15 Jun 2018 13:50:21
So Alisson is unlikely, as is Oblak. Butland is supposedly not good enough and neither is Navas. Karius, Mignolet and Ward are gone if you believe all and sundry.

So, my fickle fellows, has anybody got any suggestions for who they would like to see arriving to play in goal, names above notwithstanding? Bonus points for originality.

1.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 13:54:47
Werder Bremen goal keeper Jiri Pavlenka. Young tall and solid.

2.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 13:56:03
The clear answer here is the winning teams Goalkeeper from the charity match.

Im pretty sure Klopp will be watching the stream.

3.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 14:01:41
Plenty of goalkeepers out there to be looked at but Klopps style seems to be to wait for what he deems is the right one.

Donnaruma still for me personally but can't see it.

4.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 14:13:14
De Gea.

5.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 14:13:27
I think we could very well end up signing Butland and Navas. The fans will just have to get over it.

6.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 14:13:44
I’ll give it a punt. I’ll even do it for only £10k a week, so we can spend wages elsewhere! 😂.

7.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 14:19:20
Why fickle?

8.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 14:38:54
Rui Patricio anyone, free transfer now, international goalkeeper.

9.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 14:44:18
I think Butland will arrive, and I believe Klopp will bring the best in him. But why not test the water with Courtois from Chelsea? What s the worst that can happen? Chelsea or the player turns us down. Worth looking into I think.

10.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 15:00:01
Would never happen but Handanovic has been consistently excellent.

11.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 15:05:29
I’d love Buffon for a year personally and keep Karius as no2. I know it won’t happen but it’s be a good option where maybe next year we could afford a blow out on an Oblak.

12.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 15:05:52
Some football fans are philosophical at all times, some fans are death threat mongers. People en mass are stupid and illogical of thought. Just like society in general, football fans are negative and fickle.

On the subject of Liverpool's goalkeeping situation there is no consistency. Various people would back Karius, but really want to sign a perceived world class 'keeper. Some people want to see the back of Karius and would take Navas and Butland in a beat if it meant he was shown the door. Others don't want to touch them with a barge pole, just like they wouldn't have with Oxlade Chamberlain, Mane, Salah, Wijnaldum etc (the list goes on), so would rather stick with Karius even though they don't really want him. That's why fickle, Adam.

Also, I'm not interested who we will sign. I asked if people had suggestions of any alternatives, mainly as a way to hear some other names of 'keepers to look out for. For example, I really like the look of Dubravka and I think Newcastle may have got a bit of a diamond there, even if he is nearly 30. Of all the teams in the world, are there really only 5 or 6 goalkeepers that would suit us out of the ones we could actually sign?

13.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 15:13:36
Would absolutely love courtois at lfc, but simple fact is he has his own family still living in Spain and understandably wants to go there to be with them. Never happening ever, but man in a dream scenario with him in goal, we'd win the lge.
On a side note, I'm youtubing john barnes lfc goals. what a player. My favourite of that era and priceless if he was playing today. Better than salah, cr7 imho.

14.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 15:39:48
Make a health by bid for loris from spurs. Spurs like to sell if the price is right and I think loris is underapreciated.

15.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 16:22:10
Navas is no better than what we already have. Navas in particular is not worth considering as his positioning, judgment and ability to deal with crosses is shocking, the man has been thieving a living at Madrid and at 31 he is not going to be getting better. Even Madrid see him as a weak link, they were that desperate to get shot of him they offered him to the mancs after his first season. Whoever buys him is buying a dud. I’d rather we stood by Karius and supported him than waste money on any of Navas, Cillessen, Pope or Butland.

16.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 16:23:06
If we can't get a goalkeeper the quality of an Oblak, which i cannot see happening, or Allison which the eds have said isn't happening then id be happy to stick with Karius and bring in Butland and have them fight for the no.1 jersey. I must say that i really liked Karius and let's be fair, he hasn't really put a foot wrong (CL final aside, which was more down to a concussion than his gk ability, personally i also feel the medical staff and refs should shoulder the blame for not spotting he had indeed a concussion) since been given the goalkeeping position permanently, our defence improved dramatically, having VVD in front really helped with that, but i think we had the 2nd best defence in the league stats wise from January if i remember correctly.

I would love to see him prove all the doubters and some of our "fans" wrong, i use the quotation marks in response to the fans who have sent him death threats which is not the liverpool way, we used to get behind our players even if they did wrong. I always felt that Karius has the ability to be world class but he needs support.

Id like to sign Butland if we don't get a top class keeper, i feel he would add quality and knowledge of the Premier League and i hope he has a good WC even as an irishman who may not want England to win the tournament i hope he can have a good tournament and join us then.

But end of the day, we need to trust in Klopp, he has a good track record for the signings he has made. I would say 90% of the signings he has made have been successful. Just because we don't sign a player that has a rating of 99 on Fifa doesn't mean he won't be a good signing.

17.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 16:20:11
Loris is well out of form the last few seasons. I am a big fan of his but he isn't the answer for us.

18.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 16:24:47
I’d be happy with Karius as a punt for one more season. Let him prove his metal. Still a strong believer that Reina would be a great coaching/ no2.

19.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 17:26:53
I know it's very rare Walter mate lol but I agree!

20.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 17:41:56
David harewood.

21.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 19:48:19
Klopp can’t afford a punt on Karius this season.

Fail to win anything will not be forgiven by the owners.

22.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 20:33:28
If we start winning stuff it is more likely that our Stella players will stick around. The fact that we don't win stuff is one of the reasons that two of our best players went to barca.

23.) 17 Jun 2018
17 Jun 2018 15:11:11
Barzdo I seen what you’re saying but what you’ve just described is not fickle, that’s people having different opinions. Fickle is the same fans constantly changing their opinions to the beat of the drum. You’re describing different fans having different opinions?