01 Sep 2018 07:26:45
Morning all, game week 4 and already 9 points on the board. Just on my way to the coach from Aintree to the match, got to say this will be our toughest test yet, but to be fair, if we are going to win it, these games need to be won, as we will have much tougher tests this season and Leicester are not as good as they were.
Going for a 2-1 win today with Firmino scoring at anytime as he will hit form any time soon.
Best of luck to the 'Red Men' today, and one last thing, Salah, great to see you are fit and well and back on this site, hope your attackers get what they deserve!

1.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 07:51:02
Think they'll struggle to score with no Vardy unless we do something silly.
As for how many we'll get could be anything I'm going to say 4. Bobby and mane both getting two.

Enjoy the game anyway mate!

2.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 07:59:14
Morning shughes, thank you very much mate, I appreciate that. Hope you have a good time, I'm sure you will when you witness us destroying them! :) 4-0 to us imo.

3.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 08:04:45
I’m loving the optimism of all these goal bonanzas we are going to be going on. Last weekend we managed 1 against Brighton. So if we win again 1-0 today that will do me. It’s all about the 3 points.

4.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 08:55:14
Morning Shugh, hope it is a good match. 4-0 seems a bit optimistic any win will do. Shane - Firmino getting 2 goals will be a stretch he hasn't even had 2 shots yet. I am sure he will get there but has looked off the pace in the 3 games.

5.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 08:58:45
Brighton are a well organised defensive unit so unless Leicester is one we will score goals 😂😂.

6.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 09:01:28
Same here JK23’ though I’ve got a feeling we will play better today.
Good luck with the roads, those on their way to the game. The M6 and M1 are horrible at the moment, well the M6 has been horrible since about 1998 lol.

7.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 09:29:53
And that's where it falls over, when fans expect us to score a shedload of goals just because a team are below us in the table. A draw or a loss today would be a wake up call for a few who are getting carried away with an excellent start.
Leicester were unlucky against Man U and have done well since. Anything thinking we're going to rock up to their stadium, tickle their bellies until they roll over and stroll out with 3 points has their head in the sand.

8.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 10:36:32
Leicester are a very good outfit even without Vardy. People need to show them some respect. I very much doubt that we will be thrashing them, more like a hard fought win. Maybe a 1-0 or 2-1 victory to LFC imo.

9.) 01 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 14:29:18
Well called IB.