27 Aug 2018 09:52:58
Ed001, do you know much about this new throw in coach we’ve hired? And why, aside from the obvious. Cheers in advance.

{Ed001's Note - just that he is well thought of. Most European teams employ one it is just the brits are backwards as usual.}

1.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 10:56:34
Is this like set plays from throw ins?

{Ed002's Note - Thomas Gronnemark dedicates his time to teaching players to take better throw ins - with the primary focus on long throw ins. He has been working Midtjylland, a Danish Superleague side and a couple of rather more average clubs and Ipswich Town in the Championship but his pretty outrageous claims about additional points to be gained has come to nothing. He has been trying hard to get a leading English side to endorse his work and has for the past three years trying to sell his services to Chelsea and Manchester United. It seems Liverpool will look to use him on an ad hoc basis and he will use that to try to leverage work at other leading clubs.}

2.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 11:11:54
Thank you for the great insight as always Ed!

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

3.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 13:29:48
Don’t like the idea of one guy coaching us, then going to another club.

4.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 14:43:11
From what I'd read Ed002, while he holds the record for the longest throw in, his coaching wasn't geared towards long throw ins, but more towards triggering an attack after the throw in and also avoiding taking throw ins that put the team under pressure.

{Ed002's Note - Fine - go ask Ipswich and the Danish sides - all of which have been coached on long throw ins, which is where he says all of the additional goals will come from.}

5.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 15:00:00
It’s such a random news story, hope sky don’t get hold of this news. They’ll have the “news” cycle littered with dross followed by top club statistics, and then they’ll start the betting odds on throw in goals %.

6.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 16:07:03
By the end of the season we will be cheering getting attacking throw ins like there penalties.

7.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 16:44:18
the only thing i can say is that a lot of pros need educated in throw ins the amount of foul throws is absolute ridiculous in the game these days.

8.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 17:07:30
I hope he's better than the goalkeeping coach.