28 Jun 2018 20:36:28
Fair play to both England and Belgium for playing a proper game. I don't think either team fears who they play next. It's much easier focus and rise your players for a top team rather than a lesser one. Delighted for TAA.

1.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 20:41:47
Think am watching something different as fell asleep a few times over - Insomnia style 😁.

2.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 20:52:07
Think England will regret this performance as it has killed the feel good factor
At least Trent got a good piece of the action.

3.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 20:52:43
It was no classic by any means but what I mean by proper was neither played for a bore 0-0.

4.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 20:54:53
Congrats to England. Think Columbia will have the better of you though. Still, out of the group stages so well done and all the politeness. Think Spain will do it personally.

5.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 20:59:51
Belgium v Croatia final would be good.

{Ed025's Note - only if your belgian or croatian..

6.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 21:21:16
Or put money on it!

7.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 21:28:05
England belgium final that's my prediction (if henderson stays fit) .

If lukaku is fit for brazil i think belgium can take them espically if bobby stays on the bench. Been bit suspect on crosses on a whole and de bruyne and hazard could really hurt them if given too much space.

England most likely will play sweden in quarters which will be a game of set pieces. Sweden will be able to cope with what england throw at them but it only takes one to land right. Sweden don't have much pace in behind which will suit the way england play so they could dictate the play for long periods.

Crotia though.

8.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 21:30:56
Yeah I actually fell asleep as well. 78th minute until 89th minute. 😴.

9.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 22:43:02
I left work at half 6 so I could get home to watch the game. Literally just finished paperwork that I could have done earlier. When will I learn to stop watching England.

10.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 00:37:16
We need to get past columbia first. Sadly I can see us losing that one.

11.) 29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018 20:58:00
I honestly think we'll make the Semis. Colombia just have a couple of gems in attacking midfield and if you give Falcao space in the box, he'll punish you. I don't think there's much more to them than that.