overloads where the wrong decision was taken. Story of the season and look at how well we’re doing still.
To have not got anything out of that game like Wednesday having been the better side in both games would have been gutting.
Thought Keita looked a lot sharper when he came on.
Only a matter of time before Salah starts scoring for fun again.

17.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 22:18:55
I think if we want to talk about consistent bogey teams then united and Chelsea seem to be that for us, every time we’re in form and favourites to smash them it almost always backfires. Draw was the fair result even though on reflection we had more opportunities. It’s just a shame because a win would have made midweek less of a stupid decision. I think that was a cup we could have genuinely won if taken seriously. If we get results in our next two games then that will be forgotten pretty quickly.

18.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 22:29:06
Since when does possession and shots have anything to do with being deserving of anything? We played to their system, not them to ours. They allowed us to have the ball without ever being too unduly worried about us doing anything dangerous with it. Sorry.

A draw at Stamford Bridge is nothing to be sniffed at, however, so it was a good result in what was a largely frustrating game. At no point did I feel we were right on top, causing mountains of pressure and in the end we were fortunate that Sturridge hit such a lovely strike to earn something from it.

I just say what I see, I’m not trying to berate the team or be controversial. If we’d have lost I wouldn’t have been at all shocked.

19.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 22:35:29
two even teams for me. individual execution got the points for both teams.

20.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 23:01:21
Fair result. Build up play for Hazards goal was great. Sturridge proving he’s still got his eye for goal, even if the pace has gone. I think Salah needs a rest, looks devoid of confidence.

21.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 23:15:46
So you missed them clearing it off the line twice and Big Shaq missing a sitter? And what about the top draw save from Kepa. Salah cutting in on his left and not hitting the target where normally he’d bury it? We strive for situations like that.
It’s Chelsea away you’re not going to create bag fulls of chances but the chances we had were far better than theirs and we had more of them. Had we been more clinical we’d have won easily.
Don’t get me wrong I’m happy with a draw away at Chelsea but if you’re saying it as you see it you must’ve had you eyes closed for most of the game. It could’ve and probably should’ve been more.

22.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 23:29:36
Take a point at a resurgent Chelsea today. We could have won they could of won. Both keepers proved there worth. Allison earned us a point today 2 great saves. Sturridge is a great option from the bench, bravo to him. The front 3 aren't tuned in with each other yet, only a matter of time hopefully. The match reminded me a little of the Rafa Jose era 2 evenly matched sides only 2 completely different characters in the dug outs.

23.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 23:40:38
Pretty even game, suprised how Chelsea never had a period of dominance to put us under the kosh but that was probably because they took a fairly early lead. I thought we looked the much more threatening team throughout but the best chances fell to Chelsea with Alisson pulling off 2 good saves from 1 on 1s. In the end a decent result which feels all the better as we got a late equaliser, wonder when the last time Chelsea have drawn with us at home yet see it as a good result? Shows where we are at.

24.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 00:07:15
It also shows how Chelsea have a squad of players who quiet happily spit there dummies out to get a manager the sack.

25.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 00:53:18
Look, if someone had have shown me the stats without me watching it I would probably have said we deserved to win. If I just watched the MOTD highlights without watching I may have said Liverpool deserved at least a draw, but the way the game panned out we were struggling to create and control. We had a handful of very good chances, but so do most teams in every game and still not many go in. Otherwise most games would end up 6 all. The way it played out we were clutching at chances and never barraged them at any point.

Teams do it all the time. Get a goal and defend it. Just because the other team has most of the ball and is trying to attack does not mean they deserve anything out of the game in the end. Italian football was based on that ethos. You don’t have a right to anything just because you are more proactive. I’m not saying a draw was outrageous, just that Chelsea’s plan worked, or was working better than ours.

I’m very happy with the result in the end and considering most people seemed to think three points was a given, I’m definitely not complaining. I just think an 80 odd minute wonder strike to equalise against a very well organised team is hardly a measure of deserving anything.

Did anybody truly think, with ten minutes to go that that goal was coming? Because I didnt. That’s all. It wasnt a bad performance, just Chelsea managed to stifle us pretty damn well.

26.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 01:05:31
Cobra how is 2 goal line clearances where we actually beat their keeper a worse chance than a 1 on 1 with a keeper? Willian’s wasn’t even a great chance as by the time he’d got the ball under control Alisson was on top of him.
Hazard’s was a good chance but no better than Salah’s 1on 1, Mane’s header, Bobby’s header (from 4 yards out) or Shaq’s wild slice.
I despair sometimes I really do. Too many so called Liverpool fans choose to praise the opposition whilst completely ignoring the good things we do.

27.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 01:07:51
Nah. I enjoyed the game, and I agreed with those two managers; both deserved a point. What a game!

28.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 01:14:52
"We did not deserve anything from the game". OP, ever heard of the pfrase "Alternative facts"? If not, your post is a living example of such a thing. Also, you sound bitter that we got a point in a game where even Sarri said that a draw was a fair result. I can provide you with a pacifier to suck on so you can blow of steam. Your post makes no sense. Even Sarri the Chelsea manager, disagrees with you.

29.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 05:40:41
So basically Bardzo you are saying that because we didn’t totally dominate the game cutting our opponent open at will then we didn’t deserve anything from the game? This was an away game against the team third in the league with one of the best players in the world and we had more of the ball and I can think of at least 5 occasions where we should/ could have scored.

30.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 06:22:03
Angry, we were playing away mate. At a very good side, the shed is a hard place to go. We weren't out played at all. I don't know what game you watched but we controlled large parts of the game. Chelsea also had some good spells, but we carved out more goal scoring chances. Yes our keeper made some some good saves and that is why we paid 60mil for him. There keeper was in action too.

We controlled the game at a field too and we're the better side imo, hazard scored a great goal, that is shy Chelsea pay him so much and Danny done the business last night and that's why we pay him.

Liverpoil's style isn't about holding onto the ball for ten minutes, it's to win the ball quick and transition to attack as quick as possible but while thinking too, there has to be caution.

At the end of the day, we went down to London and shut the chelsea up with a wonder goal, we held em out and ran em around. With a bit of composure we could have been 3 1 up at half time.

Chelsea are a good team, I think they will do well. The manager is letting them play football instead of being regimental. And this is what you need to do when you have a group of the worlds best players. Let's face it Chelsea have money. But, I think we will take em at anfield next time. Liverpool aren't playing as well as they can and I think we have a few new big faces in the dressing room, it'll click soon and we will be blowing teams away again, by then it'll be Chelsea again and I think we'll do them.

The positive thing us we are still joint top on points, top of league in champions league. This was a tough run of games but we done well I think. Not 100% but I'm still pleased and positive.

I predicted a Liverpool rout, but it was part bravado, and positive thinking, part belief. We have seen liverpool batter many teams in the klopp era, it feels like every other game we win 3 4 5 even 6/ 7 nil 1 2 fair play Chelsea are good and they have hazard but we have salah, and he is not in form but still scored 3, he will kick in.

{Ed001's Note - I don't see how you can be considered not to have created good chances when two shots have to be cleared off the line by defenders?}

31.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 06:27:17
draw fair result lads no doubt about it. Allison kept us in it on 2 or 3 occasions! Chelsea are a very good side with a manager implementing his style quickly and the players are loving it it seems! anyone think the further they stay in the Europa league the more it might effect their league form?

32.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 06:36:11
A draw was a fair result. Alisson made a couple of one-on-one saves, we had the ball cleared off the line twice, Shaqiri miss a sitter, and Salah fail to do better with a number of decent chances first half. Overall a draw was fair, do not think we deserved to lose - we just left it late, that's all. Think we have shown signs of a strong mentality this season - letting Paris SG back into the game but still pushing on and getting the win; pushing and pushing against Chelsea until scoring late on - really good signs for us that we are showing some mental toughness, it is an important attribute as any and, if we have our eyes on the league, is something we will need to have for the entire season.

33.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 07:02:10
Bobby Blinders- they where both through on goal 1 on 1 with plenty of time to compose themselves before striking, much easier chances at the time of shooting imo. What happens after shooting doesn’t make the chance any easier/ harder, it’s like saying Sturridges goal was a better chance because it went in.
Don’t see how this makes me a so-called fan? i have called the game as I saw it, we looked more threatening but a draw was probably a fair result, the general consensus on here and by pundits. How have i failed to see what we have done and shown a bias for Chelsea?

{Ed025's Note - take no notice of bobby cobra you are totally correct, the result was a fair reflection of the game and anyone who thinks different either needs to take off the red tinted specs or start watching another sport, other teams fans call you the deluded ones and at times i can see why, show some humility FFS and give chelsea the credit they deserve in what was an entertaining even game..

34.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 10:34:37
You clearly can’t say anything against Liverpool or Liverpool results on here because people are so shortsighted. If that was a Man Utd performance you’d all say they were very fortunate to come away with anything and only scored a very lucky goal. Just saying.

Bobby’s Blinders the fact that you stopped reading my first comment but still deigned to carry on the conversation shows you’ve got no interest in understanding the whole of something, just that you had to defend the team regardless. Some people may call that commendable, I call it ignorant.

BRover, go back on holiday, preferably somewhere that doesn’t turn you into a complete **** this time.

{Ed001's Note - was it a lucky goal considering Studger tried the exact same thing midweek but hit the bar? Also would it not be considered lucky that they were able to clear two shots off the line? On another day they are in the back of the net as the defender doesn't get back. Luck is getting a goal when it was clearly offside but it not being given or something like that. Not when you have attempted something you like to do.}

35.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 09:14:17
My problem wasn’t that a draw was a fair result Ed my problem was that Cobra seems to think that the 2 1 on 1’s that Chelsea had were better chances than when we actually beat their keeper twice and they scrambled it of the line! How can that be?
Perhaps it’s you that should take your blue tinted glasses off and admit that we had the best of the game, forced Chelsea to play a different style and if anyone deserved to win it was us as we created more chances and our chances were of a better quality than theirs.
I’m happy with a draw and overall you could say it was fair because it came late but even the Chelsea players and manager said we should’ve scored before we did.

{Ed025's Note - to suggest that because you had more of the ball you deserved to win is the ridiculous thing bobby, in law possession may be 9/10ths of the law but in footy it means sweet FA mate, both teams had chances to win it and who had the better ones is of course subjective, a draw was the correct and fair result and to suggest anything else is pure bias..

36.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 11:05:20
Angry I couldn’t be bothered reading you trying to justify a ridiculous statement like that. You’re wrong, plain and simple.
Calling me ignorant doesn’t change that.

37.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 11:36:59
Ah no, Ed. I wasn’t calling it luck, it was magnificent. I was just saying that if the shoe was on another foot there are a lot of people on here who would call it luck just because it went against Liverpool. If that result was the exact opposite way round, i’m pretty sure that a lot of people who disagreed with me would say, “We were robbed”, not that they saw that the goal was coming.

Firstly BB, opinions of this nature can’t be wrong, that’s why they’re called opinions. To suggest so shows you haven’t the intelligence to sustain a healthy debate without resorting to rights and wrongs. The ignorance stems from you’re being unwilling to grasp an argument before jumping on it. It’s that closed mindedness that definitely sets you out as being ignorant in the matter.

38.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 11:40:42
It was tight Ed but all I said was if anyone deserved to win we did.
I’ve never once mentioned possession it was more the chances we created and our overall attitude to win the game. They had one good move that they scored from and 2 other chances from a long ball and a restart after a dubious free kick award.
We created 4 other clear cut chances that we actually had to create as they were camped.
Anyway I’ll take a draw, have a good Sunday mate and you Angry. No hard feelings mate.

{Ed025's Note - we all have our opinion i suppose bobby mate..

39.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 13:53:07
Yep fair enough, mate and to you.

40.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 18:13:19
Badzo, your being a little to pragmatic in your assessment maybe over compensating trying no to show bias which I understand, but look at the game objectively and a draw was the least we deserved.

Chelsea are a top team and well organised, but they weren't totally controlling the game before they scored it was pretty even maybe we were shading it, then they score a fantastic goal and sat on it.

Now if we were away to a Huddersfield or Cardiff then yes you could say they played really well and deserved a point, but this is a top Chelsea side with some of the world's top players playing at home and we created some fantastic chances and chances so clear cut that we arguably should of won that game, it turned into an attack v defence game with them trying to hit us on the break which they did sparingly after there goal, I was disappointed with them to be honest because after the goal they played in the main like plucky underdogs.

Look its a game of opinions and I've said here how I saw it, maybe I'm being biased I don't know, but I've tried to call it how I saw it and I think we deserved the win and I was a little disappointed with Chelsea's approach after the goal, your more than entitled to your opinion but as I've said, maybe your being a little harsh on us as to suggest Chelsea deserved the win.

41.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 18:13:24
Chelsea have some brilliant players and I know Sarri from a good 3 years! He comes form the same school that Klopp, Pep and Poch has come from. The Beilsa school of attacking football!
Don’t write them off!

42.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 18:14:19
I just don’t think we restricted them as much as they allowed us to play. We’ve seen it time and time again from this team that we may have lots of the ball, but fail to show enough to get the win. We just played to the system of Chelsea more than they played to ours.

We were far from awful and a draw at Stamford Bridge is always a very good result, but aside from a couple of misses from Salah and Shakiri and a couple of good saves and blocks we were struggling to get anything near our fluid best and creating clear cut chances. Of course, on another day we could have had a few, but then so could Chelsea, with Alisson saving us on more than one occasion.

Maybe a draw was fair, I just think we were fortunate to come away with one as the game panned out.

43.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 18:15:46
Ariz made a crucial save against mane if I remember.

Salah shanked 2 very good chance. Cocked up 2 easy passes. Made he wrong choice about 3 times.

Rudiger made a crucial block to keep us out, Luiz made a crucial block to stop bobby.

Sorry ed we dominated all over the park from possession to chances.

We weren't st our best so Chelsea got something but they where at there best and only got a point.

44.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 18:17:30
Great game. leagues 2 most expensive keepers proved their worth tonight. brilliant.

45.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 18:15:57
Why is this all sudden praise for Chelsea lol? A few days ago they were destined to doom by December 😎.
People will now take Sarri a more seriously!

46.) 30 Sep 2018
30 Sep 2018 22:33:45
Fair enough Waro. I can’t really argue with any of that. I’m not trying to be overly unbiased either, it was just my feelings straight after the game. I have come to expect a lot of this team and my overriding emotion straight after the game was relief that we had actually managed to get a goal somehow after what was a frustrating and unenjoyable game as a Liverpool fan.

In hindsight maybe a draw was the fairest result, it just didn't feel like we were going to get one at the time.