06 Jul 2018 12:37:30
Ed is it fair to say its looking likely we go with what we currently have with Keepers bext season? If so im all for Karius as number 1. Think I would rather that than spending stupid money elsewere. Were does it leave Migs and Ward please, are they both looking to move on still? Probably means we still could see 1 or 2 keepers arrive then. Confused with were we are at tbh the more I think about it mate. Any clarity please?

{Ed002's Note - Liverpool were looking for at least one goalkeeper. If Klopp decides he is happy with what they have that is up to him. It will not change the expectations of Ward or Mignolet.}

1.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:03:43
Klopp has already shown he will wait to get what he wants. Don’t think he will get either Oblak or Allison so will have to either rethink options or stick with what we have. I think Mignolet has played his last game.

2.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 13:38:21
Mignolet wants first team football. Ward I assume wants the same. That puts us in a difficult situation because Bogdan has already left. Firth was released too.

We do have a lot of young keepers on the books though. Grabara, Kelleher, and George are all good young keepers. Maybe one of them will impress Klopp in pre-season.

3.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 14:10:08
MK i would hope that we signed someone experienced as number 2 keeper and then have one of the young keepers as our third keeper.

It is very unlikely that they will play but having the possibility of our youth impressing and being given that role will make them more determined. We should of tried to get reina back to the club as our number two!

4.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 15:23:38
That's what I meant TSR, I'm not expecting a 19/ 20 year old to be 2nd choice. If Ward and Mignolet leave I'd still expect we'll sign a keeper to be back-up.

5.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 15:24:59
Grabara needs a loan or to be at least No.3 goalkeeper for the Senior squad. The best goalie i've seen over the years in our youth and reserve teams. He needs to see a pathway, really hope he gets a chance in pre-season.

6.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 16:26:25
Spot on, MK. I expect another GK to come in as no. 2 cos I doubt Ward and Migs will hang around w/ o first team football.

7.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 17:31:02
I think we have the answer, ward and migs will now go, we have re signed Firth!

8.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 18:16:26
Didn't macca say he'd heard celleseon was at melwood. Having a trial I imagine. Does anyone know when macca posted that? I used the search engine.

9.) 06 Jul 2018
06 Jul 2018 19:36:02
Prince Hendo, that must be the longest trial since McLibel!