07 Aug 2018 09:18:44
Everton fan just coming over to wish u luck this season and I honestly think you can win the league this year, that wouldn't bother me as long as we beat yas at anfield hahaha, in all seriousness tho good luck boys and girls.

1.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 09:40:01
Good luck Johny89, you're going to need it 😇.

2.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 09:41:10
As much as I dislike Everton. Thanks mate, I reckon you’ll have a decent season too. Have a good young manager and have brought in some good players so good luck too.

3.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 09:44:03
Cheers fella! And if you take 6 points off United and City from us, we'll let you have a few at Goodison - deal?

4.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 09:44:14
Cheers mate, although you probably might want to try to beat us at Goodison before even dreaming of winning at Anfield lol.

Think Silva's a good fit for you lot. If he can get Mina and Bernard in and sorts out the defense, Everton might just crack the top 6 this season. Chelsea and Arsenal are unpredictable this season.

5.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 09:44:42
Cheers mate good luck to you guys also.

6.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 09:46:30

7.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 09:53:51
Thanks and good luck - would love to see you help us along by beating both the Mancs pls! I also think silva is a good fit, you didn’t deserve Fat Scam and would be good to have you competing for top 6 again (provided we are competing for the title of course! )

8.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 10:31:27
Cheers mate. Good luck to you boys too. I honestly don't get the dislike toward Everton, . Maybe it's because I grew up going to derby games all mixed in together.

9.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 10:31:44
Fair play jonny. I think everton will do well this season.

I also think Chelsea are going to be right up there. Their transfer business looks pretty good. Especially if they sign fekir. Imagine a midfield of fekir kante and jorginio! With Ross barkley and Danny drinkwater there too. That's pretty hot and of they can keep hazard.

Something has to give. I don't see Madrid not signing a rw. Hazard or mane or willian even.

10.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 10:54:42
i think Chelsea man u arsenal and spurs are there to be taken over this year, not saying wer gunna finish third haha am not insane but think there gunna drop and if we get defense sorted we cpuld leapfrog one of them maybe 2 at a push.

11.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 11:20:08
You lost me at Ross Barkley RJ83! 😂

I agree Chelsea still has a decent squad though, so long as they can keep Hazard and Willian and replace Courtois, but I think Sarri will struggle to change the way Chelsea play in one season. They aren’t naturally used to a back 4 and a high press, and City cut them apart with ease in the shield.

I think it’ll be at least 6 months before they can find consistency again and their challenge may well be over by then. I think they would take top4 from where they are now.

12.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 11:29:56
Class that mate, good luck to your lot too.

13.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 11:41:06
Lol sgred re barkley. Love him or hate him but the kid can play. I do dislike him but he has something and in a good team he should really be playing for England. It's like a new signing for Chelsea.

Keeper could be an issue if they lose cortios, could end up with navas!

Getting smashed by city could mean Chelsea are way off or City are way in front. I still think City are going to be hard to beat. We just don't win the league. My heart can barely dare to dream. It used to be so frequent but not so much in my lifetime. I'm blathering. coutinio left, and salah, now keita and Klopp are, and we have alisson and fabhino who are, yes they are and, oh I'm losing it. Role on sunday.

14.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 12:07:52
Second that RJ. roll on Sunday

I still can’t quite see it in Barkley though. If Joe Allen was the Welsh Xavi, then Ross Barkley is the Evertons Gerrard 😆.

15.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 14:22:42
I hope you get slaughtered every game fella. hate Everton.

16.) 07 Aug 2018
07 Aug 2018 18:39:52
The first one to cobble Kevin de bryne wins?