11 Jul 2018 13:02:53
Shaqiri looks like he potentially may be moving to us and I am seeing plenty of mixed reaction.

Personally, I think it is a good deal for the club, there is an argument to be made about his temperament but the same could be argued about Mane when he joined. With the business the club has done I think they and Shaqiri deserves the chance to prove that they have got it right in the transfer market again.

From a business sense it is relatively low risk in todays market, in terms of youth development it opens the door for one or two to get a loan rather than a bit part squad player that hampers their development. I think he comes in as cover for the top three postions but if we can instill the Liverpool work ethic I think he could prove to be a steal. How often have we had a player that has ability to change the game from the bench? All transfers are a risk but I believe the club with their recent purchase history deserve a chance to prove they have it right again.

1.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 13:09:26
I'm quietly confident, he's good enough to be genuine competition for Salah and Mane whilst his profile is low enough that he'll accept that he starts as a back up.

The only sadness is that I think this ends Wilson's prospects with us (unless someone leaves of course) .

2.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 13:25:59
PR, Wilson still needs to do more and show a lot more in order to play for LFC under Klopp, per Ed01. As for Shaquiri, he is NOT the one I wanted as I wanted Moses Simon cos he is young, has a great attitude and is like a Baby Mane having watched him play (mostly for Nigeria) . Shaquiri is trouble, IMO and has a poor attitude, lazy and was at Stoke for a reason due to no big club wanting anything to do with him after he flopped at Bayern and Inter. But if Klopp wants him, he has my support cos after all, he is not a totally useless player.

3.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 13:57:09
Putney, Shaqiri has never accepted to be a back up. That’s part of his attitude problem and why he left Bayern/ they got rid of him.

4.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 14:59:17
Dead on, Swisch.

5.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 15:02:09
Swish, unless someone at the club has told him he is replacing Salah then he has been told that he will be a back up.