02 Sep 2018 08:30:51
Maybe I might be the only person thinking this but I don't see what happened to allison as entirely his fault.

He should not have been messing about but when you look at the replay I think its a foul. Their striker does not make contact with the ball during the tackle his first contact is with allison leg and he then uses his momentum to force allison to the floor.

Before anyone says it's a stretch if the exact same challenge were done on a striker in the opposition box it would likely be a pen.

{Ed025's Note - "nobody likes us everybody hates us guess ill go eat worms"...get over yourselves nevada..

1.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 09:42:49
End of the day he admitted his mistake, we all make them. If he makes it again then we can look at it. It diddnt cost us the game, we have conceded 1 in 4 so we move on imo.

{Ed025's Note - i agree mate..

2.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 10:42:38
nevada, yes it was a dodgy pass he got, you can also argue it was a foul but he didn't help himself. he'll know he should have cleared it when he had the opportunity. won't be his last mistake but same goes for any keeper.

3.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 11:00:38
Dodgy pass but he should have cleared it. No way was it a foul. Thankfully it happened at 2-0 up and we won the game instead of 0-0 in the champions league final. Let's move on and hope he learns from the mistake.

4.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 11:44:16
yes he made mistake but that does not make a foul not a foul.

{Ed002's Note - Another conspiracy against Liverpool by The FA then.}

5.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 12:02:06
It certainly didn't look a foul to me, the ball just lacked the pace to do what he wanted to do. Not a great ball back but more than enough time to stick it in the stands.

6.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 12:28:02
Same here Irish! No clue why people are defending it. Would they call it as a foul if it was Firmino 😂.

7.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 13:20:12
If you are going to keep playing passes back to the keeper, you have to provide him with alternatives. Im not saying that it is not Allisons fault, because it clearly is. but he's defenders are doing some dodgy stuff that leads to it even beeing a situation. And also, when you buy a goalkeeper who does this kind of stuff on a regular basis, you also habe to accept that its not going to work 100% of the time.

8.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 13:22:47
If that was foul then Klopp may as well give up now. Half of our game is built upon trying to engineer those sorts of challenges. We can't have it one way and not the other.

9.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 13:58:49
Doesnt mater in the slightest whether it was a foul or it wasnt a foul. Alisson should have smacked it into the upper tiers.

10.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 18:21:13
It was a cock-up buck Alisson, no doubt.

BUT it was a blatant foul and a ridiculous mistake by the officials. No conspiracy, just a very very poor decision 👍.

{Ed002's Note - You seem to be on your own thinking it was a foul Ron. Are you sure it wasn't a conspiracy?}

11.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 18:44:36
I can't believe this is a discussion point.
If Alisson did as he should and cleared the ball, there is no chance for the striker to apply pressure.
Back pass wasn't great but the goal was Alissons fault and it wasn't a foul, in my opinion.

{Ed002's Note - The plan appears to be to have Alisson dribble as much as possible, drawing the foul and taking the pressure off the defence.}

12.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 18:56:19
Did he make contact with Alisson’s leg? Yes
Did he make contact with the ball? No

Sounds like a foul to me. 👍.

{Ed025's Note - i think you see what you want to see ron, look alisson made a pigs arse of things its no biggie, i think hes a better lemon than the past ones so this could well be just a blip, time will tell i suppose mate..

13.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 19:26:03
I am with Ron. Two hands in the back, and pushed to the floor. It’s a clear a foul as night follows day. Roles reversed, I’d not argue it being a penalty.

14.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 20:07:07
It's one of them isn't it, each to their own of course but I must agree with Ron and Benny on this one, clear foul in my opinion.

15.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 21:24:35
Personally I wouldn’t embarrass myself and try and justify it. Sorry but it was a stupid mistake, didn’t cost us anything so let’s just draw a line under it and move on.

16.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 21:31:16
Justify what? We are calling a foul a foul. We don’t care about the cruyff, what he should of done, bla bla. Anywhere else on the pitch, an if roles were reversed, it’s a foul. Even the premier league official I talk too on a regular basis, agreed, after seeing it in a replay.
But sure, we are embarrassing ourselves 🤦🏼‍♂️.

17.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 22:19:44
I think all those calling the foul have agreed Alisson made a complete cock-up.

It’s simply a foul, take the Cryuff turn etc out of it, Alisson had the ball, Ihenacho swung his foot at Alisson’s legs, missed the ball and cleaned him out. Even if he’d touched the ball it was stil a foul. You can’t tackle like that.

18.) 02 Sep 2018
02 Sep 2018 21:42:41
Ed every single keeper in the world makes mistakes.

It's never really been about the mistake, it's for me there self assessment.

The very top players can change things themselves, same as a manager being able to steady a sinking ship and bring it back. Like scrap the play book and start again, rather than just doing the same things over and over and hoping for different results.

Alison didn't make a single short pass after that mistake, to me he obv knew the f up as he was there 😂 but wasn't bone idle enough to keep trying stuff, he just booted every single kick. Not in a panic but like he knew he was going to get pressed and the opp would be hunting him.

Whereas a mignolet would keep doing the same stupid stuff over and over and wouldn't be able to self assess the situation himself.

That's where I think the quality of Alison cones in.

{Ed025's Note - mistakes happen KB its just one of those things mate, its if it repeats itself you have problems..