16 Sep 2018 07:06:31
Morning all,

What a great three points that was, 5 out of 5 wins, 3 clean sheets, 2 goals conceded! We're laughing! Now PSG fancy a go? bring them on, I can't wait to see Neymars face at the end once we've ran rings around them.

What's exciting me more than anything at the moment is we aren't playing incredible football yet, nowhere near what we're capable of and we're still winning, imagine when we start? I'm sure we'll of turned it up a notch by the time the 15th Dec comes around ;) .

I've said it since before the season started that we are capable of beating anybody, nobody can match us! I'm not nervous about any team yet I think we'll find the majority of teams will be bricking it at the thought of playing us and so they should.

We will lose games it happens but we will also win the league, believe!

Have a great Sunday everyone.

1.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 07:14:52
Yea we are now controlling the games not many teams will go and make spurs players look average, and we do hit top gear we are going to thrash someone very soon, nice to see you back salah ynwa.

2.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 07:20:01
Agreed tim and thank you mate.

3.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 07:24:28
15th December Salah? My bday. are the boys coming round with cake? Get in.

Oh we’re playing the old enemy. Yeah we’ll be firing by then. Can’t wait to give Jose a spanking!

4.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 09:43:01
Outside of blind optimism, we need to change a bit. Pure optimism won’t take you much far. Saw city play yesterday.
Looks carbon copy of what they did last year. Not much of a fatigue sign or anything. In fact they don’t even miss KDB anymore!

1. Salah and Mane needs to sort themselves out which is my biggest issue now! Can’t have another Suarez and Sturridge Corrundum. Klopp belives in team game.

2. Kieta is still a misfit in the midfield. I know people are over excited about the player and rightly so. He is an incredible player but played completely out of what he produces. Atm he is not even close to Kante let alone Kante plus goals.

3. Tweak the midfield a bit and I am sure we will like excellent. I would like Kieta to see more of the ball and that only happens if he plays little deep as we play out from the back.

4. I would like to see shaqiri in the midfield. Which is another attacking element like City and would free up th front three and the pressure is taken off from them.

5.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 10:34:57
Why does everything have to compare to city? They won it last year doing things their way, let us do it in ours. If you like them so much, go and support them.

6.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 11:33:38
usual positive comments from Harry, 5 from 5 and still complains. we're 2 points in front in of city in case you dint notice - hows that for a comparison.

7.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 11:48:28
Morning Mo. Here's a thought. What if the way the team is playing now is the new normal? Many have said we have a more balanced team (our defense is much improved) and we seem to be less of a risk taking team that swiftly throws 6-7 players into attack mode, the moment we have possession of the ball. Ed001 has hinted that Buvac's departure could be related to this tactical shift. More focus is being placed on keeping possession. And we seem perfectly content on "grinding" out wins; wins that ended up as draws or losses last year.

You need to start hitting the net, Mo. 2 goals in 5 matches is not bad, but you need to get back to that goal-a-game pace. The longer it takes you to catch last year's form, the more difficult it will be as the season continues. And I do agree that Keita is probably not being utilized to the best of his ablities. I'd rather see him in a central position and deeper than where he is playing now. A Henderson-Keita-Milner midfield on Tuesday would be interesting to see. Wiji is in good form but it's probably time for a rest.

8.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 12:32:57
My point was about how we played. I know we are top of the league and we could play a lot better. Which is why I have laid a few points in favour of it.

9.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 12:47:36
Only we aren't actually top of the league.
1 goal diff between us and Chelski.
It's right to keep things in perspective though.

10.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 14:16:49
Harry is spot on.

Salah and mane are playing for themselves that's the problem. There not looking for that extra pass they where last year.

Keita for me is beyy3r higher up behind 2. Sorry Harry

But wij needs to go and Milner for Shaq.

Hendos, keita and Shaq. For me.

11.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 14:57:07
I can’t believe ArAy has agreed with me over Kieta and his position😁😁. Everytime I see the team sheet I beg to see him in the middle and not wide left or right. He is such a gifted player! Remember that run from deep our own half to pick Salah earlier this season. His best feature is his drive with the ball and in between his dribbling ability. And that is limited when you are playing on the flanks.

12.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 15:51:02
You make a great point there Ra and is something that has previously crossed my mind, if this is the new normal then it'll do me mate lol.

I do need to start scoring more, I was going to score yesterday but realised the lads had it under control so I thought I'd save the goals for PSG ;) .

13.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 16:38:47
Not sure if I agree that resting Wini for one of seasons biggest games is a good idea. This isn’t the League Cup, or whatever it’s called this week, and we should be playing our best team to win every game. The temptation to fix something that isn’t broken should be resisted. I’m sure Klopp has it sorted.

14.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 17:41:00
Harry, get over it. Even you are allowed to get a thing or two right, once in a while. Like maybe twice per season 😝.

Mo, that Hazard dude is mounting a serious challenge to your crown. We need a hat trick from you soon 😉.

15.) 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 17:46:31
ND, when you're mounting a title challenge and allowed probably only 2 to 3 losses the entire season, and want to win 3 other competitions as well, every single game is an important one. That's why you need to rotate and give players a break regardless of how important a game is, because each game has an impact. You can't start your best 11 every single game and it's impossible for the modern footballer to play modern football for 50-60 games per season.