30 Jul 2018 09:14:51
Hello Guys, Fifty years ago I was a member of a Liverpool Supporters group similar to the SOS we used to go every where to see the Reds and in those days when going to London or Southampton away games you would leave at midnight from Liverpool, you didn't get any sleep as the lads would always be putting words to songs, most of them are still being sung.
We had amazing times because you didn't need tickets to get in and this meant many thousands of Liverpool fans would be at games so many more than is allowed now.
One Saturday we set off for a away game at Leicester on the way it game on the radio that the game was off due to bad weather, we all still wanted to go to a game so several coaches ended up at Stoke City they were playing Forest, we all went in the away end cheering for Forest, and there was no trouble, can you imagine any thing like that now.
Just sent this just in case any other older Reds on the site have similar stories or may be, went to the Stoke game .

1.) 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 10:16:40
Great story mate. What football SHOULD be about.

2.) 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 14:23:27
I have stood on the loo in 70s with spurs fans, Man United fans, Chelsea fans, Newcastle fans and Everton fans and never seen any trouble at all .

{Ed033's Note - Good job it wasn't the 60s as you would have got arrested for that. Are you George Michael?