03 Sep 2018 17:18:49
Great news with Hendo signing a new long term contract, one of the most underrated players imo!

1.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 17:57:21
Fantastic news mate!

2.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 18:14:45
Has Mane signed a new one yet?

3.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 18:19:08
Hopefully he’ll lift the premier league trophy this year.

4.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 18:43:30
Really happy about Hendo. So underrated.

5.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 19:38:13
you mean just like Mignolet sign a new contract then Klopp went to buy Karius to replace him?

6.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 20:08:04
Underrated by who? If anything he is overrated on this site. He is a good player but a million miles of Kante, Modric etc.

7.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 21:03:05
I think the site knows he is nowhere near those players mate but we don't have them we have him and thus support him till the cows come home.

8.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 21:25:22
Underrated by people like you mark! You don't what you've got until its gone.

9.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 21:43:30
Mark, you saying Hendo is overrated is an opinion, you are entitled to. That said, who gives a hoot about Kante and Modric right now? Do they play for LFC? NO. Is anyone comparing Hendo to them? NO. We are happy that a very good player and dedicated capt., has been rewarded for his services to our great club. Could you not just be happy for him instead of making pointless comparisons with players that don't even play for us? The topic is about Hendo getting a well-deserved new deal, end lof story. I know you tried to slide a slick dig onto the lad BUT pls, stay on topic.

10.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 21:47:33
Result with hendo in team are always better than without him. every team needs a Henderson. Btw his passing range is what underated.

11.) 03 Sep 2018
03 Sep 2018 22:04:31
In a galaxy far far away, Damien Comolli will be sticking two fingers up at FSG.
Because in space no one can hear you scream.

12.) 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 06:31:04
Well said BRover, could not agree more.
Haters going to hate.
chuffed to bits for Hendo and the team. As red Phil said, his passing range is top draw and his professionalism is 2nd to nun.

Have a great day Ed’s and reds.

13.) 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 18:24:55
Spot on with Commolli, Juicer. He being right on signing Hendo (while ignoring his other failures like Adam, Carroll, Downing etc), is like saying that cos a broken clock is right twice a day, it can be relied upon to give the right time of the day, all the time. The guy is still as incompetent as they come and Hendo's rise (that has NOTHING to do with Commolli, btw) is down to the player and him alone.

14.) 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 18:39:35
This is typical of the responses from the same few posters. Haters? Who said anything to give that impression. Everytime we say a player is crap, good, great etc it is because we have compared him to other players. How else would you be able to form an opinion as to how good he is? FOR YOU BROVER SOME CAPS.

Many people on here think Henderson is great I don't, so what? Hendo is better than Gini, same as Milner and will be a long way off Keita when he gets up to speed. I am glad he signed a new deal as he is a good steady player.

15.) 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 19:24:45
@ Mark
Is our entire team over rated because none are as good as Pele, Messi, Maradona, either of the Ronaldos, Kruyff, Ronaldinho, Zidane.

Guess Liverpool F. C. is just over rated cause none of them have ever played for us. your 1st post was your opinion and my opinion is that it was rubbishty post.

It was a positive post about our captain signing a long term extension and you felt the need to level unnecessary comparisons.

I don’t quite get why you would be glad we signed a player who you feel is over rated.?

16.) 05 Sep 2018
05 Sep 2018 13:34:08
I just think we play better with him in the team - that really says it all for me. He adds so much to the overall dynamic.

I don't really care if he's a better tackler than Kante, passes better than Modric, faster than Keita - he's probably none of those things, but that's all pretty much irrelevant to me.

Also, I felt he played brilliantly over the World Cup and showed just how much of a leader he is. I have to admit, when he was given the captaincy, I wasn't 100% sure he was right for it. I guess we didn't exactly have a ton of options in that respect, but it shows just how wrong I was.

He's an absolute asset to this club, so it's great to see him sign a new contract.