28 Sep 2018 23:47:38
Ed25 in our of our post Chelsea Cup game threads, you called Fabinho a lemon. Could you please, explain how you worked that out sir? Cheers, man.

{Ed025's Note - i seen quite a bit of him for monaco brover and never thought he would fit in to the liverpool style, i personally think he was a bad buy and wont get much game time (hence the lemon) mate..

1.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 09:11:29
Ed025 has never been too keen on lemons bruver as it sours the taste of his southern comfort, in fact he was never that keen on st clemence either.


{Ed025's Note - im not that keen on things that are bitter and sour mick...which is why im not a mourinho fan mate.. :)

2.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 09:57:27
I am surprised ed riting him off after not even ten games played for us though, too make a proper judgement on him as we all know this league is a culture shock too most an takes time too adapt, hope he settles or it's a waste of a lot of money when we could of got someone like doucore of Watford who knows the league an in my opinion is a beast .

{Ed025's Note - its only my opinion hailstones and i have been wrong before..1978 i think it was mate.. :)

3.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 10:23:24
He's won a fair few trophies Ed, but once he dismantled that Chelsea team he had in his 1st season with the four wingers as options, well, that's sacrilege for me.

He should be known as Blakey, cos he parks the bus and slings anyone and everyone under at any given opportunity.


{Ed025's Note - when he first came to england i was a massive fan mick, he was witty with a refreshing touch of arrogance, in the past few years he has turned into this miserable obnoxious negative tyrant who i cant stand and the sooner this league sees the back of him the better mate..

4.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 09:28:25
Surely Everton should have signed him then as they are the team of 'bitters'! (Banter! ) .

5.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 09:29:47
Someone need a lemon juice then? 😂😂.

6.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 10:54:58
I remember you telling me last season that Spanish striker you signed from Malaga would be the next big thing. Now I can’t even remember his name.
Seems you are wrong more than you’re letting on Ed ;-)

{Ed025's Note - i think you mean sandro ramirez bobby, i said he had potential mate, but he turned out to be a lemon as well.. :)

7.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 11:13:01
That’s the fella! I think you must’ve had your blue tinted glasses on that day Ramirez was as big a lemon as you will ever see.

{Ed025's Note - i cant disagree bobby, but we only paid £5m for him which softens the blow a bit mate..

8.) 29 Sep 2018
29 Sep 2018 11:27:56
Well said on Mourinho ed. The sooner Utd are rid of him and Pogba the better. That great club is being embarrassed almost daily by two clowns who think they are bigger than it.

{Ed025's Note - i have to agree bardzo mate..