23 Aug 2018 11:33:34
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Legends of the Game Part 5: Jack Charlton, Irish Saviour?

1.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 13:14:35
Thats a fantastic article which I enjoyed more than my Kit Kat on my lunch break today. Well done Ed001. Great work.

{Ed001's Note - better than a Kit Kat? What flavour was the Kit Kat before I get too excited?}

2.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 14:09:16
Better be orange.

{Ed001's Note - it might be one of those odd Japanese flavours.}

3.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 16:02:00
It was an original Kit Kat. Im a creature of habit.

{Ed001's Note - that's still the best kind....}

4.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 17:13:16
Four fingers I hope. not the two finger bar that leaves you short.

5.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 17:25:58
You guys are too much. After reading the word Kitkat, I actually went out of the house to down the street and actually bought some. The originals. Just finished 2 out of the 3, and decided to slow it down and not finish it off quickly like the others. Sublime culinary experience. 😍.

6.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 18:50:25
Kit kat strawberry is where it is at.

7.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 20:07:02
Ate a chunky KitKat before both the West Ham and Palace games so now know what I am doing on Saturday evening before the Brighton game.

8.) 24 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 21:46:18
Good read that Ed thanks.

{Ed001's Note - glad you enjoyed mate.}

9.) 24 Aug 2018
24 Aug 2018 07:54:39
Bloody hell Ed1 mate you never fail to impress with these, that was an absolutely fantastic read (read it last night) . The amount of research what's gone into that is obvious, they may take a while to research/ write but believe me mate they are well worth the wait.

Thank you for spending your time to do this ed it is much appreciated, your hard work is never unappreciated. I have quite a few people in mind who would love to read this so will share with them.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, really glad you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing it too. I could churn them out quickly but seems pointless to do it half arsed, though most other sites see it differently!}

10.) 24 Aug 2018
24 Aug 2018 12:57:50

Thanks for that great piece, copious amounts of research gone into that. Being Irish, it was great to go back and hear about big jack and his history in the game. You're very balanced in your writing about him but he comes across as a very decent man. Thanks again for the efforts.

11.) 24 Aug 2018
24 Aug 2018 11:22:41
Really enjoyed that ed, a great read.