15 Jun 2018 08:52:31
Eds. With PSG requiring to raise 50m from player sales before end of June, to adhere to FFP rules. Have we looked at any of their players? Obviously Draxler you have mentioned before. What about Guedes? at 21 he has some great qualities. Ball carrying. Riding Challenges. Very quick acceleration. Decent shot. I thiñk Klopp could make him a superstar! What's your opinion?

{Ed002's Note - I really don't understand why people keep asking about PSG players. I have explained about DRaxler on numerous occasions.}

1.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 09:31:18
As much as I love these pages, I do think that ed002 is often very terse. I understand that patience can be tested with some of the questions, but this one concerning Guedes - who is not really mentioned anywhere else - is viable and I'm not sure deserves the kind of response you've given.

{Ed002's Note - Why ask on the Liverpool page? It is nothing whatsoever to do with Liverpool. Embarrassing seeing people write rubbish like this.}

2.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 09:31:59
If they don’t hit the FFP deadline they’ll probably get a fine looking at other teams. PSG can afford those. They won’t be railroaded into selling off cheap or players they want to keep. RTP on Draxler. Ed002 has given information, absorb it.

{Ed002's Note - There is nothing new - I suggest you read the post from August 2 on the European pages where it is made perfectly clear.}

3.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 09:53:10
bakedbeanboy, it was hardly a bad response was it?

4.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 10:10:13
Ed002 ate my entire birthday cake with a fork that had RTFP etched on the handle; and made me watch the whole thing 😭

You got off lightly kid.

5.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 10:32:01
Salah, at this very moment agents from Spirit of Shakily are roaming the wilds of Cornwall on a hunt for Ed002. Once captured, he will be taken to safe house in Huyton for political re-education, fed Scouse Pies at every meal and made to watch loop footage of Tommy Smith's Top 100 tackles.
Then he will be re-released back to the world :-)

6.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 10:38:24
agreed Salah, there was nothing wrong with Eds response.

7.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 11:06:11
Ed2 don't worry about the minor volume of posters that are negative. As a whole your input is valued.

I think a range of clothing with RTFP should be developed and sold on here lol.

Enjoy the day folks!

8.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 11:13:15
And Apple are on the hit list too - knocking the B off barm and auto correcting Shankly to shakily. i tell you, come the revolution.

9.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 12:27:32
I value the input highly and I wasn't trying to be negative. My point is, that despite there being people who don't read or search for things before asking, the clipped responses are not constructive. Ed002 has excellent input, knowledge and respectability, but being talked to like that is going to put people off in my opinion.

The original post did have a question that was relevant to Liverpool. The poster wouldn't have posted here if it didn't, so it was hardly embarrassing or rubbish.

{Ed002's Note - The embarrassing rubbish was yours not his.}

10.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 12:53:35
Thing is it’s like it’s entitlement. Just cause a question is asked here doesn’t mean it has to be answered or answer has be in depth or lengthy. I believe the EDs do this site for free or at least not a lot and have to deal with a sea of abusive morons. They still continue to help here with info.

I don’t always get the response I’d hope sometimes no response but it just doesn’t phase me. Just wish people, general no one in particular, stay polite and respectful.

11.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 12:57:11
Don't see the problem with the question tbh, not everyone can be glued to the page 24/ 7 or knows the workings, easy to miss a page.

12.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 18:06:28
The problem with the question is as follows. We are not interested in Guedes nor have we been at any point during this window. A simple search of the players name will show you that. The only player we are potentially interested in from PSG is Draxler, which has been covered numerous times. While I agree Guedes is a good player, you’re literally just picking a random player with no link to Liverpool. I also rate Verratti? Is that relevant to liverpool’s transfer window because PSG need to raise money? Absolutely not. Hence why Ed002 keeps suggesting that people ask about their random players on the European pages. Its unhelpful and frustrating.

13.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 17:05:58
I’ll be honest. I love it when Ed gives a withering reposte.

14.) 15 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018 18:05:58
I’ll be honest. I love it when Ed gives a withering reposte.