07 Jul 2018 13:44:54
Ed is he dybala stuff just stupid noise?

Just curious what your opinion is on it.

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool has not sent anyone to meet Allegri - whoever said that is teasing you with nonsense from Twitter.}

1.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 15:08:02
Are we any nearer to a magical Sharkopod please ed to clear it all up for us? Please don't shout at me.

{Ed002's Note - Due to the miracle of physics we are indeed closer to the future than we were.}

2.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 15:50:16
Time waits for no man ED002

Apart from possibly you?

3.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 18:26:24
Please, Ed002. I starve a Sharkopod!

4.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 21:10:34
As daft as it sounds the longer we have to wait the better, we might get more info but on the flip side of things, the longer we have to wait we may never get one if somebody pisses off Ed2. Looking real forward to the new sharkopod Ed2, I appreciate you even considering doing one. Hope life is treating you well.

{Ed002's Note - I have to go to Paris and then London and I will likely get back Wednesday so I will start on them then - I'll try and clear Thursday and blitz them.}

5.) 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018 21:26:18
Thanks Ed, brilliant news. Have fun and safe travels.