13 Sep 2018 13:14:03
Alli And Lloris ruled out of Saturday's game!

Lloris is a big miss for them but the loss of Alli could actually hurt us.
Son is back with Spurs and now likely to start in Alli's place.

1.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 14:04:22
I'd much rather face Son that Alli. Not that Son isn't a good (and arguably better) player, but he's just rejoined the team having barely even trained with them for four months and it will likely mean that someone (either Erikson, Son or Moura most likely) will be playing out of position in a deeper role, which doesn't massively suit any of them and blunts one of their better weapons. Not that I wish injury on any player (. maybe Rooney. Hate that guy) but I'm happy we aren't facing either of those two, both match winners on their day.

{Ed001's Note - why has Son not trained with them for 4 months? He was training with them right up until he went off to play for South Korea a month or so ago.}

2.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 15:42:02
You watch, now WHEN we make an example of them we're going to hear 'Well Spurs was without Lloris, is there any wonder' kind of stuff lol you can just imagine it!

I hope the lad gets fit soon though, I wouldn't wish injury on any player either. Instead of scoring about 4 past them it may end up been 6 now ;) roll on Saturday!

3.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 16:16:26
Did he go back to them? My mistake in that case - I thought he went from South Korea to his summer break and then straight back to South Korea for the tournament (which would mean the last time he was actually at Spurs was pre-World Cup)

{Ed001's Note - no he played at least once for Spurs before going.}

4.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 17:54:12
I’d definitely rather face Alli then Son. Son seems to have found a certain level of consistency and is their second biggest goal scoring threat. Alli seems to have regressed slightly. Not sure why he plays as high up as he does when he could definitely make a difference further back in the midfield.

Ether way Lloris out for Vorm is a much bigger loss for them. I still think Liverpool at their best can comfortably beat Tottenham at their best, but both teams have looked well off said best. Should be an interesting game.

5.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 19:03:04
Salah, do you really care about the excuses? In most matches, one team or the other will be without someone who would normally start. I'd take a 1-0 win, but I actually think we'll do better than that.

And as always. Great to have you back, mate :)

6.) 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 20:49:58
Cheers Ep mate :) .